Monday, January 22, 2018

Letter, more hollering !

Early am hollering, nasty talk, perv weirdo, said they had to go get Mimi, switcheroo her ! Harassing annoying, she's depressed, we have to switcheroo her !!! And she's hearing crickets today, again at her house, I didn't, so they hacked her again, I am so upset that her and mother keep hearing this crap, why ??? Needs kept away from them !

Oh how dare I again as always !!!!!!!!

I dared travel yesterday, to m town, r. s. Screams in my head on 81 then shortstacks gang stalking me at DG store again, as I purchased candy with Mimi ! Those weirdo teenys are stalkers, stare then glare, creepy !

D town, today screams on my waves again about shortstacks in same mask as DG yesterday, working at Wal-Mart scan n go area......helped me nice, but then stevie screamed on my way from store.......hollering blaming, then screams about Tom Tom mccracks being in Wal-Mart, lol, talked to us, lol......boy stevie hated that he was in there ! Screamed about k jacoby, those uglies, then the millam uglies, said their spawn in store, gays, screams about them !

Hollering about sjones, Jones, s. h, l. h, a. a, others, so I guess they are watchful over me ! Thanks, love ya !

Stevie needs his butt chomped by that steel metal ball with teeth and eyes, that is on a steel chain, sharp metal dagger teeth, it's a bad guy on Mario bros, send him a dream, make it hurt ! Chomp his butt, make it bite and chase him, pain ! That's what he needs for all this crap he does to me ! Too bad I can't have a machine ! Why ????, come on now ! Not fair.....he likes to send me scarey dreams !!!

He tells this shortstacks certain one, that I am leaving, going to be here, there, very dangerous, annoying, weird stalker, they all hate a girl they have never even met......I am a kind, good person, but oh well, evidently zillions of others have too, also those snobs, crazy family who knew me....who cares !

Screamed so much on my waves today I almost fainted I think, wouldn't shut up ! Scared me ! Others chachachahkacjacka......on my waves.

Said unc Deb still kickin !!! Wow ! Tell him I said hello ! Love ya ! Shocker ! That's nice ! Made me cry I never got to meet him before ! Excited to meet him !

Tell them all I said hello love, miss you all !

Oh well, hopefully soon something will get better, I know all these nasties, shortstacks and other thugs, still about.

I pray for better days !


Early Valentine's shopping !!!....

Early shopping for Valentine's day gifts, ideas, is simple !

I have seen sooooooo many pretty gift ideas.

These are all in fun ! I just adore the holiday aisles, browsing, these aisles, nice ! Some I find online, I just look anyway......yes, I am a nerd !  ;p

All kinds of gifts, Wal-Mart, dollar stores, dollar tree, big lots, family dollar, Tuesday Mornings, Stage, 99 cents stores, Stein Mart, Kohls, Ross's, Tj Maxx, Kmart, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Jo Ann's, craft stores also......Bath and Body works also, Valentine's scents.....excited !

Online candy stores, all have cute, whimsical candies, unique fun, I have been looking !

Chocolates --- all !!! Adore ! Valentine's Hersheys !
Valentine's Nerds, neat !
Valentine's Nerd Rope
Valentine's lollys --- all styles, shapes, cute !
Lighted Bear Valentine's lolly
Clear see thru, lolly interior conversation hearts, nice !
Chocolate Cards, foil wrapping, neat.
Chocolate lady bugs in foil wrapper, cutesy !
Gummy roses ! Yum !
Haribo Mystery Flavor gummy bears, cooler colors
Haribo Starmix, gummies, variety different ! Fun !
Haribo Valentine's gummy bears, red, clear !
Black Forest Valentine's gummys ! Yum !
Mulled cider candy hearts, shapes, nice !
Jube gels, gummy hearts, cinny, cherry !
Mike n Ike, cinny hot candies !
Jelly cinny sugared hearts, all nice !
Tiger Pops lolly, heart shapes Valentine's !
Little Debbie Valentine's snack cakes + decorated brownies
Chocolate pick up Truck, dollar General
Chocolate red foil wrap bouquet, dollar General, others
Online, beautiful colorful foil wrapped chocolate roses !
Whitmans Chocolates -- all, yum !
Heart shape boxes candy, red wrapping, beautiful !
Tobasco, red hot cinny jelly belly candies, Tobasco bottle !
Russell Stover, candies, all ! Yum ! Valentine's !
Palmer, chocolates, all, yum Valentine's !
Elmer chocolates, all ! Valentine's ! Nice !
Lindt, chocolates, all Valentine's, good !
Dove, chocolates, all fave ! Valentine's !
Godiva, chocolates, all nice ! Valentine's !
Small Valentine's gift baskets, wrapped, plush, candies !
Snoopy dog Valentine's, candy wrappers, plush ! Cute !
Snoopy dog heart shape pillow, dollar General ! Cutesy !
Strawberry + Cherry No Bake cheesecake mixes, boxes !
Valentine's day notepads, everywhere, sweet notes !
Red, silver, pink, light blue Hersheys kisses ! Valentine's !
Sweet tarts, candy Valentine's, all nice fave !
Conversation hearts, candy bilingual, available !
Fresh roses, all flowers bouquets, flower store, Wal-Mart
Red lipstick ! Valentine's day ! All brands
Nail polishes, all colors glitters, reds, blush, silver's !
Red wear, red dresses, red ties, suits for the men !
White wear, white dresses, white ties for men, suits !
Silver attire, wear, sparkles ! Valentine's !
Party wares, table cloths, towels, decorations, Valentine's !
Led lighted fake roses, pretty, all stores ! Amor !
Valentine's nail art ! Most stores, iconic !
Valentine's hair tie back bands ! Wal-Mart party aisle
Red Heart light strands ! Everywhere, nice !
Sequin heart writing pens, adorned, Party stores !
Sequin heart shaped key chains, cute ! Celebrate !
Foam glittered roses, Party decor, on sticks !
Three teardrop, falling hearts, foam glittered, decor !
Glass red roses, dollar tree, very pretty !
Giant Valentine's day mug ! Woah !  Dollar General
Valentine's day gift bags, tissue papers ! All stores !
Love signs, decor, hanging, setting, all stores
Valentine's day heart shapes, many items !
Giant gummy red hearts !
Red heels / shoes, go dancing ! Valentine's !
Florapy aromatherapy, scented masks, cosmetic !
DaBomb , giant colorful bath bombs ! Woah !
Tre'stique, cosmetic makeups.
Spatty, cosmetics, neat !
Ty Beanies, all, and Valentine's
Winkeez, plush toy small animals, all, cute ! D G, stores.
Gummy wrist bands, Valentine's, in a box ! Fun !
Red, silver, blush, light blue glitters ! Valentine's crafts !
Heart shaped boxes + plastic baskets, everywhere !

I see so many different, colorful, beautiful plush toy animals holding hearts, flowers, all nice ! All prices, sizes, at Wal-Mart, target, dollar General, Flamingos, lions, tigers, bears, dogs, frogs, dinosaurs, owls, koala bears, oh, so many darlings ! Very beautiful, thoughtful, tradition, buy a few for yourself or those you adore ! Nice to place, set, interior rooms, hold, see very cheerful interior your home, I love decorating with all plush toy animals, so adorable ! Keep clean, away from pets and food / drinks, take good care of these keepsakes !

Nice Valentine's gifts !

Whew ! A lot of cuties !

Love, Julie !

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Be a wonderful friend !!!.....

Finding others to be true, loyal, forever friends, can be a challenge to all of us ! Often they stray, go away, are bitter, jealous, hateful, hurtful.......this only breaks a person's heart.

Being able to find the kinda friend you know you can giggle with, share stories with, celebrate happy times with.....Always count on, and most importantly one you can always rely on to be there for you is challenging...

Trustworthy friends are always there for you during good or bad, happy or sad, are protective of you, care, truly love / adore you platonic love.....are sweet !

These trusting, caring loving true friends are often close as family should be, often we all may not have much family, and we bond, create a long lasting, strong family with our friends.......aww....comfort + feeling of safety at last.....

Being watchful, keeping your friends safe, away from evil, danger / harm, is a kind friend....the best way to be, you always wish to be watchful of them !!!

A true friend only cares and loves you, for you ! You don't have to worry about them using you for money, gain, valuables, or a better life never jealous, just happy for them !
When you have those good friends who truly adore you, you never have to pretend to be somebody you're not !!! They love you the way you are, you never have to worry about dressing fancy enough, your weight, your whatever !

Often, you grow up through life, and have those true friends you know exactly their demeanor, heart, who they truly are in their hearts !!! These friends can be a total comfort later in life, like a nice ol favorite pair of comfortable shoes !!! Haha........because you grew up together in school or wherever.......or maybe not !

When we have those wonderful friends, we know we only love / care for them at all times ! If they falter, fall down into filth, we know we need to help them get back up out of nastiness, so they will be safe, prosper, have hope ! Any friend on drugs, mentally ill, going through illnesses, trauma, shock, we need to always show support !!! Check on them, their well being.......Be there always for them..

Be very thoughtful ! Remember holidays, special events, send greeting cards, always inscribe well wishes, greetings, say hello ! Cheer them up !

Just being a wonderful, true, comforting pal, you never know, you may save someone's life !!!

All can be friends ! Adults, both men, women, then kids, both boys, girls.......Friends are friends ! Besties !

Never be snobby, uppity, never bitch, whine complain about a friend !!! Never talk about them behind their backs, Never connive, use a friend either !!! This is terrible, not true friendship, ever !

You have to be very careful who you allow into your friendship ring, know others first a year or so.......jealousy, terrible danger, betrayal, conniving, painful hurt, could happen if not first knowing someone awhile to be friends.......get to know someone truly before allowing friendship.......very important !.....happens to all of us sadly.

Inviting true friends to go places with you is more fun, when you know each other's, likes, dislikes, and you can laugh, be silly, enjoy the day, every invite !

Trustworthy, comforting friendship is a blessing ! No worries !  ;)


Friday, January 19, 2018


Hollering today on my waves down 81 to Wal-Mart, screams don't buy this bitch, don't buy that in store, they are going all of them bitch ! F you !

My friends are going ! F you, why go down here to shop leave bitch ! Japanese get hurt most, f her ! Yells in vehicle. More about fake baby, brother wife, yells, f you bitch ! This baby gets money ! We have another for her !?????? I don't think so !

Saying they have naked baby pics of me and then 18 yr old pics of me from vent camera online, screamed this daily.

Said they took my grandpa to new Mexico, to live in home we all have to move because of this crap, and they killed my grandpa into pieces there !!!!???????????

Always saying they killed off my grandparents, screams about money, they have to be in this...-!!!! F them !

Hacking my mom's mind as Philip, she said she heard a noise over and over on her waves, stevie hacked her mind as publicising mask !!! Mimi hearing noises on waves, I could hear crickets feedback loudly on my waves today at her house.....why does stevie have ability to own operate mind hack equipment when he is severely drug addicted, mentally unstable ?????!!!!

He needs shut off their waves, my cats, dogs waves also, screams about goofball dog, dying bitch he ruins this road !

Keeps yelling that short stacks leader is over, gone, then he's hollering again he's just now gone bitch still alive ! He's a kidnapper, thief, still alive, trafficking ! F you he wins bitch !

Screams about a damned ol house again sick of hearing this crap all the time, I don't care about their crazy crap, insanity in the damn tired........

Everything always a mess, how does this world function with too many idiots in it, scarey, weird, always messing up crap....


Be a lady, Be a gentleman !.....

We should all learn, know to behave properly at all times.

Sure, I know we enjoy being rowdy, out of control, loud, chaotic, but we must learn proper behavior, the filthy behavior, pervert ways, thought, ideas with ill intentions need to be destroyed from our minds, thoughts, lives.....this can lead to problems, marital woes, attacks, rapes, assaults......

Dressing properly as we know we should, no part of our body showing provocatively, this shows only as nastiness to others.....I know on very hot weather days we need tank tops, no arms in clothing, but we don't need all the flop up top uncovered !!! Lol !

Droopy drawers, low slung pants falling off, come on now !!! This looks ragged, lazy, people think you're losing your pants !......haha.....these are not needed....

Perverse language, watching someone and talking nasty about them to others, is creepy filth......reaching out and touching others body perversely you don't know, is never ok !.....gross.

Wearing too much makeup, you are beautiful without massive amounts of makeup ! Beautiful without so much on your face ! Wear for special events minimal is best !

We need to bathe, wash, every day we can, or few days we can, hygiene, respect your body mentally + physically...

Respect yourself, learn to know you are beautiful, Be of goodness, beautiful heart most important, adore this !.........Never think you have to be of filth, or bad to matter to others, never disrespect your body with bed hopping, and prostitution, know you deserve better than allowing that to go on with / respect !

Be kind to all you know, just meet, those you have in your life, Be kind, love, respect, say hello kindly, hold open doors for everyone in stores when they are carrying many items.....

Say Thank you, Say please ?, Say Hello, Be kind, cheerful, show class !

Never be jealous, Never be evil, Never devastate another's happiness and life, Be happy for them, celebrate their blessings !

Everyday try to show class, manners, behave as ladies, behave as gents !!!

Take wonderful care of you pet family ! Show them respect, love / adore these blessings.

Save someone's day by being kind, helping with goodness, cleanliness, respect......compliment others, cheer them up with a smile, hello, silliness !

If you have behaved wrong in your life, you can start over New right now, Never give up on changing your life for the better.....

There is just too much perversion in the world that is nasty filth, causes more chaos, upsets, needs to stop, when we make a stand to behave better, we help change this, stop the evil, filth......bring only goodness.

We need to laugh, Be silly more, the world has been too depressing nasty too many centuries....

The world needs more ladies and gents, showing they can behave, change the world together.

Being a lady, being a gentleman, doesn't mean you have to stop being silly, eating candy, and laughing, that's just fine !!!  :p

Be classy !