Wednesday, March 27, 2013

few vacation pics...

Busy week....hate it that cousin Sarah had to move back home this week!!!...*sad face*....oh well...that's life I guess.....she had no choice---had to move due to family problems at her old home and she as always had to go back and save the it's just me now.....we cried as always.....hate that part..

at least Grandparents and Aunts/Uncles live one road over from me and Dad is just down the road(whenever he gets back from wherever)...til's me...I will be just fine.

paid half my taxes today. Hallelujah for that...god...I hate taxes but everyone's gotta pay their part....I wanna keep all my land and etc...!!! I gladly pay up.

wishing I was somewhere else today...I wanna go to Amarillo or something....weirdness today I know...kinda sad today.

here's some pics from my vacation
outside of Taos,NM
loooong ways down!!!
the bridge we walked on over the canyon...I was too scared to walk too close to the rail...even though I knew I was was spooky...haha...
very beautiful....lots of vendors their selling jewelry etc....lots of characters there let me tell you...go check it out if you're ever around...really cool.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

just got home.....

Well.....just got home last night..Had a great time, despite a few bruises from falling on the icy snow skiing!

I wiped out going down a icy small hill and flipped over slightly landing right on my butt...i swear my tailbone is probably severely bruised...Way to go Julia you've done it again!!!...*sarcastic face*...Ouchie! Advil is my only help....i'm accident prone incase you hadn't figured that out.

I took a lot of pictures and i will put up a few when i get time.

Taos was beautiful and artsy...LOVED IT! well as the other towns we visited...I bought some native jewelry..Pueblo or Navajo or both i'm thinking...They thought it was pretty awesome when we told them we were from Oklahoma...why, i don't know?..probably the native connection...Oklahoma must be pretty interesting because they would talk and talk about has never been sooooooo interesting or cool if you had listened to them go on and on about it....but they were local tribal there you go.

fun times.......nobody had any fights...sure after travelling together a week you tend to start to hate each other and get annoyed but all around a great time i think....i soooooooo didn't wanna come home...*sad face*

9 hours going and 9 hours coming back-----18 hours total on the road whole trip.

oh yeah, i'm home....bleh....back to

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

leaving for vacation....

Emotional day.Took the dog in and had it put to sleep.No choice, had to, but most humane thing to do.......heartbroken for the dog.God i hate that...cried....still upset....sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...all i wanna say about it blog---too upsetting...It's over and done..enough tears!..

I got a trip to pack for!!!..i'm blogging now while i have free time.

Leaving saturday for the Taos area...9hr drive!..leaving at 5am...holy cow.

we're all dressing comfortable for the long about pajamas and no make-up?..Pebbles hair do ontop of my head???....LOL...hope i can stay awake that early in a car...

few things left to buy to take on vacation...think i will buy those things time.

bought snacks for the road...i'm sure breakfast and lunch will be fast food---drive thru and run--Mcdonalds probably.....and bathrooms stops of course...don't give me problems kidneys!!!

taking my camera so hopefully i can post a few pics later.

yay! for me not having to do the driving!!!..Auntie and Uncle are..thank the lords...if i drove we would probably get lost...........easily....

so keep your fingers crossed we all---friends &family members---have an AMAZING time and a safe fighting and no danger...i definitely deserve to have a great vacation...i mean, come on, i put up with a lot of crap and i never get*sad but true*

be back around the 20th.

i want peace and quiet and calm...not going to think about too much of anything.

look out new mexico.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

rotten day......

Today has been a stressful day...usually my sundays are lazy and laid back after going to church and sunday dinner with the family......but today when i got home things took a terrifying turn for the worst when that stray/rescued dog that i took in viciously attacked one of my older dogs!

I don't know what caused it but i just looked out the window and the stray dog had the older dog down on the ground by the throat and wouldn't let him go!

of course i panicked and i grabbed the nearest stick and screamed at him to let go of the other dog...which didn't work so i tried hitting him with the stick to get him to let go of the other dog's throat! was terrifying..i was home alone as usual when everything goes haywire in my life around this place....god.

i contacted a vet who told me it would be the most humane thing to do to have the stray dog put down because he is too mean.....Now my heart is torn at that fact of having an animal put down....i'm not that attached to him but my aunt is, so it would be tough for her to deal with...

looks as though according to the vet it's the best thing to do....*sad face*....especially hard for me being a huge animal lover/rescuer but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do....I know i will have to take the dog in by myself to have it put down and then go bury it afterward because my aunt cannot take once again with Dad gone working or whatever here i am having to do men jobs and tough ones at's something i don't wanna even deal with or have to think about but looks as though i'm the only person me, i shouldn't have all these things around here like this, made my responsibility....but there you go Julia---all piled on you.

somedays i wonder why me?....i just don't take things like this well at all...i'm a very soft-hearted person...god. i wish Dad was here right now to talk to about this and deal with this situation!!!...i'm tired of this crap---him being gone all the time and wondering where he is and not being able to talk to him or see him....he's got answers to all my stupid questions.....and solutions to the stupid problems...

seriously where are you? We need you to get home!!! and i miss you.Everything is stupid and wrong.---J.

i've been crying's just crazy stressful....why are things in life so stupid&tough?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

doctor visit....

Went to the Dr. on Monday for this coughing allergy flu crap that has been with me for the past few months...yeah FINALLY i went can you believe it?! blah..

Couldn't get in to see my regular Dr..oh no of course not he's gone on vacation when i decide to go in to see him...I had to see a P.A. in our smalltown (which is a Physicians Assistant for anyone who wonders or gives a crap..)..almost a Dr. and thought he knew everything....Now,I'm not hatin' on P.A.s at all but this one i am because he was full of himself and a jerk...

Sooooo Here i go into whining and grouching about my Dr.visit like everyone else does---

It took forever to see the P.A. and when i finally did see him he didn't care to listen to my symptoms or any of that stuff...Look, i know he doesn't give a rat's *ss about how i feel or what is wrong with me, he's just there for the MONEY and commission....but geez, at least try to listen to what is wrong to give me the right medicine!!!..i have to pay an office call and for the medicine so it's gotta be right for the money i have to pay...oh the smalltown life..has it's good and bad advantages.

first thing he did was feel my neck real fast and tell me he thinks my thyroid is a little enlarged but he didn't feel any bumps.I said:"What's that mean? could it be from my coughing and infection?"...he goes:"No it doesn' might let us do a blood test to test your levels."...(Uh...Hello? like infection won't make your throat/neck a little swelled with all the stupid coughing for several months???)..whatever.*eyeroll*..

I said:"No i'm not wasting money on that, i don't have the extra $1000 to waste on a blood test."...he replies:"Oh well don't worry about it..just keep an eye on it."....LOL...they always wanna do blood work to get the big he shut up.

Then he went on to read my past visit about my kidneys and he says:"Your blood pressure was a little high today and with your kidney problems i might need to treat that."....i said:"No,i just checked my blood pressure at home this week and it was not high."...he goes:"Uh ok."......

I know all of my family has high blood pressure and it's not from weight's genetic we're all hot headed as hell and it raises our blood pressure!!!...Bwahahaha!....

I'm not letting them put me on blood pressure meds when i don't need them,because once you start them you are on blood pressure medication FOREVER...driving raises your blood pressure,i was already not feeling well,i hate going to the Dr..i get nervous anyway,and let's not forget about the stupid meth-head that was messed up stumbling around in the middle of the road just over the hill i almost ran over right before i got to town!!!....these idiots around here....i mean, what the hell is up with that?...i coulda ran right over that moron!..yeah that's not gonna affect your blood pressure?!*sarcastic face*

all these people..i swear.(annoying)

try to smile and go on.

so anyhow i got a 3 day z-pack 500mg.finally...strong stuff "supposedly"---we'll see about that, the verdict is still out on that one...

took my 2nd pill today...tomorrow is my last pill..makes you rather nauseous..yucky feeling...he said i had a sinus infection/walking pneumonia/and a bad ear infection.....isn't that wonderful.

nite nite

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Super tired.

This weekend has been busy with the Aunts shopping for things to take on the upcoming vacation.

Even though, i am tired-i can't hide the fact that i am sooooooo EXCITED to be finally taking a vacation!!!....buying & planning for it already to be secure ahead of time, and packed when we leave....i'm such a nerd that i have even written a list of items and a checklist so i will be sure to get everything....haha....

you know me--i'm a total planner and a

i do believe it's good for a person to get away from your same ol same ol..ya know?.....being around the same area of home all the time will wear on your soul....just to go somewhere that nobody you know will bother you and you won't have to see people that annoy the hell out of you from your hometown is just....aaahhhh...relief.

I really do deserve a trip away from here...faaaaaaar aaaaaaaway....LOL.

bought socks,thermal underwear,jeans,leggings, a new glittery pink sweater*on sale* yay!

That's just a few things to add to my other clothing-related items.

I have toothpaste,toothbrush*new one!*,soap items,deodorant,Dramamine,Tylenol, so far...i'm sure i will think of some other stuff before the 15th....

very windy right windy...great hair day.