Sunday, December 31, 2017

New year's !.....

New Years Eve !

Staying home tonight as usual on New Years Eve.

Safe + warm, going to be resting / sleeping tonight, tomorrow I will wake up in

Prepared a small cheese ball, with entertainment crackers....nice !

It has been very frigid, freezing outdoors ! Brr !

Keeping warm with plenty of blankets, electric heater, propane, although it gives me a headache often, I use a carbon monoxide detector for the propane heater, using it in next room, for warmth, if the room becomes to chilly, the cold air causes me illness.....oh well...

Watching some tv, enjoying a bowl of soup tonight, black eyed peas + corn bread tomorrow, for good fortune ! Haha.....if it doesn't work, enjoy those black eyed peas, cornbread anyway !!! Chow - Chow nice also...

Hopeful for the new year, starts tomorrow.

See you in 2018 !


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Adios 2017 !!!....

Can't believe that on Monday it is a new year !!! 2018.

Every new year I think we should start all over New, never look back on the past year gone by......keep looking only to the future, planning, forgetting the past, what's done is done, what has happened is past us......all we can do is move forward.....

Kick the past days to the curb !

I know I always wish for the new year to bring more goodness, and rid the world of turmoil, upsets, sadness.....we don't need all that crap ! I think there is enough of that.....

Start out the new year, hopeful. Start over, try for better, and when faced with troubles, keep going, never give up.....I just go on, try to forget the past, you have to, otherwise, life can bring you can get to you, all the troubles, chaos, stress, ruin, upsets, sadness......forget it, go on...

When you feel, held back by whatever it may be, you feel you have lost another year of your life, wasted a year, because of what you have been through.....feels as you haven't succeeded at all, you feel defeated......Try to have hope.....go on....

Every year we can change ourselves for the good, getting rid of past upsets, vices, start over change your life for the better ! When given the chance to try + to start over, take it !

I think most people look back on the past year, every year, and usually say, as I say, another year of shit I survived !!! Lol !  :p

Getting out my new 2018 calendar.

All we can do is start over New + improved.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Letter today.

Well, much more sleep last nite ! Thanks ! Everybody.

I could hear screaming and chachachacha today north on hwy 81, I got to good ol sonic, I started hearing chachachacha man this girl, something ???

About two minutes later a car pulled up as we were leaving two mix guys staring talking, orange peels on the dash...

Somebody's voice said orange peels girl.

That's weird or something because last month a black guy voice was yelling he had orange peels on his bed ???

I guess it means something sicko nasty about whores or sex or something...??? He kept yelling my orange peels are on the bed, in some sex bed or what ??? Weirdo perverts trash I guess what does that symbolize ??? So now oranges mean sicko things ??? Everyday any item, idea, becomes symbolic of sex, this means, that, that is about something else !!!

I started hearing Kong talk on the hwy, all on my Kong shit man, she be riding on my Kong shit man.

I don't know what all these things they are saying means, orange peels it seems mean nasty sex or something thrown on a dash, they were pinging on surveillance in my ear ringing when they pulled up beside our vehicle.....weirdo hacks I guess....shortstacks n mix ???



Say No ! No furs, ivory, tusks, animal skins !!!

I was watching tv today, and I was seeing fur trim coats on an older tv show......upsets and causes me much anger !!!

....I hate furriers, people who support the fur trade, hunt / poach, kill, brutal killing of the very innocent, docile, sweet fuzzy animals who squeak, roar, are beautiful, they should all be kept safe from those evil humans !

Animals killed for tusks, ivory, beautiful skins The Lord himself created, them all beautiful !!! We must keep them all safe, we have to make very sure we keep them protected, from illegal, evil poachers and stupid ugly bitches + bastards who wear fur and purchase ivory, animal tusks skins......

Rhinoceros horns, Elephant tusks, the hides / skins of many tigers, other wild cats, zebra, very cruel, evil, needs to end all over the world..!!!  :(

You see a beautiful animal skin / hide ? You know who owns that beautiful skin ??? That animal wearing it, born with beautiful skin / hides ! Oh, the designs of their skins are beautiful, but just admire, this is The Lord's creation, he is an artist I know this ! Respect the wildlife always, they should only be wearing their furs, skins, tusks, ivory, horns !!!

I wish to end the furriers, the worship of fur coats, fur trimmed items......!!! All that snobby uppercrust trashy bitches, bastards wear furs, support barbaric animal killing for their skins, horns, furs, tusks !!!

I know many poachers need their damn heads blown off too all over the world, Africa and other countries have the problem, needs to end now !!! Those that brutally club baby seals to death in colder regions, need clubbed to death right back !!! Trash ! 

All involved in supporting furs, theft of an animals skins / hides, taking their tusks, horns, furs, all involved are cursed corrupt idiots ! Take ' em down !!!

Endangered species, animals can go extinct ! Our responsibility here on earth is to stop all poachers, furriers, animal abusers !!!

The rabbits, chinchillas, and minks are very docile, innocent, sweet critters !!! Very soft fur, very loveable, they squeak, talk, oh how I adore them ! They are very beautiful + cute, very wonderful pets to adopt, care for, I wish for several to love / adore new family ! Very attentive to their health, read about them much before adoption, learn about their habits, care, habitat......great pets !  :)

People need to watch videos about what happens to create a fur coat, stealing animals hides / skins, tossing a beautiful animal into the trash dead for what ???! A rug, a coat, some trim on a damn coat for a snobby trashy bitch to wear !!! How insane is that ???!! Very evil + idiotic ! Humans !

I would never wear a fur coat, I would never steal an animals skin for anything, I would never kill a beautiful animal for anything !!!

Support the causes to end all animal cruelty, bring awareness, tell all who are near, to never support these barbaric poachers, free the animals from those furriers cages they lock them up in....!!!!

Much more awareness needs to be given to the world about stopping evil poachers, evil furriers, nasty filth of the fur trade.......for a snobby bitch or snobby bastards to wear, yeah, corruption all of it..!

Animals have no voice for themselves they are often raised to be created into a fur coat, or illegally hunted + poached, so we have this responsibility to rid the world of these evil people, purchasing, supporting, caging up these animals for coats, and that's the truth !!!

Campaigns need to be built up for all areas of the world to know we need to stop poachers, stop the ivory, skins / hides, furs, tusks, horns trade, all needs to end now !

I am just tired of fur traders, supporters, all corrupt big wheels, killing innocents.....

Love, julie

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Here we always....letter.

Resting not so good, hearing hollering, from north, east ???

Last night, stevie, them, they had me exhausted after yelling on my waves about brother fake baby, dog, said David called as him to babysit dog.....he said this dog has aids, Japanese crooked fbi dea crooked are sending this dog down here to my house as joke, so I will get aids fleas on my cats in home....????! Why is that allowed to go on ??? Is this true ???

More screams about baby said it's things Chris g from s towns baby ???! Then he yells no it's mixzee and Jessica's baby ???! Has aids bitch you raise it !!! F you for everything you did to Japanese crtl, and tulsa man !!!???? Then said baby was crooked old man c baby with Japanese bitch, said they get money from him for this baby ???!!.....whoever's baby that is, they are gonna pay up now  !.....kept yelling old man c is rich, we get his money for his son !!!???? Well damn, leave me alone about that big head creep ! I don't care ! I can't sleep at all for this b.s. !....chachajachakaa is this old man c kin to y'all ???! I'm confused.


I have had enough fleas in my house already, mom is tired, me too.....sick of this crap in my dump of a life....pushy fake voice on my phone calling when I declined to keep poor ol dog.....I am just too exhausted sick still.....I don't understand the purpose of this, said they are going to Dallas, as brother ??? So we keep dog ???! I am puzzled as always by their mystery of b.s.....

Don't these idiots have plenty of work to be busy working, occupy their time ??? Where does their money come from to harass, drive around, bitch all the time ??? They say they are agents man, but I gotta laugh because people behaving like wild animals are insane drug heads, taking up for m crtl, Japanese crtl, and the racism going on over here man ! ???? Lol........I think a lot of people have too much time on their Weenie, to sit there and talk nasty to me, harass, blame me for the ruin in their lives !!!......weirdo, drugged up tub, rubbing down my tub, then my Kong be donging long man, bro......I heard this on my waves on hwy 81....?????!!! Today.

Unprofessional embarrassing trash talking, getting in bed, staying high man, because dea says I can man ! We're gonna kill that fat bitch man, more of that turd trash talk....

Busted I guess they keep screaming blaming me !!! Smartass cry baby corrupts crying about money, jail, whores, the big wheels they thought were so damn great.....wah wah......I just laugh my ass off, trash ! You wanna blame somebody for what has happened to you ???!!! Go blame yourself and your so called trash loser buddies you thought were loyal, don't blame me !!! I'm not the one who did this crap to you idiots, you did ! I don't give a damn what trash says or thinks about me ! Go cry !

Saying the Japanese crtl took my Rocky cat and satanicly ripped him into pieces, raped him, sent me pictures !!! I have been sick upset over this, I am scared for him.....I thought s. h. And l. h. had him safe ???? It makes me sick !!!

Then last night hollering about Japanese crtl.....f her man !

Screamed last night you get no help for you anymore fat bitch ! No help turning off equipment you die of cancer bitch, we are putting it in your head now bitch, your dying of womb cancer now bitch your stomach lining is eaten into with cancer cannot repair bitch you did this to us ! So die.

I think about how sorry nasty that family of mine, worthless trash caused all my problems, stress, worry, because of their behavior I we left suffer.....makes me mad as all get out !!! I suppose all people with worthless trash family involved in corruption go through the same crap......oh well.


Snowy, winter day....

Winter is here ! Brr !!!

Minimal snow falling, but I did see many beautiful snowflakes earlier today......feels like Winter season has arrived.....

Lost a newborn baby calf last night, my grandma's cow had a very, very tiny calf three days ago.....oh my goodness she was tiny ! We cried because she died last night, I think she was premature birth calf, so that was upsetting to us.  :(

She had shelter, mother there with her from cold, but you know, that is how things are often in the cattle have those upsets, bad days.......but that is how life is in all win some, you lose some, you say hello, you say goodbye.......just life.

I haven't been feeling well still, feel sick with flu, upset stomach, I guess too many things are stressful for me, I am very tired.....

Prepared a chocolate pie yesterday, practicing on meringue in the oven, baking during winter....gotta love it ! I enjoy baking meringue is awesome !  Lol.........Pumpkin cat was trying to help me in the kitchen, he wanted to eat the pie crust !!! I had to place him in another room.....I think he enjoys food prep ! Lol.....

I was able to go to town for a few items at the Dollar General...

I found Clover Valley, Chocolate Almond, European Shortbread Cookies, in a square box $ 2 / box, heavy box ! Half chocolate dipped cookies, a fave now ! These are nice with milk, coffee, tea.....

I love the Whisker Haven / Palace Pets, series, set of toys, these are so cute ! I adore all the toys.....I found a few of the toys the other day at Wal-Mart and I purchased the ! The figurines are nice to collect, I am just beginning to work on the Whisker Haven Disney Color + Play watercolor book......nice to work on during cold Brr ! days....just $ 2 / a book....paint is on pages, tear off first ! Use as paint box, on paper....

Found a new sparkled, fake stone red hot mouth keychain for just $ 2 / nice and pretty ! At Dollar General....goes on my keys now !

But anyway, I think I need to rest more so, than anything to get over the flu......Minimal eating anything......icky !

I should have purchased new pillows to rest on !

Still word search books, I am working on them til late evening, drinking my hot

I think if I need rest, I will rest, just be lazy, stay in my bed, asleep.......sleeping beauty, as the cartoon.....haha....

Very tired.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Purchasing for new years party table !......

Brr ! Very chilly outdoors !

Hope for weather to be snowy, icy pellets, I enjoy watching it fall, tradition ! Or being silly playing in snow !  :p

I know that New Years eve is soon, a week, the 31 st......yikes, much party food purchases to be looking for....

I enjoy New Years, party foods, creations, these are quick prep, leisure, simple, easy to create.....affordable......that's always good !

Veggie trays + ranch dip
Fruit trays + fruit dip
Meat trays
Entertainment crackers -- all brands
mini corn dogs, with mustard.
Create mini tacos
Chocolate fondue pots
Cocktail Weenies, I cook these in barbecue ! Yum !
Cheese dips, all brands
Create cheese dip, Velveeta, Queso needed
All chips for dipping cheese dips.
Margarita mixes, simple quick prep ! All brands
Cheesecake ! All good.
Sparkling Cider + Sparkling grape juices, all brands
Proscuitto + crackers.

I enjoy yearly creating the cheese dip with Velveeta, cooked sausage crumbles, and seasoned stewed tomatoes, drain sausage grease before placing in melted Velveeta, enjoy with tortillas chips !

There are many fruit dips to be created for fruit dipping......they may have cream cheese, powdered sugar, and a random candy bar, as Heath bar, Skor bar, or Butterfinger crumbled, whichever you choose, very nice ! Recipes everywhere online for those !

The 7 layer dip is a fave of mine with refried beans, sour cream, taco seasoning, cheddar cheese shreds, tomatoes, black olives, onion.....yum ! Chill refrigerate.....enjoy with tortillas...

These I enjoy

Cheese Roll

One box Velveeta
One package cream cheese
One can chopped green chillies
One cup pecans
One Tbsp. Chilli powder
One Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

Mix softened cheeses together in large bowl, throw in can of green chillies. Add the Worcestershire sauce mix together. Place grand size piece of wax paper onto table take the cheese mix, roll with sides of wax paper together Shape the cheese into roll. Shape. Pour chilli powder + pecans over the cheese roll. Roll all over the cheese roll. Very spicy, pecans are nice. Reddish cheese roll. Best with entertainment crackers. Good ! Serves many. Refrigerate.

Oklahoma Caviar

One can hominy
Two cans Black eyed peas, drained
Two jalapeno peppers, chopped, seeds removed
One can chopped black olives
Three onions chopped, green
One medium onion diced
Two tomatoes, diced
1 / 2 tsp. Minced garlic
1 / 3 cup chopped cilantro
Dash of salt
Eight oz. Italian salad dressing

Toss together, let set two hours or overnight in grand size bowl. Refrigerate. Serve with fritos or other chips you prefer.

On New Years day it is traditional near here to enjoy a can or two of Black eyed peas with chow - chow + Mexicorn, cheese shreds into cornbread, very nice ! Any brand black eyed peas are good to me ! Chow - Chow relish is many styles, homemade or from store, supposed to be good fortune here locally, old tale, I suppose ???

I found a brand of cornbread mix locally called Gladiola, very nice, sweet cornbread mix too.....different....

Anyway, I didn't enjoy Christmas dinner because of flu, hopefully, New Years food sets well for my tum tum ???!

Going to read a few books hopefully, I enjoy reading.


Monday, December 25, 2017


Been sick with flu.

Pain all over, sick at stomach, other too !

What a way to spend the Christmas week huh ?!!  :(

Christmas wishes to all !

Love, Julie 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sick, flu, more screams, blaming...

Sick with flu past few days, diarrhea only, thanks ! They said they helped with that.

Couldn't sleep past few days stevie, screaming, rattling, blaming me for his life in ruins, no money bitch f you you own it all bitch ! I don't get money over east more screams, no money over here bitch that fat ass bitch run her mouth off on that blog, more about fug yard baby fake, Jared fake, all that b.s. I guess they will be here for Christmas they called about five times, they said fbi created this story with dea to harass me and my mom sell us drugs, traffic us they screamed ! Yeah well whatever trash don't think so....

Stevie said he gets money for harassing me from OkCity or you guys, so he screams, I can't take anymore of this, I guess after winter I will go enroll in school and try to find a job in another state, too crooked here, they said they are taking our land because family did all that, I can't sleep rest, be left alone, Saud I am pushed out of Oklahoma for good....fbi dea still crooked clowns, keep sending me nasty picture to my waves of chrls weavie dea setting at a desk with his pants down Weenie hanging.....smiling, reading my blog he said....Sick weirdo pervs crap...!!!

Said they harass me to kill me because I know everything fbi dea own your ass bitch !!!! You know everything so you go bitch dead !!!!! Yeah well screw them !

Screams about me and cousin m are gonna be killed f you fat asses ! Rape you fat ass bitches....!!!

Said I had to move to alabama be made a whore, something about Columbiana, ????

Screams about J r, f h, then more about Japanese on creeks my friends f you we don't get no money now bitch !

Blaming me because his friends sluts are gone, you did this dork ! You are grotesque to look at, ever see how fat you are bitch ???!!! You are the ugliest Goddamn bitch I have ever seen in my life f ugly bitch !

Sounds just like my brother in high school....go figure drug head !

Harassing about z and k, dying, moved or mad ??? Whatever.

Screaming harassing about grandparents, dog, kitty cats, everything, I am sick, don't feel good.

Still making tigger cat pee in the floor, driving blue looper pickup, still all rooster up at bshaw trailer of losers.....

Said Alison dead ???

Just non stop, he wants this money man, I stay on drugs he yelled I don't care about anything anymore....!


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Horses, Native American.....other gifts....

Horses are very graceful, brilliant, beautiful, and very sweet !.....aww...!

I think all breeds of the horse are beautiful, wonderful animals.......I think all should be protected, kept from danger, very safe ! So much abuse has went on, I cry about this sadness !......

Horses need to be Adopted, purchased everywhere, many colors, breeds, all special unique, they are wonderful forever friends, family addition......Adopt only if you have the land, proper money for feed + care, inoculation / veterinarian, shelter, nice massive arenas, barns work well ! I think they should be allowed to run free, graze on grassland, pasture lands......plenty of nice grasses, water, freedom.....

I think learning about horses, health care, likes, dislikes of the horse would be helpful, before purchase + adoption....Very good to learn about any new pet you adopt, purchase....

After adopting they may already be named, if not rename or create a beautiful, respectful, cute name....! 

Many horses to adopt !!! remember take very good care of these special animal friends ! Never abuse ! Never neglect ! Only love / always.....Respect !

Horse supplies ---- Horse tack, Bits and Bridle, reigns, Horse blankets, Horse warm wear,  Horse snacks --- Apples, carrots, occasional sugar cube.....brushes, shampoos, Always treat horse hooves !!! Very important, keep Corrals + barns, pens clean, shelter from heat, shelter from weather elements required !!! Water and feed, or nice pasture land to live on....

Wild horses --- all need to be protected by government !

Horses are beautiful ! And all who own, adopt, adore the horse, know that there are many beautiful horse design items to purchase !

Items as :

Horse picture blankets
Home decorations with horses, cowboys
Horse calendars 2018 new year approaching !
Clothing with horse pictures, designs
Horse books to read
Horse plush toy collectibles, aww...cute !
Spirit Horse movie toys, all + movie...
Movies about horses

Horse statues --all
Horse figurines --- all Scleich, Breyer, Crazy Horse
Preifert toys, equipment, accessories, Corrals, chutes, blue !
Bath towels with horse, cowboy pictures ! Pretty !
Western Horseman magazine, nice ! 
Drinkware, glasses, mugs, with horse pictures on them
Jewelry with horse designs pictures....all prices
 All horse designs, pictures on items, all nice !

Visit the Quarter Horse Museum in Amarillo, TX ! Very neat, history of the horse....schedule tours !.....

Native American items are so very beautiful, unique to each tribe, many have for purchase their crafts, I adore all Native American artwork, pottery, jewelry, seed beadwork items, shawls, dolls, coats, moccasins, statues, clay sculpture, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, dream catchers, the colors they use, require are so very beautiful, their own designs, colors.......much to choose from !!! All tribes have their art for purchase.....Purchase today !

Tucumcari NM ---- is a town of greatness for Native American people ! Many pow wows to attend, crafts, art, places to stay, visit during the scheduled fairs, very unique cultural experience ! Go see sometime ! Purchase their crafts !

Santa Fe NM --- is another wonderful town to visit experience, shop, check out ! Much to offer in Native American crafts, art, and the Pueblo Zuni tribe has much influence, go purchase, attend their scheduled events ! 

Be respectful to all people of All colors.......all people are equal ! We are all created unique different by The Lord color doesn't matter ! How you are as a person that counts, good hearted, kind, respectful of goodness, that's all that should be important.....remember this.

I adore Southwest artwork, southwest colors, very beautiful color hues, I enjoy the colorful tinted wall paints from any home supply store, the southwest colors are so very calming, pretty ! And these work well with the pale golds, dusty tans, beiges....ahh.....beautiful !  :)

Aztec designs on items, oh very neat ! The colors are so wonderful.....

I adore ponchos ! All southwest designs, color hues.

Poncho belts ! Very beautiful attire.

Broom skirts ! All colorful designs, hues, very unique beautiful to twirl in ! :) all sizes....

Pendleton -- all they have to offer, very warm, beautiful.....great for you, others, and for home....! All prices.

Many farming magazines, western life magazines, horses magazines, Cowboys and Indians magazines !!!! To order, look through, purchase, enjoy.....

Oklahoma has many unique Native American items for purchase + gift shops, as many other states also.....

The National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklacity is a wonderful museum to visit, look through, attend events, purchase gift items at the gift shops, tours are available, nice gift ! So much history, beauty, of western life ! Native American art, historic items, Cowboys, cattle drives, legends, actual items from history ! Very neat, exciting !

These are unique, wonderful gifts, items to collect, very beautiful.......I know how special these are....

Adopt a horse pal today, or several !   ;)


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Rodeo collectibles, toys, hats, wear....

Shopped some today, went to local feed / farm supply store, Atwoods......I enjoy those kind of stores....

I found a new cinnamon candy, in a roll, brand name is Reed's.....Very hot, true cinnamon taste ! Very nice, $ 1 / roll of candy.....I also seen the Cow Tales candy caramel + Black Cow, very chewy caramels........different !

I love the rodeo, P R C A stands for professional rodeo cowboys association, very much tradition, we adore ! All rodeo events, I like their logo / brand hats, t shirts, all wear, accessories.......I enjoy watching them locally, or on tv.....

The PBR, stands for Professional Bullriders.....Very exciting, dangerous sport, I enjoy watching, attending also......nice to watch on tv.......I know they have logo / brand hats, wear, accessories, all types !!! 


I found the PBR toys, figurines, collectibles today at the store ! Those are so nice, fun, neat I think, great to collect.....I enjoy all cowboy, rodeo events, wear, accessories, collectibles, toys, even the decorations for home.......Big Country rodeo + farm toys are so nice ! Very neat ! 

I have a wooden branded sign on my wall that simply reads Cowgirl Up !, this is a saying that I see everyday, that tells me to grow the hell up bitch ! Stop crying, get up and go on ! Stay strong ! It has helped me many years through all my upsets, challenges, severe pain, illness, fears, troubles......Just Cowgirl Up ! Things can only get better never give up, never stop trying, never stop being a bad ass bitch ! Lol.....Kick ass and take names ! Keep fightin'.
And for the men ? Cowboy Up ! Same for them ! Lol...

All prices for these items, cowboy themed, very nice....

Often they show these rodeo events on tv......Very exciting sport, old tradition, every event, started as competitions on farms, cattle round - up, ranches held these events as competitions, practice for the cowboys, I just love that ! So very old.....part of history.....some things we need to hold onto + never lose, never let these old ways of cowboy life pass on.......keep traditions alive !


Monday, December 18, 2017

More yelling, waves....

Well, went to the mall at lawton today, oh how dare I go !

The fight pickin started on my waves as I got up and dressed, grabbed my coat and went to town, by the time I got to hwy 7, my head was tired, popping sound ringing, stevie other yelling, the usual...

F you bitch ! You ruin everything for us ! Going to lawton gets rid of everybody bitch ! F you fat bitch ! They will traffic you bitch, more tulsa down here ! Wade ???

F them ! We get land over east, they don't f them !???

Then at mall screams on my waves about money, I. H. Money again that same ol shit.....sick of hearing that repeat, triple peat, tired ol crap....

Screams about Egyptian people over east, ???? Screams about OkCity z + k......again....we get that money f them !???

Screams as I shopped don't buy that purse, don't buy soap f you bitch ! OkCity watches you on camera, they ask where you get money bitch ! Suspicious of you and your mother !!!! Stevie others....hello crooked dea crooked fbi !!! I know it all....clowns running the big wheels show at dea fbi, they said Japanese ????

We get everything, we set you up in store you will steal buy from us bitch ! Followed by teenys....eyeroll....

Went to Duncan, screams all back down hwy 7 , screams about fug baby fake b.s. again, I can't have Christmas with my grandparents, but oh, I can with that fug ol tard baby, Japanese mix big head incest they said with clowns cousins over east....damn he's he's getting $ 50 for Christmas...guess he will give that to shortstacks or nugget as dues in the shortstacks gang initiation dues., oh that Ada tulsa fug gang, yeah man ! Trash....They will take that $ 50 an invest it on some candy bar and cry about it....or some damn meth rocks.....garbage.

Sick of them !

I went to Wal-Mart at Duncan, screams on my waves, followed by teenys, yelling the whole time, we are coming there bitch now ! You leave ! This happened at Ross's also that store they yelled, get out bitch ! Swirls, mix voices....?? Popping noise....

Arbys I saw c.b. mask they said, felt weird, upset, bothered me, I miss him.....masks creepy, mad behaving toward me.....I hope that wasn't c . b......I cried afterward, very tired, emotional about fakes, stupid, sick of it all......They told me he was gone 5 yrs ago, I been upset.....

Crooked old lard ass man C.??? He don't get this shit man ! ????

I felt weak, tired, heart sick, I hope it is ok, not failing, maybe just health checks, I hope...

This chachachacha needs to stop, interference ?? Hacks in vehicle ???....

That constant chatter on my waves exhausts me, from them and Stevie.......Lord help me......!!!

Very tired, exhausted, sleepy, not enough rest...!!! Chatter from stevie, does he rest ever ???! 5 yrs of this, I know because they almost killed my brain, he has to talk talk non stop though ???? Whew......a lot, too much....

Being sick makes this tired, non stop chatter rollercoaster of emotions, drug talk junk, depresses me, old damn made up lies, stories he tells me, this, that, damn ! I just want the truth, if I have to talk to him longer, just make him tell me the truth, turn him way down, hopefully free my waves from his !!!!! Heeellllpppp ! Now !

Fleas are taking over, pumpkin cat, baths terrible, tigger cat bath weekly still 100 fleas on him, I let it set 13 I suppose ??? fleas in the yard, spray doesn't work, they said Dean country ham had those idiots from his bunch turn boxes, boxes of fleas loose in my attic, yard on all sides, is that true, I wouldn't be a bit damn surprised at that trash ! Idiot country ham ! Old bastard jealous or something....

I hate that dumb ass harasser Dean country ham, we hate him, hope he's gone, sent me pics, weird dreams, messing with my girl parts, tingles as a child !!!! Voices in the Windows, attic, he was what all that screaming was in my head, bloody skulls dreams, eyes, counting numbers on my waves constant...ugly fat little bitch ! Always on my birthdays they yelled that, then  gnashing my teeth, tried terrifying me, she's a psychopath kid, I remember that in the air, and then zig zag shadows across my room, talking, harassing a little girl, yeah well I guess ol psychopath got your ass ham ! big wheel know it all investigator Kenny Smith + Philips boyfriend, ol bastards harassing a little pathetic...!!!! Little psychopath bitch ! She ruins everything ! Her eyes are crazy lookin ! I heard them talking at night......haha....yeah well rot in hell country ham and his ugly warty bunch.....eeewww ! Gross...


Pet adoption, responsibility, best present !

Meow ! Bark ! Squeak ! Hiss ! Oink ! Sqwak ! Neigh ! 

I love + adore all animals !!!  :)

I wish to find them all forever homes with very caring, attentive, responsible, people of goodness who will always love + care for them....

Always think of your pets, bathe, feed, water, medical care, be watchful !

Animals / Pets are wonderful forever friends ! Always there for you, forever family ! They never betray you, curse you, hate you, just adore you.  :)

I have seen many gift ideas at stores many months now...

I think the best unique responsibility is adopting a pet !

Pets are not just a gift, they are forever family !!!

Many different pets to adopt from shelters, save lives ! I can't think of anything more beautiful than adopting a new best friend / family from the pet shelter !

I wish I could adopt more pets right now for christmas.

Animal shelters need donations, volunteers, and to be Adopted right now ! Choosing a pet wisely, that is most as you, hyper, attentive, shy, lazy, silly, grouchy, they are same as we are ! Haha.....cute !

Often pets at shelters for adoption may have similar problems as you ! Missing limbs, missing eyes, or one eye, missing teeth, just as beautiful !!! You have been through similar upsets, adopt your new pal, you understand one another, been through the same problems......this is a great thing, to adopt new pet as yourself, very beautiful !  :)
 They are your family......Always there by your side.

I adore / love / care for my pets, they are best friends.....I enjoy taking care of them, cleaning messes they create, medical care, bathing, feeding healthy, water, letting them sleep indoors....shelter........

They like to rest at my feet, or rest next to my arm so I will pet them....awww ! Cute......They are silly, create giggles ! Haha.....

Cats, kittens, puppies, dogs --- all need adopting right now at local animal shelters, huge responsibility ! But worth it ! They change your life forever, I am happiest with my pet family always close by....

Never abandon them, never yell at them, never ever abuse them !!!!! Never neglect them....only love + care for them.

So if you have a heart of goodness, you are responsible, have extra money, need a wonderful gift for Christmas, I know many sweet pets for adoption at the local shelters everywhere.....need forever homes.......I would adopt them all if I could...

I have always felt very comfortable with a pet, very peaceful, I even as a child adored all pets, animals......I know they are better than some people ! !

They change your life forever, much better ! Give them hugs !

Adopt now !


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Allergies, sore throat, ah -- Choo !....

Feeling very tired today.

Sneezy, allergies, throat sore in some places....

I purchased a small box of Luden's throat lozenges, I chose strawberry banana, they work fine......I enjoy the regular flavors, numbs my throat irritation....

Others available for throat irritation, Cephacol lozenges, very strong, Hall's Breezers also many flavors / kinds......

Still feels as a flu type, maybe allergies + stress ?



Another letter, things also said...

Just called as my brothers cell number phone, I guess wanting a gift for that fug baby fakes ! Mother mad as hell, merry f n Christmas here we go !

More harassing last nite, same about dog cat put to sleep govt is killing you off bitch ! Infect you with aids, that baby is yours bitch ! We want money for it off your estate, it will be his, we will take it f you fat bitch !

Talking about satanic people, for years hacking my internet placing satanic nasty incest books on my screen on eBay, or google, creepy, my mind was hacked terrible, said they got into my attic put camera in vent took naked pics of me onto internet, my blog, taking a shower !!! Been saying this for years.......crooked fbi, crooked dea, washed, lawton, Linda t, Philip, Sandy, OkCity paid them to.....????!!! Scares me..

Said they took pics of me at town created nasty pics with their fbi b.s. equipment, mind games for years, so I never know just what they have made of me somewhere online, crooked family always made threats in the 90s about that.......

Threats to rape traffic me, cut out my eyes for years now, lately also.....we get paid for trafficking her setting her up, fbi, dea will pay you to get her set up, put drugs in her car, their car, grandparents cars, or poke her with needles with aids, meth poison inject her to kill her........Threats 5 months ago, and years 10 years or more....terrifies me...

Opening our mail, banking info especially ripped open, ours and mimis, grandparents j family, for years now, didn't even try to tape it back right, nasty sluts or Japanese in masks many teeny......illegal !!! All about money...

Said they own land bshaw and corner because washdc, OkCity own it for good to set her up, solicit drug deals here f that fat bitch ! She will be tangled up in this f her !!! So that is very scarey...

Threats to rig car bombs under our vehicles, last year, throw bombs at my house at night, gun shot toward our house 10 yrs ago.....screaming, said they raped my Jake dog !!! They have been over dedicating me with that equipment since I graduated high school, they left on senior trip I was fine whole week....Then two weeks later all this screaming chatter at night hasn't stopped ! Choking me in my sleep sending me dead pics, pic of Jesus, dead Indian man....1999....

Travis b harassing me, screaming for years....people snobs in my class...All those harassing, saying they had power to kill her bitch I got busted because of that fat bitch !

Heard in last few months something about money off gas cards, hacking money from stores...??? Wal-Mart lawton, and d town, let them steal anything man, we work there in masks, we prostitute we get everything we want, my bitches work there....???? That explains those screams at Wal-Mart out of our store bitch ! on my waves, all kinds of corrupt thugs trash.....f n in the parking lots everywhere, said they own all parking lots bitch, smoke shops we get those !????

Said yeah, we get into dea they give us all drugs we want, we smoke shit, we slide by foreseeable, and m Woodward, years man good shit OkCity is fine, dea, fbi slide man everybody Crtls man ! We loyal to chuppy ! Everybody knows the whole world is gonna bow down f cia man ! We are taking over this !we get land all over east, cars, diamonds houses, my paradise man ! All the way to Dallas man, Duncan d town, is next !????

Said dea gave them access to drugs to party with never busted anyone, fbi covers it man, they supply whores drugs we get everything man, f cia ! We slide chill !????? Just party man we're agents !????? I like it high man !

You prostitute you get a job anywhere, they were chattering, recently, they hire any crtel bitch babe man ! ???? Said we got p##y hook in at banks casinos, everywhere, insurance, we got Intel.....????

They use Julie f that fat bitch we use her get everything then kill her ass, you can't catch her set her fat ass up, ugly bitch !?????? Oh yeah teeny ??! I'd like to see you try trash !!!

Fbi dea said you set her up, we get her estate, diamonds furs, money,yeah babe goes to our prostitutes, OkCity said, tulsa is over down here man !

So damn tired of hearing about chuppy and m crtl !!!!! These idiot trash followers, hillbilly wooo wee ! We f for chuppy g and m crtl !!!!! So damn tired of hearing this b.s. !!!! Eyeroll....

Said crooked fbi crooked dea, washdc, and OkCity had them hack my grandpa's and kill them over money and m estate ????!! I cry because I never knew anything.!!!

Said every j family not involved, set them up, they go too ! And Philip told them to twist me and my mom up in Mexico shit ????!!! I heard that 6 yrs ago at 1 am......sorry ass bitch Philip !!! We hate him ! Trash !

Said they go to small town clinics, supply drugs, pills, take care of prostitutes for free, I saw them let a nasty ol teeny with a passel of you could tell what they were, go in and out the door with pills her shoulder was hurting, didn't pay, yeah trash gets everything here, heath b, nasty wifey at mtown.......Said fbi supplied their prostitutes everything they needed at OkCity......makes me mad at this corruption all my life, trash worthless family.....involved !

Penn square mall chatter about that outside night 5 yrs ago, parking lot p##y, our prostitutes own Penn at OkCity !???? Don't surprise me any......girls of the night.....

Talk about teachers all being whores trafficking kids all schools.....

Trying to get my medical records and ss #........Heard this for years, Sandy screamed she had my mom's 25 yrs ago who knows ???

Said Japanese get money land over east they can't stop us man, I worked on it, about over, twinzee ??? Last night yelling....More crap about crooked Japanese man c......cry baby bitching about him, how sad, he yelled, then more about Z and his wife K.....????

Agents we get everything, yeah, I get 55 mil, once 30 mil, f them man ! More of that crap....

This fake baby shit, screams that they want you to know him bitch he's your nephew he gets everything ! We gotta get in house, also said they have skeleton key to get into house ! F them ask for expensive Tonka drive toy man we take it back get cash !

I am so tired, sick, exhausted of this trash, Christmas b.s. with fakes, I know my brother is gone.....his mess, insanity, I don't need, we know so tell them all give up fakes ! I know entire family trash gone, and I just laugh, I never been good enough, perfect enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, so I just laugh !!!! Masks over busted ! Lol....

Hi dea hi fbi ! I know everything.....busted ! You can't keep up the charade of clowns.....dumbasses !

Julie, lard ass

Saturday, December 16, 2017


All that yelling at me last night after I went out to clap my hands at coyote pack, shoo them away, they screamed I ruined something up north....I had to go out back door zillions of coyotes in a pack, my dog was barking, I wonder if somebody did that like the skunk fest every week for years, they yelled that too last year, they are using crooked equipment to cause those here in the yard, and the amarillo, shortstacks gang they said.....??? But I had to keep my dog safe, sorry if I ruined something.....I didn't know anything...yikes !

Then I got into the house and Stevie was yelling on my waves about Shelby queers fug kid, Amanda fug trash bshaw kids, Rachel trash h, kids, all the snobs whores kids s town trash trying to kill me also up there,??? I don't know that cry baby bitch trash, I don't give a crap if they hate me !!!! Just harass for years out here, set right up north and stay messed up, f n whores, unprofessional  saying they are agents, I get this land this money man, yeah yeah.....crtl trash blaming me over taos, money money money bitch !!!???? screaming at me I ruined their lives f you bitch, too much corruption, unprofessional idiots in charge, they said Japanese man was boss over east and here one night, that's frightening, trash would be in charge, 18 yr old thug ????! He said that Julie fat cow, she don't get nothing now, I'm telling them man, she's run her mouth on the blog I control her estate and I get that now man ?????? I heard all that junk months ago....?????? And they were killing me off, I had to marry a man with aids to infect me !!!!!????? He kept yelling we slide by govt.....we get everything f Oklahoma man, we thrive !....some dumb ass man....whatever nut that was.....

 my poor dog is dying he said ! I hope not ! They said he ruins everything bitch !

Chaos.....I wish it was hack free here, I hope goofball is safe from that outside, I'm worried, and critters that roam.....those dogs up at bshaw need to be safe with all that drug trash, gays, whores, they could be raped, hopefully not hurt now, I hope no diseases......upsets me after all I have seen.....3 dogs very beautiful, I hope ok, I just cry about chaos, I don't wanna ever see anymore hurt animals......!!!

Hillbillies all kinds, big wheels and low wheels, these are some of the most annoying trashy thug people, I left s - town because I graduated, never wanted to ever be near that crazy annoying bunch ever again, those snobs, whores, drug heads, then here they are hacking my mind, in my face, following me, spying on my thoughts, recording me, videoing me, and trying to hurt, kill me, shove cancer in my head, they said right after high school all those idiots from high school were busted and set up there for years to kill me at bshaw house with I. T......More hillbilly kin !

Said they had crooked equipment to hack, hurt me, is that true ??? That angered me, because I despise, hated all those snobs, big wheel smartasses, all from high school, that corrupt town......Philip and his girlfriend Sandy people..rat haired bitch, the whole fug gang ! Janet Seth, Leroy trash !...and mccracks followers......good Lord help us all !

Stress stress stress, how many more idiots, smartasses left ???? I don't know how you guys have stood a world of trash all these years ???......



Ah, good ol hot chocolate......

Many fires locally, very windy....

Allergies terrible, fire back to the west, smoke was brownish all in the air.....a lot of fires, the wind was blowing it everywhere, hazy brown gray.......

Last nite it was very smokey, and I went outdoors to take care of goofball......he was barking, and I could hear many coyote, dogs, all yip -- yipping, very loudly, close to the house !!! I ran out the door, I could see probably 5 coyotes running around back pasture land......

I know they can attack my Goofball ! He's defenseless, so I clapped my hands and yelled at them Get out of here ! They like to kill any small animals, so keep your pet family safe ! I think they are prowling for food, or just mischief....???? A grand size pack of them it sounded as that many !

Hopefully they stay away, but this evening they were harassing a dog up the road, he was yipping, barking.....hope he's ok !

Very windy today, feels like springtime, not December !!! I wish for snow, icicles, freezing rain, so I can enjoy my hot chocolate that much more ! Haha.......I am a weather nerd, weather that doesn't change can be very depressing, boring, annoying......

I purchased two boxes of hot chocolate this morning so I can store it in the cabinet, I drink a cup every night, and work on my word searches, coloring books, water color books from DG store, sticker books, challenging puzzles, I just stay in my bed, work on those books, listen to Christmas tunes ! Lol.....

I purchased a sack of those grand size marshmallows, Campfire brand, oh they are nice in a hot chocolate mug ! 

I use a cup of hot milk warmed in the microwave, then I pour in with a package of hot chocolate, ..I'm trying Best Choice hot chocolate tonight, very affordable 10 packages just $ 1 ......I will see how I enjoy this brand.....

Helps me warm up, I am cold at night often, my room doesn't heat well.....

That is my rest time, then I go to sleep after working on a book of puzzles or searches......

Tired. :(


Friday, December 15, 2017

Now more crap, harassing...

More idiots, harassing. Last nite yells about queers, fudge packin, got rid of my friends, you know everything bitch !! Ruined everything we had going, we can't get money now......Screams about holidays, Christmas money, that damn fug fake baby coming to my house for a Tonka truck to drive ???? Telling my mom he wants to come here to my house for Christmas bitch !

Screams about fake fug baby, I can tell it's not a j family baby, too fug, we are prettier babies ! yells about Japanese....she kills everybody I can't stand her ! Him or Japanese women or others.....

Screams about n family more about fug as hell baby, then screams about you can't touch her I want that estate f her ! They said I could have it, it's at OkCity, my friend stole some necklace and stuff, I want that ! If you prove she's involved in the crtl, we can bust her ass off man, and have money, furs, diamonds man, I'd marry her for that shit man ! Women and men talking all nationalities, and American speaking......?????? Yeah whatever.

Then they have engraved fake baby brothers and Chelsea fakes names on grandparents tombstone said He paid for it fake Z ??? My new shortstacks husband ????? Followed my mom and G. At DG at s town store, as Barbara Lott, and purchased way many sacks, she said a lot, so they are up to something over there, she said she was teeny, not herself as you know, so she spied back !

Then Tom Tom mccracks stopped them in road at s town...????

Screams about money again, diamonds I want it f her !!! It's not fair f her !!! Then I. H money screams, again, I worked that shit man I get 5 mil man !!! I want it now man. Sounded swirled way far east or north ???? Most the nite...

Calling as aunt Shirley, asking where Mimi is going for Christmas, said Natasha and her family are spending Christmas at nm resort....????....asking about fake fug baby, they screamed last nite we had the baby to get into family, it will get estate money, diamonds, we know so.....that was last night....

Stevie yelling that Japanese are playing Leroy to feed cows, hack my house, us ????

Keep screaming about aids, cancer, cats dying, dog is dead now bitch ! More same ol b.s......

Said we get all their land man, money, she's got so we can hit her now !?????

Evidently they are still plotting and planning ill intentions for me, us, with their money they get, using fug baby....

Said my mimi heard crickets last night and gallbladder pains bad ??? Is that good people or those trash techs ???? Scared....! For her...

Screams that your son, did this that we kill them all ??? I guess your son did something ???

Something about they got this land east, that's ours man, we get that too, tulsa is coming more they said ????

We get baby into house hacks them, kill them, money we get we use ! ????? I guess they think Christmas gifts and money ??????? Planning something....

They keep running their mouths off all the time, I hear interference, pops on my waves or ceiling......weirdness....static electricity bad.....chachachachajchaja I hear chatter, voices on heater, appliances, deflecting bad again..

They said the more I blog tell you about stuff, some wheel up there at OkCity gets madder and sends more around my home to kill me, harass, set me up ?????

Yeah, I never took a drug in my life, never sold a drug in my life, never slept with anyone ever in my life !!! Go ahead call me a weirdo, fat bitch, loser !!! I never been in crtl, never knew what this crap was, yet, I am constantly viciously attacked, harassed......

Last year they yelled that OkCity keeps all these creeps, weirdos around my home to set me up, kill me ????! Is that true ???? Corruption..! Said she will buy drugs or solicit from bshaw house or corner house, Sullivan Rogers house ????!!!!! I don't think so trash ! Said they spy on me for OkCity, tap all phones, listen with crooked fbi, dea equipment ???!!!!

Last nite they were mad, screaming, I could hear......Said they get vehicles soon ??? They are driving to cause more harassing......

They find something we get everything she has f her whale !

Just more.....I'm sure there will be more.

So tired of this..


Holly and the ivy......

I think the holly + the ivy is very beautiful this time of year.

The red berries, green sharp leaves, very noticeable for Christmas.......Very difficult to find these fresh, real, locally, I know the red berries are toxic, so never eat, never let pets ingest these either !

I think the fake artificial holly + the ivy are just as beautiful as the real, alive plant.......

The holly + the ivy represent Christmas to us I have heard.

The sharp green leaves represent Jesus crown of thorns, placed on his head, during crucifixion on the cross...

The red berries represent the drops of blood Jesus shed during the crucifixion.........

Very symbolic for Christmas....

I find the mini fresh / real Christmas plants for decorating at Wal-Mart, near bakery......fragrant some, all styles, types....the holly I think on one I found, can't be for sure....?

I enjoy these Christmas season with the holly + the ivy every year, the fake plants, great to decorate with.....rare to find holly + the ivy fresh / real locally....


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Just more crap...letter.

Last night harassing stevie or those others who hate me, talking about penis warts, ball hair, cancer ????

My balls are hairy man, big balls ???? Weirdos. Gross. They said, I was trying to rest at 1 am....

Then more b.s. about you have cancer bitch, turning off med techs bitch ! Your dying, your dog, cats are dead bitch, wake up bitch ! Grandparents, over now !

Sent me dreams about frozen body ??? Screams about fake brother wifey, fug can raise it bitch ! It needs money, clothes !!!????? More of that crap.

Screams about Rhiannon, still he's in love with her, blaming me Japanese c. Man is gone because of your fat mouth bitch ! I didn't know I had a fat mouth, oh but I am big mouth right ???? Fake Rhiannon.???

F ! D. C. I guess he's after them again, I laugh D. !

Money off over east ???! F them ! Lithuanian models they were f ' n  z had baby with one model from there, hot man, use that baby yeah !???????

Paraguay people suffer out here man, f them for that man !!????

Mad about Rogers house dump, missing his love Rachel fug h......they married in that house naked ???! It was so damn hot ! Stevie missing his old loves, oh my ! Talks about Morgan still he's still upset about

Sent me dream of nasty swelled buttholes !!! That was sick ! As I was trying to rest.....sicko !

Other voices, I f ' ed this, that fashion model for years man, or this that h wood, nashtrashvlle, man ! Obsessed with their conquers ! Yeah so great you have achieved that red neck, what a conquer in life to claim that kinda prize.......?????weird.....pathetic.....obsessed with fugs...

As travelling today screams on waves about tangles salon, m town, some nail shop at m town that's ours man ! Wal-Mart ??? Tessa said this, about our salon, shop ???? Whatever...

Mary r. voice calling Mimi about oil lease land at Darko, prying around innocently, trying to get her info, to sign paperwork, seems rather conniving, shady, dirty....fake Mary r......weirdos, corrupt....

Keeps repeating words at least twenty times over on my waves, makes me feel sick, screams at me about not sleeping around, being nasty, you won't live long bitch ! Your weird, you don't sleep with people, weird bitch ! Everyone f s people bitch ! Your not married bitch ! I'm not gay, never been a whore, pass around, I am a good person, very scarey, upsetting to be treated like this, by hacks on my waves or whatever, whoever this is, said they are going to send more down here bitch from Washington, damn how many more left ????!!!

Said more to kill you bitch ???! Nobody cares for you fat bitch....nobody will help you now, we are here bitch !

Screaming like crazy on my waves, weird popping sound on my waves at chicksha.....anxiety scared I am hacked bad again......I have anxieties terrible since I almost died 5 years ago hacked by zillions of people for 5 months.......I keep thinking it's going to happen to me, my pets, mom grandma again.....

Started hearing popping noise crickets again today me, my mom, Mimi, loud picking noise, oh, Lord, it scares me !

At Wal-Mart, in pickup......weird sounds popping in waves..

OkCity, something, rattles, gibberish, not over bitch, you are over !?????? Japanese sounding tone....

More about this stupid ol hop stop store, damn ! This must be some huge investment for them they think, they own that bitch ! Dea ???? Stay away from our store bitch, they take everything !!!!?????? F you ! More of that garbage.... eye roll...whatever....on and on they bitch and whine, scream when I go to r. s.....sick of this all.....

Screams about DG store in hometown bitch ! You ruin our style bitch, we own that store bitch, get out, rattles, gibberish, so I accidentally went into their store a month ago I guess, how terrible of me ! Haha......eye roll... something about Cyril, Fletcher, Elgin dollar stores f them yeah !??????

Boy, those nuts are fierce !

+ annoying.....eyeroll....

Whatever !


Pudding delight pie.....yum !

This is a nice holiday dessert, for Christmas, or New Years celebrating !!! :)  

If diabetic you can leave off crust, and use sugar free puddings, sugar free whipped topping, the low fat cream cheese.....

Enjoy !

The crust ingredients ---

1 + 1/2 cup flour
1 + 1/2 stick of butter or margarine
1 cup pecans, broken

1 cup powder sugar
8 oz. Package cream cheese, any brand
8 oz. Carton whipped topping

1 package instant vanilla pudding grand box
1 package instant chocolate pudding grand box
3 cups cold milk

First layer : this is the crust, bottom !

Mix together in 9 x 13 inch pan, flour, butter / margarine, and chopped pecans. Place in pan and bake 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Cool totally. Watch oven temps, check often, not to become too dark, easily burns !

Second layer :

Blend powder sugar, and cream cheese, pour over cooled crust, chill in refrigerator.

Third layer :

Prepare vanilla instant pudding as next layer, pour over cream cheese layer.

Prepare chocolate instant pudding as next layer, pour over that are layering !

Fourth layer Finally ! Top with whipped topping from carton, all of it.

Very nice, pudding delight, pie..

This is nice for many to enjoy, creates much for everyone.

I enjoy this yearly with everyone.

Keep chilled in icebox.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Harassing today driving...

Started harassing my waves today, at r. s. Dollar store, grocery store, started seeing many teenys, following me, in stores, highway.....seen a lot of masks.....they have masks still everywhere you can tell, screamed at me a few months ago, about they think they can find a chip in my mask !!! I have mine ! There's no way man ! ???? Whatever mask with chips ???

More yelling about Z, fake baby you ruined Christmas money for us ! This baby you can raise fat bitch ! I don't think so, that's filth they keep trying to drag over here and get in my house with to harm us.!!!!....I think that is upsetting allowed in our house after all this hacking my mind, I get anxiety over these fakes, my mom is terribly angry, she is mad as hell.....him and his b.s. he caused, not mad at you at all ! Just all his big high wheelin, snob shit ! He's another one nothing's ever good enough, know it all......they..keep questioning me about all this, then Mimi, G. Still in dark over all this a rut here with family questions, holiday stress.... help !!! Smoke signals ! S.O.S.....!!!

I know how stressful this has to be but I'm tired, as all get out.....

Yelled on my waves today crap about fake Z, screamed you just got rid of Mr c. Japanese bitch !!! F you fat whale ! They will kill you now bitch ! You have f ' ed yourself over now with what you just did, bitch, going to kill you, they are coming !!! All this yelling on my waves as I drove home.......just more crooked crap....

Screams about this hop stop store in r. s that's ours stay out bitch, we can kill you with our power we have intelligence, to kill you bitch ! You bow down, we are here we are taking you east bitch !!! I just yelled back. Said yeah whatever a hole, same ol same ol b.s......just crazy out of control, and Stevie, shouting too, about his friends fakes, this Z whatever version he is....???and some Japanese bitch trafficking whore he was with ......

Mad about money they screamed more of that over east bitch, have a house for you east bitch !!! Dallas people, California man out here ???? Baltimore ??? Paraguay people suffer bitch rich whore !!! Whatever......I think some nuts are loose all around here....nasty queer talk fudge packin, tranny, just creepy.....Sick and tired of hearing all this b.s.....I hate all them....Sick of queers.....Brandon s !!!!

Threats to kill me again, f you man ! Banny rooster strut, I guess Japanese, I wish I could have peace in my more harassing....OkCity is ready bitch ! Something about fbi, dea, crooked...???

I think I am so tired more blood goo going on, down there, very tired weird feeling, thanks to you guys all for ending my stupid sinus infection I love you all ! Still not feeling well, but it's everything you know...

Love, julie

Monday, December 11, 2017


The Lord is my strength and my shield. 
My heart trusts in him. 

Psalm 28

Can't sleep !!! Another's 2 am...

Harassing all day, nite, as always.....sending me sick pervert gay dreams about nasty sex, fags, hairy buttholes!!!!???? Sicko weirdo creep......saying he will commit suicide in my yard, and about Japanese again, oh here we go as everyday about those idiots, dumbass cry baby bitches, over east.....!!!

Screamed yesterday on my waves, day before chicksha, d town, about fag Japanese man following me at chicksha on Friday, at Dollar tree, then yesterday at d town, followed me all over stores....staring, creepy, gay.....Japanese cashier in mask, teeny, staring at me, glaring whole time as mom grandma checked out purchases, she was high as hell in mask, I could tell, stevie said that cashier is dead now bitch !!!! Because she knows who you are bitch ! Said Japanese c...last name, he knows you know his ass bitch ! Oh, damn, guess I won't buy drugs from them ! Won't leave me alone, stalkers !

Screamed yesterday because I was thinking about fish for dinner at L. John's silver's, because I like the fish with malt vinegar, I always have, so now I am a lesbian because I had fish there for my birthday years ago ???????! What in the world does that mean ????!!!! I am not gay ! Never have been !!! They keep screaming your a lesbian bitch ! Whale you eat fish ! ?????? You never sleep with anyone, never married !!!! You are gay bitch, said cousin M was gay too ???? I don't think so !!!! I think gays are over east there mad I am a good person not involved in anything !!! Screams about diamonds, fudge packin ?? Penis length, hair on buttholes, dreams sent to me about gay sex shit !!!! Sick pervs.....fags ! Keep screaming on my waves about Brandon s.......I don't need this......

Screamed on my waves, you won't sleep with anyone bitch, or sell buy drugs bitch f you whale !!!! I guess I know what this is about, mad because they're caught up with again, yelled they would kill me, something about Z, baby, boyfriends, money we get that bitch !?????????

And more b.s. screams blaming me, as always I ruined their lives, yeah well I don't give a shit if I did, I'm glad they are ruined, I guess glad means something gay right now, I'm gay for saying glad ?????!!!!

Mashed on my female insides while I was outdoors yesterday, it hurt terrible, I was bleeding he said he did that, while outdoors before after that I heard voices swirling outside, stevie was yelling something about fags gays up at bshaw house, I saw him dressed as a bshaw yesterday.....ooh, I'm so scared ! Bwahaha..

More yells about pumpkin cat is dead ! Tigger cat is dead, Rocky cat, dog all dead bitch, says this on my waves every second, said Japanese gays up road are prostitutes with equipment to hurt , hack me, Jill my pets, mom......she walks in our pasture for exercise and they scream all day,  night long, can't even walk, live on our own property without harassment, something about your brother over east from nc, nyork ???? Trying to kill me over money ????

I wish he'd leave my dog alone too, I wish he could run free, I am so scared they will rape, dognap him they said he has to go back to his owner ???!! He's my dog ! I took care of him........also still making my cat tigger pee in same corner on carpet, dump truck load of pee, everyday, he behaves crazy and meows at ceiling, he said Japanese up north this road doing this bitch ! You won't prostitute, have our money bitch ! So saying they will have me raped, killed trafficking me !!!!!! Threats like this bring out sawed off shotguns !!!

Said they own my road here, OkCity owns your ass now bitch !????? I don't think so.....I still don't know what this is about with those losers, idiots, my trash family's loser followers, trash !!!! Blaming me for everything, all about money, diamonds...????....I don't even know any of these people !!!! Creepy ! Stalkers, aids, rapists gonna rape me and cousin M....????? Calling me fat whale, talk of a house they are killing me in ????

Making fun of s. h, and l. h, being mean, about them, screams about dollar stores, dollar tree, grocery at m town, water pressure ??? Our water pressure is low.......I know that...Wal-Mart, you ruin everything bitch !!! Yawn......Screams about money, money, I get 25 million man off over east man, yeah, I. h. Money, Dallas man ????? Dea, fbi crooked talk money, man, yeah I get 25 million off that man, she, he said.....????

Screams because I went to r. s, grocery, hop n sack, dollar store, Phillip m nasty bitch, money f you bitch ! Hop n sack, nasty old store, hop stop bitch new ! Dea owns that, we are doing that bitch stay out bitch !

M crtl bitch I get that man, f her man M crtl man ???!! More of that nasty mean about my mom because she's an M family, my mom is not a whore, never has been never will be, never sold or taken drugs, good mom......Said she's gonna die too bitch ! Take her over east to live bitch.......yeah well my mom would tear them up, she's tough as hell.....they try to send her over east, they'd regret that shit she's already mad as hell over how stupid my brother has been messing in this trash mess !!!! They'd regret ever getting a hold of me or her !!!.....I'd laugh about how long they would last, I'm ready to tear them up right now over all this stalking, harassing b.s. !!!!

Screams about Washington d.c., you f everyone over bitch, hating on d, j, fake Japanese players ?????

Sick of Japanese talk about tulsa, Ada, n family, my cousin M is dead, then alive, money diamonds, rape, aids, cancer, hurting my grandparents, Mimi, harassing with equipment, why does stevie have the equipment, he's suicidal, messed up on dope, annoying as hell, obsessed with me, nastiness old girlfriends, gays, sex.....weird, needs help or whatever.

Tired of my life, screams every time I leave my home, drive, travel, shower, live whatever I am doing ruins his, their lives.......Sick of it !

Just more of the clown act, dumbasses, losers, fags, whores, dope, idiots, cry baby bitchin, harassing wah wah, this bitch don't care trash.....just as my whole life, sick of them, this b.s., crtl b.s., losers, just like hillbilly trash big wheels, low wheels in my family, I am sick, stressed, tired of all this corruption b.s......Screams about M, he said this, that f him man !!! Guess he's tearing them up, wah wah ! Losers. Cry baby bitches, just laugh M.....!

Being stuck in the middle of a bunch of cry babies, weirdos, freaks, drug heads, creeps since ' 81......everyday is halloween, and they wonder why I just laugh at these losers ????? Really ??? Ooh, I'm scared of these morons.....oh, I'm upset......wah.....! I'm upset I can't get rid of them, and rest, sleep at night !!!! I stay sick all the time......I guess I was created for this b.s......Tired....annoyed, exhausted.

Sorry I wrote you another letter, they said you are angry I write letters, said it embarrasses you guys....??? Sorry...


Friday, December 8, 2017

A letter, again harassing...

Bitching, waking me up harassing, yelling on my waves in house, deflecting, more of the clown show up north crying about bshaw house, Chad dump corner trailer of losers....

Little wing ? He said this that, I guess that is some other dumbass.

I'm sick, exhausted, cannot sleep, rest for that clown act up the road, waves harassment, stevies b.s., cry I g, bitching about stuff and losers I don't even know.....wah ! More of their crying around about h wood trash, nashtrashvlle, their friend so and so, this that, these weirdos are obsessed with big wheel trash, I don't give a damn about, go cry to somebody else idiots I don't care !

Stevie harassing about selling dope at my grandparents old house ???! They took this that, made us leave, the key is gone bitch !!??????Yeah more corruption.

Harassing about animal rape, my blue cow was raped, killed with satellite ????!!!!my cat, dead, grandparents mystery deaths ????More of that b.s....

Shortstacks looted and sold my grandparents house online baby pics of me naked ???!!!! Records and player ???!!

Screams about shortstacks, little wing ???! He's alive fat bitch ! I don't leave bitch !

Screamed because I went to r. s. Yesterday, you bitch, I'm going to kill myself, f you bitch, stevie I think on my waves screaming about that, a damn house shortstacks looted by a road, he's marrying you bitch !!!!

Harassing about Jared fakes nasty fug baby shit, Christmas, Japanese are playing them want baby gifts for fug baby bitch, you can't stop us bitch, we lost money now on this bitch ! Yeah my mom is mad as hell, she heard that, buy that damn fug fake baby a gift bitch, I am so damn sick of this b.s. !!!!!

D. C., bitching about him, he did this that, f you bitch, he's over now..

Can't a nice girl just rest, sleep all night ???

Harassing pumpkin cat and tigger all night, meowing at ceiling, hope not hacked ! Better check, harassing my mom about crickets again yesterday....

Oh well... --- Julie, that ol lard ass.

word searches, variety puzzles + games books !!!......

Brr ! It has been very cold lately, I have been sick with a sinus infection, type flu, allergies ! Sneezing not feeling so great.....chills, bone pain......

Enjoying setting near the heater, electric blanket, keeps me warm......blankets, very warm......Enjoying hot chocolate a cup or so lately to warm up.....Brr !  

While enjoying the late evening I drink a nice cup of hot chocolate, in a fave mug, very cute ! I go to my table or my bed and work in the word search books, or any of those often challenging variety puzzles n games books ! Just laugh, these are fun, challenging, but hey I adore working in these books.......I use colorful marker sets, gel pens, any colorful writing pen, listen to Christmas music.......haha ! All while battling the flu, allergies.....ah -- Choo ! Sneezy !  :p

I have always enjoyed word searches + the variety puzzles n games books, all sizes, styles, challenges, I purchase these at Wal-Mart, dollar General ( has plenty ) oh my goodness ! Family Dollar, and dollar grandma told me these are good to work on and focus your worries, stress and troubles onto these word searches, puzzles books.......she's right, they work ! Lol......I keep right on working in these books, right now, I am enjoying the Christmas word searches......

Very affordable, all prices, styles, combo books with variety different puzzles, I even enjoy the children's word searches, I find, very cute !

Brands of these books, plenty !

Penny Dell Press
Vision St.

Or the sticker books, I find often for doodling, coloring, all ages.....I recently found Christmas sticker book at Wal-Mart, activity, affix stickers, only $ 4 / book Parragon ! Beaver books is a brand I found for the sticker books, children's, very nice, affordable....

I love Highlights children's work books, sticker books, circle n find, pictures, at Wal-Mart, medium size book, about $ 8 / book, I still adore these now that I am older !

The Variety Puzzles + Games books styles available, these often a challenge but enjoyable ----

Alphabet soup
Anagram Magic Square
Brick by Brick
Cross Pairs word seeks
Crypto -- Families
Double Trouble
Logic puzzles
Flower Power
Large Print Crosswords
Large Print Cryptograms
Large Print Missing Vowels
Match -- up
Missing List word seeks
Missing Vowels
Number Fill -- in
Number Seek
Places, Please
Share a letter
Simon Says
Stretch letters
The Shadow
Threes Company
What's left
Word games puzzles 
Fill in
Secret word
Good time

Very nice to enjoy, challenge yourself on paper, I adore these !!! I truly enjoy the grand size books with many combo variety games n puzzles......nice gifts, add some colorful pens, markers ! Have fun, affordable !

I found a bumble bee keychain at Dollar General, very cute ! Plush, I enjoy any bumblebee plush, figurine, anything, I think they are bright and pretty !

Biscolata stars, cookies, mini pack just $ 1 / at family dollar or other stores, yum ! I love these !........

And........I found Pillsbury bakery scented candles, real, at stores, scent nicely ! Pillsbury has many items for purchase, great for bakers ! Never leave candles burning unattended.....


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Presents, being thoughtful, at holidays....

Purchasing a present / gift for those you know, love, adore is always very thoughtful this time of year !

Christmas holiday is a time for togetherness, celebrating, exchanging gifts, in honor of Jesus Christ birthday ! A world ginormous birthday party !  :)

Thinking of the perfect gift for our loved ones, can be challenging, but just remember, it is a gift to show we think of, love, care for those people...

A present / gift doesn't have to be pricey, name brand, well known label, it can be any price, any store, anything they would enjoy, anything affordable....

It doesn't matter where a present is purchased, simple store or more less cost.......never be snobby about a present you are given from another, say thank you....!

Purchasing gifts for children, you know less pricey, more affordable, children just usually happy to be given presents, clothing, shoes, plush animals, board games, music + players, mini toys, some ideas there......

Gift giving to those you don't know, as in the Angel tree + toy drives, purchase as you think you would enjoy as that child on the gift wish list, wishes for.....

Silly Santa gifts are those fun, random, cheap gifts you purchase take to Christmas parties, number on paper and draw from bowl, choose small silly Santa gifts, choose something childish, silly, purchase something for $ 1 / throw it in Christmas bag, small.........have fun, laugh ! Nothing nasty !

Gifts are for everyone. Don't matter the cost, where it came from, what store, what brand / label.......Thinking of others matters, show we care at this time of year, and always !


Another letter..... # 100055433

More harassing, yelling last night, screams about my brother, Chelsea fakes fug troll baby crap fake.....this baby you ruin it all bitch trying to make money for other people doing this now bitch ! Yeah it feels great to know the shams, and corruption for money add more b.s., stress to our lives ! Eye roll.....annoying !

Mimi being harassed by someone flies, bees, crickets too loud making her sick today, help !!! Wave hacking ! Stevie said he was harassing her across road to kill her because she's not involved in this bitch they want her money !!! He yelled, throw him in the tank, take his equipment, damn ! He needs want an aggravator to harass the hell out of somebody you sure picked the right one to harass people with equipment ! Give him a job harassing some trash slut somewhere or other corrupt idiots.

Causing tigger cat to pee in certain places in home, just as Rocky cat peeing in same areas, weird surveillance, hacks ! Said he is doing this and Japanese up the road at those houses, bshaw house probably.......

Japanese chatter screams sounded across road yesterday talking on ours we own I 35 bitch ! Japanese c. In charge of this over east ! Same ol crap....f you bitch ! Screaming about Austin tx, here f them ! Sounds weird sounding in air...

Heard Z fake voice screaming blaming me his family is dead, f you pig ! This bitch ! F you, his voice trailing in the air, screams last nite early am....Screams about trannys gays again......eyeroll, weirdos all of them anyway ! Said he lives at bshaw house to marry me ??? I don't think so ! He's a weirdo, z fake or Japanese tranny man ???! Said he hacks my home, waves, internet house phone, cell phone, why is he still around here, allowed to rule he said ! Shortstacks, small fry people they said ????! Damn ! Hellllp !

Screams Assmog, emotept ????

Shit across road from your house bitch f you man !????

Water pressure is very low here at home, I guess water is low now because big wheel Davis clan or Japanese sold all the damn water, how's that legal that went on, we called state water works, oh it's fine, probably crooked fbi or crooked state govt, anyhow water pressure low.....More shit ! They all caused.....

Oh. More about that stupid I. H. Money z said this that f him, them man, I worked on that bitch man !!! ?????it continues...yawn....

My Mimi is very upset, angry confused, questions constant about her land she let Phillip free rent, I just laugh, I guess Frankie the land he wanted after so long, years back I heard him screaming at me he wanted their land, it was a weird dream with sound.......Mickey m, will b, all that nasty smartass crew said they'd kill her, called her ugly buck tooth mummy, bitch ! But I told you all that, I try explaining everything, but I guess y'all will ? I tired of this stress, mess, legal purposes they question everything about banking info, land, things in will, because of Philip corruption.....stress !
My mom is angry, stress, confusion, G.. will not believe us about all this, and fakes trying to get Christmas gifts, money come to the house, they said Japanese trash was coming for Christmas I don't know how to keep them away, my mom is livid ! Helllllp ! I've had enough, tough to explain all this best I can, but they're angry, tired too....

I suffer as always because of trash worthless family and other worthless trash people and their corruption, but as always f Julie that lazy fat bitch ! My whole life never good enough for anyone, under a microscope, whole life, never good enough, now I see how not perfect they all have been, I could see thru it all....whole time

Constant b.s. screams about bshaw house, Shawn t fug gay son, Rogers house, h wood and nashtrashvlle again, said that I have to be friends with them ! I would never be friends with that worthless slut garbage, backstabbing, all after nice girls to hurt, yeah be friends bitch ! I say f them ! Worthless nasty big wheels, fugs ! They yelled f you my friend from h wood trashnashvlle is gone bitch ! I am so damn tired of hearing crap about some stupid celebrity h wood person, I don't know none of those idiots, trash ! F you mm !!! They yell....

Diamonds ? Talk about that, yells, chatter, chachachacha......More of that b.s......Louisiana people more of that crap, ???! I guess Sandy p big jugs people......??

Madill, Idabel, Houston they said this or something chachachacha f them man !?????

Robot voice playing in next room, he said l.h. had to play this ???? Makes me sick feeling...

Talking about k. Jacobi gay fug, and Brandon s., gay fugs why ???! I don't even remember them, that's old crap from school....20 yrs ago, why are we chattering about that b.s. ???

I am very exhausted, ill, sick of this crap, it's gotta stop with this !!!! Tell the health techs, wf, thank you so much for helping me, us, my pets, I miss you, love you guys, girls all, thanks for saving my life all these years, you deserve everything !!!  :)

Tell k. sovo hello ! Can't wait to see you, happy you're not mad at me ! Miss you love you ! Hugs ! 

Love, julie