Saturday, December 31, 2016

happy new year !!!.........

Tonight the year of 2016 will END.

I know that starting a new year of 2017 tomorrow, everyone has the chance to start over new!

So when given that chance, I think everyone should take it, and try for better and to find more goodness, bring more goodness everywhere they go.

I am staying home tonight....resting, and in a few hours I will prepare a pizza!....drink my Sparkling Grape Juice.

then go to bed and fall asleep.

Happy New Years.


Friday, December 30, 2016

the end of the not drink and drive !!!

 It is the last Friday of 2016.

I just cannot believe that the year is OVER!

I am HAPPY it is finally over for 2016!!! 😎

This has been a very upsetting, challenging year.....stressful, sad, and I have been very ill & tired this year with hayfever!...I think ALL of the hay bales across the road and up the road that become very dusty and moldy just do not need to be so close by home!!! asthma/colds have been terrible!

I don't wish to go on, and on, about how this or that happened or about my health being worse this year, or about how my Grandpa went to Heaven....but it has been a pretty crappy year...I'm not being a complainer or anything, but,  yeah, it has been bad...I have had good days & bad ya know, like everybody else has.....

Every year I wish and hope for better and maybe, just maybe each year will be better, but I am let down every year! :(

I know that many people enjoy celebrating the New Year and I know that we NEED to be very cautious drinking and driving! You NEVER should drink and drive it is very dangerous, illegal, and you can be mangled in a car crash, or hurt/kill innocent others!!!......You do not need to drink, BUT I know many do drink alcohol, so IF you are going to drink--- CALL a cab, a sober loved one, or stay home and drink, then go on to bed!.....Don't be out on the highways/roads/streets driving drunk and causing danger!....

I am staying home, I will be preparing a pizza!, and drinking the Sparkling Grape Juice!...I am just very tired and I prefer to celebrate at home....

I will probably stay in bed and rest!

Tomorrow I will send wishes for the New Year.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

silly quiz, for fun....

I found one of these old just for fun quizzes the other day in an old folder..You just answer these for fun, some people think they are stupid, but I like to answer for fun....haha!...just laugh!

1.First person you saw today?: Myself OR Pumpkin's sort of a person to me!

2. Last thing that you laughed about?: People arguing in a store about Windex! was funny.

3. What do you think about the world?: It needs help, needs work, with everyone helping! get to work!

4.Silver or Gold?: Both! very shiny and pretty I think.

5. Funniest thing you can think of about high school?: My science teacher!....haha!...well...ALL of my teachers!....koo-koo! nutso

6. What are you looking at right now?: Duh! my computer!

7. high heels or walking shoes?: Well, I like both..depends on where I am going....

8. what makes a good friend?: Always being there for them!, NEVER being angry, laughing all the time, standing up for them.

9. Tough or Strong?: Tough, because cowboys & cowgirls are Always Tough!

10. Favorite saying?: Well, I have a few, but the one that hangs on my bedroom wall that has been a source of inspiration through all bad days is this: Cowgirl Up! which simply means STOP crying, get back up and show them how Tough you are girl!...

11. Favorite song?: Oh, I have a zillion faves for that, but I like that song "On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful"

12. Last thing you purchased?:  Cat litter!

13. Last thing you prepared in the kitchen?: Crepes today!...lots of work on the Crepe's eh, ok...

14. IF you could be a creature for a day, what would you be and why?: A mermaid!...because the ocean is beautiful and I love to swim all the time.... 

15. looks or no looks?: Looks do not matter! how beautiful you are in your heart is ALL that should matter! and how much you love someone and how good you are to someone is all that is important...

16. favorite color?: Oh, you know anything in the blue/bluegreen/turquoise color wheel...

17. favorite shape?: a star.

18. Last thing you remember about the person who broke your heart?:....oh, there's been too many who have broken my heart! I forget them! ;) I believe all of those broken hearts make you that much stronger and happen for that reason in some odd way.....

19. favorite scent?: flowers

20. bath or shower?: BOTH!

21. Love or romance?: Well, I think you need one to have the other right?!....

22. Idea of a perfect date?: just being with the one you love...doesn't matter where you go or where you are.

23.  favorite fruit?: Oh I don't have a favorite, Pineapple, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, kiwi, apples, oranges.....all of

24. Rainy Day or sunny day?: If I have an activity outdoors you know it's gonna have to be sunny, BUT I love rainy days!

25. Marriage?: If you are going to be married, STAY together, laugh together, adore one another, and have a 60th wedding anniversary someday....NEVER cheat! NEVER break hearts!

26. one thing the world needs more of?: Laughter & Love, bleach!...haha!

27. Friendships?: Looking at each other and Laughing with one another uncontrollably--- and you are the only ones who know what is so funny...haha!....laughing so much you pee your pants!...That's friendships... ;)

28. town or country?: Country with trees! and nature...Farmland. 

29 What did you learn about this quiz today?: How weird these were years ago! will find more later...


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

plush animal machine with claw......

Sometimes when I walk into stores of all kinds, I can see those plush animal vending machines with the carrying claw to catch the plush animal toy of your choice....

These machines are fun, and you place your money into the machine to have to press the buttons to control the catching claw interior the machine....

It is very challenging and it does take practice at controlling the catching claw, and focusing in on which plush animal toy you wish to catch and move down to be dropped into the dispenser, then you can have your plush toy....

These are good for children to play and even adults like me! always have enjoyed and adored plush animals of all sizes and kinds.....

one day I saw very bright plush animals in the machines and they were very cheerful! made me smile at how cheery and brightly color hued they were......

sometimes they have smaller sized plush animals on plastic keychains and I adore these...very cute & fun!.....something good to collect....

the plush animal vending machines are a lot like the small toy vending machines I enjoy for 75cents....I have collected many of these......

The Claw is generally silver and it is controlled by the buttons on the outside of the machine.....just don't give up on being able to catch a plush animal toy with the claw!...I don't know exactly the price of being able to play the machine it may be a dollar $1.00 or more?.....

most times I see a few people crowding near the machines in the stores, and it makes me giggle to see them having so much fun crowded near the machine to get a chance to play....

I have been frustrated playing those darn machines many times..the plush animals are so cute and you don't see many like them in the local stores for purchase.....I get so mad sometimes at the claw in the machine not catching the plush animal I wish for!!!.....haha!...

once I saw, I think it was the TY Beanie Babies in those machines many years ago.....I enjoy those cute TY Beanie Babies and Beanie Boos!...cute as can be!....

ALL kinds of animals & characters are there interior of those plush animal vending machines.....I think they are all very adorable and fun to collect!

I sometimes will see a man carrying a very grand sized plastic sack of the plush animals and he will re-fill the machines and place them neatly in the interior of the machine...I always try to see the ones he is carrying to be placed there as I walk past him.....

oh, these machines are fun!


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

video games, crepe maker, sleepy....

Spent today playing video games (Super-Nintendo) still a favorite even though it's considered "Retro" now.....I think it is nice....Super Mario World still

I think that on other game systems the games Halo, Mario Party--those look very challenging and interesting to play...I enjoy all game systems and games....

Donkey Kong, Jurassic Park,  Ninja Turtles, Kirby, MarioKart are other games I enjoy for the Super Nintendo....many others I know out there to enjoy...

I only played an hour today....I'm too tired.

I haven't been feeling very good lately, still run down/tired and kinda icky feeling since last week....but oh well....I feel so tired I just would enjoy being asleep most the time.....I don't know....

Thinking about the New Year that will be here in a few days...I will be spending New Years Eve at home, probably resting....oh, you know I will have my usual Welch's Sparkling is fun to drink in a champagne glass....haha!..just any glass will work...but I laugh at how that is my usual New Years Eve drink.....I just have been too ill and tired for anything but plenty of sleep.....

If well enough I am going to be preparing something good for New Years Eve dinner!..always fun.

I giggle about how most everything is sparkly all the time with me, even the are beautiful.

I will be able to prepare crepes more often now much easier....haha...I found a UPS delivered boxed crepe maker on my porch today as a gift from a family it!....looks easier to prepare the crepes with than a regular pan.....crepes with fruit filling, or fresh fruit is good with whipped crème, or Hazelnut Spread with whipped creme.....Breakfast!


Monday, December 26, 2016

finding comfort in life.....

It is always simple for someone to be very uncomfortable with someone or something in their life....because so many people and situations are odd!

I know that many situations or people in our lives can cause stress, problems, anxiety, and be very unpredictable!.....but that is life.....I think that we need to keep searching for the good people and the good ideas, goodness to bring to our lives constantly!

looking for the day you can set there and say: "Today has been a very good day!" or at least have one day where you have no worries or upsets.....outside influences ruin those chances so we have to work on getting rid of the baddies/turmoils in our

If you have something or someone that is causing you stress, no peace, pain, money woes, or anger/sadness you need to find some way to RID your life of it/them peacefully kick it or them to the curb and say Adios! way, you can have comfort to your life and many more days of peace...

I don't like to have to put up with people or things/situations that bring upset, and constant turmoil to my life...I know that it is best to walk away and just go on with life and get the heck away from whatever annoying person or situation is causing me so much stress/upset....for many years that has been difficult for me, because of the constant situation...but I made it through all that mess by having hope for better days...NEVER give up on finding better days for your life...SEEK and you shall find good people, peace and comfort eventually!

It can be very difficult to rid your life of many people who you love who are just not good for you, you look at them one last time and go on with your life...can be upsetting but it is for the best......

and by ridding your life of the many horrible vices that only bring you down to the ground, harm you, and drain your bank accounts dry!.....addictions are crap too...those have to go away to bring peace & contentment to your life!

Finding contentment with good people who you are very comfortable being near, being friends with, being family with, or being in a loving relationship with are good for you always when they bring peace, happiness, many days of laughter, and comfort to your the same for them...

being comfortable with people who you have to be near is always a task, sometimes difficult moreso than work or a family member...just be peaceful and go on......

comfort is sort of like a nice warm sweater on a chilly day, you feel comfortable...I think friendships, family, and spouse/or boyfriend/girlfriend should be that comforting don't ever wish for turmoil, pain, sadness or anger when you love & care for others! had enough of that!

with a comfortable life and everything becoming better and better for you after working on ridding your life of all bad people and things, you know that is the best way to be happier in life and living within your means---being happy with what you have in life, and knowing that in order to be happy you have to work on being doesn't happen easily, it takes have to try.

nobody is happy all the time, and it is because of this or that in life, and I know that......I know that I am just like everyone else and I wish for comfort, happiness, better days with my takes a lot of work.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

merry christmas.....

Merry Christmas!!!

Today I have many tasks for tomorrow completed..

Tomorrow morning I will awake early at 5am and start to work on preparing the meal.

I had to go to town to the local grocery store and find some lemons, celery, and a few other small items for the turkey...I will have to prepare that early.

I saw a man purchasing a ham at the grocery store... that rhymes! know that ham is good..I like to bake ham for at least 4hours...I enjoy ham almost burned it seems!,...kind of like a beef jerky taste to it that way.....careful baking it this way so it will not burn!..yikes!

how silly I'm talking about ham...haha!..just laugh!

I know that we need to always remember the reason why we have presents and why we celebrate the season is because of Jesus' birth.....Mary was chosen by God to be Jesus' mother, he is the son of The Lord also...very special.

Every time I unwrap a gift, see a red & white striped candy, or enjoy the meal at this time I always remember to say Happy Birthday! to Jesus loudly!....tradition.

Jesus, he died for our sins, so we can be forgiven and we always need to appreciate everything good he represents and try to follow his teachings on being a good, kind, person to bring more goodness to the world everyday.


Friday, December 23, 2016

fudge !......

Completed wrapping gifts and placing some in the gift bags for Sunday!....I know many people celebrate on both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day...enjoy them both I say!

I have been working on cleaning the entire house today, and then I completed preparing Fudge....Every Christmas it is tradition to make Fudge for everyone...I don't enjoy fudge often only this time of year...Everyone likes the fudge and I have 2 recipes I can share on here blog! ;)

The local pharmacy has a Fudge shop all year long, BUT I know mine is much better I prepare! ;)   Lol. these are nice to wrap and gift after preparation and cooling!

There are Diabetic recipes for fudge and you can find those in those books....those work well for Diabetics.

Here are 2 recipes for fudges that I prepared today, REMEMBER preparing these takes a lot of practice, stirring constantly, standing there stirring have to follow the instructions and you NEED a candy thermometer, trust me on this! Butter Pecan Fudge takes a lot of waiting for 30 minutes and you have to watch your thermometer for the cooling part...but it is VERY good!...

Milk Chocolate Fudge

3 cups Sugar
3/4 cup Butter or Margarine
2/3 cup Evaporated Milk or small can
1 whole package of Milk Chocolate Chips
1 Jar Marshmallow Crème
1 cup of pecans or walnuts broken pieces or chunked
1 tsp. Vanilla

Line a 9inch pan with foil and butter the foil.
Bring sugar, butter, and evaporated milk to foil rolling boil in large pan on medium heat(setting 3)Stirring constantly. Cook 4 minutes or until candy thermometer reads 234 degrees(soft boil stage) keep stirring constantly. Remove from heat ADD chocolate chips and marshmallow crème. Stir until melted. ADD nuts & vanilla, mix well.

POUR into prepared pan. Cover bottom of pan. Cool completely.

Butter Pecan Fudge
(this one you wait, cool, then start again)

1/2 cup of Butter
1/2 cup of granulated sugar
1/2 cup of packed brown sugar
1/2 cup of Heavy Whipping crème (small carton, like milk)
Dash of Salt
1 tsp Vanilla
2 cups of Powdered Sugar
1 cup of chunked pecans

Line a pan with foil. Butter the foil.

In grand sized pan combine the butter, granulated & brown sugar, whipping cream & salt. Bring to a rapid boil over medium heat (setting 3) Stirring constantly. Cook, without stirring until the candy thermometer reads 234 degrees (soft ball stage) Remove from heat. Add Vanilla but DO NOT stir.

Cool, without stirring to 110 degrees on the candy thermometer...about 30 minutes. KEEP WATCHING your thermometer so it won't become too cool or it won't work right! Beat with a spoon until fudge just begins to thicken after it is cooled to 110 degrees. Gradually stir in powdered sugar until smooth, add nuts and continue stirring until fudge becomes very thick and begins to lose it's shine. Immediately place into the buttered pan. Cool.

This recipe is very delicate and you have to keep watching it and be very serious with stops and restarts! is a lot of work to prepare homemade candies the old fashioned way and I like to keep all old traditions going at the holidays....

everybody knows homemade is the best....haha! a lot of work and time, but the best!


Thursday, December 22, 2016

clean house for christmas.....

Nothing is nicer than a nice warm bath or shower on a very chilly winter's night! it helps you to relax and rest better always...I take either or every night all the is good to clean up and smell wonderful!

Talking about being clean, I know that it is time to clean the house before Christmas and the company arrives....I always like to clean the whole house with cleaning solutions, vacuum, dust, bleach, sanitize EVERYTHING....

I enjoy cleaning, and I have been working on a pile of laundry today that needed to be washed....I enjoy working on laundry and listening to music of all kinds....I use a few capfuls of vinegar + my laundry soap to clean sometimes.....cleans well!

I noticed that the Dollar Trees all have cleaning supplies VERY affordable...just $1.00/an item ya know?! I like to purchase my cleaning supplies there, Walmart, Dollar Stores just anywhere I can find them at a good price....

Your home needs to be very clean and smelling wonderful before your company arrives for the holidays...Your home should ALWAYS be clean anyway all the time, but when you are having meals at home, and company, it needs to be VERY clean and no smells or nastiness!

Today I purchased some Bleach, Febreze, bathroom cleaning supplies...I like to keep the sinks, toilets very clean, scrub the bath tub & shower very nicely!....I think the toilet solutions are very good to have, and IF you cannot find those just pour plain Bleach into the toilet and let it set a few minutes then scrub with a toilet wand....Having the flu I know that all the bathroom needs to be disinfected and bleached to kill bacteria and germs!.....

Lysol is another disinfectant that I use for cleaning....kills germs & bacteria....good for flu

Floor cleaning, you know, is always required, sweep first with broom & dust pan, Then you can disinfect with Mr.Clean, or off brand, or bleachy water..use mop...oh it works so nice and smells good!

Mean Green is a good cleaning solution I like and it works nicely on most things....

Ceiling fans are always nasty with pet hair, dust, or fuzz from clothing, so those need to be checked and cleaned as needed all the time...sometimes they have grease on them from the motor OR if in the kitchen they have cooking grease on them from frying or others preparation...vents need to be vacuumed and cleaned...this can help with allergies and dust collecting in your home.....

Vacuuming can be done all the time you know, and that pet fur gets all over the carpets, rugs, fuzz, dust, mud, all kinds of nastiness....clean that all the time! I don't really like carpet  flooring because of allergies but many people enjoy the carpet floors....I just don' can use rugs if you wish...less allergens!

pet boxes, beds, houses in the home all need to be cleaned, vacuumed, wash their food bowls & water bowls...bleach these properly.....Febreze has cleaning supplies that are pet safe...I use these....

when you are preparing a meal for Christmas you need to make VERY sure you properly disinfect ALL of your kitchen including the kitchen table---the most important item of all right!??....haha....keep it cleaned up!

so I will be working on cleaning my home the next few days before Christmas....I enjoy a clean, sanitary, well kept home, that smells wonderful.....very comfortable & nice!

I enjoy cleaning.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

completed christmas shopping....

Completed Christmas shopping today...I just shopped locally small town, didn't wish to drive too far, and be near crowds, too much exhaustion with me, so anyway, just drove nearby and that completed my shopping.....

I am relieved to have that all accomplished! now I have to wrap them and attach the bows & name tags.....BEFORE sunday.....

Still I am very, very tired, and my appetite is not that good yet....

I was able to find something to enjoy for my upset stomach that is still ravaged from that violent flu.....I found those Jello brand-Pudding PoP kits that you create at home....they are good for my stomach right now!....I have only created the vanilla ones lately.....sounds odd but they are very good for me right now in winter time, with upset tummy!.....Lol.......

They are fun to create and they are about $5/ has 2 boxes of pudding...vanilla and chocolate....and a mold that you can pour/create 6 pudding pops, freeze, you have to add milk to the pudding you know.....It had the red pudding pop stems you place in the tops after pouring and you need to be very careful with these after freezing to remove your pudding pops! warm water over the bottom of the pops before yanking on the red stems! they can break easily...not very strong.....

I am keeping my mold kit and all red stems in a plastic Ziploc bag for storing....don't lose them I say!...I cannot wait to purchase other boxes of pudding and create other kinds of pops...IF diabetic you could purchase sugar free pudding and create these pudding pops for those with diabetes!....have fun! nice for spring & summer....create at home

~this is just for fun~

Many items I saw people purchasing today at the stores, I know are nice food items mostly...

Pop corn tins with pretty pictures
grand sized Snickers,  Reeses cups, Twix...giant!
tootsie rolls--smaller and the sticks, and tootsie pops
foil pans
wrapping paper, gift bags, tape
plush animals
Pixy Stix--candy powders
Red & green Sprees candy
Hershey's kisses
boxed chocolates
candy recipe ingredients
fruit/fruit trays/vegetable trays
already made pie crusts--Pillsbury & off brands
bread & rolls already-made
canned foods

Looking forward to Christmas because it is the Birthday of Joseph & Mary's son, Jesus! is a nice world wide Birthday party for HIM!... :)

all I can think about is trying to go back to sleep and rest some more...hopefully I will feel all better by Christmas day....oh well.


Monday, December 19, 2016

beagles ! gifts....

The Beagle

I have still be resting, being very sleepy and I finally was able to enjoy noon lunch today.

I was able to stay in my bed and rest while watching the AKC Dog Show on tv this was so very nice and interesting to see all of the beautiful and well behaved on the show...something I enjoy watching is pet shows, I know they would be fun to attend also or take part in! was sponsored by Royal Canin pet was nice.

There was the cutest dog on tv the other day and it was a Beagle Dog!...Oh, those are the cutest, sweetest dogs I have ever seen!...(they're all cute & sweet) but the Beagle is ADORABLE! I have heard that for too many years these sweet dogs have been abused by their owners!!!...Oh, I cry about this nastiness!...People can be so damn evil....How could anyone hurt them???! I HATE animal abusers...I wish to end all of them!....

The Beagle Dog is very cute and I have found this picture of one I placed above here....they are beautiful, trusting, sweet, and plenty of them need good homes with forever family right now! they would be a wonderful new family member to love & care for always.

ADOPT a BEAGLE today !

I went to feed GoofBall his supper just a few minutes ago outdoors...he gave me a hug after I fed him and he licked my face & makes me giggle and smile because I know he adores me and I adore him!....aww.....he is my family!

I think tomorrow I will be able to purchase a few gifts before Christmas I haven't been able to even go to town yet! because I have been so very ill with this flu or whatever it is....

I know many people will be purchasing gifts for their pets and I know that when I go to town tomorrow I will be purchasing a few pet chewies/treats for my pets...they have plenty of toys to you know they always love the chewies/treats as gifts for their pet stocking also.....cute!

you can gift all your pets anything nice you wish!

Items like these! ;)

New water bowls
New Food bowls
New tie-out cords
new houses
bath supplies
flea & tick care items
gift certificate to groomers
pet taxi
canned or dry foods
even maybe new litter or litter box supplies or create your own...I created my own...

anything you can afford to gift them is wonderful!

I have purchased these treats/chewies for many years and they are affordable for most: these are for Dogs and a few for cats...any pet you have you can gift a Christmas gift.

Whisker Lickins
Purina Friskies Party Mix Treats
Friskies Pull n Play

For Dogs:
Canine Carry-Outs
Milk Bone
Blue Dog Bakery Treats
Ol Roy
Beggin Strips
Gravy Train--treats
Good n Fun
Alpo T-Bonz
Busy Bone
Meaty Bone
Pup Corn

All good gift ideas for your pet family members...they love Christmas too!


Sunday, December 18, 2016

very sick.....

-------In my bed right now still resting from being very sick.

I have been very sick with some type of flu.

Cannot eat without thinking about being sick at my stomach.

Had to sit on the toilet and puke at the same time!...oh, it was awful!..just go ahead and laugh...

Something many people are having locally...I heard that I haven't had it as bad as most people...flu shot must have helped!

everything started to make me feel nauseous.....sounds, smells of food, things on tv, music, lights---then I was puking!

Terrible pain all over from being sick/arthritis, chills, all that...enjoying ice chips and that's about it...haven't been sick at my stomach violently since that night.

I was asleep for 2 days comfortably in my bed from cold freezing weather outdoors..Faux fireplace/electric heater going and my electric blanket turned on 5......sleeping the dark with no lights or sound! I didn't even know what day it was yesterday, and I rather enjoyed that..i know that's weird, but the rest is always welcome...relief.

I know stress and being upset causes you to catch the flu bug differently.....I need to rest more.

nobody likes to vomit or be on the toilet all know that I sure don't!

just apart of life.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

be much better.....

I know so many people have family troubles, very messed up family members and lives...I know I have had in my life, a family full of turmoil, severe mental health issues---untreated, danger, addiction, evil, corruption just too many troubles....

My terrible family members on all sides of the family have all brought nothing but embarrassment, caused me and my good family troubles and endangered our lives everyday I have been on this earth I have wondered why I had to be apart of such a nasty bunch!...I know we shouldn't question why God gave me to them, but sometimes I gotta wonder just what was he thinking up there?!! does he ever regret it?

I know that I am NOT the only person on this earth that has awful nasty family members, and believe me, I'm not being a whiny person, because I know that NO family is ever perfect, but sometimes I wonder why I couldn't have had a better family life you know? I'd see people often and they NEVER had the turmoil I had having to be apart of this bunch of family members.....

It makes me angry sometimes that I have had to struggle, hide to keep myself safe, and even lie to them about all of my business to keep them away...It just makes me very angry, and I often think about other people and their lives and how they were able to have normal lives without hillbilly kinfolks being nosy, trying to kill me, ruin good things for me, hurt my feelings and destroy anything I love....but oh well, as they say you cannot choose your family.......AND at least I have a few good family members who have always cared/loved me.....

IF something good happened in my life, well, you couldn't share it or show you were happy about that something good happening because they become very angry and jealous over it and try to take it from you, corrupt it, ruin it or destroy...I think a good phrase for them and their nastiness and nasty co-horts would be "Seek & Destroy" all goodness.

even if I'd have a pretty shirt to wear they would get jealous and angry over it and try to cause problems over something as stupid as a shirt or a dress or anything stupid like could be in danger IF you dress nicely or even wear make-up near them...that's how stupid and dangerous they have all been.... 

Then my whole life IF you didn't say things the right way, they totally would misunderstand and start twisting your words and saying you meant something else or you are trying to cause them troubles!...I mean, I have went my whole life "walking on egg shells" afraid to say something wrong or anything, and then they'd try to kill you over stupid things like that!..even if you were nice as I always was to them to get by when I had to be near them, well if you are nice to them, they hate you and want to get rid of you!...yikes!

No win situation.

I'd think all the time about what I was saying or wearing or where I was going and become very nervous and stressed over EVERYTHING..... they have just been too much for me my whole life......A person just has to learn to outwit them and escape their evil tough and learn to escape their corruption.....somedays I felt trapped and wished for a better family always....when you are outnumbered that is very difficult...your friends become their friends...yikes.

It makes a person very nervous and not trust about people/things often when you have been through this kind of family turmoil your whole life and seen so much destruction, you feel hopeless, lost, stressed, scared, nervous and just unable to trust others takes time to get over that feeling I know many have been through that! and still go through that.

Whenever I have had so many terrible family members on all sides, people seem to just throw me into that category of "Oh you can bet she's nasty like that whole bunch is! She can't be nothing but sorry being related to that nasty bunch!" and I have had my feelings hurt by so many people saying that right infront of my face, and that has hurt me terribly when I am a very nice Christian is embarrassing and very unfair to be labeled when those people DO NOT even know me! that is something I have to learn to try and get over daily.....

When something good does actually happen I think it is fake and will end soon, I think that when people are nice to me often that it is to hurt me, or cause me harm, and I have always felt this way my whole life because of them and their nastiness and their evil causes a girl to be a nervous no-trusting mess all the time!

I know many people have terrible family they are born into and I know that it causes so many problems for you when you are not even involved in their crap!......

I always try my best to be better than their nastiness, I have NEVER taken part in anything like they have...I have always been a nerd and they are just wild like the wind!....and they are awful dangerous people.....

Always try to be better than what your nasty evil family has been and make your time on earth bring goodness.....You are not apart of them when they are all together in corruption, always know you will be much better than them and you are not awful like they are!

It can cause much depression, upsets, and low self esteem for you when you are related to so many evil people...BUT NEVER give up on trying to be better and stay away from them...

Advice from a girl who knows........and that's me unfortunately...I have been through all of that, and I have always managed to stay away from them and be a good person always try to be better than they have been....bring goodness.

Nobody has a perfect family and I just always think about all that at the holidays.....


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

invite others for holiday celebrations....

Just saw the Coke cans at the store...they are Polar Bears & Santas...too cute! I always look forward to those can designs every season...very creative and unique....

I always think about people celebrating every year for all holidays, with meals, and social is very good for people to be social and I know many people probably don't enjoy those when they have no family and are very depressed every year, due to many other things going on in their lives, every one goes through that sometime! try not to be too depressed, easier said than done right??! haha!...

Since it can be so very depressing for many every holiday, I think it is a good idea to invite all of those people who may be alone during the holidays, have no family, maybe they have just moved here and are kind of shy, IF you know they are kind and are good people, I say we all should get together and laugh, enjoy a meal, and try to be social, kind, friendly always....

IF you're sad and they are sad, I say----Let's just get together celebrate the holidays, laugh, and end those cases of the sads!

I think it is very sad, depressing, and no fun to be alone on the holidays! It is best to just get up out of the chair and go to those holiday celebrations, meet new nice people, accept those invites to good parties where there is no nastiness going on ya know? take  a friend with you!...

Many parties you can get into troubles and mischief so AVOID those that have bad influences going on or who are attending ,always be safe!....make sure before you go what is taking place..

When you are invited to a celebration during the holidays always ask if you need to bring along a dish, snacks, or party gift, if not still offer to bring something with you that is good!

I always wish to have nice holiday celebrations and invite others who may be alone or kinda shy!..I always make very sure they are good kind people who are trustworthy!....

You can send invites in the mail, call them, or IF you see them at town and you know them, say Hello! and invite them then!.....

Christmas and New Years Eve are very fun to me, and I always enjoy them at home, but maybe someday I will be able to see others I know, care about, and trust, and be with them! I miss them all!..and meet new people also, that I haven't met yet!......we could have so much fun and all of our lives will be better when we are all together.....enjoying life!!!...oh, how I wish for that!.....

but anyways,

Life is for being social, bringing unity in a good way, and being kind, responsible, but yet, having fun and laughing more!....

I wish this for everyone all over the world.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

holiday sweets to gift or enjoy......

I have found that many people enjoy gifting sweets  this time of year for the holidays or they place them there in sweet trays at holiday celebrations....Many of these sweets are colorfully decorated and that is always what I enjoy are the shapes & colorful sprinkles or icings...

Many people have diabetes, and there are diabetic sweets there in stores and should be available at all locations and celebrations...Diabetics need to have fun too! You can prepare many diabetic sweets for them and I know of diabetic cook books out there to find and create with.....

Today I saw many people at the stores purchasing holiday snack cakes, brownies, cupcakes, peppermints, and chocolates....I have always enjoyed boxed chocolates many brands, and the snack cakes....

Holiday snack cakes I see that are cute and look good are:

Little Debbie brand--- Christmas Tree Brownies & cakes, Ginger  Breads, Marshmallow Treats

Hostess brand---Christmas cupcakes, Peppermint rolls cakes, marshmallow snowballs

Boxed chocolates can be a different type of gift to give to everyone, you can even wrap these and gift them...My grandma has also gifted these this time of year...

Brands of boxed chocolates I have enjoyed for years are:

Hershey's Pot of Gold Chocolates
Russell Stover chocolates, & Marshmallow Trees & Santas
Elmer Chocolates
Ferrero Rocher

I enjoy Cinnamon Bears also for Christmas and for Valentines Day/My Birthday.....they are chewy and hot!....they have these in many brands available.I have seen Sather's, Zachary, and Sweet's brands...

I like the Ring Pops for the holidays, and I also found Bob's Peppermints that dissolve easily when you enjoy them...they are nice to gift along with the Red Bird peppermints....

Old fashioned Ribbon candy is also a tradition to many this time of year....

I know all i talk about is candy, candy, candy on this blog, lol....i don't have candy all the time....this is just for fun to gift this time of year!


Monday, December 12, 2016

dump of a

I was able to go shopping today for a few Christmas gifts and I sure didn't find anything that was worth purchasing at the run down local haven't even been to the mall in about a year probably and wow! I was surprised at what a dump it was!.....yikes!...I walked through there and I thought: "What in the heck happened to this place?!" was that terrible it looked worse than last year!......gag! we deserve better!

Many stores were missing and there wasn't actually anything there worth browsing through! had the look of icky creepy nastiness....Very disheveled, not much variety, and unclean looking....many years ago it wasn't that much better, but geeze!...that is embarrassing to our local towns, I think small towns and local cities deserve better shopping than that crap!

It made me mad I drove all that way to shop for Christmas gifts and wasted money on fuel for the drive!....nasty looking old dilapidated run down mall......*eyeroll*

everyday the same old crap everywhere you go.....oh well....

I wish for a nice professional 3 story level mall with actual well known stores that I can find something to wear, purchase, and enjoy!....just stupidity with malls.....nothing is ever right near here it I said..crap as usual....

I just wish for much better locally for this area--all kinds of businesses & good workers NEEDED!!!, franchises, medical, veterinarians, mechanics, all those, everything!--- good place to live, always been, and always will be my home, but it needs a lot of work!....

that mall just made me mad & sad about Christmas shopping!...😾

sick & tired of just nasty crap all the time with everything doesn't matter what it is or where it is, just same old crappy dumps all the time.....


Sunday, December 11, 2016


A person can wish for many good things for this world, and I think the most important would be wishing for PEACE all over the earth always!

We need to think of many ways and the many good ideas that can bring the world peace, everyday of our lives we need to bring goodness....find ways to end illnesses, turmoil, destruction, upsets, addictions, painful mental health issues, abuse, poverty, everything evil & bad needs to go!!!

I always think: " It's time to clean up the world and make it a much better place ", I have always wished for peace on earth even as a child I thought about it! I would stay awake at night hoping and praying for all evil, sickness, sadness to END.

With God many things are possible the Bible says---So I always remember that Bible verse and I know it is one of my favorites to keep in mind daily....With God anything good can and will happen when you continually strive and search for goodness! With many good people wishing for, searching for, working toward goodness and striving to bring peace, I know anything good is possible!

Continually working to end turmoil within our lives is something we should all work toward, try everyday to be more peaceful, and work on our mental health issues so we can end the turmoil/abuse in our lives and our family/friends lives! NO yelling, hitting, any kind of evil nasty abuse, needs to END...

Stop and think about what you are saying or taking part in to everyone you love and adore!...Think first and ask yourself IF what you are about to say or do is evil or nasty!...THINK about it, is that worth losing your family/friends or pets over!!!???...NO! NEVER.

We don't want to ever lose family, pets, friends over stupidity, abuse, or evil...this is awful.....make every day of your life count and every day make The Lord, and your family feel very happy with the way you live and the way you adore & love them!...

Our family, pets, friends are very important and when you have them, we NEVER want to lose them! are blessed to have them, take good care of them!....always be peaceful toward them and everyone you know!

Peace is always thought of this time of year, and I know that we need to think about starting off the New Year with a new peaceful attitude, and outlook for life!.....

The dove is a symbol of Peace with the olive branch in it's mouth so I always think of the dove as a sign of peace! that's from the Bible anyway, I think about that always.

I see so much turmoil for many years, my whole life, and I know we need to always strive for finding peace and bringing peace to our earth and our lives, communities, and homes....

Peace is always good and we need more of it everywhere, so always work toward will be happier and it will only create more goodness continuing on and on....