Saturday, May 19, 2018

tranquil + calming music.....fajitas !

Enjoyed the day, just created chicken fajitas for supper ! These are nice !   ;)

I seem to think that fajita seasoning of the chicken is best, better taste to the meat ! Beef, pork, chicken, Wash under kitchen water faucet, place on drying paper towel, then I tenderize with utensil after placing meat on cutting board.......

I place my tenderized, deboned meats ( whichever I prefer ) for fajitas.....I place the meat into plastic Ziploc bag, pour interior on top the meat the fajita marinade sauce ! Yum ! Smokey, flavorful, spicy taste ! Let this set in Ziploc two hours, the meat absorbs the fajita marinade.......several brands of the fajita marinade....

After two hours, of the meat setting interior the Ziploc bag sealed, covered in fajita marinade, I then cut the tenderized, marinated meat into small narrow strips......Place interior frying pan, small amount of canola oil if frying grilling chicken fajitas.......

I cut up red bell pepper, some onion, fry with the meat, cover with pan lid, sort of Smokey heat cook thoroughly the pepper + onion.....when well done, I prefer to take flour tortillas, warm on plate in microwave several of the flour tortillas ! Then place a few small or grand size tortillas on dinner plate, fill with the mix ! 

I use sour cream on top this, and a special fajita sauce I create at home....I enjoy these wonderfully ! A fave.

Nice to place lime juice onto mix also, more flavor !

Nice simple supper at home.

I listened to some of the tranquil instrumental, New age, music today that I adore !

Ahhh, so very calming, peaceful, nice to unwind at the day's end listening to.........very much mind influencing music, slows you down, calms your stress levels....very beautiful !

I have a few music cds of the Tranquil, Spa therapy instrumental music, very easy to relax to, NO singing, just music....

It helps your mind, relax, I prefer it over most loud boisterous music !.....haha !

Very much emotional, calming, therapeutic music, I'd recommend it to everyone.....Relax at day's end....or listen all through the day if you can + wish to ! Cds in vehicle CD players, listen there as you drive if you wish this ! 

Many cds online and Wal-Mart has several to purchase enjoy, affordable music cds.....often very pretty CD cover art......

These are nice cds to listen to interior your home during day as you clean, prepare meals, nap / rest, or just relax.....very, very, needed ! I enjoy listening at home on portable CD aloud through home or just on CD player earphones ! it !

This music is nice to help pets relax also, my pets always nap listening to these calming music therapy too !

Have troubles resting / going to sleep at nighttime ? Try this beautiful music at night, I go to rest / fall asleep peacefully..... Zzz.

When I have had pain issues throughout my life, suffering terrible pain from arthritis and bone / joint troubles, this calming music has helped me to remain calm as painful days have been plenty most my life, it calms my mind, the pain seems to not be so harsh to my body........just my opinion, try it yourself !    ;)

Symphony / Orchestra music cds also available these are the same, very relaxing, beautiful.......Ahhh.....Nice !

Music is very therapeutic, calming, inspiring, emotional, de - stress, unwind with music, feel better !

Enjoy !

Love, julie

Letter this screamed...

This junk screamed yesterday, non stop, more.

Screams about Texas people are mad as F at you bitch ! Running your damn mouth off on blog some letter, now we don't get money !???????? Why ?

Something about Dallas they are mad about ???

All I blog is what I hear screamed non stop.

Screams about k Middleton, she's Barbara M dealing with her ! She something, at Wal-Mart ??? Thought she was in that, gone ? Hearing about her years now screams, her daughter ????

K Barrington, she's in this, you know her family ???!!! Her kids go to now gone she's hateful bitchy at Wal-Mart now many years ????

Earnest, Bet, Nunlee fam, and their kids, grandkids, Dallas, Darrell, Danny, some crap screamed about them being in this years, their grandkids are here hollering this year's now, screaming something about the dairy ????? .

More about M crtl, Phillip, Mark M owns the wedding facility !!! Oh, we are flying them down here ! M crtl owns it !!!! now screams five years about the weddings ! The weddings ! At that event wedding venue building Blessed Oak, east of here a ways, always trashy weddings there, something screamed yesterday about weddings selling drugs, sluts there nasty in building or something....Japanese man there screams, mother seen him parked there yesterday driving down road then heard ping ping on her waves, so he's up to no good plotting something, hacking.......I see them all often hanging around this dump teenys........??????? Crtl trash.

Then my mother at tag agency had troubles with person working tag office, said her address didn't exist ! Weird behavior, she said a teeny, they told me Japanese messing with computer, she said she heard ping ping while in the more of them...

Screams about sonic at marlow and Elgin, said aids working in there, so, that's no good ! I have to eat there often while driving through that dump town of hardly no businesses, they been screaming about aids working there spit in food there, and taco mayo years earlier at marlow !!!! That's sick filthy nasty, upsetting !

Bshaw house sounding from up that way --  lez here ! P###y eating up here bitches !??????? Sick of hearing all this filthy nasty crap ! Then sex sounds from north sounding.....!???? Tired of all this. Nasty !

Polly Pocket ball s##kin bitch oh damn she's been good !?????Whoever she is, nasty !

Hacks tv's !!!????????somebody hacking tv's so probably my Mimi tv or ours as always hack house and internet they said !??????Japanese voices......

OkCity dea, busted crtl trash ! F them man ! I get money off this shit ! Screaming all that scuffy sounds, nasty talk about sluts on creek I get some every weekend anyway f them ! Big p###ys over here we eat that shit like F ????? My Dong be slingin hard bitch !!!?????? Pervs. Sickos !!! Nasty trash !

Keep screaming some junk about my grandpa M a mask of him these Japanese had made !!!!!?????? Why's that allowed to go on !!! Playing him over east or something selling pills as my grandpa M ?????!!!!!! Harassing the crap out of me, he passed away !????????!!!!!! Sick of this !

More harassing about my cats, we put them old cats on the creek and shot them bitch !!!! Your beloved pets bitch ! Cry bitch f you ! Everyday harassing me trying to make me cry about my pets or grandparents.......tired of this, him...

Money screams as goes on daily, some trash from okla mad about being busted no money off Texas, I was busted man ! I worked that shit I get money f them ! ????????Whoever that is.......said they trafficked but I get money man !!! I'm supposed to get that shit !!!! Irate talking so angry, screaming sounds on wind.....

Coffey family masks harassing my Mimi every time we take her to a store we see those two Coffey family fakes women, harassing Mimi about talking to her, they ping ping on my waves when near so this is hacking I know, they are weirdos, creepy eyes !!! Gross, dangerous in the head hateful behavior......always do this follow us......Screams about nasty tainted canning pickles for them ?????

More about OkCity dea fbi involved in hacking, they want their damn money f them ! Something about Wichita falls Texas, area ????? Money I get money f them !!!!???? Whatever that is..???

Mixymix ??? crying about his money mothers kids, you blog that bitch f you again bitch !!! His son ??? Whoever that turd head loser is?????

These nuts are insanity. Weirdos nasty talking trash. Losers !

Dumb asses !

Tired of them.

Friday, May 18, 2018

barns, flowers to purchase, cleaning....

I love to look at + study barns, their designs, styles, metal roofing / plain tin......I seem to prefer the old style best ! Not much fuss over metal siding ! a nice plain style tin, plenty of room for all animals on the farm to rest from harsh sun's rays, and terrible hot weather !

Cement floors best interior barns and some exterior the barn to set items for feeding, equipment, shade for the animals to set exterior the barn also, need awnings, metal shade ! Nice barn !

Hay is best bedding interior to place on top the cement floors, clean replace every week....if possible !....clean up poop, excess smelly hay, replace, wear mask for mouth + nose so NO asthma / allergies troubles ! Use shovels, wheel barrows, rolling.....discard outdoors away from barn near ditches, to deter smelly poop, + flies, pests ! AWAY from home, wind can blow the smell near home....shoo !

Shoo fly Shoo ! Go away flies ! + mosquitos !   :(

Water tanks for all animals needed near barn in shade ONLY ! Breathers placed at sides of water tanks work well with oxygen for water in the water tanks, attach hose............feeders are best placed near the barns, in shade also !

Flies can be terrible near barns so fly sprays needed, fly deterents near barns........

Having water wells created near home + barn close by, helps ! Water hydrants by barn separate work best, helpful !

Barns need to be clean always, interior cleaned, stalls for horses created ? Clean these daily also ! Feed water, rest, shelter from heat for all barnyard animals, open air at sides only for fresh air for them resting, oscillating + portable air fans spinning work wonders for the animals to keep cool.......shelter from the sun's rays is a requirement to keep them cool, safe, well !

I love barns, country life !

Clean up near barns + home is a MUST ! Keep all feed sacks, farm chem containers thrown into trash ALWAYS ! Hay twinkles, throw into trash ALWAYS keep all waste, trashes thrown into trash bins, burn....

Cleaning of ourselves and cleaning, sanitizing of all businesses, homes, wares, items is something we need to always improve on ! Smackdown of the health codes, inspectors, and health depths, needed ! We need to be more, more clean ! Cleaning is something we can NEVER stop working on, always room to improve on that area of life !!!

Where's the bleaches, soaps, sanitizing sprays, cleaning products !!!???? At the stores, as you know ! Go to Dollar Tree, buy twenty different cleaning items you need for just about twenty $ 20 + tax !!! That's all ! $ 1 / cleaning supply ! That's where I purchase my cleaning supplies for home or wherever, all the time ! 

Cleaning gloves, scrubbers, soaps, Bleach also ! Look and you will find them plenty ! Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Wal-Mart, local grocery sometimes......for businesses, home, bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, bathing areas, pet food, water bowls also need scrubbed, bleached / sanitized, RINSE thoroughly them dry ! Car detailing, washes, interior, exterior products too !  ;)

These businesses ALL MUST be CLEAN :

Sanitary sprays, bleach floors, all equipment, food areas, inspections by health depts, drug + disease illness test those working in places the public uses, hands on hand contact close by, disease, can be transmitted, food prep, day cares, adult and child, mental health evaluate also needed......danger zone for public.

Restaurants, all food prep workers and entirety !
Nurseries, day cares, all
Chain stores, malls, everything must be clean !
Schools, everything.
Nursing homes
Mental health homes
Hospitals, all
Clinics, all divisions, specialty
All doctor offices + doctors., nurses.
Veterinary and Animal doctors
Pet shelters, Adopt ! Inspect for humane, sanitary conditions
Special Needs homes
Food trucks
Snow cone stands
Swimming pool water, inspect, bleached daily, test this !
Hair style shops
Nail huts, manicurists, inspect, everything.
Eye glass huts, need clean eyewear, inspect.
Pet groomers, inspect for clean, sanitary

Everything must be very clean, safe, inspect + test ! We need to clean up everyone, everything.....we all need to bathe daily if possible, groom, scent, smell nice, be clean, wash hair, manicure all nails, toes + fingers ! cut hair, shave, wash with soap ! Hygiene ! Wash wash wash ! Bathing in morning wakes you ! I bathe in late evening, rest better, feel better, washing away the day I say ! Go to sleep. Relax.

Anyways, thinking about the petunia flowers, I love to plant, purchase in flats, squares, very affordable, to plant several in planters, set on the porch ! I adore all the color hues of the petunia, easier to grow in shades during harsh hot weather climates ! Just keep watered, planting soil is best to plant interior......petunias !  ;)

I think a porch is best with flowers setting interior planters there, and porch swings + chairs to place on the porch whichever you prefer !, go set underneath the porch shades / awnings, drink lemonade or other, chat with family / fans are helpful too....


Thursday, May 17, 2018

using others......

Often in life, others will befriend you only for what they can use you for.......sadly this is hurtful, upsetting to know that you are being used only for what others can gain / attain from being your " friend " or acquaintance, or sometimes even marry you only for what they can gain from being your spouse.....conniving, false ! 

Name dropping on the sly, saying " I know him, her, them ! " nearby those of importance they are hoping to help them step up in the world or gain / attain by name dropping and to gain entryway into those lives for only their interests.......using names of those of goodness just to make them look good, yeah we have heard it all !

These users, will connive, name drop, lie, befriend, or even marry the person they wish to use for money, attention, find work occupations, step up in life, make them look better to those they wish to be in social circles with, or just to use them to get by in life, or borrow money, wish them to give them ginormous money donations, seen it all in my life the fakes and snobs, gathering nearby to use those they make fun of, then nicely nice to their faces only for what they can gain from them ! 

Just how most are these days, be watchful for those fakey fake users in life, it is very annoying, hurtful, often dangerous !

Using another is very belittling, hurts terribly, and is dangerous minded, those obsessed with others often use others to plant interior their lives to hurt them for others also........we have seen + heard about all this for years haven't we !

Be very cautious and watchful about just who is allowed into your heart, your life, your well being depends on this !.......Often our heart says one thing is ok, when we know that is definitely fake + user danger zone ! 

Guard your heart, your loved ones be watchful over them, for these users, using them for, sex, social status.......they can use you for anything, this is very dangerous !

Those using others, snobby, fakey fake can often deceive those not feeling well, those depressed, and deceive them into thinking they are in love with them, they need them, they need help from them, money given or purchases given to them, they can ALSO deceive them into criminal mischief, involve them into danger, drugs, trafficking, kidnap them also !

Anybody who is false to another and uses them for their gain / attain, is a crooked sorry bitch ! That is just how some people are.......unfortunately !

Anyone in a bad situation as this ? Get out, keep away from these evil idiots, run ! They are ONLY using you, DO NOT love you, DO NOT need anything from you but money or whatever social status they wish to achieve.....

Be smart / wise, Watch out for theses others using you, look at the situation from all sides, how do you feel about the way they are toward you ? Are they only using you ?

Guard your heart.

Only allow those of goodness, good ways, good ideas, those who are kind into your life.

Being used + deceived hurts damn it !



Letter, more screaming, blaming !!!

Tired. More non stop screaming yesterday harassing, very tired of this. Non stop. This is this, that is that, no I lied wait a minute ! I'm wrong ! Why do that to me what's the purpose ?

More hacking my Mimi and mom's waves, they keep hearing ping ping, and crickets yesterday, stevie will tell you it's just health tech info, oh how funny he is ! I think he's still trying to kill us because we are not involved,...

He screamed about his brother, me and B......You three get everything bitch ! F you goody goodys ! You get rid of all my people bitch ! Screaming like a wild banshee on my waves, I felt like I might pass out ! He needs to be moved far from me, locked up, take his meds force him everyday, if I have to keep talking to his crazy ass !!! Help !

He screamed about money, fake Z, or real, Miller, half mix, chinzee, RedF, all incest gay, had baby with their sister, all of them N family sluts bang Z for money, Babys ! Then some crap about Japanese b.s. as usual........Tired I don't give a crap about all them, this, at all sick of hearing this non stop junk.

Screaming in pickup about some mask they all wear of my face, my mom's, mimis, and gs faces to sell drugs, set you all up bitch all towns near you ! You don't get estate they give it to us ! We taken all money, articles in it, the goddesses are owning it bitch ! We fund crtl here with it, and north Dallas we get your shit while you have been dying of cancer we gave you bitch f you fat ass ! Japanese, others, stevie ???????voices all mixed ?????

Stealing my identity, setting me up with masks, hacking my internet, selling drugs on my internet as me ??????? Better not be !!!!! So sick of listening to these threats, blaming me ....

Non stop crying screams about RedF whoever this is, having a baby with his sister ????? His son is incest he wants you to raise him he's 18 yrs old ????????  Screaming about money again......I'm not raising anybody's kid I am tired, damn sure not raising incest trash !!!!! Weirdos hillbillies from near here over east ! Puke ! Sick of hearing about them !

Screams about me driving my grandpa's red truck, f you bitch ! That was going to be ours fat bitch ! F you ! Non stop, then screaming about grandparents house, then more saying " passed away " bitch, they were in this, been dead 25 yrs bitch ! Non stop he's screaming about them, my cat pumpkin, dying has to be put to sleep or about my dog goofball is dying we gave him aids too and cancers bitch ! Just any area of weakness sadness or anything I love he goes for mind games, trying to depress me, sick of hearing all this mind games ! I know all about mind games........been this way my entire life, confusion, mind games, don't be weak, let your guard down, come on !!! You know I can play this game too trash ! family has been a family of deception, cruel, mind games........sadistic !

He's trying to exhaust me more, break me down mentally, it's like military training with him, screaming, mind game tactics......I know all the ways of the mind.......I just laugh, he can't break me down, too tough bitch ! Goes for the weak spots, that you may have to turn the knife in your mind, that's normal to me non stop lifetime. Of mind

I don't care to listen to this crap, sick of the screaming about money, or how some slut lost her money card, her family's dying no more high end shopping or creating more stores, moving more here to kill you bitch ! You need to be raped bitch f you be a whore ! You won't solicit or buy from us bitch ! Yeah well bitch I say f you too whores !!! Trash !

More screams about Tangles hair shop at marlow, bev pel hair Philip story again how he loved her ! Yeah right, they never loved anybody to begin with....joke was all on those sluts, trash that worked for them they used made fun of behind their backs all these years ! I just laugh at their followers, workers out corrupting for them, dumb asses all of them ! Used and thrown in the trash ! Wah wah all my fault as usual....

Various screaming about Arbys, Wal-Mart, following me around more tenants wanting to sell me drugs I guess, then staring frowning wah wah masks are terrible, please ! What a joke, losers !

Something must be going on with them about rs grocery, Marlow grocery, screaming about those, then these towns, Ada, halftone, Ratliff city, Comanche, Wilson, Ardmore ??????? Sick of hearing about that, lawton, Elgin, cement again, OkCity, tulsa, Dallas shopping trips ???? Something about their money cards, big tubs corruption goddesses, h wood, Nash trash !!!!!???????? More non stop junk about that trash whining, bawl bags crying as usual grow up trash ! What grade you in now cry baby sluts ???? Oh I guess the fun corrupt times are over losers ! Big wheels, money cards we want money ! F them ! F her ! So damn tired of them, stevie, this drug addict b.s. !!!

Then screaming big dongs ! We be longing ! Some trash like that.......once you go black you can't go back bitches !!! Muffled talking, scuffy sounds......Tired of nasty filthy talk.....

Goddesses ! Goddesses ! More of that trash, they have been screaming this at me 20 yrs out here !!! Sick of the sluts trash !

Our kings mixzee, twinzee, z, ???????? Whatever that is more about those ! Non stop.....some 18 yr old guy marrying you bitch he's gay but he marries you bitch we get money !!!.......Sick of hearing this about whoever he is somebody's loser son of incest.........hillbillies over east he's Japanese.....?????
Weirdo dumb asses.

Screaming something about mertime ????

Tulsa take over ! More coming now we f everyone ! ??????

Die bitch ! We are here ! Ping ping noises all the way down 81 hwy.......

Tired of this, hope I survive all this screaming daily on my waves, oh, I'm a crazy bitch I know I will survive, I'm Satan remember, they keep screaming I'm a psychopath bitch from hell, I know I live just to ruin their lives and everythings my fault, it's my fault my family raped them, it's my fault they got raped trafficked, it's all my fault they got busted, it's all my fault they are on drugs, damn ! It's always all my fault I'm not involved in this filthy trash mess !  They can't touch me, set me up, because I'm a good person not involved !

My fave line they screamed for 20 yrs out here is She has to be involved ! She looks messed up she's gotta be on drugs and selling ! She's gotta be a slut ! That whole family is in that ! F her ! It's not fair ! Yeah, well I see I proved you all wrong trash !!!! We gotta set her up ! Go try to meet her trick her into thinking you love her ! Haha haha......yeah whatever........I just laugh in their faces.

Flinging $ 10,000 purses, hair bleach, diamonds, plastic surgery gift cards, New cars only the newest models, designer clothing from Dallas, only high end, hwood and Nash trash vacays, sex toys they can't stop talking about, black men they keep talking about sexin on, designer jeans only $ 15,000 a pair from bev hills only or Dallas high end, oh the money cards they scream over, throwing gallons of makeup only the best high end, $ 7000 a square of makeup, burning houses worth $ 7 million, oh the mansions on fire ! Stopping trafficking vacays to Paris to look at Maccaroons only, not eat them because calories ! But bitch and whine because baby Julie is French ! Bitch and cry because baby j is not involved in anything ! Oh that estate we never see ! F her ! Her family raped me used me ! Screaming about Justin, so damn tired ! Wish they were all gone out of my life, off my waves ! What a boring life they all have rinse, recycle, repeat, priorities all wrong obsessed with money, being on tv, sex, drugs, rock and roll ! Annoying slut trash and red neck hillbilly followers.......the Beverly hillbilly crowd ! Dumb asses, losers, all this ! I hate these weirdo culture trash snobs, they're all trash.