Tuesday, July 25, 2017

No bake cheesecake box mixes...

Cheesecake is a dessert, that is always good !...yum !

I know that I have forever enjoyed creating or purchasing cheesecakes....

The simple way + quickest way of creating a very good cheesecake is the no - bake cheesecake boxed mixes !

These are very affordable, easy to prepare....there is a cheesecake mix and a Graham cracker crust mix in separate packs in the boxes....very good !....lol....read instructions, just need milk, and for the crust, melted margarine + small amount of sugar....prepare separately, and you're done !

Always let these cool first in refrigerator before enjoying....Always keep any cheesecake in the refrigerator, can and will spoil in heat !....terrible for cheesecakes !

Brands of the no - bake cheesecake boxed mixes are :

Jello No - Bake
Great Value
Save a lot  

Also I enjoy the brand Philadelphia Cheesecake filling in the plastic containers, this is nice to just fill into an already premade Keebler brand Graham cracker pie crust, oh nice !....also good to place strawberries into on dessert trays....

Cheesecake is a fave dessert of mine.


Monday, July 24, 2017

Affordable purchases....randomness.

I have been feeling not so good, under the weather, summer flu ? It's over for now hopefully.

Went to town finally, and I always feel weird as everyone does days after having the flu...the heat has been terrible since I have been sick, it causes me to feel weird + bad, guess because I have been ill..?

I purchased a few items at Dollar stores the other day....

Cupcake shaped pencil sharpener, colorful, ------ fifty cents ! Cute...less than a dollar, sharpen coloring pencils, remove top to throw away pencil shavings..

Fruit shaped coin purse colorful ----- zips closed that was $ 3...very cute, different fruit.....I placed coins into there, then place coin purse back into purse....

I enjoy work books that are for all ages, I even work through the work / activity books for younger ages....leisure activity, fun I promise !....

Explorer sticker book, -----  I enjoy placing stickers on pictures the book tells you to find...that was just  $ 3.....and a book called Scratch Fantastic -----  you scratch the pictures through black cover paint, you scratch with wood pen included, and it reveals a picture ! Fun I think........$ 3......passes time....available I could see were Paw Patrol + Ninja Turtles.....lol....all these items for $ 10 total...nice in my opinion !...

I have always enjoyed Oatmeal Creme pies -----  from the stores and I purchased a box of those, oh, they are good !...best with a glass of milk...!...the brands Little Debbie, Freshley 's are nice....

Shampoo ----  I found my fave strawberry shampoo !....haha...it is really good Suave Strawberry shampoo + conditioner....gotta wash that hair !

I found 2 good cleaning supplies I have used to clean with for years, work great !

Clorox Clean up and Comet Spray Lilac Bliss, ----  oh that scent is nice !....use these two to clean counters, sinks, bath tubs, in kitchen or bathrooms...scents well...the lilac scent is one of my fave scents !...pretty flower too..

That was what I purchased blog, hopefully i will regain all my strength from this nasty summer flu.....very tired.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Very sick...

Not feeling well.

Very sick last night, violently ill....both ends, nastiness !

It was terrible...very exhausted too.

I suppose it is the summer flu ?


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Security cameras...

Security is required almost everywhere, in many forms, whether it is uniformed officers, real people, and or law enforcement...

so much danger, evil out there all over the world, we have to take safety precautions to keep everyone safe, all the time..

With newer technology, we have the ability to purchase security cameras to record all events anywhere, for legal purposes, and to see who is unruly, causing troubles, and evil...

Security cameras are necessary for life these days, needed all over the world to keep us safe...

They are needed in stores, parking areas, interior businesses, and for the exterior of all public places...many people who can afford them, may be able to purchase many for their home, to keep out propellers, stop theft, see who is harassing them, or causing troubles !

Security cameras are good, for helping end mischief, thwart evil plans, save lives !

Individuals of only goodness should be allowed to have use of, control, watch and see, maintenance and upkeep, never allow evil, mischief to have this equipment, only those of goodness should...

Many brands available, many stores.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Always needed, cat litter.....

Cats drink a lot of water daily, my boys drink tons of water, in their water dish....I change it every three days, clean, sanitize their water bowls, make sure I rinse the suds thoroughly...they can get kidney infections !

Water is necessary for all animals, keep them hydrated, and their kidneys working properly, just as humans need hydrated...

I have been purchasing cat litter many years for these silly cats...I adore my boys, they create laughter, silliness, and are my fur baby family !...often you lose sleep when you are a parent to any pet, because cats are nocturnal...they sleep all day, roam at night through the house, mine live only in the house...I love them !

Cat litters I have used / purchase seems as almost every week I purchase a sack, or box of litter for them...

I wish for all cat litters to be less dust, or maybe possibly dust free, I have allergies + asthma, so do my cats, so all cat litters need to be worked on, more natural, healthy, I think..

These I have tried, most every brand you find :

Tidy cats
Special kitty
Fresh step
Soft paws
Jonny cat
Dollar General + family dollar brands
Arm n hammer
Any Wal-Mart brand available !

Cat litter I purchase weekly, they drink + pee everyday !, so this is always needed.