Friday, July 20, 2018

Cats !!!....adopt !

My life became much more happier, silly, less lonely for company, more giggles the day I brought home my first cat !!! Life changed for the better for me, keeps on becoming better, happier just because of my pets.....

Pets NEVER betray you, they only truly love / adore you ! Better than most people !!! Truth !   ;) Adopt today, enchant your life with a cat or five cats !!! ;)  plenty !

I know what a true blessings pets all are ! Cats are best kept interior your home !!! NO letting the cats roam out doors ! NO ! They escape quickly, won't return to the home, dangerous for them !!! Sadness ! Other predator animals eat them, kill them, and other people may steal them or harm / kill them !!! BEWARE ! Cars / vehicles, roads / highways cats just the dogs, can be killed by travelling vehicles / traffic ! Cats can easily escape, so watch those doors to your home as you and others, leave, return !!!

KEEP ALL PETS interior home, if outdoors, interior well shaded, cleaned, fully stocked with cool water, food, and if necessary and No pens / outdoor kennels, best on time out cords, affixed to pole or tree, under plenty shade, water cool, food, BE VERY careful to tend to their every need !!! 

Walk dogs daily then return to home, cord, kennel, or interior your home after walking, award with pet chewy treats, one ! Best to walk at daylight, during hot summer heat here ! I walk my dog daily early morning.....exercise for him + me !   :)

Cats just need adequate playtime interior your home, Chewys, toys, pom pom balls --- to bat / swat at ! Bat / swat / slap toys that bend / fuzzy top these are fun for them !!! And those you can interact with, swat rat feather wands ! You twirl in air above, lower to their eye sight, they bat, swat, slap at !!! Lol ! I giggle at how fun + exciting these are for the cats !!! Some lighted, noise makers for them, humane / safe, low sounds !!! Variety most stores, Wal-Mart, best.

Cats need to be litter box trained --- it is simple ! Gently scratch their front paws interior a pan of litter, they will start scratching then bathroom interior the litter pans ! May take a few times to teach them, have patience I know I did ! Just laugh !   ;)

Litter boxes --- are needed, variety, styles, shapes, I created my own from plastic storage box, with lid to cover top, I drilled holes in side medium heights on side, square then removed with cutting tool, square door, easy for the cats to walk through, squat, bathroom, my older cat had problems remembering to squat and was peeling on the wall in the old shallow plain litter box !!! Haha !!! So the litter box I created from the plastic storage box worked much more better !!! Haha ! Just raise lid on top to pour in clean litter, remove waste, and wash at month's end, I pour interior only medium amount of litter for three cats !......

Cat litter for pouring --- variety of cat litter brands, clumping ( sticks to bathroom easily discard ) use cat litter tool, old spoon, or utensil that won't break but scoops ! Haha ! I have old spoon, grand size plastic tough, scoops throw litter interior trash bin, immediately....

Fresh step, Tidy cats, Special kitty, DG, Family Dollar, Orange bag, Arm + Hammer, look at Wal-Mart, local grocery, Target, everywhere ! All styles variety, prices.....dust free best for cats , home, you your family !   ;)

Litter mats or newspapers --- are best placed at the front door of the cat litter boxes or on sides, catches waste, or food crumbles, bathroom tracks ! I enjoy finding newspapers locally with snobby big wheel local people who are idiots pictures on the front pages or interior and I laugh as the cat tracks litter all over their pictures interior the local newspapers !!! Haha !!! Affordable, reusing for good / help.....roll up, discard into trash / waste bins, replace....

Place newspapers underneath water and food bowls also for easy clean up, catches food excess crumbles, cats can be clean but messy ! Just like us all...........just remove bowls, litter boxes from top, set aside, then roll up newspapers, easily throw into trash / waste bins ! Replace with more newspapers, set bowls, or litter boxes back onto top of clean newspapers.......Place water + food bowls two feet away from litter box at edge of clean ! Well organized !

Cat food --- I purchase dry + canned food for mine ! Kidneys need moisture, they say so best to purchase the canned cat food also ! I prefer Fancy Feast, Sheba, Royal Canin, Blue brands, my cats kept vomiting with the cheaper cat food brands in both dry and canned !!! So these brands above I have good fortune with for my cats !

Dry cat food --- Royal Canin, Blue brands, these they don't vomit while eating.....more expense but best for them, variety bagged cat foods in these, all sizes most, find at feed stores, pet and find ! 

Pet dry food dispensers --- are best way to keep pet dry food tidy, organized, cleaner, purchase at Wal-Mart, pet stores.........I DO NOT use the water dispensers ! These spoil / sour at the days end, just use plain water bowls, open air ! Change pet's water daily refresh daily ! Cleaner better, bleach the water and food bowls at least once a week, rinse well !   ;)

Cat treats -- I use sparingly, my cats vomit these also, unless a more expense brand......just how it is with pet items ! Cat treats are rewards for goodness / kindness, so I just pet their heads, rub their backs, hugs at side.....they purr ! Aww...cutesy ! Family !   ;)

Cat pet kennels + taxis ( secure box ) --- these are a MUST, only secure the cats interior ( same as dogs ) when you need them to be safe from something, as you travel ( only take cats to town or dogs to town if moving !!! )   ;)

Cat pet taxis --- variety in these, plain, some color hues, doors with hinges, slide secure latches, air holes, some may have food water dishes attached well, place newspapers interior these as needed for the cats......these pet taxis have easy carry handles atop ! I have three ! Love these taxis for pets ! All sizes, styles, prices ....Wal-Mart, some may require assembly ! Simple, pop lock together the pet taxis sides....

Cat beds or sleep next to your bed --- cat beds are there to find in most stores or you may let them rest / sleep next to your bed, or at your feet at night ! Awww ! Cutesy ! Know they are there you are safe with your cats protecting you at night ! Lol......I am this way, less afraid at night knowing my pets are here with me, never alone !!! We are family ! Awww !.....

Cats being ill --- cats can suffer many ailments same as us each do, diabetes, cancer, stomach upset, blood cancer, weight issues, allergies......signs and symptoms are plenty, cat health care books manuals would be helpful, study, learn I did !!! Or look online for informational cat health help....

Cat toenails --- MUST be REMOVED by veterinarian ONLY !!! Cost for removal inquire ! Very much needed. Be WATCHFUL, can claw your eyes or face, eye loss could happen so best to hold close when toe nails removed.

Cat Hairball --- they suffer gastrointestinal, hairball from licking / grooming their fur, they have dry cough, hacking, then often vomit, may need medical attention, or hairball gel treatment, place pea -- size amount from container onto your hand and they will lick / ingest the hairball treatment, will melt easily interior their mouth helps digest poop out hairball as grease does, keep refrigerated, away from children, works well, Wal-Mart pet stores have these.

Cats are nocturnal, you may lose rest at night, so place in kennel overnight or in quiet, safe, locked room with litter box or bathroom before they are placed there.....

SPAY NEUTER BEFORE ADOPTING --- Cats often get along quite well, they need to be spayed neutered before adopting, male, female just fine together, no kittens / babies when this way.

Cats are variety of colorful furs, breeds all types, fur, sizes,  shades, patterns, inquire ! Very much a blessing, mostly quiet, attentive, loving ! Kittens / babies to Adopt / raise grow also ! Aww....fuzzy !

Give them plenty of attention, food, clean water, toys, love / care ! They are family also !!! I know mine have been a total blessing to my life, more giggles ! Great company to my home, life, wonderful forever friend and family !!!

Inquire men + women !!! Plenty of ladies and gents are pet owners of cats ! They are wonderful for each of us to Adopt !!! Adopt at least five !!!    ;)

Love Julie !!!    

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Letter for today....yawn.

Well screams hacking outdoors my home here today this evening screams harassing my dog, spinny sounds, f you fat ass ! Washdc here on creek east of your house bitch !!! My dog hears it or something he thinks he's seeing directly east of my house in trees or creek ?????

Very hot over here bitch on creek f you bitch ! I walked across road looked laughed waved trash !!! Screaming about Kent j dead, mad about Taos or taking vacation, Leroy in trouble !!! F you bitch !!! Screams about mm they are here killing everyone bitch !!!

Keep screaming that my blue cow got raped years ago as baby in my barn by black n Corey bshaw fake brother of stevie ?????!!!!!! Non stop saying this crap upsets me they hurt him angers me to no end is this true ???! Said he was ground up into meat fed whores over east ????!!!!! Non stop blue cow has aids we hacked him dead bitch !!! Upsets angers me.

Then cry baby bawl bag crap about Megan j she did this to us f her bitch she's a whale too bitch !!! Yeah well,  like we care what trash thinks about us, flush down the toilet turd heads !!! I laugh at them wah wah !!!

Screams over rat hairs kid on creek gone motawh ! Lol....sick of hearing about that mongo. Bet it's as fug as her nasty !!!

Bawl baggin about MZ he fs everyone over bitch ! F him some screams about RC ????? They did this !

Fake teeny Leroy bawl baggin about my grandparents money that red truck, land house I own it I get money off that shit fat ass !!! I played him for this bitch ! F you dead bitch ! Stalker follows me a lot !!!! 

Cries over mixxymix half nut, half mix ???? Screaming over blue child, cats on creek they threw on there were mine !!!!?????? Steven says no, shut up stevie !!! Screams over what I blogged those ds messes kids.

Thanks, j

mental retardation......

I often think of the need for care, be watchful for safety of the innocents........the world can be overwhelmed with people who wish to be harmful to those in certain areas of disability......

Whether it be disease, handicapped, mental retardation, or just slow mind, often those evil others are very cruel intentionally harsh / mean to those with these ailments !!! NEEDS TO STOP !!! If you see evil others taunting, ridiculing, harassing, hurting / abuse of any kind to these people from babies -- elderly Say Something to them ! Say STOP ! 

I have seen the cruel making fun of other's with handicap and mental retardation often throughout my life, very sickening / upsetting + sad !!! Makes me very angry !!! So, we MUST work on protecting these innocents also there are pets to be adopted that may be handicapped who need forever homes with caring / loving attentive owners / family !!!   ;) maybe you have similar handicap as the pet you could search + find then adopt ???!!! Inquire ! Understand one another more so going through life ! Protect them, cherish them !!! Very cutesy ! Much care !   ;)

Just because people or animals are handicapped, missing limbs, eyes, or tails ( pets ) does not mean they are odd !!!! Much love  / care to these wonderful beings ! Sure they may be suffering from ailments / handicapped, they need us to be family, love / care ! ADOPT today ! I have had several pets throughout my life with handicap I have cared for / adored / love ! Just need extra help often ! Happy to see you be family knowing you are THEIR loved ones / family !!!

Adopting humans with handicap often is wonderful ! Your family !!! Many of us have family now with mental retardation / other handicaps such as twisted bones, joint / muscle deformity, multiple sclerosis, dementia, mind issues / slow, tremors, brain disorders, speech impediment, slow walking, twisted feet, hands, mentally challenged, list goes on ! Much work, but love / care of attentive loving families of only goodness are best !   ;)

You know, often you may need to place loved one interior the special care of medical health homes to help care for your loved ones, this can be upsetting but these mental health / nursing hospital care homes are NEEDED everywhere all over the world !!! Very special care ! Can be charge, but runs off of govt assisted help often ! These are a ginormous MUST HAVE !!! VISIT every day to see your loved ones / friends + family !!! SHOW you care !!!

Nursing homes are NEEDED everywhere all over earth also ! Take care of our family with mental issues such as dementia, mental retardation, and other handicaps ! We gotta have those ! Help to take very good care of our loved ones !

People with mental handicap often need help bathing, tying shoes, dressing, brushing teeth, shampooing hair, help with their pets, and medicines so, know that we MUST care show we love them, help them ! Be level headed with those in these conditions ! Mind disorders.

Wheel chairs, medical braces, wheel chair access ramps, proper medicines, often surgeries, prosthetics, walking canes, therapy, handicap bathrooms, awareness campaigns, wheel chair parking accessibility, handicap driving cards for vehicle's mirrors, handicap signs everywhere needed,   and parking spaces near front of stores to easily access for those in wheel chair handicap A MUST everywhere !!!

Often people can be born with down syndrome, this is upsetting, this can be caused from hereditary, or older parents creating babies together, or terrible drug use of mother or father, very challenging !!! I have seen them often in town, that's awful to have challenges !

Mother or father drug abuse / addiction will cause mental retardation, down syndrome, rape, severe abuse, chaos, deformity, neglect of any baby !!! END THIS.

We MUST STOP ALL DRUG / NARCOTIC ABUSE !!! Drugs are a waste of our lives, money, time, family, just a waste ! Anytime you use, sell, distribute, drugs intentionally it only supports all satanic ways !!! EVIL DEMONIC POSSESSION occurs, I have seen this in my family while they are on drugs creepy scarey, demons in their eyes / mind !!! The TRUTH !!! Too many years of the evil / chaos !!! HAS TO STOP NOW !!!    :(

Too much drugs can terribly hurt your mind / brain, drug abuse can place a young person interior mental handicap, need mental medical health and home......terrible !

Tired of it all drugs, corrupt ! Too much for us all !!!

But anyhow, we must protect take proper care of the innocents in the earth, everything innocent is at risk to be harmed by evils ! Stand up and say something to END these terrible cowards hurting the innocents, or making fun of them when they are challenged daily with mental retardation, mind issues, deformity, helpless need our protection + care always !

Love Julie !   ;)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

character lights, night lights also !....

Just purchased a character light strand single, lights up colorfully, I affixed to the wall of a room for minimum light ! My lamp is overheating interior the room, because my window + room leaks air ! Hot hot !!! 

The character lights are still, or twinkle ! Very eye catching comforting + beautiful......the minimum light will output just enough light for me late evenings, reduce hot temp, to read, or work in puzzle books / coloring books, or sticker books !   ;)

Unplug from the wall after you are thru using these, so they will conserve energy / power, be safer for everyone unplugged, can overheat / burn, ONLY use a few hours !!! Minimum light but nice during hot hot temp days / evenings !

The plug in wall electrical outlet two prong, work best for me ! Place high above pet's reach ! I know pumpkin cat will try to chew or bite my lights ! Oh No !!! Be WATCHFUL of the lights and all electrical wiring KEEP AWAY from pet's REACH !!! Oh No ! DANGER !

These character lights ( only plug in best ) are available online, some stores locally, dollar tree and local dollar stores all, Wal-Mart I have seen these character lights in the patio / lawn / celebration areas of stores, Wallys Party Factory + Party City may have these character lights variety also ! Very enchanting, whimsical, beautiful ! Ahhh, take care of them store interior plastic storage box, very cutesy !

The other whimsical character light or plain light I MUST HAVE at night is the Night Light !!! I cannot see often at nights late because I am very tired, always have been.......I have forever had to have a night light in several rooms at night as I sleep.......very affordable purchase variety...

I place these two prong night lights interior the bathroom, kitchen, my bedroom as I rest.....when I awake in the night I often am groggy, tired cannot totally awake ! The night lights help me to see ! Very comforting at night also, sometimes I am afraid.....

The night lights are variety, glitters / water, characters, Butterflys, ocean / fish colorful ! stars ( swirls ) often I find myself just looking for a plain night light ! Haha......very unique pretty I might add those variety colorful, swirling.....

Replacer bulbs are needed I usually buy a few packages of these at local stores, easily screws interior the night light base, the swirling lights / fancy lights may need different lights..........LED night lights can be solar, I think these are genius / smart energy savers they tell me ! Very affordable.

Place the night lights in soft glow interior babies / children rooms, teens rooms, your own bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms I use these EVERY room ! Helpful !

Unplug from the wall when NOT in use !!! Saves power.

Just wanted to say hello !

Enjoy ! Love Julie !

Letter screams non stop !

Screams all day stop blogging fat whale they don't care won't listen we own your ass bitch ! Screams as I drove to mimis house something about Z across the road he owns deaton place there look it's Z, Aunt Thelma man !!!???? Teeny driving a tv gator across road ping ing bees sound at her house, after Philip called house there, stevie screamed he did it to hack you bitch leave !!! I need money use you bitch ! F you fat ass !!! 

Screams about over east more Japanese b.s. cries it's not fair ! F you baby j fat bitch ! Screams MZ dead f him 20 yrs f him ! Then screams Steven, lu, Davec dead gay f them f them !!! Non stop !!! Screams about Steven lu mother Aaron money or something ???? You have tumor in your head fat ass dying you won't live anyway bitch !!! I will live to see them gone outta here trash traffickers stalkers !

Screams as drove to Marlow sonic then old Japanese woman hair black twisted atop her head wearing sheer see thru nite gown walked out of sonic totally see everything naked down below and boobs naked !!!! Sick filth slut looks like she rolled out of creek stevie screamed she needs a job here bitch !!!?????? She had application ! Yikes !

Screams as I drove to DG Marlow We want popsicle lights bitch ! He kept screaming with various women, he tells them everything I am looking for they run in buy it everywhere !

Teeny Japanese across road at deaton house followed me to rs DG looking for the elites stalker ! Stevie screamed he's my friend he's upset no mother ! Yeah whatever said he is his boyfriend, gives him money off his card buys him things ?????

Screams over Jr, th, Tim's money he's dead so is Z the real dead you marry me here bitch !!!! Screams over Alison Doog money Anthony Adalrymp Jessica money ????? Estate money screams you get everything OkCity will kill you dea fbi here bitch ! Die of cancer we gave you your grandparents pets all die your mother and Mimi are dying mother urinating is bad so he said because kidney cancer ????? Hope not !

Washdc here ! Screams over bshaw houses, Chad dump messes as always. Don't understand this obsession other than dirty dealings going on probably !

Screams over sterling town DG, Megan the whole J family there left f you J family bores ! Not involved f you fat ass !!!!

Screams non stop 12 years now over Taos nm ?????

Exhausted, just to let ya know.

Sorry to bother you, j