Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Just more crap...letter.

Last night harassing stevie or those others who hate me, talking about penis warts, ball hair, cancer ????

My balls are hairy man, big balls ???? Weirdos. Gross. They said, I was trying to rest at 1 am....

Then more b.s. about you have cancer bitch, turning off med techs bitch ! Your dying, your dog, cats are dead bitch, wake up bitch ! Grandparents, over now !

Sent me dreams about frozen body ??? Screams about fake brother wifey, fug can raise it bitch ! It needs money, clothes !!!????? More of that crap.

Screams about Rhiannon, still he's in love with her, blaming me Japanese c. Man is gone because of your fat mouth bitch ! I didn't know I had a fat mouth, oh but I am big mouth right ???? Fake Rhiannon.???

F ! D. C. I guess he's after them again, I laugh D. !

Money off over east ???! F them ! Lithuanian models they were f ' n  z had baby with one model from there, hot man, use that baby yeah !???????

Paraguay people suffer out here man, f them for that man !!????

Mad about Rogers house dump, missing his love Rachel fug h......they married in that house naked ???! It was so damn hot ! Stevie missing his old loves, oh my ! Talks about Morgan still he's still upset about

Sent me dream of nasty swelled buttholes !!! That was sick ! As I was trying to rest.....sicko !

Other voices, I f ' ed this, that fashion model for years man, or this that h wood, nashtrashvlle, man ! Obsessed with their conquers ! Yeah so great you have achieved that red neck, what a conquer in life to claim that kinda prize.......?????weird.....pathetic.....obsessed with fugs...

As travelling today screams on waves about tangles salon, m town, some nail shop at m town that's ours man ! Wal-Mart ??? Tessa said this, about our salon, shop ???? Whatever...

Mary r. voice calling Mimi about oil lease land at Darko, prying around innocently, trying to get her info, to sign paperwork, seems rather conniving, shady, dirty....fake Mary r......weirdos, corrupt....

Keeps repeating words at least twenty times over on my waves, makes me feel sick, screams at me about not sleeping around, being nasty, you won't live long bitch ! Your weird, you don't sleep with people, weird bitch ! Everyone f s people bitch ! Your not married bitch ! I'm not gay, never been a whore, pass around, I am a good person, very scarey, upsetting to be treated like this, by hacks on my waves or whatever, whoever this is, said they are going to send more down here bitch from Washington, damn how many more left ????!!!

Said more to kill you bitch ???! Nobody cares for you fat bitch....nobody will help you now, we are here bitch !

Screaming like crazy on my waves, weird popping sound on my waves at chicksha.....anxiety scared I am hacked bad again......I have anxieties terrible since I almost died 5 years ago hacked by zillions of people for 5 months.......I keep thinking it's going to happen to me, my pets, mom grandma again.....

Started hearing popping noise crickets again today me, my mom, Mimi, loud picking noise, oh, Lord, it scares me !

At Wal-Mart, in pickup......weird sounds popping in waves..

OkCity, something, rattles, gibberish, not over bitch, you are over !?????? Japanese sounding tone....

More about this stupid ol hop stop store, damn ! This must be some huge investment for them they think, they own that bitch ! Dea ???? Stay away from our store bitch, they take everything !!!!?????? F you ! More of that garbage.... eye roll...whatever....on and on they bitch and whine, scream when I go to r. s.....sick of this all.....

Screams about DG store in hometown bitch ! You ruin our style bitch, we own that store bitch, get out, rattles, gibberish, so I accidentally went into their store a month ago I guess, how terrible of me ! Haha......eye roll... something about Cyril, Fletcher, Elgin dollar stores f them yeah !??????

Boy, those nuts are fierce !

+ annoying.....eyeroll....

Whatever !


Pudding delight pie.....yum !

This is a nice holiday dessert, for Christmas, or New Years celebrating !!! :)  

If diabetic you can leave off crust, and use sugar free puddings, sugar free whipped topping, the low fat cream cheese.....

Enjoy !

The crust ingredients ---

1 + 1/2 cup flour
1 + 1/2 stick of butter or margarine
1 cup pecans, broken

1 cup powder sugar
8 oz. Package cream cheese, any brand
8 oz. Carton whipped topping

1 package instant vanilla pudding grand box
1 package instant chocolate pudding grand box
3 cups cold milk

First layer : this is the crust, bottom !

Mix together in 9 x 13 inch pan, flour, butter / margarine, and chopped pecans. Place in pan and bake 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Cool totally. Watch oven temps, check often, not to become too dark, easily burns !

Second layer :

Blend powder sugar, and cream cheese, pour over cooled crust, chill in refrigerator.

Third layer :

Prepare vanilla instant pudding as next layer, pour over cream cheese layer.

Prepare chocolate instant pudding as next layer, pour over that are layering !

Fourth layer Finally ! Top with whipped topping from carton, all of it.

Very nice, pudding delight, pie..

This is nice for many to enjoy, creates much for everyone.

I enjoy this yearly with everyone.

Keep chilled in icebox.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Harassing today driving...

Started harassing my waves today, at r. s. Dollar store, grocery store, started seeing many teenys, following me, in stores, highway.....seen a lot of masks.....they have masks still everywhere you can tell, screamed at me a few months ago, about they think they can find a chip in my mask !!! I have mine ! There's no way man ! ???? Whatever mask with chips ???

More yelling about Z, fake baby you ruined Christmas money for us ! This baby you can raise fat bitch ! I don't think so, that's filth they keep trying to drag over here and get in my house with to harm us.!!!!....I think that is upsetting allowed in our house after all this hacking my mind, I get anxiety over these fakes, my mom is terribly angry, she is mad as hell.....him and his b.s. he caused, not mad at you at all ! Just all his big high wheelin, snob shit ! He's another one nothing's ever good enough, know it all......they..keep questioning me about all this, then Mimi, G. Still in dark over all this a rut here with family questions, holiday stress.... help !!! Smoke signals ! S.O.S.....!!!

I know how stressful this has to be but I'm tired, as all get out.....

Yelled on my waves today crap about fake Z, screamed you just got rid of Mr c. Japanese bitch !!! F you fat whale ! They will kill you now bitch ! You have f ' ed yourself over now with what you just did, bitch, going to kill you, they are coming !!! All this yelling on my waves as I drove home.......just more crooked crap....

Screams about this hop stop store in r. s that's ours stay out bitch, we can kill you with our power we have intelligence, to kill you bitch ! You bow down, we are here we are taking you east bitch !!! I just yelled back. Said yeah whatever a hole, same ol same ol b.s......just crazy out of control, and Stevie, shouting too, about his friends fakes, this Z whatever version he is....???and some Japanese bitch trafficking whore he was with ......

Mad about money they screamed more of that over east bitch, have a house for you east bitch !!! Dallas people, California man out here ???? Baltimore ??? Paraguay people suffer bitch rich whore !!! Whatever......I think some nuts are loose all around here....nasty queer talk fudge packin, tranny, just creepy.....Sick and tired of hearing all this b.s.....I hate all them....Sick of queers.....Brandon s !!!!

Threats to kill me again, f you man ! Banny rooster strut, I guess Japanese, I wish I could have peace in my more harassing....OkCity is ready bitch ! Something about fbi, dea, crooked...???

I think I am so tired more blood goo going on, down there, very tired weird feeling, thanks to you guys all for ending my stupid sinus infection I love you all ! Still not feeling well, but it's everything you know...

Love, julie

Monday, December 11, 2017


The Lord is my strength and my shield. 
My heart trusts in him. 

Psalm 28

Can't sleep !!! Another's 2 am...

Harassing all day, nite, as always.....sending me sick pervert gay dreams about nasty sex, fags, hairy buttholes!!!!???? Sicko weirdo creep......saying he will commit suicide in my yard, and about Japanese again, oh here we go as everyday about those idiots, dumbass cry baby bitches, over east.....!!!

Screamed yesterday on my waves, day before chicksha, d town, about fag Japanese man following me at chicksha on Friday, at Dollar tree, then yesterday at d town, followed me all over stores....staring, creepy, gay.....Japanese cashier in mask, teeny, staring at me, glaring whole time as mom grandma checked out purchases, she was high as hell in mask, I could tell, stevie said that cashier is dead now bitch !!!! Because she knows who you are bitch ! Said Japanese c...last name, he knows you know his ass bitch ! Oh, damn, guess I won't buy drugs from them ! Won't leave me alone, stalkers !

Screamed yesterday because I was thinking about fish for dinner at L. John's silver's, because I like the fish with malt vinegar, I always have, so now I am a lesbian because I had fish there for my birthday years ago ???????! What in the world does that mean ????!!!! I am not gay ! Never have been !!! They keep screaming your a lesbian bitch ! Whale you eat fish ! ?????? You never sleep with anyone, never married !!!! You are gay bitch, said cousin M was gay too ???? I don't think so !!!! I think gays are over east there mad I am a good person not involved in anything !!! Screams about diamonds, fudge packin ?? Penis length, hair on buttholes, dreams sent to me about gay sex shit !!!! Sick pervs.....fags ! Keep screaming on my waves about Brandon s.......I don't need this......

Screamed on my waves, you won't sleep with anyone bitch, or sell buy drugs bitch f you whale !!!! I guess I know what this is about, mad because they're caught up with again, yelled they would kill me, something about Z, baby, boyfriends, money we get that bitch !?????????

And more b.s. screams blaming me, as always I ruined their lives, yeah well I don't give a shit if I did, I'm glad they are ruined, I guess glad means something gay right now, I'm gay for saying glad ?????!!!!

Mashed on my female insides while I was outdoors yesterday, it hurt terrible, I was bleeding he said he did that, while outdoors before after that I heard voices swirling outside, stevie was yelling something about fags gays up at bshaw house, I saw him dressed as a bshaw yesterday.....ooh, I'm so scared ! Bwahaha..

More yells about pumpkin cat is dead ! Tigger cat is dead, Rocky cat, dog all dead bitch, says this on my waves every second, said Japanese gays up road are prostitutes with equipment to hurt , hack me, Jill my pets, mom......she walks in our pasture for exercise and they scream all day,  night long, can't even walk, live on our own property without harassment, something about your brother over east from nc, nyork ???? Trying to kill me over money ????

I wish he'd leave my dog alone too, I wish he could run free, I am so scared they will rape, dognap him they said he has to go back to his owner ???!! He's my dog ! I took care of him........also still making my cat tigger pee in same corner on carpet, dump truck load of pee, everyday, he behaves crazy and meows at ceiling, he said Japanese up north this road doing this bitch ! You won't prostitute, have our money bitch ! So saying they will have me raped, killed trafficking me !!!!!! Threats like this bring out sawed off shotguns !!!

Said they own my road here, OkCity owns your ass now bitch !????? I don't think so.....I still don't know what this is about with those losers, idiots, my trash family's loser followers, trash !!!! Blaming me for everything, all about money, diamonds...????....I don't even know any of these people !!!! Creepy ! Stalkers, aids, rapists gonna rape me and cousin M....????? Calling me fat whale, talk of a house they are killing me in ????

Making fun of s. h, and l. h, being mean, about them, screams about dollar stores, dollar tree, grocery at m town, water pressure ??? Our water pressure is low.......I know that...Wal-Mart, you ruin everything bitch !!! Yawn......Screams about money, money, I get 25 million man off over east man, yeah, I. h. Money, Dallas man ????? Dea, fbi crooked talk money, man, yeah I get 25 million off that man, she, he said.....????

Screams because I went to r. s, grocery, hop n sack, dollar store, Phillip m nasty bitch, money f you bitch ! Hop n sack, nasty old store, hop stop bitch new ! Dea owns that, we are doing that bitch stay out bitch !

M crtl bitch I get that man, f her man M crtl man ???!! More of that nasty mean about my mom because she's an M family, my mom is not a whore, never has been never will be, never sold or taken drugs, good mom......Said she's gonna die too bitch ! Take her over east to live bitch.......yeah well my mom would tear them up, she's tough as hell.....they try to send her over east, they'd regret that shit she's already mad as hell over how stupid my brother has been messing in this trash mess !!!! They'd regret ever getting a hold of me or her !!!.....I'd laugh about how long they would last, I'm ready to tear them up right now over all this stalking, harassing b.s. !!!!

Screams about Washington d.c., you f everyone over bitch, hating on d, j, fake Japanese players ?????

Sick of Japanese talk about tulsa, Ada, n family, my cousin M is dead, then alive, money diamonds, rape, aids, cancer, hurting my grandparents, Mimi, harassing with equipment, why does stevie have the equipment, he's suicidal, messed up on dope, annoying as hell, obsessed with me, nastiness old girlfriends, gays, sex.....weird, needs help or whatever.

Tired of my life, screams every time I leave my home, drive, travel, shower, live whatever I am doing ruins his, their lives.......Sick of it !

Just more of the clown act, dumbasses, losers, fags, whores, dope, idiots, cry baby bitchin, harassing wah wah, this bitch don't care trash.....just as my whole life, sick of them, this b.s., crtl b.s., losers, just like hillbilly trash big wheels, low wheels in my family, I am sick, stressed, tired of all this corruption b.s......Screams about M, he said this, that f him man !!! Guess he's tearing them up, wah wah ! Losers. Cry baby bitches, just laugh M.....!

Being stuck in the middle of a bunch of cry babies, weirdos, freaks, drug heads, creeps since ' 81......everyday is halloween, and they wonder why I just laugh at these losers ????? Really ??? Ooh, I'm scared of these morons.....oh, I'm upset......wah.....! I'm upset I can't get rid of them, and rest, sleep at night !!!! I stay sick all the time......I guess I was created for this b.s......Tired....annoyed, exhausted.

Sorry I wrote you another letter, they said you are angry I write letters, said it embarrasses you guys....??? Sorry...