Monday, February 27, 2017

motor homes, travel, campers......

Travelling can be a nice, fun, recreation, or it can be a nuisance, when you have limited time/room for guests....and have too many stops for can be very unaffordable to stay at motels while travelling....and unclean !

I think the idea of travelling motor homes is genius.

They have interior, of beds, bath, kitchen, living quarters...just as a home, but may wish to travel to many vacation areas, travel in your country to sightseeing, visit others, with these vehicles you can rest, more so at lakes, ocean areas where permitted....

Whole families/friends can travel together, sometimes you may wish for certain items to be placed in your motorhome to live more comfortably while travelling....I have always thought these vehicles looked neato on tv or newspapers....

A well trained driver is needed, to drive these vehicles, and the know how to control certain tech interior/exterior of the vehicles...

High - tech or plain, or mini just campers are out there, some of the mini campers more affordable....hitch to your vehicle...

Travel safely while driving or hauling motorhomes/campers, any moving vehicle.....

You may be able to rest more, stay many more hours while visiting others, stay on the road travelling more time, and this could help with way too many stops.....

Always store your wares/anything you would need onto the motorhomes/campers/vehicles before you leave, keep a list of all you need, do not forget medicines either.

Travelling buses may be needed to haul many more people to gatherings, and vacation stays, then you could also haul other items as equipment, or travel gear....

These vehicles all need to be in good proper working order, well maintained, clean, and worked on by need to be evaluated always, fuel is definitely a necessity ! Some campers, travel trailers you just hitch though...

Fire extinguishers are always needed with these vehicles...

Always keep secure/locked while unattended for safety.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

bible verse...random....

1 Peter 4 : 7

" But the end of all things is at hand, be therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. "

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Chips are always a quick snack with a sandwich, dips, mexican food, with hamburgers, hot dogs, or just chips from a bag alone....I enjoy chips all these ways....

I was looking at the chips aisle in a store yesterday, so many chip varieties !.....for fun, here are most I have enjoyed throughout the years. ;)

Save a lot, all brands.
Tgi - Friday's
On the border
Always Save
Great Value
Garden of Eatin blue corn chips...pretty !
H - E - B
Xochitl brand.

I enjoy the many varieties of dips you can enjoy with chips....cheese, bean, spinach, French onion,...then there is Pico, salsa, picante sauces...I have tried the hummus with chips also...

These brands I enjoy:
Pace --all
Dean's guacamole/onion dips
Hiland dips
Herdez dips --all
Fritos brand dips -- all
Tostitos dips --all

Or homemade, I enjoy this dip:

Whole block of Velveeta cheese, in microwave safe dish, melt...fry/scramble a package of hot or mild sausage in a frying pan..I use a very small amount of canola oil with this, helps with flavor...after frying sausage well done, drain grease, discard well done, fried sausage crumbles onto paper towels, pat the top of sausage crumbles with paper towels also, to remove grease...add this to melted Velveeta, stir, then add to that, one can of seasoned, stewed/cooked tomatoes..very hot+spicy or mild seasoned stewed tomatoes..stir and enjoy with chips....that was fun ! can enjoy this amount.

Variety, small packs, of chips you can purchase in quantity, some in plastic bags together...they are nice for lunchbox, kids, for small quick snack to take with you, for all to enjoy.

Going to be enjoying chips more often, now that the season is changing to warmer weather...good ! 


Friday, February 24, 2017

e -- 911 systems, gps, fire, rescue, etc....

The winds have been terrible blowing in the trees and sky...I have been sneezing, and the sky seemed to be brown/gray yesterday with the western sky....

I know that when the winds can start fires, I know that we need fast response teams to find where the fires are and to be able to achieve that, we need high tech systems, with all equipment needed in utility vehicles.....

GPS locating systems would be wonderful in all emergencies to have on stand by when needed, so we can find the exact location/home/business/property, we need to have help immediately ready for, quickly to save lives, fast response teams in case of medical emergency, fires, disasters, accidents----needed everywhere.

I know all about rural living in the country side and how often it may take those response teams hours to figure out where they need to go help in emergencies !!!....this technology is needed in all areas grand or small, covering all populations....everywhere.

Medical emergencies often need serious high tech equipment, and that is needed everywhere also to save lives quickly....

A grid pattern on high tech computer equipment, listing addresses, routes, locally on screens in all emergency response teams would be nice for everyone's safety...identifying markers added to this would also be helpful....

E - 911 systems list addresses and travelling routes to respond quickly, maps that are easily read with location legends as on maps....needed everywhere.

Too often in the past when there has been fire /rescue needed in local towns they cannot find the locations fast enough and sadly people lose lives, property is it needs worked on everywhere....lists of locations, identifying markers, addresses to every home and  business would be nice....

Training response teams with the high tech equipment is needed and with the equipment readily available I know that would be more so helpful to all teams in case of all emergencies.....GPS locating systems are nice...

We have so many emergencies that can happen on a whim, and we need to have all equipment/technology to be prepared for disasters, fire, medical, accidents...

CB radios are needed for communication, those that are up to date, and work properly....on same frequency.

Many things need to be up to date, and in proper working order, with well trained teams...


Thursday, February 23, 2017

flowers of spring....

Very excited that spring season will be here soon !

I see that some stores have the flower seeds and plants for purchase...

Tulips are nice to grow in many colorful hues.

Daffodils are a neato looking flower, and very cute also.

Tiger lily flowers are very different looking, and seem to actually kinda look like tiger print, but a flower !

Sunflowers are brightly colorful, and cheerful flowers, in all sizes, many varieties....cheer up your surroundings !

Irises, are many colorful flowers, they are beautiful to look at...grow easy and re--start every year...

Just a few I can think of right now....more later.

Thinking about gardening

I adore flowers everywhere, all colorful flowers, all varieties, they are cheerful to have planted everywhere near the house and property...


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

finding the right home for pets....

I found a new bath/body/perfume scent I adore ! It is called Philosophy, Amazing Grace and Pure Grace....oh, these smell wonderful !.....both light scents and not too overpowering....I could wear this daily.....a set would be nice....for bath/body...bathing daily is nice, smelling wonderful is too...I think it is $ 49/an item and up.

Thinking of the many pets that need good homes...I know we need only to have safe, loving, caring homes for all pets....and people need to take proper care of all pets....

Pets are your family and they need to be well taken care very serious about taking good care of, and caring always for them ! Pets are a blessing to your life....I know this....

Your life will forever be changed when you adopt, or are given a pet ! We need to nurture/care/adore our pets....I know I love/care for all of my pets....they have changed my life, and caused my sad/bad days to be better and happier....they have also brought to me many days of laughter !

I think pets need to be matched to new owners/families that they are most similar know, if a human owner is maybe missing certain areas, there may also be a pet that is missing limbs, eyes, or other body areas also, so you and your new pet both know of the issue....pals forever !

Show respect to your pets, never neglect/abuse or leave unattended, I become very upset and angry over the many pets I see on highways running across the roads with leashes dragging, or sadly the pets hit by vehicles on roads!!!...Needs to Stop !!! Be responsible and try !

When given a pet or adopting one know that you always have to be there for them, show respect to them, love and care for them Always.....they are your family....

Pet foods may be expensive, but we know we can purchase most affordable....always clean their messes, and keep litter boxes cleaned...I work on keeping my pets bowls, water dishes, and litter boxes cleaned daily....

If your pets may escape you need to find them ! Keep dogs well taken care of in shaded places outdoors, on tie out cords, with shelter, food and water always....if the dogs are too grand for indoors of your home...

I think it is best that cats stay in the home with litter boxes, I see way too many cats roaming the streets, roads, everywhere, you could easily lose your cats also...too dangerous.....keep in home ! 

We need to continually search for the right homes for all pets...if you can't take good proper care of pets give pets to shelter...and they will find better homes for them...

Find pets safe and good forever homes.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017


There are many different cereals to enjoy for breakfast....some people even enjoy cereal for supper, I know that I do...a bowl of cereal + milk, fill to the top!....there are healthy and plain cereals...I enjoy them all! are cereals I prefer...just for fun!

Post, General Mills, Malt-o-meal, Best Choice, Save a lot.I like all.

Kellogg's --- all
Raisin Bran
Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon frosted flakes, corn flakes
Grape nuts
All Bran
Lucky Charms
Cinnabon cereal
Coco Puffs
Honey Smacks
Apple Jacks
Rice Krispies
Great Value--all
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Trix cereal...with cute rabbit on box!
Smores cereal
Marshmallow Mateys
Sunbelt cereal--all
Fruity Pebbles, Coco Pebbles
Tiny Toasts cereal--all
Golden Crisp
French Toast Crunch
Shredded wheat--all
Fruit Loops
Golden Grahams
Corn Pops
Ninja Turtles cereal !
Cookie Crisp
Rice Chex--all
Uncle Sam--cereal
Honey Bunches of Oats
Cap n Crunch
Krave choco cereal
Cascade Farms
Honey Comb
Great Grains
Kix cereal

Mini cereal box packs, purchase in block..offers variety of cereals in mini boxes...I have always enjoyed these during my school days !...affordable.

Many cereals are the same...just some off brand...most affordable...

I enjoy breakfast cereal all year ' round...


Monday, February 20, 2017

asthma and allergies...

The thunderstorms last night were so nice! I fell asleep listening to the thunder and rainfall....thunderstorms help me to sleep when they are peaceful...

I started sneezing earlier...Ah--choo !!!

I am an allergy and asthma patient...I hate that ! have forever been allergic to many items...things in nature, such as molds, pollen,.....I have taken an allergy test before at the allergy doctor.....I know what I am allergic to...

Benadryl is the only allergy tablet I can well for me...causes me to be sleepy, take 1 tablet every 4 hours...stay home when taking, dangerous to drive while taking...sleep well at night with 1 tablet...

Sometimes a person may have itchy rash on can use Benadryl cream for that...but do not use the cream and take the Benadryl tablets together !....dangerous....yikes !

Caladryl lotion is also useful for itchy skin places...use sparingly....

Asthma is something I have forever suffered with, it is terrible to suffer from asthma...feels like drowning...very nasty lung disease.....I never have been a smoker, and I never will be.....

I have used many different asthma inhalers throughout the years...the corticosteroid inhalers seem to work best for my lungs and asthma.....

Breo Ellipta and Incruse inhalers are two that I know have been helpful to me and my lungs for asthma treatment...

Asthma is something that too many people suffer from and it is very dangerous and depressing when you suffer from it....when you struggle to breathe daily for air, and cannot find relief, it is scary and upsetting....

I think often of the people who have asthma terribly, and have no is upsetting to struggle to breathe...

We need to bring awareness to asthma and allergies....Know what is making you sick, and to sneeze, wheeze...create more asthma treatments that all can afford....treatments that work well for stopping asthma....


Sunday, February 19, 2017

abandoned churches, rebuild, restart.....

Locally I see many abandoned churches, and it is very upsetting to see one of them deteriorating, and always empty on a Sunday or Wednesday evening!

No life to these churches at all.....some of them so beautiful, just setting there in all towns grand or small......I enjoy attending church services, and creating social activity that is bringing is nice!

I know that for me, being active in church has been very rewarding for me, I have enjoyed attending my whole life, it is a wonderful way to learn of The Lord's way and bring goodness, be charitable, stay serious about religion and to keep religion with you daily....

Small towns, cities---they all need something nice to create goodness, and offer ways to be social and active in your community....bring goodness, and hopefully keep bad, mischief away.....

Churches that are wasting away, need to be restarted, and we need all people to attend on Sundays/Wednesdays be very active in the church and wish to try and create goodness.....these smalltowns/cities all need good ways to be social for those who wish to try and bring goodness....and be better people....find that with church!

Re--building, restarting a church takes many people working together, and making very sure you are kind, respectful to everyone! takes fundraisers, donations, working together, remodeling, renovating, being very clean, working together on rebuilding, restarting a church is beautiful!...

I hate to see a church just empty every Sunday/Wednesday and closed..sadness! much potential for these churches, they should be filled with many people....

The good social activities at church bring togetherness/unity and I always enjoy meeting nice people who are wishing to bring goodness....but know even at church there can be those others who are not good, just make very sure you bring others you know are good with you, to know others with and figure those out! they good or bad???....this goes on with every church.....but keep trying to attend and bring more friends/family with you!....fill the churches on Sundays, and Wednesday evenings if they offer worship on that day....

Invite everyone you know to attend church with you!!!....I find church to be fun, enjoyable and a good learning of people and is a good social activity...

Know that everyone is welcome to attend church, know that The Lord owns all churches and wishes for everyone to attend, no matter your bad ways or bad choices in life, you can be saved and start over your life, before it is too late!

You may have a terrible bad life, but you can find peace attending church....meeting new people to know, become pals with, sing in choir, build the choir, learn to be a pastor, become a new member of a church, keep attending, be social and pitch in to help out with things!

Revivals are nice and great ways to invite the entire town to the church to meet the pastor and everyone!!! may invite others with fliers placed in store windows talking about church events to let the locals know about church activity, newspapers are nice to place church events/plans in to let everyone know when, where, what time to attend....

Many fun events may be planned with others at church, fundraisers are always fun to create, something wonderful, charitable events, informative events are always very nice also.....

Men's and Women's groups I have talked about before on here, they are always nice ways to be social at church...many events they plan, organize, and charities they help with, kids have groups also...they learn, and meet new friends...

This is all good for local towns, and cities!!!

Attending church offers more structure and good routine to your life, and your loved ones lives.....keep The Lord in your life daily....take religion serious.

Restarting churches is wonderful I think.

Attend !


Friday, February 17, 2017

pay your own way.....

I enjoyed my birthday yesterday with family....I had gifts, and a nice dinner at Mazzio's was good.

Often I think about how whenever I go to town or go shopping, I always pay for my own items and all....

It is terribly rude/impolite to let others pay for everything, and asking someone to purchase or give you anything is very wrong and hurtful to the person you are asking this of!!! 

Too many times in life people have been very disrespectful to people I have heard and I have seen this go on, not just with people asking me for items/money, but I have seen this go on with many others in stores or elsewhere....

It angers me that people are so rude to use others for money, power, or just be friends with someone because of money and what they can use others for, so they can/will purchase them something all the time!....annoying and stupid.

It hurts feelings, and then you realize they are just about using someone for what they can attain from the friendship/relationship.....they don't care about being is very hurtful...

Always pay for, purchase your own items/way.....and you can all offer to pay for another's meal/drink once in a while.....but never allow "so--called friends" to use you for anything, if they request something be given to them all the time, that is pretty damn is not friendship!

People can create so many false tales/stories about how they need money for this or that, and then go spend the money on drugs/waste !!! not always believe their crap, and when they ask for money all the time they are up to no good....

It is very impolite to ask for someone to pay for and purchase everything for for your own at all times! People will ask someone for money and never re--pay them!...pathetic.

Expenses, bills, medical, grocery, rent, all payments, pay your own way, I know people have difficulty with bills and all that, but never be so low as to ask someone to pay for expenses when you can probably get rid of half those.

people seem to waste time/money on unneeded waste, and then have outrageous bills from it....awful....just be on budget, go without and shop more affordably....we all don't need everything you see, never worship materialistic items! 

if in a living situation with someone---half all expenses....fair to everyone.

Asking for/just expecting for something to be given/purchased for you all the time is ignorant, annoying, and embarrassing....terrible behavior.

When you travel with, go with another somewhere always carry your own money bills with for all your own expenses, keep your money interior of a purse, or wallet in your jeans pocket....

If invited somewhere and you have no money, decline, don't just accept an invite to somewhere and expect others to pay for it....rude.

Never be a leach.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

get it together.....

Every area of life needs to be orderly, maintained, well kept up, organized, clean, tidy, run very professional....list goes on and on....

Things in life need to be tended to, this is very serious, with everything in life, because if things are not working properly, managed, secure, watched over, things can become messy, and that can be dangerous!!!

 ONLY good minded, well, trained people need access or control/power, of use of any dangerous equipment...or anything ! 

Things get out of control easily with untrained, not well, evil people trying to gain access to power, dangerous work equipment, they have ulterior motives to gain access to devices that may cause harm or disarray!!!...

Next thing is, people need to be professional about work occupations, be well managed, trained, and try to put forth the effort to work well, be clean, nice on the work force...create goodness, and be outgoing, work to clean things up everywhere, no matter the work occupation...

People need to step it up, stop whining about everything....accomplish something that makes a good difference in the world!!! Stop being cry babies about everything! Yeah the world is cruel to everyone, but get up and go on, stop blaming everyone and crying/whining around everywhere because of your OWN mistakes! Nobody to blame but yourself, and/or your cronies! Truth hurts.

Being clean, tidy, well, at work is best to accomplish something and be done with it! 

Having a good work ethic, staying busy with working on something, helps to keep things running better to achieve goals, and completely finish tasks....

Teamwork is needed when working with others, all being able to get along well, understand one another, show respect to one another, no belittling, jealousy, running their mouth off at others, and no fighting! Nobody wishes to hear all that BS! Grow the hell up and go on....whiny, cry baby trash needs to stop! embarrassing and annoying people and their BS..sick of it!!! Be well managed, organized, bring all good ideas to the group...Work together to achieve goodness, finish all tasks....get together, shut up, stop whining, and get it all done!

Be responsible for your own actions, and behavior, behave as an adult should, all nastiness needs to stop!...perverts, weirdos, need to go! No time for clowns and the clown act, clean up, or get the hell out of here!!! 

Every aspect of life needs to be run by people who care, wish to keep thing running correctly, proper, and safely, we don't need messed up, drug--addicted, evil, jealous, greedy/money obsessed, nasty trash running ANYTHING.....get rid of them!...too dangerous to let this go on!

Behave! Have some manners, being a lady, being a gentleman, being clean minded, step it up! Be professional and outstanding in all areas of your life! We don't have time for bratty adult behavior or nastiness!  So many terrible things in the world need to end, and need help to end them! We don't have time for stupid clown cry baby behaviors....

Trashy behavior is unacceptable ! When people behave as trash, even though they may have riches, they are still trash! Don't wish to ever see them or have to meet them....snobs all think they are better than most when they have riches, then go around behaving disgustingly/improper....don't care who you are, still nasty trash to me! Get out of my face.

Do you know how embarrassing it is to see and hear of so much stupidity, nasty behavior going on in too many public agencies, offices, places of business, places of power??!....annoying, bratty, stupid people.....pathetic....Lord, help us all !

For too many years things have been messed up, people have been messed up, don't give a care about themselves, or anything! is time to change all ever be able to clean anything up totally it takes a lot of people who wish to be professional, they all need to be well...

Get it together. 

Be professional and try to be better for not just yourself, but for your loved ones, and the world, to create good changes, and create goodness continually!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

day of amor !....

Happy Valentine's Day !!! 

Spend the day with your beloved.

Say "I love you", 

If you can't see your significant other this Valentine's Day, this year, you may be upset!

Next year, another Valentine's Day will be here.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day balloon gifts.....

The wind has been blowing terrible!!!..a  few fires near local towns, small-town fire departments have been busy....Not good days for those helium filled Valentine

I have always enjoyed gifting those heart shaped Valentine's Day helium filled balloons....they are foil, beautiful printed balloons...I like the character balloons, and the Valentine balloon bouquets at Dollar Tree....very affordable, just $ 1.00/a balloon.....

so very neat how they prepare the balloons for being filled interior with helium....this makes the balloons float to the ceilings!....I giggle about how they float to the ceilings at home and in stores...keep them away from ceiling fans!!! They will ruin when they get to the ceiling fans, they POP!!! Yikes!......Hold onto the string attached to them very good, because they escape easily outdoors and get away....

I laugh about how the balloons can travel and walk on the ceiling in a way!....haha....they are nice, affordable and beautiful.....they have these balloons at most all stores, you may even be seeing them now in stores...stores as---Walmart, both dollar stores, Wally's party store, many others...

Gifting heart shape balloons, or any cute animal character balloon to your sweetheart, would be may wish to gift the Valentine's Day balloons to your children, and other family, even these with plush animals, or candy, all gifts.....very neato and fun!

Valentine's Day balloon bouquets are even more wonderful and make you smile, when you know someone who adores/loves you is gifting them to YOU for a Valentine..."YOU are my Valentine" you say.....

Everybody has a favorite nostalgic fictional story Valentine couple, they think is best, mine would have to be Gomez and Morticia Adams, from the Adams Family story.....that is love !!!....haha!


Sunday, February 12, 2017


" What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder." Mark 10:9.....nice bible verse for beloveds...for Valentine's Day...

I know that often many people choose to be betrothed/married, engaged during Valentine's Day.....Being married on this day is different, and all about amor and romance....heart shapes, cupids/angels, everywhere!

Many people purchase wedding rings in gold, for tradition, and that is the standard, but whatever you choose is good for a wedding band...silver or gold...

You each choose a band for one another, plain or sparkly...I know often people choose to engrave tiny sayings, words interior of the wedding bands, they can be engraved at the jewelry store, for a fee, these sayings or words can be meaningful, cute, silly, serious, or romantic to your beloved...something unique! on left hand..

I think that The Lord has placed our beloveds here on earth for us to search for and marry....

When you find that someone you adore, you need to know one another a while before asking their hand in marriage, make very sure you both are in love, and it is right, you both know marriage takes time, patience, understanding, care, love, and work to stay together! You both have to continually work on staying together....takes a lot of trust, and knowing you belong together.

Marriage counseling is available, and you can sometimes seek marriage counseling from your licensed pastor at church....sometimes IF available, for a fee.

When you marry you just don't give up, yell at your beloved and leave, you try to find ways to be understanding, say you are sorry, and calm down.....

NEVER cheat, lie, steal, abuse, use for money, or belittle your spouse! much sadness.

I think often about how cute couples are when they can stay married for 50 + years, like my grandparents, and how wonderful that is to be able to stay married to one another that long!!! And have wedding anniversaries! Still in love at old age....cute!

I just know it takes a lot of love, respect, care, romance, intimacy and kisses, and plenty of laughter to stay married....

Renewal of wedding vows can happen every 5 yrs or every 10 yrs....this can take place wherever you wish as does being married....

When married you are together, but when life events happen you may not always be together for everything, you can call them daily and talk with them, let them know you care...tell them "I love you."

Tell your beloved every day, " I love you ", praise them.

Marriage is being together for eternity....being madly in love with one another only, forever.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

love and care for friends....

When you are fortunate enough to find nice, and very kind pals, you know you need to always love/care for them...because good friends are difficult to find in life!

Spending time with friends is always necessary to keep a nice friendship....think of friends as family, love/care about them just as you love your family....platonic love!

Be there for them, talk with them on the phone, send kind gifts during holidays and cards to your friends to be thoughtful, this is very sweet!

You definitely need to take care of one another, be there for one another, because life can be so very depressing, lonely, and cold....I think everyone needs to have friends....keep searching and you will find wonderful pals!

I think during Valentine's Day just even inviting them over to drink Atole, Cup of hot chocolate--that would be nice!  

Gifting friends a Valentine gift is nice.....plush animals, cards, key chains, or candy would be very kind...

When married you may have friends that are male and you are a woman, I think that is ok, it may cause jealousy from your significant other, but they can be friends with your friend also.....they can go places with you altogether, you may invite them over often with their spouse, it doesn't need to stop friendships if you are wed......that's silly.

Think of nice friends as your family, always be thoughtful, respect them, care about them, and love them!

Happy Valentine's Day to all the friends!


Friday, February 10, 2017

strawberries and more !........

I found a very cute angel/cherub solar dancer at Dollar dances in the sunshine!

I love the fruit strawberry...purchased a plastic container of them yesterday for myself, I prepared fruit is not only a pretty fruit, but very nice to smell.....I enjoy many strawberry is a nice fruit for Valentine's day....a few strawberry things I enjoy----

Strawberry cake mix----all brands
Angel Food cake with strawberries and strawberry glaze onto the top of cake---brands Marie's, Marzetti...add whipped cream.

Fruit dips for strawberries---Marzetti---all, Philadelphia cheesecake my recipe---one jar marshmallow cream + one 8oz cream cheese...blend well.

Strawberry foiled candies
Edy's fruit bars.
Plastic box containers of fresh strawberries--all brands
Strawberry Shortcake!....Wal-Mart bakery shortcake cups.
Strawberry fruit dial-up
Strawberry pie filling--all brands...good for crepes
Strawberry soda--brands, Nehi, Crush, Fanta, Welch's, Best Choice, Great Value.

Strawberry preserves---all brands
Frozen strawberries--brands Great Value, Dole, Goya...all!
Strawberry Jello-- create parfaits, add whipped topping
Strawberry yogurt--yoplait, LaLa
Strawberry ice cream--all
Strawberry chicken salads from Braum' fave!
Strawberries rolled in sugar and I enjoy plain fresh.
Healthy breakfast cereals with dried strawberries..all brands.
Strawberry Pop Tarts
Strawberry Toaster Streudels
Strawberry bath gels/washes
Strawberry shampoos--brands Alberto Vo5, white rain, suave
Strawberry milk--hiland brand and all
Strawberry syrups/mixes to add to milk--Nesquick, Hersheys
Strawberry licorice, Twizzlers

Many things can be created with the of my favorite fruits.....nice for Valentine's day...

Thursday, February 9, 2017

about love....

When you love someone, you know that you should always care for them......through all upsets, bad or good days, because that is how life never stop loving them.

Platonic love----when you love someone like a parent, sibling, grandparent.

THEN there is romantic love---the kinda love that gives you chills, inspires you, causes you to be emotional, and in love...significant other, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend.

Being fortunate enough to find your romantic love, you need to both be madly in love forever! You NEVER want to lose something that wonderful....make very sure you always both work through your marital issues, seek couples counseling together and stay together....

To stay together and in love forever, both need to be well, and give up all vices for one another, make very sure you both truly are in love before marriage, and have NO prior troubles/issues that you may bring to your marriage that could destroy your union! More able to stay in love and stay married...

Weddings can be simple, or stressful, grand, or very quiet, just the two being married...that way, it is just about you and your significant other.

Wedding attire/clothing can be whatever, wedding dresses can be white, or off white, they represent purity, but whatever you wish is can wear plain clothing, or tuxedos....

Being married forever, staying true to ONLY your significant other is good and the right way, Absolutely NO cheating, NO bed hopping!!!.....that behavior is trashy, and disgusting....makes me very sad to see go on with couples...

Being in love is beautiful, when you see people stay together forever....until they are very old....aww...cute! You will always have one another when you are together, faithful, love and care about each other, work through troubles...

Often, it is very cute when couples repeat their wedding vows! They work through all troubles, love each other dearly, and wish to say " I do " again....have grand wedding repeat OR a small ceremony....write vows to one another, be serious and sweet!....maybe renew wedding vows every 10years?!

Laughter, giggling, being silly and very affectionate together I believe will help to keep your marriage strong....plenty of kisses are required!

Being there for one another always is best!

Talking through problems, working through upsets, being very attentive to your spouse is nice.

Knowing that when you may not be together for some time, days, months, years can be challenging, depressing, upsetting for a couple, and when you can't always see one another or creates sadness!

For whatever is keeping you away from your amor, whether it be work, distance away in another country, state, city, or maybe sadly, they have passed on to MUST NEVER stop loving them, NEVER give up seeing them again endures time, distance, and all troubles when you both are truly in love.....both need to forever be faithful....we think of our beloved always.

NEVER lie to, cheat on, steal from, use or abuse, NEVER abandon your beloved!!!......NEVER yell at them and accuse them of only causes upset, hurt feelings...

You don't want to ever lose something as powerful as love.

I think to be madly in love for eternity is best!


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

more valentine cutes !......

Valentines Day is for everyone, not just your significant romantic may wish to gift your children, friends, family, co--workers a Valentine gift....

Cherry Mash is a candy that is good with a glass of milk...I purchased one is a Valentine itself I think!

I see that Wal-Mart Bakery has nicely decorated cookies, cupcakes for Valentine's Day...they are nice.

Little Debbie Valentine snack cakes or brownies are so good to enjoy, and decorated nicely...

Valentine gift bags, wrap, stickers, paperwares, Crystal roses, greeting cards are very affordable at Dollar Tree.....

I always have to carry an ink pen with me in my purse, I see that the dollar stores and others have flower/rose pens, and other Valentine ink pens.....those are so beautiful! I think that I also saw those that lite up and shine....affordable, and different....Valentine color hues....cute!

Fresh flower Valentine bouquets are very beautiful, and nice to gift to others.....Wal-Mart has them affordable, I think those are wonderful.

Marzetti brand----caramel, strawberry glaze, or chocolate fruit dips are good.....I enjoy apple slices, or strawberries with caramel, or chocolate fruit dip.....I have also seen a brand called Dole that has chocolate fruit dip....good! Strawberry glaze is nice with Angel Food cake drizzled onto the top of the cake with whipped cream....

I have a recipe for fruit dip that I enjoy.

Valentine's Day is for all!


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

cologne/perfume, wine, boxed chocolate....

Many different items can be gifted for Valentine's day...I keep seeing these everywhere lately seasonal!

This list is just for fun, I enjoy looking at these in stores...just randomness!

Cologne and/or perfumes, are nice for our beloveds, I think it is always good to wear perfume/colognes if you can, we should all try to keep clean and be nicely scented....

Here are a few scents I prefer:


Paco Rabanne
British Sterling
Aqua velva---aftershave
Old spice


Viva la juicy----all
Gypsy kiss
Gypsy soule freedom
Rock n Roll Cowgirl
Southern soul
Curve for women
Jean nate
Bath n Body Works----many sprays/scents

Heart shaped boxed chocolates are always nice, all sizes grand or very small, some with mini balloons, and plush animals.....nice gifts! I see so many on the shelves....

Brands I have tried of heart shape chocolates are:


Heart shapes are cute! 

Did you know February is also Heart Health month? Red lipsticks, red nail polish, red clothings are preferred for Heart Health women's gatherings/events....attend/plan for awareness!

Often, I have enjoyed a glass of red wine, I know a glass is ok every so often with meals....good for Valentine's day if you are legal age to drink...strawberry soda, and Hawaiian Punch, or homemade punch are nice also....


Monday, February 6, 2017

valentine plush gifts....

Last night I was able to watch the " Kitten/Cat Bowl " on Hallmark channel of was very silly, cute, made me giggle!.....kittens/cats enjoying football!

I have been seeing the Valentine gifts aisles in most stores, and I was able to see the Wal-Mart Valentine plush aisle....oh my goodness!.....there are many colorful plush animals and at another store they had plush roses!.....very sweet.

I have seen the plush animals in many colorful hues and different animals....I adore plush animals as gifts to give to others....all sizes, very grand, to very small!

i saw these:

Teddy bears
Monkeys----Dollar Tree has bright colorful monkeys!

Also colorful hued hearts, red roses all plush....many different stores...I think the Valentine TY Beanie plush are very nice also.....

Plush valentines are wonderful.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

church and life.....

Very cold and cloudy was a good day to stay home and

Today is Sunday, I often think about how attending church changes you in a way, gives you structure, knowledge, and a basis on which to build a better life, for you and your family...

Life can be upsetting, complicated, confusing, it is very easy to lose our way...that is why we need to take religion seriously...teach our families about The Lord, Jesus, and the we can have a good foundation to build our lives upon......

I believe that we need religion in our family life daily, and when we need advice, consult our licensed pastor.....

In relationships, you may be married or engaged to be married....couples counseling with a licensed pastor before and after marriage is best to seek counseling you can be prepared for marriage and seek couples counseling IF you have marital problems.....we need religion to be there in our relationships to stay together...

Often people may wish to be baptized, or have special events at the church, weddings, or birthday should attend the church of your choice and join months before you wish to have events there, it's very rude to not attend/join church and to just use the church once and NEVER return...

Plan your events carefully before they take place----with others advice/help involved in events.....

Sometimes there are fees for having weddings/parties and the pastor will charge a fee for officiating and will need to decorate and purchase items, cakes, other kind, courteous, clean up kitchen, church, before and after events....

I know that people may choose to marry anywhere, but church weddings are nice also....with religion there...unity candles may be available for you and your spouse to lite together during ceremony...I think they are nice and beautiful....something different!

Keep attending church even after your events have taken place, building strong relationships with your religion is best, so you know that you have religion there.....

Small-town churches can be very beautiful for weddings, parties, other nice events, decorate, and keep them clean and tidy!....


Saturday, February 4, 2017

valentine candies.....

Each year I enjoy looking at the seasonal candies on the aisles at stores....nostalgia to see the new/old candies and wrappers...yes, I am a nerd....just for fun here are candies I have enjoyed for many are wonderful valentine gifts!

Hershey's giant foil wrapped kiss, regular foils
Reese's grand size peanut butter heart, and regular
M n M's valentine heart canes, all candies
Tootsie Roll valentine pops
Valentine Fun Dip candy
Sour Punch straws
Dove valentine candy
Charms Pops---reds
Brach's conversation hearts
Valentine's Ring Pops
Jolly Ranchers---the reds pack, and regular
Lindt choco truffles
Valentine nerds candy
Laffy Taffy valentine
Airheads valentine
Reeses heart canes
Lindor valentine truffles
Kit-kat valentines
Palmer chocos---all
Twix valentine
Zachary valentine candy corn
Trolli sour brite hearts
Ferrero rocher valentine
Snickers valentine
Welchs valentine fruit snacks
Black Forest valentine fruit snack
Ghirardelli valentine squares
Madelaine chocolate foil wrapped roses--cute!
Rose pops
Almond Roca
Rolo valentine
Russell Stover marshmallow/caramel hearts
Tiger pops
Heart pops
Cellias chocolate covered cherries
Strawberry candies with gooey candy center foil wrapped
Good n Plenty

Now for cinnamon candies, some of these can be found sugar free....also sugar free red vines.

Atomic fireballs--- ferrara/sathers
Red hots---brach's, Ferrara pan
Cinnamon bears! Zachary, Sathers, Western Family, Sweet's
Cinnamon candies---Sathers, Brach's
Jolly Rancher Fire!
Hot Tamales!
Zachary cinnamon/or cherry jelly hearts
Red Vines, Twizzlers reds

And cinnamon oils from Wal-Mart for baking and candies.



Friday, February 3, 2017

the month of love....


This is the month we celebrate LOVE and ROMANCE......Valentine's Day on the 14th day.

Many people have someone they adore and is something that most search their whole lives for, and NEVER find.....

I think it is best to NOT be bed hopping with many others....icky and sad!!!.....I believe that there should only be one true love, that you sleep with, and stay with forever.....I hear of way too many people bed hopping and being promiscuous, it is very would be wonderful for those people who are bed hopping with many others to just be married and stay with their one true love.......but that is just my opinion.

I know that often people marry and divorce because of bad things that go on with couples.....very sad....people can fall out of love IF they don't make the effort to stay together....and work on their problems......

Marriage counseling is there IF you need it...IF you are fortunate to ever find the love of your life, you don't want to lose something that wonderful, so work on staying together!

I think couples are very cute!....and when they stay together many years til they are very old.....even cuter!...

Marriage, love, relationships all take a lot of work.....trying to be there for your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend.....being loyal, loving, caring, NEVER cheating!.....being deeply in amor!.....very affectionate, and always comforting, trying to create laughter when they are sad or going through bad days...just make very sure you feel that the person is who you love and can stay married to....before you propose marriage....

Being compatible is best way to stay together, same likes/dislikes.....better to understand one another.

Looks of a person should NEVER matter...choose a mate based only on how kind, caring they are....being silly is best! Laughter is always wonderful.

People should go out on dates before you will know who you like.....dates may be stressful, nervous, and you should go on dates with friends who are couples.....before you truly know the person.....for safety concerns.

I think on dates that each person should pay their own way....I have had a date before when I had to pay for everything!!!.....he was stupid....lesson learned.

Dates can be anything fun to go see, something respectful. Talk on dates, laugh, and NO sleeping around!....that's trashy.

Searching for amor can be upsetting and emotional, being in love is nice....if you find it....just never marry someone and think it will solve your problems, make very sure you choose someone who is well, kind, good, comforting.

Being single is good also...whatever you choose.

Love can be complicated....never forget.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

it's February, purple.....

I cannot believe it's February starting today.

Amethyst stone is the purple jewel that is my birthday jewel.

I have always been interested in precious stones, every month has a certain jewel that people use for birthday gifts, all different colors.....all different prices, the not real jewels are just as beautiful....add in some sparkly rhinestones, that is nice!

February is always the purple jewel----Amethyst.

Purple is a nice color hue....I admire all purple hues, it is fun to pair it, match it with other color hues.

Electric purple is one of my fave purple hues....bright and I think cheerful.

The lavender flower is nice and purple....wonderful smell....many other nice purple flowers out there also.

Purple is a fun color hue!