Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cactus ! Ouch !........found

This evening I have found a frog swimming in my dog's water bowl ! Just cooling it, going for a swim ! Haha ! I found five frogs burrowed underneath the earth, under the water bowl, hibernating, and a baby salamander near ! I thought it was a snake ! Yikes ! They must be friends.....

I find frogs to be happy, hopping everywhere, I think they are very cutesy ! I have some frog sticker sets, I found frog figurines, to decorate with affordable, and I love the frog print fabric.......plush frogs are also available ! Some people eat frogs legs !!! Oh no ! Icky TERRIBLE ! Gross. Nasty, these are for being friends, all varieties are unique, beautiful........they are nice for dwelling interior the gardens, flower beds, they eat nasty pests / insects ! Helpful, salamander helps too ! Cute ! 

We call the salamander the water dogs, black + yellow very cute ! Poisonous, NEVER ingest salamanders, these are only friends too ! They know turtles, frogs, clean up pests / insects ! Helpful. 

I have been thinking about cactus, I planted a wild cactus interior my yard, it grew fairly well, then was destroyed by prowlers, interior my yard !!! Trashy idiots !!! It was a nice cactus, upset me, it grew yellow flowers, and magenta pink flowers.........then I purchased a few mini cactus, in mini planters, several varieties of these, set interior windows up above where the pets + kids CANNOT reach ! Sharp remember !!! Ouch ! They call these ornamental cacti.....cute I think......minimal water, purchase several very affordable, Wal-Mart, online stores, nice !

I see many cactus prints out there, I have a few pairs of clothing with cactus print, I have cactus sticker sets,  I found notebooks / stationary, various stores, the cactus print fabric is very southwest looking.....vistas too ! Nice ! Colorful.....

Cactus are very desert + always southwest culture, if I see them I always enjoy looking at them.....


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

black out curtains.....window shades.....cooler !

The hot weather can easily heat up your home, and I know that my home leaks air, so often it is very heated interior my home, my room is very leaky, difficult to keep cool....

Using multiple fans to cool, and keeping windows air tight helps the air conditioning to stay cooler interior......I found a few years ago those black out curtains, they are lined perfectly on the backside to thermal temp your rooms ! Wonderful ! These are room darkening and they block out light and heat ! I find them most stores, all styles, prices, sizes, I know they work great !   ;)

The colors vary in black out curtains, they keep the sun, light, heat out, it is much more affordable, nicer ! All windows need blinds, shades affixed then pull down follow instructions interior boxes, use tools screwdrivers, mostly....power tools work also to affix the window blinds / shades, many styles, colors vary ! I love these, keep home more so contained, block out Sun, block out heat, light, more so private, no window watching, yikes ! Creepy !

Box fans are nice to have interior home, place onto floor stand up right, breezy ! All sizes, all prices, styles...Cooling, window units, air conditioning cooling interior windows, affix around window interior home, plugs into wall outlet ! Nice !

We gotta stay cool !   ;)



Yesterday two great Dane dogs that I have been seeing at the corner north, BD home, and then bshaw house Japanese with them, these at Blundell house we left to go to rs, these dogs were at bshaw house harassing those dogs, I thought oh no they will go to our house ! Stevie says to my waves : No no no they won't they are on satellite your dog is safe ! So we go on to rs ping ping screams as we met Japanese tranny driving white car and several others behind him driving crazy, very messed up high on drugs, wiped out terrible ! Scares me these nuts are dangerous, the one in white car start laughing at us pointed at us or something......acorn head, that creep that is still stalking me, saying I marry him, weirdo screamed he lives at Blundell house, they keep saying he's gone but here he is we met him he or they scream it's Z ! Ping ping look bitch you just killed my family ! Something about I killed his mother, family, same crap with acorn head inbred, says he is incest, proud to be !!!!! Sicko nasty. Followed at DG rs grocery weirdness, ping ping....

We get home those two dogs are here at our house harassing my dog, black dog growling, I was upset, my mom was too, stevie screaming loudly at me over dogs are there bitch because Steven and lu are mad at you over their mom and brother bitch dogs have aids bitch !!! Goofball got aids fat ass ! No help for you running your mouth off at dea road houses we get no money because of your fat ass blog bitch ! Crazy laughter on my waves, we couldn't get the dogs to leave, I tried using house phone wouldn't work to call G, my cell worked, I told house phone anyway help great Dane dogs in yard, I was upset, Chris G. Tiny I could hear him on my waves say he would get me help and Bobby too ! Love ya ! Thanks for helping me it helps me calm because I know you can reassure me.......!!! 2 yrs ago they had sent those dogs from bshaw house down here and they bit goofball !!! Stevie did that !!! My dog is defenseless tied up, safe from their dog nappers rapers Japanese creeps danger zone out here !!! I cry about those dogs.....

Stevie screaming insanity on my waves, he's worse that t bshaw !!! G. got home, started yelling at dogs, tried to pepper them with gun, I got upset as they ran, he drove down road I got upset, I know those dogs are homeless, I hope they are ok, go to someone who will take good care of them, I get upset over all this crap out here with these jerks weirdos ! They drag all these weirdos pervs, sluts, drug heads to my road harass me to death, drag in more danger, growlers, meth zombies, just like Sandy, Philip, Donna, Crystal mccracks always have !!! No rest screams about estate, JR money houses again f you bitch !!! I know nothing about all that shit over east or bitching because I drove by Billy p house straight east on thru going and returning !!! Ping ping, screams stevie was hiding my cell phone signal f you bitch leave get out bitch fat ass ! I felt weird tired yesterday......

Screams about Rogers house dump, jacoby house, east of rs, N family, nugget ???? Half mix ??? More of those weirdo creep screams......Screams about s.evans music his sister going f you !!! More screaming that Hes my boss in control of my life with satellite I am very angry he says this crap to me !!!! Sick of it !!! Tulsa screams, stevie dressing as Z, saying he's real Z at rs, then going in DG after I left as old weirdo costume ! Screaming about ending his people...

Keep screaming Steven and lu dead ! Their mom also bitch !!! F T. He don't do nothing to help !!!! Screams about fake T and J Japanese ???? Grandma Japanese, Mara crap again, krissa m crtl, Brett, Tessa at tangles !!! Sick of hearing this !!!

They just set out here bitching because they have to health tech that fat bitch my fat ass, my stupid pets, F her F you bitch and your fat ass bitch you need to be raped killed fat ass I have to health tech your fat ass make a slut out of you bitch !!! Mean non stop hateful evil shit about me + M and that money you m fers get Dea owns this road move to Texas bitch !!! F you dea OkCity needs money bitch !!! 200 mil you and M f you !!! I worked my ass off for years on this road OkCity gets dea money !!!! You and him did this bitch !!! Japanese thugs gathering around corner, bshaw sully village north Rogers house, screaming non stop and that acorn inbred thing thinks I know him live him because of lies they tell him, they keep saying he's gone but he shows up again never ending, said old man pedos him he stays remains !!! That is sick as he'll !!!! This weirdo needs to go with the rest of them red f screaming about him, them, 

Screams about money off my brother's nasty mess he made ! Non stop about Isaac baby fake, named after his grandpa, you raise him he gets estate bitch !!! Sicko creeps nasty baby shit sick of dea stalkers, your family was in this bitch you have to be in it OkCity knows you have to be !!!! I got busted because of your family ! We get paid to follow you around you won't even look at us bitch !!! Shit about Mark woodwrd, weaver, cries about them at OkCity !!! Dea fbi need money we get estate of yours to kill set you up bitch ! Killing washdc family too for their money !!!???????Whatever that's all about ????

Dea used that road to kill you, I get money all of it bitch fat ass I live here f you !!! I'm tired, don't feel good, ill or exhausted, listening to stevie, them, G, answering questions constant raising mom, g, mimi........pets threats on them, and harassing about grandparents non stop needs to END.....

Stevie bags on Bobby non stop, blames him, Bobby don't need to raise stevie, or put up with that b.s. screaming, messing up, he needs A rehab controlled, or whatever outta my waves outta my life ! Bobby has too much work to do then raise stevie and his crack head ass !!!! Cries about his hairy buns, his nose looks like a dinosaur air hole nose,  plastic surgery he needs for a commercial !!! I think he needs a knot on his head, restraining order,  tied down locked up or whatever Bobby wishes !!! He's dangerous in head toward me, hates me, cat calls, perv, wedding talk non stop !!!

Screamed great Danes shot killed M got them !!! Non stop to make me cry...stress all them, too much for me too many years since I was born, family all nuts insanity danger !

 Blue cow harassing about him passed away raped dead bitch !!!! Upsets me !!! Screams you did this to nugget half mix bitch they sent dogs to you bitch !!! Aids cancer dogs ! Upset me ! Wake me up at night all the time rattles. Turns up his voice loud on my fans, plays screams, in hell sounds....

Too much out here.

Sorry to bother you. j.

Monday, June 18, 2018

This letter today more crap....

Stevie and them Japanese screaming on my waves most night, this morning I'm sure all day again.......Screaming about ketamine again whatever they did with that ??? Telling me not to blog about what I hear because I involve myself in dea when I blog ! Whatever.......Stevie telling me this morning HE is my boss and HE is in control of me and MY life !!! Never and I don't like being told that when I feel he does control my life sadly !!! Comments on everything I blog non stop, blames accuses me, screaming over rat hair Amanda t long chin black baby on creek ??? Sick of hearing about that creep show ! Then her money he worked for it ! F you bitch !!! 

Says he sent those fake Jared Chelsea baby fakes here all the time they are Japanese incest, aids they are sending to my house to sell, solicit, buy, and traffic me, my mom, G. And prowled thru the entire house asking for anything they can find of grandparents J items we saved from thieves ! Mother mad as hell, said baby stinks, always sick nasty, and Jared Chelsea behave weird, walked all over back yard looking thru barn, buildings, at lawnmowers, asking about our two ponds back west in trees.......weird off creepy, then stevie says last nite I told them to come to your house 4th July to ruin it for you bitch because you are patriotic and love the stupid holiday fat ass ! Then he tells me that he told them to dunk baby in my pool because it will be up and the aids, shit, pies will get in my pool so NOW you can't put up your pool fat ass bitch ! Crazy laughter ! Tries telling me that Jared is played by Steven, and Chelsea Sarah j ???? I don't think that's them.......Jared character licked on a spoon then threw it back in container, we threw it out ! My mom is tired, mad, sick of this non stop fake b.s., baby shit, asking for items, stevie screamed Chelsea bday she got her feelings hurt no money bday gift !!!! Whatever crack heads ! Why does this go on ? If I'm protected by govt, they hack, harass take as fakes, said Dea makes them keep this up to get your estate. They keep asking where's Julie ???! Behave mad ! So there's truth to this ! Up to something no good ! We are tired of this endless b.s., we can tell this is fakes !

Tired of non stop confusion, questions from mom, G. Mimi, lies to me, misinformation, harassment ! Stevie said they prey on G. Because he doesn't believe what I have told him, he thinks you are crazy bitch maybe you will be committed we get estate bitch ! All those pics he ripped up from family photo album at nursing home playing my grandma have outraged me !!! All this other crap he keeps up ! I don't need to be harassed anymore with this junk from him,he crack head, jealousy weirdo stalker keeps talking about marrying him or he's married !!!! Enough !

Called as Philip to Mimi as I said yesterday, starts talking about onella m, and her bday party at chicksha, she was having and Herman was going he stopped by to see grandpa R grave stone, looked nice, non stop about my grandpa r dead I suppose they killed him ?????!!! Herman does this that onella she said blah blah, then mark stories Megan m got married and Macie I am so damn tired of hearing and seeing fakes of my m family !!! Or m crtl shit !!!! 

These nuts are obsessed on a high level of obsession with m crtl, h wood, T, J, Nash, family on t.v., then they are obsessed with me, my estate ???? Whatever ! Asking me for money over east from mms estate bitch saying they are going to marry me, be friends, invest with you bitch we help clean up we get to work on estate invest in company !!!! Sick of hearing this from various voices over east !!! I have creepy stalkers obsessed weirdness staring comparing me to her mm !!!! Or harassing about sex all the time ! I'm a LADY and still a virgin !!! Sicko and creeps me out !!! Sick perv talk non stop !!! I'm a LADY stop please !!! I am tired don't feel well, and sick of listening to this crazy talk !!!!

Obsessed with M because of who he is G. Family his uncle obsessed with that crap ! M he's G family chuppy his uncle ! He gets money F him !!! 200 mil OkCity needs the money ! F you and him bitch fat ass !!! How dare they say that, all this crap to me and M after our lives ruined by this crtl shit !!!!!! We had to fight to live, to survive these obsessed weirdos and survive our crazy dangerous families !!!!! Live our lives then judge us, be obsessed ! See how much you like it then grass ain't always greener on the other side ! These people are crazy dangerous obsessed ! NEED help now !!!

Fake Brett, krissa Philip, P, Tessa, bringing nasty grandkids to mimis house, she's afraid to buy a tv table stand because those grandkids might pull it over on themselves !!!!! That made me mad, can't have a thing for fakes that will not stay away have aids nasty kids dragging them to her house b games, school, oh they are at school today, she's confused as to who it is, upsets her dangerous trash N family they told me traffickers playing my M crtl family bitch !!! Why's this go on, I'm sure DJ is sick of hearing seeing the masks of his grandparents, just like we are sick of this Philip and mccracks, hales, sterling trash snob Marlow snob masks !!!!!

Screaming they wiped aids shit on toilets at New fam dollar store Marlow, they just let them dea owns it screams about this Japanese !!! Screams about crooked Stephens county cops essential, dea fbi hiding things ??????

Screams dea is doing this fake family to kill us hack, spit aids on me because I'm not involved, when I leave for the day because fake Jared Chelsea are coming stevie screams about money, screams because I leave, I know they are trying to hurt me while here !!!! Won't stop sending them into my home ! Needs stopped ! They said Clint k came up with this baby Jared Chelsea story with crooked dea, and his son Japanese plays him and Jared....... I think he needs to get outta my life creep k baby trash !!!! Sorry this goes on !!!

Keep telling me they are through with Jared Chelsea Isaac baby story and then here they come back again to house or calling, behaving weird on phone !!!! Said dea keeps this up with them over east to catch me selling drugs solicit, hack me, trafficking me, use me for money, You have to stay there bitch ! We control your life bitch !!! We make messes more, you get no help no estate killing you with equipment put cancer in your head bitch fat ass ! Non stop, why's this go on ???? I have NEVER been involved in anything ! Didn't know about this what it was til hacked !!! Mother Mimi very mad about Japanese crap, hacking, bees, crickets, mother in severe back kidney pain is she ok ??????

Stevie says fakes are going to ask my mom, G, Mimi for money for kids !!!!!!! Better not be trash !!!!

Stevie telling me my dog, blue cow, stormy cow and that little jersey bottle calves I had in barn 5 yrs ago were hacked with me and raped !!!!!!!!!! Upsets me I don't know what is true, I have cried and cried I get no help no truth !!!! They never looked raped, spooky, but never raped it makes me very depressed upset, sick !!!! Said they switched them out !!!! Clint b, thanks I love ya !!!   :) and Chris G. Tiny live ya ! 

Help ! Julie

diamond painting, sew plush animals, patterns !

I was browsing through a craft store, and I have found a new craft to try and work on.......very sparkly, tedious work, but nice hobby to spend hours working on.....

It's called Diamond Painting !

Cute pictures on canvas, unroll grid pattern, affix sparkle stones, very small, creates art picture to keep, affix to wall after completion ! Use mini tools, tweezers, wax to lift stones, affix to sticky canvas grid pattern, place the certain color hues of certain stones to create colorful picture..........very much work, but exciting to create !

The sparkle stones are small teeny as beads, plenty colorful ! Keep in containers, store interior, keep safe, sorted, instructions.......looks very nice !

Diamond Dotz, or 5 D Diamond Painting are what brands I found.....oh, I love these, very cutesy pictures ! Most craft stores, find online also, all sizes, prices, styles.  :)

I also found a few toys while browsing stores, online, Cutie Fruities, + Lost Kitties, collectibles ! These I love, cutesy ! Enjoy digging in clay for the Lost Kitties, dig down in container find them and accessories ! Exciting, collect ! Cutie Fruities, are plush fruits, scented, interior contains, more surprises ! Brights ! Colorful, faces ! Adore !

I enjoy seeing the old fabric prints for sale, 1940s year, the  old prints, from that era in time, I enjoy these, much cuter......the reissues of the fabric prints are a fave, found online and Joanns craft store ads........

4th of July red, white, blue everything I have found, quite a bit of that, even fabric for that ! I like anything Americana, old traditional, country charm.....

I  found patterns for sewing, country charm critters, plush toys ! Oh, these are fun to sew + create, need poly - fil cotton batting to fill interior of sewn plush toy, choose ANY fabric, adorn with sequins, paint faces, my grandma enjoys creating these often, very exciting to choose a fabric, buttons or beads for creating eyes, nose, mouth, or stitch on !........any animal you can create, add clothing, small sizes, decorate with them, place in baskets, adorn gifts with these ! gift to others, you can fill interior with potpourri satchets, for scent ! 

Tedious work is best !   ;)

 I adore crafts, sewing is nice to spend day with friends.........old time tradition.......we need to sew more often, I love craft + sewing circles with family + friends, spend the day together, just sewing, crafting !   ;)

Love, j !