Saturday, April 21, 2018

Screaming, theft now and years ago....

Screamed at me yesterday while driving to apache that I ruined his life, theirs, screaming that I got rid of their family that Japanese c older woman vendor, because I rescued a pretty turquoise owl ! The plastic critter did this f you bitch ! F you fat ass ! My friends family OkCity spies on your ass bitch to find you triangulate you to hack kill you bitch oh f her f that bitch ! I will kill her ! Non stop yelling on my waves about Elgin, cement, apache his mom's people !!! I won't get no money now bitch f you ! More of that, go clean up your trash mess cry baby bitches stop blaming me loser trash !!! They want to blame me for their losses ruin everything !!!

Screams to + from festival, all evening til I passed out going to sleep.....when I can sleep I feel better.......

Stevie screaming at me something about antique wash scrub board my grandma m great had that he harasses my mom about in her mind she got upset the other day at chicksha driving that she can't find that antique several others here at home and Mimi is missing some of a. Stellar, grandpa b, then m family antiques ! They are family heirlooms, stolen and then stevie screaming at me about getting into our house as my brother's face in mask, going through house stealing for years while we were gone to town they screamed this at me five years ago they got into our house took a shower and had sex in my shower while we were gone !!!!!!! I remember that being yelled while I was hacked, he said he got into our house here and both my grandparents houses for years while they were at ball games !!!!!!!! Infuriates me !!!! Upsets me !!!!!

They got into our homes, masturbated on things they yelled, stevie screaming that too Kyle s, did this, Frankie b, all these Japanese, playing Philip Brett, patty krissa, lroy, Janet Seth masks !!!! They got some kind of money out of Philips closet too and took that 3/ 4 years ago as Philip, my grandparents trusted these idiots not knowing who these trash idiots were !!!!

4 yrs ago we got home and the front door was ruined at the door knob wouldn't turn, and it was spiraled circles, he screamed he had skeleton key fbi !!!! He told me Brandon San, had done this !!!! Then laughed hysterically and said years later now he Said I get into your house for money you have in drawer bitch because he listens to my waves, said he played masks got in all our houses, then screamed yesterday that he got in trouble taking things from our houses to give his Japanese trash b.s. over east all our items !!!! He stole because he needed money and they need things baby j things too because of who you are bitch !!! Stole a lot with those sorry bitch masks !!! Something about his Japanese grandma he loves so damn much ??????!!! Taking her shit he finds steals !!! Said he got items antiques from my mom as my brother mask, antique cream can she had outside he wanted, to sell it, she said it's up at Blanchard house last she saw it. !!!!

Me and my mom saw him, them hauling off my grandparents porch patio tables and chairs going east !!!! I know it's old trash to others, but you have no damn right to steal others items !!! Disrespect !!!! Trash just like the lemonheads, pendleys mccracks, hales ! Just take everything bitch !!!! You idiots need your damn heads blown off !!!! crtl trash mad busted doing this to me us for years because we are not involved !!!! He said crooked c tubs ??? Told them to whoever those hillbillies are, just all hillbilly trash idiots involved meth heads, coke heads all of them crtl trash ! Sick of them all my life....

When I was in Jr high school they broke in the house while I was at school everybody was at work and my mom found her underwear drawer whacked off in, her bed whacked off on, and the floor was peed in in the corner whacked off in !!! And they told me five years ago Ian t, let this go on, Philip Sandy tried to kidnap me that day though I stayed home by myself from school ???????!!!! 

My mom has been very upset as I have for years, she burned everything and we had to use paper towels carpet solution on floor........they said black men were involved with his doing this to us, they stole food, looked through her jewelry boxes stealing jewelry, everything had been looked through stolen !!! I have been so stressed upset scared since I was a little girl because of danger from all these weirdo creeps in my family their big time dope connections, kidnappers, rapists they all knew, very upset, traumatized forever.......

Five years ago when I was hacked half alive they had whacked off on my car, and my bedroom wall for years, I seen all these weirdos drive by my house follow me screaming out the Windows I'm sure all in masks, Sandy p had black men following me from church on Sundays I saw them, and they would laugh yell at me they told me  5 years ago they were traffickers at pendleys house north on corner she paid to do that to me ?????!!!

Said crooked c told them to trash my grandparents houses take whatever they wanted, they whacked off all over our yard too porch smelled like pee or nasty dead fishy stink speed in the dogs water bucket said they raped Jake dog, burned his ear, whacked off on him and rowdy dog too !!!!!!!!! I have cried and cried very upset depressed !!!! they twilight us all down prowled at nite they screamed to kill us take everything !!!!! It upsets me terribly all this ! 

That's why I am traumatized by all my life !!! I keep fighting because I don't quit I will kill everyone of these losers off eventually I am their curse to the crtl !!! Everyone will go involved in this filth because I am a fighter I hate trash like this they're mad that 5 yr ago assault on my brainwaves didn't kill me I think stevie is mad too ! I'm that tough to survive that crap !!! I had no help just these zillion people some from highschool screaming die bitch die bitch mms was schizophrenic ! You are too bitch die die ! We will get all your estate bitch ! I heard trash from church screaming from Rogers house everyday voices screaming, other nasty filth playing in my ceiling ! Then a man screaming he was climbing up in my attic to shoot me in head as I was asleep with shotgun !!!???????

I heard so much riff raff in my attic at night stevie said he whacked off up there, Kyle s did Jeff m was, all those loser idiots annoying from high school cry baby snobs jocks !!!!!

Sandy p co horts, Philip trash nasty Crystal h trash harassing me to death ! I don't know how I survived this other than health tech angels who deserve everything in the world for saving my life !!!! I love you guys ! Being honest is what saved my life and that's everyone else who has worked on this trash and saved my life everywhere thanks for being honest !!! You deserve everything !!! 

It counts to be honest to try diligently, truly wish to end these traffickers crtl trashy idiots and never cry about them they all need to go and have their damn heads blown off !!! I have survived and fought these dangerous trashy losers my whole life !!! Stress stress anger know way to have to live your life ! I know many others fought these nasty filthy people !!! I don't care who they are involved in this sicko weirdo shit ! Involved they gotta go trash !!! I do not give a rat's ass for them !!!!! Evil dangerous drugged up insanity high on drugs raping innocence everywhere !!! F them I say !!! 

Said he used our farm tax number wearing a mask of me at Atwoods store and I did see my name in their computer the other day !!! When we used the tax card !!!! I never used our farm tax number but somebody did as me !!!!!!! He said he did that, and they were trying to get into my bank info at m town bank over there ??????!!! Said him and Japanese shortstacks gang did this with masks, and tried to mimis, then had some old checkbook card too they stole from my grandparents j family house cashing those in as lroy my grandpa m mask and grandma r masks grandma p mask ??????!!!!! He said Japanese had these masks playing this shit to sell drugs on their land at s town, drove the red pickup I drive and had sex in it with prostitutes sold drugs in it to set them up !!!!!!!!?????????

I have had enough, I'm angry at them, trash takeover !


Friday, April 20, 2018

More items I found, browsing !

I was able to travel to town for a few items I needed, I found a few things new to me ! 

Photo albums + scrapbooking materials -- are very enjoyable, creative art, craft, keepsake books to create, remember memories, vacations, everything ! These are nice ! Many items for this ! Paper craft cardstock, Jolee, Wal-Mart, scrapbook adornments + stickers, themes, craft stores, these are designs, colorful, picture papers, sticky backing ! Create keepsake photo albums + scrapbooks, all nice ! Store photos, create nice memories, keepsake, beautiful !

Cri  - cut, cricket,  is a paper design creation machine, create paper designs, shapes using papers, colorful, for adorning anything ! Needs templates go with machine, online, Wal-Mart, craft stores mostly, nice machine !

Glitter glue pens ! Colorful glitter glue pens for crafting, art creation, I enjoy these, very nice affordable, most stores !

Sequin storage square bins ! Wal-Mart other stores or online, these are medium sized nice for storing, very sparkly, with variety sequins ! Cloth mostly, netted, collapsible, folds, very pretty, affordable !

Thinking about outdoors summer time, many items I found yesterday, just to mention a few various items......

Flip flops ! Shoes simple, affordable printed, colorful plain variety styles ! Everywhere ! Purchase several throw away after summer is over or store neatly

Sloggers brand -- garden clogs, plastic coated garden clogs, farm barnyard animal prints ! Very cute, colorful, waterproof, I love these, all sizes and waterproof boots, for weather or farm work, or just anytime !!! Atwoods store.....or online....plenty other plain variety clogs shoes, comfortable on your feet !

Adirondack brand colorful chairs ! Very nice, grand sized, strong, sturdy, tough plastic ! All prices, everywhere.....nice ! 

Frogg Togg chilly bands !!! These are cooling towels wear on your arm or there are headbands, keep cooler outdoors, freeze, refrigerate.....

Plastic tea + lemonade pitchers ! All prices, variety colorful affordable, fill to brim with ice cubes then pour in tea or lemonade, juices whatever keep very chilled in refrigerator !!!

Snowcone machines + juices in bottles !!! I love snow cones every summer, there are plenty of Snowcone machines for creating snow cones at home, variety, all prices, most stores, online, all sizes too ! Snowcone cups paper also, create at home, enjoy with everyone, we need ice cubes !!!    ;)

Randomness ----

I found a very pretty colorful winged horse / unicorn figurine yesterday, brand was Bayala, at the farm supply store also online very pretty horse colorful !!! Nice to see + collect.......I love figurines / toys as these.....Schleich brand figurines all very detailed collectible variety of all animals, etc.....!!!

Enjoy !


Letter, still screaming, harassing !

Just woke up its 2 am, screaming outside, playing hyena in hell coyote noises Loudly !!!!!! all around house with crooked equipment ! My dog being harassed, yelling on surveillance crooked, OkCity sending more up north of your house because you bitch and complain about everything bitch !!!

So I'm supposed to just let that trash take over and harass me, my pets, family left ?????!!!! Screaming they're going to kill me because I'm not involved ! Creepy people in hell screams playing outdoors, scaring me, my dog too scared !!! At night ! I think they need to go and need their equipment taken.....Japanese again ! Stevie yelling at me all day yesterday trying to pick fights with me on my waves, blaming me for everything wrong, he needs help, he gets worse and worse as I travel, then screams at me in evenings when I return home, they got rid of so and so, tired of this harassing !!!

Followed me to sonic at noon m town pulled in right beside us, in car Japanese woman face in pink clothes staring had her phone out watching me, all around Japanese everywhere ! Why can't this trash get cleaned up away from me !?????? They keep screaming its over, but I don't see them being over outta my life !!!

Crying about more slut trash worthless going, I don't give a crap for a cry baby trash trafficker slut !!! F them and all these crtl losers !!! They all need to go ! Worthless ! Then they are screaming because it's not fair I can't have that ! F her ! She did this to all the prostitutes ! F her ! They all deserve to rot in hell trash ! Blaming me for all their problems !!! I hate these people ! All of these idiots garbage ! Say they are going to rape me kidnap me, yeah right losers go to hell !!! Sick of this them all this shit !!! Had enough ! They keep putting them all around me north of my home here this way that way screaming OkCity Japanese over east whoever this is, just like crooked trash they are Dean country ham ideas ways harass that bitch !!! So tired of lifetime of all this junk with losers.....won't leave me alone.

Screaming at me on my drive to chicksha about how I ruined their lives, because I exist, you tell people about this you go bitch ! Followed to town yesterday by two people in masks laughing the whole time driving behind us, then I go into stupid Wal-Mart, masks dressed as nasty face purple mouth creepy bitch and a older man mask trying to hack me they were high as hell, laughing, walking close by trying to talk to me and my mother, creepy nasty weirdo trash....

Sick of screaming about playboy trash, complaining screaming their friends family have to go bitch !!!! F you fat bitch !

Tired of this all these idiots I can't rest, sleep.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

More harassing yet again, letter.

Calling Mimi as Phillip asking if my mom ever sees that baby and babysits it, asks her if she sees it, you need to go see that baby ! So now they are trying more crap about my brothers kids fakes. Enough.

Brett is taking school for his new job, krissa stopped by her house with three kids Sunday, hers and Brett kids. She gets calls from Jackie and Shirley, Jeff is getting out of prison soon, stevie says it's S. H calling her as them to health tech on phone, he said that's stevie doing that not me ! 

My grandma becomes confused and I have to explain all over about this junk, masks, you guys having to get this done, she gets confused, then they are upset about fakes stealing so much farm equipment and junk for years and years at both grandparents houses they said major farm equipment has been stolen, the fakes must have stolen, very much upsets me for them they ask me everyday, about why this happened, I'm already tired of explaining to my mom, Mimi, and g.........tired.

Screaming crying blaming me because z, k are over because you blogged bitch they got rid of them and Alison + Jess too bitch because you aren't involved in anything bitch ! ?????? 

Stevie screaming early am that he didn't have enough money for even a sandwich his brother wouldn't let him have money bitch !!! So that's my fault too I see ???? Makes a lot of sense to be woke up by screams from him.......

Screaming about some Japanese slut he's been with, I have to get rid of her bitch because of you ! F you ! They got rid of Morgan ! Rhiannon !! So cries over that trash slut b.s. again, screaming at me on my waves !!! F you bitch !

Screams about playboy trash sluts again f you bitch f you !!!! It's over for playboy models ! Because of her f her !!! My friends and my family over they got rid of them because you bitch f you fat bitch !!!!oh my fault again...... Wah sluts ! Who cares trash ! Worthless.....

Screams nobody to f bitch ! Nobody to f on bitch ran her mouth off on internet f her fat ass !!! 

Yelling on my waves they are hacking my blog internet took pictures of me to create fake online website to set me up pretend to be me, sell dope as me, sell myself solicit as me online, taking things off your blog bitch Satan !!! F you nasty bitch !!! We set you up, kidnap you, rape you now bitch !!!

Sending me nasty pictures of genitalia, then sicko creepy dreams, more dreams about my dog dying, I was asleep panicking seeing my dog dying, made me feel very sick, nauseated, dizzy !!! Had enough, harassing about my pets everyday, my cats, then my grandparents, kidnapped all dead bitch ! Gov't killed them just like they will you bitch over estate, you will never have that estate bitch we will get it !!!

Then this mind game of these are alive, then these are dead, this is this, that is that, no wait I lied, crazy bitch !!! Laughing lying impersonating people on my waves been going on for years now, too tired to put up with his b.s. ! He's severely addicted, cry baby, I try to be nice civil because I have too !!! He's mean evil creepy blames me for his crap I know nothing about whatever he hates me for, money estate, other people of my family or h wood, music people money or people he's met, in love with momentarily ?????????? He exhausts me much more.

Screaming at me yesterday at r. springs yesterday Saud he was going to give me diarrhea mashing on my intestines yesterday because I was going to leave my house get rid of his people !!! So sick of this........tired.

Said he hides my phone signal in my purse so his friends won't be gotten rid of f you bitch you get everything bitch ! Then he's telling me some ginormous story about what happened to so and so, he's crying, livid, and it's nobody I know, never met, or some b.s. that went on over east !!! Tired.

I don't have mind space for rattling, old crap cry baby stories about loser trash sluts filth cry baby sadness from their lives they got rid of so and so, wah wah ! grow the hell up bitch ! I say to him and them, they're involved in something this evil they need to be over !!! I just laugh I do not give a crap for somebody involved in evil filth as this !!!!! I don't care who it is !!!! Trash all of them. Who cares because I damn sure don't ! Sick and tired of hearing this junk !!!

Screams about his mom's money over and over yesterday.....I know nothing about, but blamed accused of ruining that for him, ruined his life all my fault ???? How because I don't know nothing about that b.s. !!!! Exhausts me more idiot !

Or screaming out here at me about some shit my family did twenty years ago, or how I blogged and ran my mouth off about things they were screaming years ago on my blog and ruined their fun, oh wah losers grow up what grade you all in now ??? You behave at about 2 nd grade level, cry babies ! Think I cry about insults, mean trash you screamed at me for 20 + years out here in my mind or yard with this b.s. equipment crooked fbi dea losers ????!!!! 

I laugh because I do not care what a bunch of trash crtl high losers all jealous of me think about anything I do or say, I laugh so go on ! I come from a nasty bitch evil no caring, drug addicted, high all the time tough family mean as hell, I know about nobody cares grow the f up bitch and go on.......I had to be strong tough to survive and fight all them and these other loser worshippers snobs of theirs ! So sick of snobs, sluts, people obsessed with money, drugs people on tv, materialistic item worshippers, oh yeah go on snobs, you're so damn important !!! Annoying crap tired of their b.s. all of them cry baby loser crtl trash down the drain......wah !

Then screaming that T. is mad at me for years trying to kill me out here over money, mad about my blog, so are the others ????? Lol.....yeah whatever.

Said Z mad at me he's always leaving to go to t, with his wives gfriends today bitch he's over gone......he's trying to kill you bitch ????? Mad at me about acorn head tiny bitch over here following me screaming harassing me......tired.

Harassing me about cousin m and k, that whole family, all the time, upsets me, sick of confusion, they're alive dead, f them then another story....they're mad at you all for this mad you blogged ????? Sick of it all hearing b.s......


Oh and I see that they did steal my mountain rocks from my flower beds, they screamed that five years ago as I was hacked bad...Sandy screamed tried to take them twenty years ago, steal my flowers from my yard with shovel too !!! dare I have too many rocks !!! up the road been there for years I am missing about a truck load, old Sullivan mailbox, I see stevie or his girl friend big mama pendleys have been stealing together for years as always ! Yeah just go ahead and take it all trash !!! go cry in your holey shirt bitch with those nasty titties hanging out, about how unfair it is nobody cared about your titty surgery, she screamed always at me my mom j family You think you're better than me us bitch I need money !! you j family's all rich f you ! How many times has she them mccracks, all screamed that trash high as hell, or Donna them all screamed, all the time, so tired of their crap....lifetime of it.....insanity stalker hillbillies...loser trashes !

Thanks j.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

glitter batons + other items ! nice !

Very smokey smell outside last nite + today allergy time !!!  Wildfires are everywhere, no rain !!! :(   dry, drought, smokey, windy, danger zone !!! Asthma + allergies bad for us all lately ! Sadness ! Staying indoors....

I have been crafting, and browsing the local store aisles in the past few days.

My faves !

Glitter batons !!!  Ahh ! Beautiful, all sizes, colorful, some glittery with shakeable glitter water interior, so pretty, keepsake, fun to twirl upside down admire the beauty of the glitter batons, all sizes, all prices I have seen most ! These can be a gift for you or others you love / admire.   :)

Raggedy Ann + Andy dolls / items !!!  These cloth dolls with painted white faces, pretty red yarn hair, very cutesy ! Pair / set of two usually together, I had the set as a child, old fashioned, collectible, may be other items with these two on them, boyfriend + girlfriend, as a set always these dolls, adore ! 

Elena of Alvador, is a new Disney princess character I found, she is beautiful, silly, smart, and she is wise, Spanish......New character ! I found a few items of her, a movie she is about.....I enjoy the new characters ! New to me anyway.   ;)

The craft items I have found lately would be these :

Sparkle Art, Artskills brand, stick on gemstone pictures, I had to purchase a Elmers  Glue stick to affix most my pretty gemstones to the colorful character pictures ! Very fun, unique, craft project, from DG very affordable......color coded to picture stones simple to understand.....pretty !

Paint your own Magnet characters by the Creative Kids brand at DG.....Very affordable ! Includes character magnet, small adhesive magnet + three paint containers, all mini, mix paints to create other colors for the magnet, how to on box......simple fun ! Place on refrigerator after painted + created.....

Then I found today the AquaArt, painting paper pictures, paint is created on the bottom by adding water with paint brush ! Variety, very fun ! Mini, cute pictures, fun too ! Affordable.....

These are nice, simple, affordable for us all, to create, I love crafting art projects !   ;)

 and we know we all need hot glue guns for all craft items requiring glue / affix / attach ! Hot glue guns plug into wall electric outlet require very affordable clear glue inserts, melt, very hot ! Stringy when melted, glue all craft projects, much easier ! Hold onto hot glue gun at bottom, where cooler, unplug after use !!! Most craft stores, + glue gun sticks to mash into the Hot glue gun at back it will heat + melt........nice !

Enjoy !