Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Charms lollies !.....

I enjoy bubblegum + lollies together, I love the Charms brand of lollies.......I enjoy them all, first a lolly, then turns into bubblegum, let's blow some bubbles that way !   ;)

These are very affordable just .20 cents / one lolly !

I purchased three today....yum !

Variety of the Charms lollies ----

Black Cherry
Blue Razzberry
Mixed Berry
Sweet n Sour

I enjoy these all, they are far better when you purchase a box full of them ! Haha !  ;)  more please !  Lol.....

Share with friends + family.

Adore !


Sunday, March 18, 2018

bubbles !.....

I had much fun yesterday ! I purchased some bubble solution, and was blowing bubbles in the wind outdoors !   :)

It is an old traditional activity, for all ages to purchase + enjoy........very affordable also !

The day was rather sunny, the wind was blowing and I held out the bubble wand from the container and the wind created the bubbles itself they blew everywhere, very shiny + pretty iridescent color from sunshine ! I giggled about how nice that was......lol

The bubble wand is all sizes interior the bubble solution container, creating all sizes of bubbles.........very fun to watch + enjoy......

The bubble solution containers are all colors, shapes, sizes, very fun to purchase a variety + affordable.......some scented also.......variety of bubble solution.....

These are available at all stores.......I have enjoyed bubbles since I was a child, very fun, always plentiful, everywhere.   :)

We can all enjoy blowing bubbles everywhere, even as adults, bubbles are fun activity to enjoy outdoors, rather calming, stress relief, for all ages....

Never drink the bubbles solution !!! Very harmful......! Danger !

I have also seen the bubble machines that are nice for celebrating, these are neat, all prices !!!

Nice activity we can all afford, watching the bubbles float on the breeze.......haha ! I giggle about how much fun that is, something so simple + old traditional, on most toy aisles in stores.......

Often you may find bubbles in two packs or four packs I have seen more for everyone to take part with.....

Go purchase a container of bubbles, enjoy the sunny weather outdoors together !!! We all need to have fun like this more often with bubbles, kids, adults, elderly !

Love, Julie !

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Skunks, be wild, rabies virus knowledge !

With spring season here, all animals leave hibernation, seek mates, have babies, this can be craziness in the countryside near home ! Lol....

Wild life has many different species locally, and I love them all, but they need to be allowed to live wild + free in nature, they are for living this way, God's will / intent.......

I do not think we need to be holding captive wild life, or keeping them as pets, they need to be free in natural habitat outdoors in countryside.....

I know of many times we may find babies animals, or injured wildlife, and if so contact the local wildlife chapters who help all animals, they will help, medically, health wise, return back to wildlife.....

Coyote dogs
All birds

Rabbits ok as pets, if known safe !!! Well taken care of........we have talked about this already......socially acceptable......

Skunks often are carriers of the terrible rabies virus, and I found a skunk near my home just yesterday, go rid of it, behaving weirdly, fiddling side to side, crazy behavior, and this is signs of rabies virus, danger to you and outdoor pets !

Anytime you see a skunk white black with long tail, during day time, avoid ! It may have rabies, they say when skunks are walking out into the day time, it is improper behavior ! Keep all outdoor pets away from skunks.....

All pets need the rabies vaccination ! We must have it, because if your pets are outdoors and are attacked by a rabies virus animal, they have to be put to sleep !!!

Skunks are just wildlife, I respect all wildlife, but I just don't think anyone needs to be containing skunks or any wild life as such as pets, they need to all be respected in natural habitat......that's why they are there, they need to be wild + free !

I know that often times humans have blood diseases, and if so, we need to not have the pets or wild animals near them til recovered from illnesses, because if pets other animals bite the infected human the animal will be infected also !!!  Heard of this often happening, upsetting !

Talking about skunks, they are everywhere, and will spray you from rear end, terrible nasty stink, defense mechanism natural for them......stay away ! Very important ! Keep all pets away also !  If pets are sprayed wait two hours them watch them for mental troubles, but if rabies vaccinated, no worries ! We all need the pets to have rabies vaccination ! Required !

I had skunks near my home last nite again terrible stink outside, now stink interior the house, happens yearly at nite, but one yesterday late evening ! Yikes ! Shoo ! Smells !

No rest last nite, stink of skunks outside......sick !!!


Friday, March 16, 2018

Can't sleep screaming ! Skunks...!

Can't sleep at all they are twisting stupid skunks up near my bedroom spraying all around, twisted skunk up here today this evening, screaming outdoors, skunk right by house, screaming on waves rabies bitch ! Said to infect my dog, hurt him, said they are using equipment to send up here, heard car drive by slow before skunk stink started, awful about to barf smells so bad, been doing this to me for years years since 2000 

stevie yelling about his girlfriend Japanese trash, crooked c with Hitler starched, Courtney s slut bitch ???????? Sent Nasty dreams about her and Japanese tubs he called that guy, that's gross weirdo ! Sick !

Screaming today on my waves about money, Mimi behaving weird hollering about stupid crap Jackie called about some old bitch dying from her class, insisting she go to the funeral with her and Jack of all trades, bet ya that's fake, are we passing a collection plate around for crooked dea fbi to put in their pockets ??? hmm.... Make donations to, so and so crtl loser trashes !

Dea and fbi crooked have to create fake funerals fake illnesses then go around town parading around in masks, creating fake fundraisers for so and so's medical bills, yeah right ! it's not fair I don't have money this that wah ! Wah wah cry about that Money bitches !!!! Then at these funerals they ask for money donations in memory of so and so already gone fake funerals b.s. !!! Pass the collection plate offering !!! And fake baby showers, send out invites, for fake family baby crap they dragged off a stupid creek !!! Then they take all the money and gifts put in their pockets !!! They call the news channels mock up b.s. lies story seeking sympathy for fake crap for money I see this a lot even people at s town fakey lies masks, yeah whatever losers....

All crtl trash masks, all down the toilet go away !!!

I'm sleepy, somebody hollering skunks sending those too....bitch ! 

Stevie and others screaming at me today at Wal-Mart my friends are there f you bitch don't look don't buy that bitch !!! Tired.

Just another day of my life, f you bitch truckers are tubbing ???????? That got rid of my friends, more crap about over east my friends bitch ! Blah wah wah wah cry baby trash ! Nobody cares losers.

Skunk smells, yelling, hillbillies, drug heads, more crap...Screams everybody's tubbing over here bitch !!!!???????Whatever that's about, don't care.

I just am too tired to put up with all this mind yelling on my waves, they he gotta go, get out of here, rehab or other, I'm exhausted, don't feel good.

Nite nite.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Letter more crap.

Stevie screaming with others today as I had to travel to apache to help with cattle, screamed so much on my waves today I felt nauseous might pass out !!!

Screams about his mom's people money off this or that, his sterling people , screaming every time I leave the house...

So much screaming complaining, crying about everything...

Told G. With this just as I got online to use phone, started laughing, now g. Is mad about phone blaming me, I can't keep living this way blogging for you with no help with your equipment........stress.

Japanese tried to drive toward me on highway on way home, stevie yelling about his Japanese friends, so damn tired of this shit !