Friday, December 15, 2017

Now more crap, harassing...

More idiots, harassing. Last nite yells about queers, fudge packin, got rid of my friends, you know everything bitch !! Ruined everything we had going, we can't get money now......Screams about holidays, Christmas money, that damn fug fake baby coming to my house for a Tonka truck to drive ???? Telling my mom he wants to come here to my house for Christmas bitch !

Screams about fake fug baby, I can tell it's not a j family baby, too fug, we are prettier babies ! yells about Japanese....she kills everybody I can't stand her ! Him or Japanese women or others.....

Screams about n family more about fug as hell baby, then screams about you can't touch her I want that estate f her ! They said I could have it, it's at OkCity, my friend stole some necklace and stuff, I want that ! If you prove she's involved in the crtl, we can bust her ass off man, and have money, furs, diamonds man, I'd marry her for that shit man ! Women and men talking all nationalities, and American speaking......?????? Yeah whatever.

Then they have engraved fake baby brothers and Chelsea fakes names on grandparents tombstone said He paid for it fake Z ??? My new shortstacks husband ????? Followed my mom and G. At DG at s town store, as Barbara Lott, and purchased way many sacks, she said a lot, so they are up to something over there, she said she was teeny, not herself as you know, so she spied back !

Then Tom Tom mccracks stopped them in road at s town...????

Screams about money again, diamonds I want it f her !!! It's not fair f her !!! Then I. H money screams, again, I worked that shit man I get 5 mil man !!! I want it now man. Sounded swirled way far east or north ???? Most the nite...

Calling as aunt Shirley, asking where Mimi is going for Christmas, said Natasha and her family are spending Christmas at nm resort....????....asking about fake fug baby, they screamed last nite we had the baby to get into family, it will get estate money, diamonds, we know so.....that was last night....

Stevie yelling that Japanese are playing Leroy to feed cows, hack my house, us ????

Keep screaming about aids, cancer, cats dying, dog is dead now bitch ! More same ol b.s......

Said we get all their land man, money, she's got so we can hit her now !?????

Evidently they are still plotting and planning ill intentions for me, us, with their money they get, using fug baby....

Said my mimi heard crickets last night and gallbladder pains bad ??? Is that good people or those trash techs ???? Scared....! For her...

Screams that your son, did this that we kill them all ??? I guess your son did something ???

Something about they got this land east, that's ours man, we get that too, tulsa is coming more they said ????

We get baby into house hacks them, kill them, money we get we use ! ????? I guess they think Christmas gifts and money ??????? Planning something....

They keep running their mouths off all the time, I hear interference, pops on my waves or ceiling......weirdness....static electricity bad.....chachachachajchaja I hear chatter, voices on heater, appliances, deflecting bad again..

They said the more I blog tell you about stuff, some wheel up there at OkCity gets madder and sends more around my home to kill me, harass, set me up ?????

Yeah, I never took a drug in my life, never sold a drug in my life, never slept with anyone ever in my life !!! Go ahead call me a weirdo, fat bitch, loser !!! I never been in crtl, never knew what this crap was, yet, I am constantly viciously attacked, harassed......

Last year they yelled that OkCity keeps all these creeps, weirdos around my home to set me up, kill me ????! Is that true ???? Corruption..! Said she will buy drugs or solicit from bshaw house or corner house, Sullivan Rogers house ????!!!!! I don't think so trash ! Said they spy on me for OkCity, tap all phones, listen with crooked fbi, dea equipment ???!!!!

Last nite they were mad, screaming, I could hear......Said they get vehicles soon ??? They are driving to cause more harassing......

They find something we get everything she has f her whale !

Just more.....I'm sure there will be more.

So tired of this..


Holly and the ivy......

I think the holly + the ivy is very beautiful this time of year.

The red berries, green sharp leaves, very noticeable for Christmas.......Very difficult to find these fresh, real, locally, I know the red berries are toxic, so never eat, never let pets ingest these either !

I think the fake artificial holly + the ivy are just as beautiful as the real, alive plant.......

The holly + the ivy represent Christmas to us I have heard.

The sharp green leaves represent Jesus crown of thorns, placed on his head, during crucifixion on the cross...

The red berries represent the drops of blood Jesus shed during the crucifixion.........

Very symbolic for Christmas....

I find the mini fresh / real Christmas plants for decorating at Wal-Mart, near bakery......fragrant some, all styles, types....the holly I think on one I found, can't be for sure....?

I enjoy these Christmas season with the holly + the ivy every year, the fake plants, great to decorate with.....rare to find holly + the ivy fresh / real locally....


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Just more crap...letter.

Last night harassing stevie or those others who hate me, talking about penis warts, ball hair, cancer ????

My balls are hairy man, big balls ???? Weirdos. Gross. They said, I was trying to rest at 1 am....

Then more b.s. about you have cancer bitch, turning off med techs bitch ! Your dying, your dog, cats are dead bitch, wake up bitch ! Grandparents, over now !

Sent me dreams about frozen body ??? Screams about fake brother wifey, fug can raise it bitch ! It needs money, clothes !!!????? More of that crap.

Screams about Rhiannon, still he's in love with her, blaming me Japanese c. Man is gone because of your fat mouth bitch ! I didn't know I had a fat mouth, oh but I am big mouth right ???? Fake Rhiannon.???

F ! D. C. I guess he's after them again, I laugh D. !

Money off over east ???! F them ! Lithuanian models they were f ' n  z had baby with one model from there, hot man, use that baby yeah !???????

Paraguay people suffer out here man, f them for that man !!????

Mad about Rogers house dump, missing his love Rachel fug h......they married in that house naked ???! It was so damn hot ! Stevie missing his old loves, oh my ! Talks about Morgan still he's still upset about

Sent me dream of nasty swelled buttholes !!! That was sick ! As I was trying to rest.....sicko !

Other voices, I f ' ed this, that fashion model for years man, or this that h wood, nashtrashvlle, man ! Obsessed with their conquers ! Yeah so great you have achieved that red neck, what a conquer in life to claim that kinda prize.......?????weird.....pathetic.....obsessed with fugs...

As travelling today screams on waves about tangles salon, m town, some nail shop at m town that's ours man ! Wal-Mart ??? Tessa said this, about our salon, shop ???? Whatever...

Mary r. voice calling Mimi about oil lease land at Darko, prying around innocently, trying to get her info, to sign paperwork, seems rather conniving, shady, dirty....fake Mary r......weirdos, corrupt....

Keeps repeating words at least twenty times over on my waves, makes me feel sick, screams at me about not sleeping around, being nasty, you won't live long bitch ! Your weird, you don't sleep with people, weird bitch ! Everyone f s people bitch ! Your not married bitch ! I'm not gay, never been a whore, pass around, I am a good person, very scarey, upsetting to be treated like this, by hacks on my waves or whatever, whoever this is, said they are going to send more down here bitch from Washington, damn how many more left ????!!!

Said more to kill you bitch ???! Nobody cares for you fat bitch....nobody will help you now, we are here bitch !

Screaming like crazy on my waves, weird popping sound on my waves at chicksha.....anxiety scared I am hacked bad again......I have anxieties terrible since I almost died 5 years ago hacked by zillions of people for 5 months.......I keep thinking it's going to happen to me, my pets, mom grandma again.....

Started hearing popping noise crickets again today me, my mom, Mimi, loud picking noise, oh, Lord, it scares me !

At Wal-Mart, in pickup......weird sounds popping in waves..

OkCity, something, rattles, gibberish, not over bitch, you are over !?????? Japanese sounding tone....

More about this stupid ol hop stop store, damn ! This must be some huge investment for them they think, they own that bitch ! Dea ???? Stay away from our store bitch, they take everything !!!!?????? F you ! More of that garbage.... eye roll...whatever....on and on they bitch and whine, scream when I go to r. s.....sick of this all.....

Screams about DG store in hometown bitch ! You ruin our style bitch, we own that store bitch, get out, rattles, gibberish, so I accidentally went into their store a month ago I guess, how terrible of me ! Haha......eye roll... something about Cyril, Fletcher, Elgin dollar stores f them yeah !??????

Boy, those nuts are fierce !

+ annoying.....eyeroll....

Whatever !


Pudding delight pie.....yum !

This is a nice holiday dessert, for Christmas, or New Years celebrating !!! :)  

If diabetic you can leave off crust, and use sugar free puddings, sugar free whipped topping, the low fat cream cheese.....

Enjoy !

The crust ingredients ---

1 + 1/2 cup flour
1 + 1/2 stick of butter or margarine
1 cup pecans, broken

1 cup powder sugar
8 oz. Package cream cheese, any brand
8 oz. Carton whipped topping

1 package instant vanilla pudding grand box
1 package instant chocolate pudding grand box
3 cups cold milk

First layer : this is the crust, bottom !

Mix together in 9 x 13 inch pan, flour, butter / margarine, and chopped pecans. Place in pan and bake 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Cool totally. Watch oven temps, check often, not to become too dark, easily burns !

Second layer :

Blend powder sugar, and cream cheese, pour over cooled crust, chill in refrigerator.

Third layer :

Prepare vanilla instant pudding as next layer, pour over cream cheese layer.

Prepare chocolate instant pudding as next layer, pour over that are layering !

Fourth layer Finally ! Top with whipped topping from carton, all of it.

Very nice, pudding delight, pie..

This is nice for many to enjoy, creates much for everyone.

I enjoy this yearly with everyone.

Keep chilled in icebox.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Harassing today driving...

Started harassing my waves today, at r. s. Dollar store, grocery store, started seeing many teenys, following me, in stores, highway.....seen a lot of masks.....they have masks still everywhere you can tell, screamed at me a few months ago, about they think they can find a chip in my mask !!! I have mine ! There's no way man ! ???? Whatever mask with chips ???

More yelling about Z, fake baby you ruined Christmas money for us ! This baby you can raise fat bitch ! I don't think so, that's filth they keep trying to drag over here and get in my house with to harm us.!!!!....I think that is upsetting allowed in our house after all this hacking my mind, I get anxiety over these fakes, my mom is terribly angry, she is mad as hell.....him and his b.s. he caused, not mad at you at all ! Just all his big high wheelin, snob shit ! He's another one nothing's ever good enough, know it all......they..keep questioning me about all this, then Mimi, G. Still in dark over all this a rut here with family questions, holiday stress.... help !!! Smoke signals ! S.O.S.....!!!

I know how stressful this has to be but I'm tired, as all get out.....

Yelled on my waves today crap about fake Z, screamed you just got rid of Mr c. Japanese bitch !!! F you fat whale ! They will kill you now bitch ! You have f ' ed yourself over now with what you just did, bitch, going to kill you, they are coming !!! All this yelling on my waves as I drove home.......just more crooked crap....

Screams about this hop stop store in r. s that's ours stay out bitch, we can kill you with our power we have intelligence, to kill you bitch ! You bow down, we are here we are taking you east bitch !!! I just yelled back. Said yeah whatever a hole, same ol same ol b.s......just crazy out of control, and Stevie, shouting too, about his friends fakes, this Z whatever version he is....???and some Japanese bitch trafficking whore he was with ......

Mad about money they screamed more of that over east bitch, have a house for you east bitch !!! Dallas people, California man out here ???? Baltimore ??? Paraguay people suffer bitch rich whore !!! Whatever......I think some nuts are loose all around here....nasty queer talk fudge packin, tranny, just creepy.....Sick and tired of hearing all this b.s.....I hate all them....Sick of queers.....Brandon s !!!!

Threats to kill me again, f you man ! Banny rooster strut, I guess Japanese, I wish I could have peace in my more harassing....OkCity is ready bitch ! Something about fbi, dea, crooked...???

I think I am so tired more blood goo going on, down there, very tired weird feeling, thanks to you guys all for ending my stupid sinus infection I love you all ! Still not feeling well, but it's everything you know...

Love, julie

Monday, December 11, 2017


The Lord is my strength and my shield. 
My heart trusts in him. 

Psalm 28

Can't sleep !!! Another's 2 am...

Harassing all day, nite, as always.....sending me sick pervert gay dreams about nasty sex, fags, hairy buttholes!!!!???? Sicko weirdo creep......saying he will commit suicide in my yard, and about Japanese again, oh here we go as everyday about those idiots, dumbass cry baby bitches, over east.....!!!

Screamed yesterday on my waves, day before chicksha, d town, about fag Japanese man following me at chicksha on Friday, at Dollar tree, then yesterday at d town, followed me all over stores....staring, creepy, gay.....Japanese cashier in mask, teeny, staring at me, glaring whole time as mom grandma checked out purchases, she was high as hell in mask, I could tell, stevie said that cashier is dead now bitch !!!! Because she knows who you are bitch ! Said Japanese c...last name, he knows you know his ass bitch ! Oh, damn, guess I won't buy drugs from them ! Won't leave me alone, stalkers !

Screamed yesterday because I was thinking about fish for dinner at L. John's silver's, because I like the fish with malt vinegar, I always have, so now I am a lesbian because I had fish there for my birthday years ago ???????! What in the world does that mean ????!!!! I am not gay ! Never have been !!! They keep screaming your a lesbian bitch ! Whale you eat fish ! ?????? You never sleep with anyone, never married !!!! You are gay bitch, said cousin M was gay too ???? I don't think so !!!! I think gays are over east there mad I am a good person not involved in anything !!! Screams about diamonds, fudge packin ?? Penis length, hair on buttholes, dreams sent to me about gay sex shit !!!! Sick pervs.....fags ! Keep screaming on my waves about Brandon s.......I don't need this......

Screamed on my waves, you won't sleep with anyone bitch, or sell buy drugs bitch f you whale !!!! I guess I know what this is about, mad because they're caught up with again, yelled they would kill me, something about Z, baby, boyfriends, money we get that bitch !?????????

And more b.s. screams blaming me, as always I ruined their lives, yeah well I don't give a shit if I did, I'm glad they are ruined, I guess glad means something gay right now, I'm gay for saying glad ?????!!!!

Mashed on my female insides while I was outdoors yesterday, it hurt terrible, I was bleeding he said he did that, while outdoors before after that I heard voices swirling outside, stevie was yelling something about fags gays up at bshaw house, I saw him dressed as a bshaw yesterday.....ooh, I'm so scared ! Bwahaha..

More yells about pumpkin cat is dead ! Tigger cat is dead, Rocky cat, dog all dead bitch, says this on my waves every second, said Japanese gays up road are prostitutes with equipment to hurt , hack me, Jill my pets, mom......she walks in our pasture for exercise and they scream all day,  night long, can't even walk, live on our own property without harassment, something about your brother over east from nc, nyork ???? Trying to kill me over money ????

I wish he'd leave my dog alone too, I wish he could run free, I am so scared they will rape, dognap him they said he has to go back to his owner ???!! He's my dog ! I took care of him........also still making my cat tigger pee in same corner on carpet, dump truck load of pee, everyday, he behaves crazy and meows at ceiling, he said Japanese up north this road doing this bitch ! You won't prostitute, have our money bitch ! So saying they will have me raped, killed trafficking me !!!!!! Threats like this bring out sawed off shotguns !!!

Said they own my road here, OkCity owns your ass now bitch !????? I don't think so.....I still don't know what this is about with those losers, idiots, my trash family's loser followers, trash !!!! Blaming me for everything, all about money, diamonds...????....I don't even know any of these people !!!! Creepy ! Stalkers, aids, rapists gonna rape me and cousin M....????? Calling me fat whale, talk of a house they are killing me in ????

Making fun of s. h, and l. h, being mean, about them, screams about dollar stores, dollar tree, grocery at m town, water pressure ??? Our water pressure is low.......I know that...Wal-Mart, you ruin everything bitch !!! Yawn......Screams about money, money, I get 25 million man off over east man, yeah, I. h. Money, Dallas man ????? Dea, fbi crooked talk money, man, yeah I get 25 million off that man, she, he said.....????

Screams because I went to r. s, grocery, hop n sack, dollar store, Phillip m nasty bitch, money f you bitch ! Hop n sack, nasty old store, hop stop bitch new ! Dea owns that, we are doing that bitch stay out bitch !

M crtl bitch I get that man, f her man M crtl man ???!! More of that nasty mean about my mom because she's an M family, my mom is not a whore, never has been never will be, never sold or taken drugs, good mom......Said she's gonna die too bitch ! Take her over east to live bitch.......yeah well my mom would tear them up, she's tough as hell.....they try to send her over east, they'd regret that shit she's already mad as hell over how stupid my brother has been messing in this trash mess !!!! They'd regret ever getting a hold of me or her !!!.....I'd laugh about how long they would last, I'm ready to tear them up right now over all this stalking, harassing b.s. !!!!

Screams about Washington d.c., you f everyone over bitch, hating on d, j, fake Japanese players ?????

Sick of Japanese talk about tulsa, Ada, n family, my cousin M is dead, then alive, money diamonds, rape, aids, cancer, hurting my grandparents, Mimi, harassing with equipment, why does stevie have the equipment, he's suicidal, messed up on dope, annoying as hell, obsessed with me, nastiness old girlfriends, gays, sex.....weird, needs help or whatever.

Tired of my life, screams every time I leave my home, drive, travel, shower, live whatever I am doing ruins his, their lives.......Sick of it !

Just more of the clown act, dumbasses, losers, fags, whores, dope, idiots, cry baby bitchin, harassing wah wah, this bitch don't care trash.....just as my whole life, sick of them, this b.s., crtl b.s., losers, just like hillbilly trash big wheels, low wheels in my family, I am sick, stressed, tired of all this corruption b.s......Screams about M, he said this, that f him man !!! Guess he's tearing them up, wah wah ! Losers. Cry baby bitches, just laugh M.....!

Being stuck in the middle of a bunch of cry babies, weirdos, freaks, drug heads, creeps since ' 81......everyday is halloween, and they wonder why I just laugh at these losers ????? Really ??? Ooh, I'm scared of these morons.....oh, I'm upset......wah.....! I'm upset I can't get rid of them, and rest, sleep at night !!!! I stay sick all the time......I guess I was created for this b.s......Tired....annoyed, exhausted.

Sorry I wrote you another letter, they said you are angry I write letters, said it embarrasses you guys....??? Sorry...


Friday, December 8, 2017

A letter, again harassing...

Bitching, waking me up harassing, yelling on my waves in house, deflecting, more of the clown show up north crying about bshaw house, Chad dump corner trailer of losers....

Little wing ? He said this that, I guess that is some other dumbass.

I'm sick, exhausted, cannot sleep, rest for that clown act up the road, waves harassment, stevies b.s., cry I g, bitching about stuff and losers I don't even know.....wah ! More of their crying around about h wood trash, nashtrashvlle, their friend so and so, this that, these weirdos are obsessed with big wheel trash, I don't give a damn about, go cry to somebody else idiots I don't care !

Stevie harassing about selling dope at my grandparents old house ???! They took this that, made us leave, the key is gone bitch !!??????Yeah more corruption.

Harassing about animal rape, my blue cow was raped, killed with satellite ????!!!!my cat, dead, grandparents mystery deaths ????More of that b.s....

Shortstacks looted and sold my grandparents house online baby pics of me naked ???!!!! Records and player ???!!

Screams about shortstacks, little wing ???! He's alive fat bitch ! I don't leave bitch !

Screamed because I went to r. s. Yesterday, you bitch, I'm going to kill myself, f you bitch, stevie I think on my waves screaming about that, a damn house shortstacks looted by a road, he's marrying you bitch !!!!

Harassing about Jared fakes nasty fug baby shit, Christmas, Japanese are playing them want baby gifts for fug baby bitch, you can't stop us bitch, we lost money now on this bitch ! Yeah my mom is mad as hell, she heard that, buy that damn fug fake baby a gift bitch, I am so damn sick of this b.s. !!!!!

D. C., bitching about him, he did this that, f you bitch, he's over now..

Can't a nice girl just rest, sleep all night ???

Harassing pumpkin cat and tigger all night, meowing at ceiling, hope not hacked ! Better check, harassing my mom about crickets again yesterday....

Oh well... --- Julie, that ol lard ass.

word searches, variety puzzles + games books !!!......

Brr ! It has been very cold lately, I have been sick with a sinus infection, type flu, allergies ! Sneezing not feeling so great.....chills, bone pain......

Enjoying setting near the heater, electric blanket, keeps me warm......blankets, very warm......Enjoying hot chocolate a cup or so lately to warm up.....Brr !  

While enjoying the late evening I drink a nice cup of hot chocolate, in a fave mug, very cute ! I go to my table or my bed and work in the word search books, or any of those often challenging variety puzzles n games books ! Just laugh, these are fun, challenging, but hey I adore working in these books.......I use colorful marker sets, gel pens, any colorful writing pen, listen to Christmas music.......haha ! All while battling the flu, allergies.....ah -- Choo ! Sneezy !  :p

I have always enjoyed word searches + the variety puzzles n games books, all sizes, styles, challenges, I purchase these at Wal-Mart, dollar General ( has plenty ) oh my goodness ! Family Dollar, and dollar grandma told me these are good to work on and focus your worries, stress and troubles onto these word searches, puzzles books.......she's right, they work ! Lol......I keep right on working in these books, right now, I am enjoying the Christmas word searches......

Very affordable, all prices, styles, combo books with variety different puzzles, I even enjoy the children's word searches, I find, very cute !

Brands of these books, plenty !

Penny Dell Press
Vision St.

Or the sticker books, I find often for doodling, coloring, all ages.....I recently found Christmas sticker book at Wal-Mart, activity, affix stickers, only $ 4 / book Parragon ! Beaver books is a brand I found for the sticker books, children's, very nice, affordable....

I love Highlights children's work books, sticker books, circle n find, pictures, at Wal-Mart, medium size book, about $ 8 / book, I still adore these now that I am older !

The Variety Puzzles + Games books styles available, these often a challenge but enjoyable ----

Alphabet soup
Anagram Magic Square
Brick by Brick
Cross Pairs word seeks
Crypto -- Families
Double Trouble
Logic puzzles
Flower Power
Large Print Crosswords
Large Print Cryptograms
Large Print Missing Vowels
Match -- up
Missing List word seeks
Missing Vowels
Number Fill -- in
Number Seek
Places, Please
Share a letter
Simon Says
Stretch letters
The Shadow
Threes Company
What's left
Word games puzzles 
Fill in
Secret word
Good time

Very nice to enjoy, challenge yourself on paper, I adore these !!! I truly enjoy the grand size books with many combo variety games n puzzles......nice gifts, add some colorful pens, markers ! Have fun, affordable !

I found a bumble bee keychain at Dollar General, very cute ! Plush, I enjoy any bumblebee plush, figurine, anything, I think they are bright and pretty !

Biscolata stars, cookies, mini pack just $ 1 / at family dollar or other stores, yum ! I love these !........

And........I found Pillsbury bakery scented candles, real, at stores, scent nicely ! Pillsbury has many items for purchase, great for bakers ! Never leave candles burning unattended.....


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Presents, being thoughtful, at holidays....

Purchasing a present / gift for those you know, love, adore is always very thoughtful this time of year !

Christmas holiday is a time for togetherness, celebrating, exchanging gifts, in honor of Jesus Christ birthday ! A world ginormous birthday party !  :)

Thinking of the perfect gift for our loved ones, can be challenging, but just remember, it is a gift to show we think of, love, care for those people...

A present / gift doesn't have to be pricey, name brand, well known label, it can be any price, any store, anything they would enjoy, anything affordable....

It doesn't matter where a present is purchased, simple store or more less cost.......never be snobby about a present you are given from another, say thank you....!

Purchasing gifts for children, you know less pricey, more affordable, children just usually happy to be given presents, clothing, shoes, plush animals, board games, music + players, mini toys, some ideas there......

Gift giving to those you don't know, as in the Angel tree + toy drives, purchase as you think you would enjoy as that child on the gift wish list, wishes for.....

Silly Santa gifts are those fun, random, cheap gifts you purchase take to Christmas parties, number on paper and draw from bowl, choose small silly Santa gifts, choose something childish, silly, purchase something for $ 1 / throw it in Christmas bag, small.........have fun, laugh ! Nothing nasty !

Gifts are for everyone. Don't matter the cost, where it came from, what store, what brand / label.......Thinking of others matters, show we care at this time of year, and always !


Another letter..... # 100055433

More harassing, yelling last night, screams about my brother, Chelsea fakes fug troll baby crap fake.....this baby you ruin it all bitch trying to make money for other people doing this now bitch ! Yeah it feels great to know the shams, and corruption for money add more b.s., stress to our lives ! Eye roll.....annoying !

Mimi being harassed by someone flies, bees, crickets too loud making her sick today, help !!! Wave hacking ! Stevie said he was harassing her across road to kill her because she's not involved in this bitch they want her money !!! He yelled, throw him in the tank, take his equipment, damn ! He needs want an aggravator to harass the hell out of somebody you sure picked the right one to harass people with equipment ! Give him a job harassing some trash slut somewhere or other corrupt idiots.

Causing tigger cat to pee in certain places in home, just as Rocky cat peeing in same areas, weird surveillance, hacks ! Said he is doing this and Japanese up the road at those houses, bshaw house probably.......

Japanese chatter screams sounded across road yesterday talking on ours we own I 35 bitch ! Japanese c. In charge of this over east ! Same ol crap....f you bitch ! Screaming about Austin tx, here f them ! Sounds weird sounding in air...

Heard Z fake voice screaming blaming me his family is dead, f you pig ! This bitch ! F you, his voice trailing in the air, screams last nite early am....Screams about trannys gays again......eyeroll, weirdos all of them anyway ! Said he lives at bshaw house to marry me ??? I don't think so ! He's a weirdo, z fake or Japanese tranny man ???! Said he hacks my home, waves, internet house phone, cell phone, why is he still around here, allowed to rule he said ! Shortstacks, small fry people they said ????! Damn ! Hellllp !

Screams Assmog, emotept ????

Shit across road from your house bitch f you man !????

Water pressure is very low here at home, I guess water is low now because big wheel Davis clan or Japanese sold all the damn water, how's that legal that went on, we called state water works, oh it's fine, probably crooked fbi or crooked state govt, anyhow water pressure low.....More shit ! They all caused.....

Oh. More about that stupid I. H. Money z said this that f him, them man, I worked on that bitch man !!! ?????it continues...yawn....

My Mimi is very upset, angry confused, questions constant about her land she let Phillip free rent, I just laugh, I guess Frankie the land he wanted after so long, years back I heard him screaming at me he wanted their land, it was a weird dream with sound.......Mickey m, will b, all that nasty smartass crew said they'd kill her, called her ugly buck tooth mummy, bitch ! But I told you all that, I try explaining everything, but I guess y'all will ? I tired of this stress, mess, legal purposes they question everything about banking info, land, things in will, because of Philip corruption.....stress !
My mom is angry, stress, confusion, G.. will not believe us about all this, and fakes trying to get Christmas gifts, money come to the house, they said Japanese trash was coming for Christmas I don't know how to keep them away, my mom is livid ! Helllllp ! I've had enough, tough to explain all this best I can, but they're angry, tired too....

I suffer as always because of trash worthless family and other worthless trash people and their corruption, but as always f Julie that lazy fat bitch ! My whole life never good enough for anyone, under a microscope, whole life, never good enough, now I see how not perfect they all have been, I could see thru it all....whole time

Constant b.s. screams about bshaw house, Shawn t fug gay son, Rogers house, h wood and nashtrashvlle again, said that I have to be friends with them ! I would never be friends with that worthless slut garbage, backstabbing, all after nice girls to hurt, yeah be friends bitch ! I say f them ! Worthless nasty big wheels, fugs ! They yelled f you my friend from h wood trashnashvlle is gone bitch ! I am so damn tired of hearing crap about some stupid celebrity h wood person, I don't know none of those idiots, trash ! F you mm !!! They yell....

Diamonds ? Talk about that, yells, chatter, chachachacha......More of that b.s......Louisiana people more of that crap, ???! I guess Sandy p big jugs people......??

Madill, Idabel, Houston they said this or something chachachacha f them man !?????

Robot voice playing in next room, he said l.h. had to play this ???? Makes me sick feeling...

Talking about k. Jacobi gay fug, and Brandon s., gay fugs why ???! I don't even remember them, that's old crap from school....20 yrs ago, why are we chattering about that b.s. ???

I am very exhausted, ill, sick of this crap, it's gotta stop with this !!!! Tell the health techs, wf, thank you so much for helping me, us, my pets, I miss you, love you guys, girls all, thanks for saving my life all these years, you deserve everything !!!  :)

Tell k. sovo hello ! Can't wait to see you, happy you're not mad at me ! Miss you love you ! Hugs ! 

Love, julie

Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas at Dollar tree , save a lot...!.......

I know Christmas gifts / presents can be overwhelming, costly, when many of us have not much money...

Shopping affordably also when you have many other expenses, bills, or a very ginormous shopping list ! Yikes !  :p

When you may have many family + friends, children, pets to purchase gifts / presents for, looking at the dollar General, family dollar, and dollar tree ! Helps ! many more affordable gift ideas, shop locally close to home also helps with fuel costs driving for shopping days.....

I went to Dollar Tree today looking at work books, Christmas flair, everything ! Very affordable, many purchasing gifts, wrap, bows, ribbons, cards.....

You can spend $ 1 / any item, create gift sets, by adding other items, $ 5, $ 10, $20 + on gifts for kids, you spend $ 20, you are actually gifting that many gifts, the toy aisles, children's books, literature, bibles, candies, babies, very many gift ideas items, I think look nice !

I adore Dollar Tree ! I think it is very nice with many items for only $ 1 / item......stockings + stocking mini toys, items to place interior, very exciting + whimsical ! Christmas spirit !

I enjoy dollar tree, I know it always has affordable items....All can enjoy...

At church we have always purchased many items from dollar tree, for many uses, for celebrations, gift baskets, decorations, very affordable for a congregation ! Many people.....less cost ! Very smart.  ;)

Dollar General + Family Dollar, many gifts also, affordable, more to choose from, unique gifts often, not sold at Wal-Mart other stores, often I find, $ 1 / items at these two stores......I think they are nice ! Help small town + country living ! Less driving, more so affordable all the time....

Save a lot --- great place to shop for groceries more affordably, for celebrating Christmas, prep of all meals, labels are the stores label brands, same foods.

these canned + all Save a lot food brands are nice, I have tried, cooked, enjoyed these labels / brands......I went there today, much more affordable than well known more expensive chains brands.....

Off brands are more affordable I talk of them all the time, many to try, purchase, enjoy ! Stock your pantry, donate food to shelters.....very thoughtful.

Gift food boxes at churches also to those in need.

Save a lot also has gift cards available to gift + the dollar tree, maybe other dollar stores also ?

More affordable is best !

Who cares where it came from !  ;)


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Letter, the same, again....

Harassing at 2 am, yelling, I. H. Money over here bitch, sick of that bawl bag crap, and crying about Dallas people, gays, trannys, and seen a few of those idiots follow me today staring at store...

Cat, grandparents, dead, dog dying, Mimi, not really herself ??? Playing mind games on someone nice about their family is pretty damn sorry + sicko weirdo of him !!! Tries to torture me mentally and physically with equipment, b.s. stories his ol mind can churn up !!!!

You have tumors bitch !

My friends over east dead because of penguin movie fat bitch !

Diabetes, cancer Hiv aids crap the same
S. H. All his family dead bitch ! ???

Bitches about k. j and my other good nice j. Family not involved in this crap ! They make him angry, I just laugh at that, so does Julie b, he hates her bad !!! Laughing !

D. C. He's dead now bitch ! ???

Your grandpa m is dead bitch, f you ! Sent me gross dream of him gone, caused me to be upset.

Said he was a rapist, beat his kids ??!!! I don't think so ! F him he yelled, this goes on a lot....sick of it !!!

Said he lives in camper on corner, f you for people gone bitch !????

Screams that Cbritain+ Kman, Z,  have Japanese babies on this road ??? This goes on all the time, yelling, damn !

Said he is pushing infection back into my sinus to lungs last nite north at bshaw house as they have done to me for 20 + years !!! That makes me so mad !!!

Some crap about nasty filth Shelby gaybo, and Amanda t, Amanda b, Rachel h, Courtney h, Kim b, fuglies, all the snobs sluts from high schools Fug babies, kids over east !!! Sick of this b.s., all the time for years now, I hated their mama's and I hate them existing still trash !!! All add to all this corrupt crap everywhere.....ruin my life !!! Annoying.

S town sluts, Louisiana people crtl trash Sandy p, other hillbillies dragged in fug garbage people, I don't give a damn about those idiots I don't know those losers ! There, here, near here, sick of hearing all that shit, years of this !!!

Yelling about h wood fug garbage, snobs, I don't know those idiots, all worthless trash out there ! Crying around about their h wood trash people, f you bitch ! I don't give a damn about those annoying losers, don't know them, don't care !!! Sick of it ! Nashvlle trash too ! Sick of it...I don't give a damn who they think they are, or how high class those idiots are !, harassing me, all the damn time !

Said I ruin everything, now his life is over cause I ruined the fun and games, everywhere ???!

Screams about rat hair bitch money kids, friends, sick of hearing that crap !

Said l. h. And s. h x 2 are gone now mad at me, blame me over sister ???!

Something about n Carolina, s Carolina people ???! Hollering about them whoever they are ??!

Cry baby crap about Japanese sitting north at bshaw house with crooked equipment to harass and kill us and pets ????

Harasses waves every second, day night, about money, it's over f you bitch, diabetes, f this, that, morbid nasty story talk, pictures, dreams, anything macabre to scare me...scare me ??? Haha haha ! I been seeing this macabre since I was 4 years old Dean country ham and fug family b.s. ! Kenny s, b.s.,  annoying cry baby whiner ! Oh, he's so rich and big wheel ! Eye roll....

Some crap harassing about aunt Donna and her b.s. tramp bunch.....over and over.....who cares ! Trash, Crystal grandkids, Kathy...being corrupt nasty....idiots.

If I go to town screams, if I go in a store screams, says don't purchase that item, said that to me and my mom today, rattles on and on......if I eat a meal, snack, yells diabetes, go to vegetarian again, healthier, they said to tell you to go vegetarian bitch, cholesterol, fat shit, heart failure, diabetes, I bet he never eats vegetables like I do, everyday, laugh.

For 20 + years I have been told by some woman and then others to starve, diet, diet, vegetarian, bitch ! Too fat ! Even as a child, so go take your pick as to which worthless whore that was or whores !!!

I honestly don't know how I survived this wave torture and all this constant harassment.....I'm worn down....

Still screams about that nasty baby ??? Then called today so my mom would babysit it sick drive to Blanchard.....she's mad as hell !!! She said no more crap with that, no more gifts, no more holidays, for this trash corrupt fake lies more yelling, confusion, anger, let downs as always.....g. wants to purchase baby gifts for fake trash baby.....I know they are banking on that, Japanese whoever is behind this scheme and Philip fake crew, money time Christmas, very depressed sick ,tired of this.....

Says he they take things off my blog, screams about his brother.....

Eh, you know, just more junk.


Sunday shopping, more pretties !....

I see that the new movie Ferdinand, the bull is going to be showing soon at the movie theaters.....!!! Very nice ! Silly bull, I wish to see soon.  :)

I have been looking in store advertisements, and browsing the mall, other stores lately......I see many gift ideas, and others I think need prices lowered, more sizes available to all public......Clothing below, look down !

Clothing labels I see need to be altered in appearance, made for all sizes, prices lowered much !!! You know, the snobby labels, the snobs purchase ?  Haha.......These need changed, fashion icon labels whatever ! Phew ! I truly don't like the styles, colors, clothes, anything of these snob labels Fug !

Here we go !

Chanel, --- all wear, accessories, purses, too pricey.
Prada --- too pricey, all wear, accessories....
Gucci --- all wear, accessories, too pricey
Dolce Gabanna --- all wear, accessories, same
Armani --- looks good on men !, eh, ok, all wear
Versace --- all wear, boring
Mugsley --- all wear, accessories, eh same
Banana Republic --- looks great, comfy on men
Donna Karan --- all wear, accessories, eh...
Vera Wang --- all wear, accessories, same
Burberry --- all wear, eh, ok
Louis Vuitton --- it's ok, all same
Dooney + Bourke --- ok purses, bags...pricey
Guess --- clothing, accessories, all I enjoy !
Candies --- all wear, accessories I enjoy.
Izod -- clothing, all nice !, on men
Juicy couture --- all wear, accessories, perfume, I enjoy
Betsey Johnson --- all wear, accessories, I enjoy !
Polo --- all wear, nice on men
Tommy Hilfiger -- all wear nice
Alfred Dunner --- all wear, cute, affordable embroidery
Craft and Barrow --- looks nice on men
Sonoma --- all wear, accessories, nice !
Apt. 9 ---all wear, nice sizes
Mudd --- all wear nice
Chaps --- all wear, cologne, nice on men
Urban Pipeline --- all wear, attire, nice on men
Boss --- all wear, attire, cologne, nice on men
Van Heusen --- all attire, men, looks great !
Tek gear --- all attire, looks nice
Arrow --- looks nice, all attire, men's
Haggar Clothing --- looks nice on men !

Through with clothing brands ! Whew !

Now others, let's have fun !!!

Tangle --- turning toy, spins turns, affordable, colorful
Flexi Puzzle --- turning colorful puzzle, much like Tangle
Pom Pom Wow ! --- Pom Pom, art set, crafters set
Footspa --- Conair brand, very nice relax clean feet
Sweet n Shimmer --- beauty items brand, cute ! Ulta stores
Clinique --- all beauty items, everything nice !
Caress, Dial, Tone, Aveeno --- bath gift sets, I adore !
All children's bath character gift sets ! Cute, as toys
Polar Bear + other holiday shaped cookie jars ! Cuties !
Hamilton Beach brand Copper Electric Kettle, nice, pretty !
Red Copper + Bella brands, copper cookware sets
Sugar Paper --- very nice gift wrapping, all at Target, nice
Mr. Potato head --- enjoyed since a child, fun, silly !
Crate Creatures -- in toy crate, free the plush monster !
Discovery Kids brand --- radio control Dinosaur ! Excite !
Wall + ceiling projector, art projector, lights, picture
Brach's Fruitcake, Nougat candy ! ---very good yum !
Marshmallow + Chocolate in jar, great value yum !
Parents Choice baby holiday print diapers, cute ! In box

And since today is Sunday........

The colorful shaded print bibles, I see on tv shopping, about $ 50 / bible, very beautiful ! Very holy....

Julie !

Saturday, December 2, 2017

town celebrations ! Be festive ! ......attend !

Earlier today I watched two movies on tv......very cute ! I watched the winter cartoon The Pebble and the Penguin, then, I watched the movie 101 Dalmatians, oh, it was nice ! Same as cartoon, but a movie, I enjoy both, always have, I think Dalmatian dogs + their babies are so beautiful, very sweet ! I have a Christmas kitchen towel, very old, with Dalmatian babies in Christmas bows, very unique, so yearly I think of them.......I adore all the Dalmatian, collectibles, accessories, everything, very cute animal ! Aww....  :)

I know that many towns + cities, everywhere, often celebrate the holidays, grand size, with parades, craft booths, raffles, Churches often have Christmas pancake breakfasts, and fundraisers for the needy.......musicals at church choir, all can attend.......

These are wonderful ways to celebrate, be festive, social with locals, in your town or city, maybe another town in your area.....I always enjoy attending, organizing, planning, helping create these, and showing support, for these very traditional events.......I think all areas need these events to celebrate......

Be respectful, kind, courteous, of others, be social say Hi to others......dress in holiday attire, let's have fun !

Santa + Ms. Claus are usually there, stopping by to say hey..

Take a long children, be watchful, I would leave pets at home......

Very fun !



Friday, December 1, 2017

Letter, more idiots crap...

Stevie zapping my brain he said today, causing me to look at him directly, morphs his face, mask, whatever as he made face at me today passing by the pickup as we drove to r.s.....made me feel dizzy, I'm already sick enough !

More teenys out and about following me at rs grocery.....yelling, chatter noise on my waves, screams that I got rid of their friends, family, stevie said he tried to kill me off last night and it didn't work, yells ? Bitch, fat bitch !

He they mad at Jones x 2, s.h. x 2, l. h. J.w., M, d.c. all med health techs, yelled, cussed them, and his brother....guess they got him cornered ????

Said he likes to stay messed up bitch ! My Japanese friends in trouble bitch ! I could hear them hollering on waves today, last night early am, something about their house, that God forsaken I. H. Money I am sick of hearing about ! Damn that's enough ! Screams about a house over east I have to live in, was theirs bitch ! ????

Make a whore out of you over east here bitch ! More of that you don't know me bitch !!??????????Sick of that b.s...

Screams on waves all way to and from r. leave here bitch, we own this, get out ! ?????

More crap, mind games, whispers Your dog is dying, cats dead, cry bitch ! Tried making me more depressed about holidays, sick of this, sick of fakes......

Said you guys are placing me ( j ) in insane asylum, said I am dangerous evil ????? I have to be evaluated by psychologist soon, and surgeon ????

He said I have bad health, heart failure, my heart is quitting in my rest.....??? I wonder why ? Chachachacjachacja......constant ! Then crap here at home....what is this all mean ? Why did they say that at town ? Was that really them, him or fake ?? Wonder what that means ? Probably a joke on us, everyone always hates us anyway......on an on.......

Said I have tumors in my head, he says do I still ????

Telling me last night about his tub ????? He was singing a song called rubbing my tub, rub a tub, tub...weirdo.

He needs help, rehab, God, church, severe mental health......I am bad sick with sinus goo infection, exhausted, helllllllllp !

Thanks again, julie

Holiday light displays, more fun !.....

Holiday light displays can be outdoors, very cheerful, bright, beautiful !

Can't believe it's December, already.

You may choose to display, place lights outdoors your home to show holiday spirit....

Light displays, along with holiday window painting, very old tradition, keep alive ! These holiday light displays are usually designated areas, very grand, elaborate......areas to drive thru in vehicles, follow other vehicles slowly !

Having enough vehicle fuel is proper, being cautious driving, stay in vehicle, take along friends, family, co - workers, may be small fee for seeing light displays, should last all month, cautious driving on wintery weather roads, if needed......go on home after seeing displays, Brr ! Chilly, dark night outdoors ! I would go on back home after seeing the displays, and drink some Apple cider, or hot chocolate !!!  ;)

I see a few more holiday ideas, for presents, here we go !

Mario, --- as the game, all attire / wear, toys, games, everything, all prices, styles, sizes, a fave ! I found the Super Mario Spaghettios at Wal-Mart, very affordable + yum ! Mario game character shaped pastas, mini.....neat !

Red + white ice cream cone popper toy --- very fun, enjoy these Wal-Mart, press button down on toy to pop ice cream foam balls, ! Haha ! Silly, fun, never aim at others faces, never at pets ! Very affordable $ 2 / one

Tattoo design coloring book --- at Dollar General, $ 3 / book for coloring pencils, unique gift idea !

Ed Hardy --- all colognes, wear / attire, soaps, everything, nice ! All prices, most sets out there !

Jellied gum drop candies --- all good ! Nice ! For decorating gingerbread houses, cookies, gingerbread men, colorful candies, all sizes, tradition.  ;)

Sour Punch straws --- red + green, sour, sweet, yum ! Holiday colors, in boxes, I adore sour + sweet candies !

Pom Pom pillow maker craft set --- at most stores, affordable, craft set, colorful, nice gift for creative crafters !

Mini dog grooming toy set --- very cutie ! Mini, as dog grooming, just a toy, collect, enjoy, affordable at Dollar General.....

Juicy fruit chewing gum packs !!!  --- very affordable, enjoy, nice gift idea, most stores....

Sweet n sour Charms brand lollys, ---  very affordable, in boxes, or individual, all prices, most stores....


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Another letter of crap...

Last nite screams about satanic turd heads from L.A., Manson ? Killing satanic people bitch !

Sent me creepy dream about bulldozing over dead body in flesh colored dress, dead old myself from other days....??? Sick creepy made me gag. Near my water well here where old tree was....???

Screams about money, driving over east, nasty damn houses

Screamed because Mimi didn't go to fake Philip thanksgiving, nasty shack.....on an on with this hollering and b.s......

Threats to push sinus goo back into my head and my lungs, as they have always done my whole life they said.......that explains that, more crooked b.s....

Screams that crooked old man c, over east, Japanese man again ? Is saying You run your mouth off on that blog bitch you will never have anyone talk to you about nothing bitch ! Fat bitch ! You ruined my people over here bitch, running your mouth off......

Screams that z had to go bitch, him and Kate ! She wanted to meet you bitch ! F you ! ?????

Screams about Ricky and Julie b, they must be after their smartasses ! Haha, they are mad at them now ! Love you guys ! Hugs !

Still saying you said to tell my fat ass that my dog has to be put to sleep, sends me depressing pictures of Rocky cat, grandparents dead, brother b.s.,

Mom says she is sick of holidays, fakes taking holiday gift money for years, and they yelled they gave it to crtl.......upsetting.....

Said they gave food she sent home with brother fake to whores over east ? Probably him....

Threats to steal money from my home he knows I have, not much.....

Said you guys are mad I am not involved in this nasty damn shit mess !???

I think too many spoiled brats on dope, unprofessional idiots, everywhere, insanity, danger, following me..

That guy at Wal-Mart today, we laugh, doesn't scare us, much worse my entire life have stalked appeared harassed at stores, followed us, we laughed, don't scare us idiots !

Too many idiots in the world, too much cry baby bratty trash adults, all ages, too much drug head turd heads who blame me for everything......yeah well go cry, cry baby bitches ! Grow the hell up or go there !

I don't give a damn for these morons.

Just another happy year of shit. As always.

From thundercow moo !

Plan a cookie decorating party !...

Found very cute individually wrapped sweeties ! Today near Wal-Mart Bakery...

These are Holiday themed ! Or for a unique, gift item...

I found :

Marshmallow pops --- chocolate dipped, drizzled gourmet marshmallow pops on wooden dole.....grand size marshmallow, very cute, nice, adore ! Just $ 3 / one

Iced rice crispy treats, holiday character --- very nice ! $ 2 / medium sized, individual wrapped...

Mini holiday sprinkled colorful icing cupcakes ---- gotta love the mini cupcakes ! Cuties ! $ 4 / container, several...

Hot chocolate mini tree ornament figures --- very nice, also, affordable, place on tree, hot chocolate in packaged ornaments....

Lipsmacker mouth balm, care sets --- I have always enjoyed all scents, cute, affordable, multi packs.....affordable, Wal-Mart.....colorful, often shimmer !

I found the Sesame Street toothbrushes ! --- for all ages ! Haha.....I purchased one for me today, much better not so harsh on my teeth, sinuses, bad right now, very cute, all characters, very affordable....Wal-Mart.

Sidewalk chalk ! --- nice for all ages, draw in colorful chalk, these are nostalgic ! I have always enjoyed, art ! All ages, very affordable....all stores...

I found small trash bags today in many scents ! These are flapper small trash bags, Hero brand smell nice, affordable.

I am ill with nasty sinus / allergy infection, upper respiratory, wind is dirty, dry, no rain, and my road is very dusty by home......I am ill with that all the time, benadryl, acetaminophen, rest.....


I am thinking about cookie parties ! Decorating Christmas cookies, sugar or gingerbread, the classics ! Very fun for all ages, everyone !

Have a cookie decorating party at your home, church, friends / family, invite them over !

You will need to have the cookie party in the next several days ! Very fun, exciting ! Plan now.

You will need to ask others to bring their own homemade doughs, sprinkles, sugars, colorful icing, piping bags + metal attachments.....gummy adornments, cookie cutters also, mini candies for decorating the cookies, candy buttons, non parleils, red hots, others......

Let's get started !!!  :)

Invite a few days before your planned cookie party !

If a hostess or host of the cookie party you may wish to create small gift goodie bags for those attending, purchase inexpensive, affordable gift items, of holiday flair ! Very nice ! Purchase at all dollar stores, dollar tree, Wal-Mart....

Items you may place in holiday decorated gift bags can be of the baking aisle, wares....

Items as :

Kitchen holiday design colors, towel sets, very affordable
Holiday figurines, small, of holiday themes, affordable
Mini cookie cutter sets
Play Pack grab n go coloring minis
Wrapped candies, kisses.
Ornaments, keepsake, write date, event on back.
Pencils, all holiday, writing pens, eraser sets
Mini notebooks, holiday, at Dollar General.
Mini water globes, dollar tree
Holiday sticker sets, any
Fun holiday plastic cup
Christmas oven mitts

Any of these at Dollar stores, dollar tree, very few, or however much just $ 1 / throw in money together for goodie bags.....

Small Christmas salt + pepper shaker sets, affordable.

Mini plush animals, all nice, any brand, very cute, keepsake.

Then the Tupperware, storage sets, are great gifts for a cookie party ! All styles, brands, any good, one a person...

Brands of those --- Betty Crocker, Ziploc, Glad, Pampered Chef, Lock n Lock, Rubbermaid.....other colorful plastic Tupperware, nice gifts at a cookie party........

Aprons, stirring spoons, rubber scrapers, mini rolling pins, any just fine.....also affordable, most, gift ideas for this cookie party...

Have fun at your cookie party !!!

Invite, several or few, friends, family, co workers.....loved ones....

Play holiday bingo ! For inexpensive prizes.
Baking, decorating, chatting, laughing, listen to holiday tunes !

After baking, decorating cookies, watch a holiday movie, you may purchase or rent, DVD, vhs, blu Ray...

Enjoy any board game you choose ! Lol......Have fun.

Play Christmas music, or sing a few holiday songs.

Have someone preferably not drunk, stop by as Silly Santa and wave at people.   :p   haha ! Create Holiday spirit.

Cookie decorating party, take pictures, make copies of pictures, give to all who attend, keepsake, scrapbook....

Have holiday party foods, veggies, ranch dip, all dips, crackers, chips, punch, or other refreshments......Mini croissant sandwiches....or pinwheel ham sandwiches !......throw in money together for this also, more so affordable....

Have fun !


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Letter # 10000.....

For several days, a week now, yelling on my waves every time I go to town.....rinse, recycle, repeat, same ol b.s.....

You kill everyone bitch, that is Philips daughter, some teeny in a wig, mask, wheelchair at Wal-Mart stown staring at me evil.......??? Stevie screams that is Philips Japanese daughter, you won't by drugs bitch f you !


Then he them, yelled on my waves not to purchase a rock salt night light I was looking at because, they watch you at dea OkCity bitch ! They have to know everything you purchase,!!! They watch you on camera for years now bitch ! If you purchase something bitch they know you are a drug dealer, you don't work bitch ! You have money bitch !

Uh, yeah I have money from cattle work, helping, I don't spend a dime, if I have to its because of doctor bills, speaking of doctor bills they yelled that in 09 when I had terrible kidney pain infection, chills, constant vomiting at 3 am for a years, I had to go to Er because I couldn't pee, I had to have the works, blood test, and a week later I get a call from very rude hateful bitch almost screaming at me that I had to pay immediately full total $ 8, 000 / Bill from hospital, she was rude, hateful, said I had to immediately pay that sum full total, said they were pressing charges on me, and I was going to jail..???

I told her I hadn't received a bill yet for that and she informed me I had to pay it now, she worked at the hospital, they said Shawn t. Was involved in this harassment, but anyway I made several calls, never got ahold of anyone professional about pay out plan, schedule, just pay now ! Very weird hateful, crooked fbi I think Now or crooked dea, because the voices swirled sounding on phone..

So finally a hateful bitch tells me to file a charity application and it will lower, so I had to fill out nosy paperwork, and three weeks later, I get more bills and lowered to $ 4000, or $ 3000, we had to pay $150/ month , can't remember, but they were yelling on my waves Sandy p, people did that to me, and gave money to crtl at that hospital....????!!!

Scared me !, she always bragged she knew people everywhere, and she can do what she wants, she told G., that if he got me a work occupation at ft sill, she would have me killed, and he told my mom in 01 that they will just do something to her of I help her get a job they scream for years, whole worthless nasty family that she's a lazy fat bitch, she's a baby, spoiled, too bashful, and they went everywhere always asking my business, nosy shit, all the time, all them damn whores, I never had to have designer, expensive labels, shoes, clothes, diamonds shop, travel all the damn time like they all did, they had jobs given to them by damn welfare, all those crooked whores, they'd right out brag and tell you...

Rat haired bitch always bragged her mommy had rich boyfriends, car dealer, judges, she found her nice paying jobs she always screwed everybody, she got all the nice office jobs, ran with big wheels....did everybody, nasty bitch.....spend those credit cards bitch.....brag, make fun of me, I spied on them, listened while they were high, so I could keep ahead of their b.s., they were talking about, couldn't figure out exactly, but I think the big wheel stories, drugs, sex, and trips to Texas where everybody partied in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, oh, my how special they thought they were.....then the stories of being left at a party in Dallas ft worth high, everybody was messed up man, I partied with a ton of black men they said about themselves, I figured something out........they all took off to a party at Dallas cowboys after party and Ashley Jones was too damn fat and embarrassed rat haired bitch and her friends.....

Last Vegas trips for two weeks or more, all of them, sether, rat hair, Leroy, Janet, Philip and family, m family, Billy, clarice and fug family, all pierces family, huitts, bshaws, holts, all the snob big wheels, oh they had fun, and spent that damn money.....all the snob sporty crowd fans around here, Brantley, j and b Milam, Helen, all those fugs, Jacobi fugs, all those nasty rich brats ! All thought they were so damn hot an beautiful, fug as hell ! But made fun of me all the time, my weight, my hair, makeup, clothes not designer, no job good enough, I laughed at them, bwahaha....

I got so damn tired of big wheelin, bragging, elite crowds, snobs, designer purses, only $ 5000 or above, high heels, hearing about shopping Santa fe, Dallas, last Vegas, Tennessee, trips there all the damn time to Nashville, Memphis, oh we got lost in Memphis....! Horse races all that....oh go set on the front pew Sunday morning ! We laugh !

I avoided them, played them and made fun of them right back behind their backs couldn't stand them their fakey b.s., snobs.....every one a nasty snob....they all hated and used each other, nice to their face, but too high and fug !

So still I hear yelling on my waves, about b.s., my trash family did, or money, that over east, still don't know what that's about, crickets still occasionally in my mother's waves she said....keeps saying on my waves blue cow is dead, cats dead, goofball has to be put to sleep, or he whispers in my head passing away, dying, cancer, aids, stevie high b.s.....

Screams about house, over east, his friends, yells today on my waves, about Japanese z, at dentist, several versions of that one, I. H. Money again, teenys in masks Japanese, that old damn grocery store at m town...

Screams about stupid baby fake, my brothers b.s., hacking my house, my mind is dying I have to keep your mind alive, just send dreams...

Been telling me Julie b is dead, then alive, then f her bitch ! Rickys on the b.s. list too f him ! Hey Julie and Ricky hugs ! Can't wait to see you guys ! And M catches b.s. too ! Hey M, miss ya, can't wait to see ya hugs !

 Cbritain alive gets 500 mil off Mississippi man !??? That is yelled daily...?

A.lissun alive dead, alive hates me, f her ! Hey girl ! Just laugh !....he said she is being played by Japanese over east ????

Jess and Anthony, still same yelling b.s......about them, hey ! Hugs ! Laugh at him.

Sick of fakes, sick of holiday b.s. with fakes, blah, blah....

Kman b.s. stories, this that he caused that fake brother baby story shit, yeah well f Kman !

Keep harassing me, I am tired, not feeling good, now I have severe cold allergy crap I guess, then they yell all the time  said you guys are mad at me, for letters, f you bitch, shortstacks people are losing man ! Very tired, don't care about this b.s......miss everybody, sick of my life, other people's b.s. still ruining my life as always since 81....

I don't know all that trash weirdos, annoying as hell, messed up in the head people....I just am exhausted, wish I had a better rest, less wave harassing and my mom too....


From fat bitch.

Look book, ulta makeup, hair care stores......!

Looking through the ulta gift book, I found in my mail, very cute gift ideas ! All for fun, browsing, some I enjoy, all prices....

Spoiled Silly --- hair care, set.
Foreo + Tonymoly --- Berry best friends, skin care, mouth care, looks as real fruit, on top of yogurt, container !
Starstruck Glamour --- 3 piece collection gold bag.
Cupcake balm trio -- for mouth care, three piece
Eos --- peppermint mocha mouthcare balm, pretty
Eos --- Holiday 3 pack mouth care balm set.
Sparkling Snow lotion --- pretty icy container
Donut bath Fizzies kit, all colorful, look as donuts.
Fizz + Bubble --- bath set, Fizzy Milk shake
Twinkle gloss trio, mouth care, shiny containers
Fizz + Bubble --- warm vanilla, cupcake bath fizzer
Holiday sweet shop, 4 piece bath set, look as peppermint.
Looks as glassware, Coconut cream sparkly tumbler
Mason jar multi color, bath fizzer
Wash Upon a Star, Soap + Glory, star shape soaps bright
Mini vanilla Chai gift set, cute box !

For men ---

Johnny b.
American Crew
Jack Black
Joe Grooming
Esquire Grooming
Duke Cannon care sets

Anyway, just for fun ! Gift ideas.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bbq gift sets, others, , punch recipes...

Barbecue gifts sets are everywhere, most sets online......I know these are nice to gift, Kc Masterpiece, Sweet Baby Rays, Head Country ( oklahoma ), Jack Daniels, Rudy's Bbq Restaurant, sauces + all, nice sets online...

Daddy Hinkles, seasonings, these are nice !

Pepsi, A + W root beer, all root beer, Grapettte / orangette, soda, Wal-Mart brand sodas, Mt.Dew, Mr. Pibb, Dr. Thunder, Sam's Choice, Ginger ale for punch recipes ! Affordable ! Gift.

 along with hot sauce Tobasco, Red Hot, Louisiana hot sauces.....nice gift sets available !

Jars of Pickled eggs, pickled okra, pickled hot cauliflower + peppers, all kinds, sizes prices, most stores, farm stores, Wal-Mart, most affordable ! All brands good, I enjoy.....nice to gift...

Holiday punch recipes ! Chill very cold before serving + drinking !  :)

Emerald Punch

2 ( 1 ounce ) packs lime drink mix
1 ( 46 ounce ) can pineapple juice, chilled
1 ( 2 liter ) bottle ginger ale, chilled

Prepare drink mix as package instructs. Refrigerate, several hours. Pour into punch bowl and stir in chilled pineapple juice. When ready to serve, add ginger ale. 32 - 36 punch cups.

I enjoy my punch very cold + icy. To create icy, you can freeze the pineapple juice then add to chilled ingredients, right before serving ! Place freezing juice interior punch bowl, stir break up the frozen juice, leave some icy juice.....then serve.

Christmas Strawberry Punch

1 ( 46 ounce ) can pineapple juice, chilled
1 ( 1 liter ) bottle ginger ale, chilled
1 ( 2 liter ) bottle Strawberry soda, chill

Combine all ingredients in punch bowl. Use extra ginger ale or 7 Up soda if desired. Creates 20 punch cups.



Monday, November 27, 2017

Found more gift ideas !.....

Looking and found more toys, very fun ! I adore all !

Calico Critters
Robo Alive
Squish Deelish
Dc Superhero Girls + Dc high heels shoes
Jungle in my pocket
Cupcake surprise animal
Tsum tsums
Little Sprouts
Animal Planet, all toys
Jurassic Park toys all and movies, dvd, blue ray
Egg Babies
Coco movie and all accessories, toys, etc...cute !
Puppy Surprise
The Lion Guard
Rainbow colors, pets
Animal Jam
Fingerling mini monkeys, colorful, fit on finger
Teenie genies
Luna Petunia
Daniel Tiger, all
My mini Mixie Qs
Yummy world
B F F s  food figurines
Dig it ! Fake gold excavation toy gold bar
Boo cutest Dog surprise plush
Grumpy Cat Surprise plush
Hatchems Mashems Surprise egg
Scared Silly Dunny, animals rabbit
Little Mermaid, all collectibles, everything
Rapunzel all toys, accessories, everything
Garden Ghouls, everything
Saddle Stars, horse toy
Little Woodzeez
Dinosaur toys, all most stores, everything
World's Smallest
Stretch Armstrong
Squawk ! Chicken game
Slither, colorful snake plush
Plush Buddies
Flipzee Pets
Little Tykes Lil Pups, others
Little Live Pets
Sparkle Girl Dolls
Mystery Hatchasaurus
Miffys Adventures, rabbit
Scrumchums, food plush
Moofia Breakfast Besties
Tokidoki toys, all, everything
Cactus Pets
Mermicornos, whimsical horses
Donutella Donut + pastry friends
Neon Star, Tokidoki figurines
Crayola, Coloring Critter, toys
Play dough square bath soap, multi colorful !
Glitz Globes
Purrfect Pets, cats, toys
Kitty Club, figurines
Snoopy + Peanuts, figurines, accessories, all
Marbles, all sizes, colors, styles, old game
Dinosaur bath fizzy, with Dino toy interior Dino fizz
Plush Reindeer, all different colors, types
Coffee table picture books, all, nice gifts, grand sized
Giant gummys, nice, fun, Woah ! Grand size gummys !
Axe cologne, bath set, nice for men
Dove Bath care, soaps, etc Coconut + others
TickleBelly cake pops, others, all unique
Food Saver Vacuum Food Sealer machine, freeze after
Soda cakes, many sodas, orange crush, 7 up, Sprite, etc...
Colorful rainbow creme cakes, and cuts of cake Wal-Mart

If I find more blog, tell ya soon !

Love, Julie !

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Christmas movies !......

Christmas movies are nice for all to enjoy starting now thru Christmas ! Very entertaining + tradition for most families, all ages to enjoy, some silly and more for adults, but there to watch on DVD, vhs, blu - Ray players....many to choose from, I watched most as a child.....

Home Alone, all
It's a Wonderful life, older, teaches lesson
A Christmas story
Lampoons Christmas, silly, laugh !
Nightmare before Christmas
The Santa Clause
Charlie Brown Christmas + Snoopy, all, adore !
Miracle on 34 th street, older, some versions new
The Polar Express
Dr. Seuss, the Grinch, movie + cartoon
Muppets Christmas, all
Sesame Street Christmas, all
Rudolph, red nose Reindeer, Claymation, movies, all
Frosty the Snowman, Claymation, movies, all
Nestor the mule, Claymation, cute !
The small one, cartoon, about a mule
Santa Claus, all Claymation, cartoons, movies
White Christmas, older, adore
Holiday Inn, older, I love !
Jack Frost, freezing man, Claymation + movie
Christmas in Connecticut, older, nice.
Scrooge movies + cartoons, teaches lesson
New Years Baby Claymation, cartoon
The Christmas Carol, all
Santa and the three bears, older
The little drummer boy, Claymation
Pluto's Christmas, older, about Pluto dog, cartoon
Shrek the Halls
A Miser Brothers Christmas, neat ! 
Garfield Christmas, all, cute orange cat
A Claymation Christmas Celebration, older
The Christmas Tree, movies, cartoon
Annabelle's Wish, baby calf cartoon, teaches lesson
Life + Adventures of Santa Claus, Claymation
Curious George Christmas, monkey cartoon
Bugs Bunny + friends, Christmas cartoon, all
Bah Humduck !, Scrooge Mcduck,
 Looney Tunes Christmas
The Simpson's Christmas, cartoon, lol !
Talespin, Jolly, Molly Christmas, cartoon
Will Vinton's, Claymation, Christmas, Celebration
And Vinton's, Carol of the Bells, dinosaurs, Claymation.
Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol, cartoon
All Disney, Christmas cartoons + movies
Warner Bros, all Christmas cartoons, movies
The bells of Fragglerock, all
Nutcracker Prince, movie + cartoons
The Christmas Toy
Yogi Bear Christmas, all
Flintstones Christmas cartoon
Toy Tinkers, Donald duck, cartoon
The Christmas Mouse, teaches lesson
Tiny Toons Christmas, cartoon
Animaniacs Christmas, cartoon
Smokey Mountain Christmas movie
Mrs. Santa Claus

I know there is a very old Teddy Ruxpin cartoon, I remember watching + a puppet type movie of him, newer, very nostalgic, cute !, aww.....

Last night I watched a Lego Movie, very new, as the toy, characters, talk move, Lego people, Lego bat man, + friends, as a movie / cartoon three - d !!! Very enjoyable, colorful, all movies nice ! 

Enjoy !