Saturday, April 30, 2016

t- shirt printing and embroidery stores.....

I was able to go to PetSense pet store yesterday and the lady who was there working the cash register told me that the PetSense Stores everywhere are having a Pet Adoption Celebration this weekend called ForeverHome 2016 it will be happening April 30-May 1 All over the country at the stores, over 124 Adoption locations !.....I think that is very sweet and a great idea for everyone to have the opportunity to purchase a new pal/family member! all pet stores need to have more events like this to help people find new pals/family members to enjoy life with them! :)

Then i went to Dollar Tree--I purchased a lot of cleaning supplies there yesterday for several dollars..affordable, there's no reason that someone could not be able to clean something affordably shopping there!...just $1 and tax....Went to the grocery store and purchased pepperoni on sale...I like the brand was on sale, I like Hormel, Bridgford, Armour, EckRich also.

Often I see so many different cute printed t-shirts and I enjoy wearing a nice comfortable t-shirt, simple, easy to pull-over, and you don't have to worry about anything wearing them...I like them printed mostly, plain is fine too, but I like cute printed t-shirts and I like to collect them from places I have been attending something at or usually found in stores for $5 plus tax in some stores...I don't  care! hey, they are comfortable and fuss-free no worries!..simple....I like to wear a t-shirt and they make me feel more at ease wearing them and not caring/worrying over how I am dressed!....

I like t-shirts.

Many times small towns need the t-shirt printing stores that also embroider onto clothing,....they often have the t-shirts there all colorful t-shirts, all sizes available, ready to be customized/personalized according to what the shopper is looking for...they use a lot of tedious work to create logos, brands, all colors, and assemble printed pictures with their equipment...I like these local small town stores...they are needed.

Creating a printed t-shirt you can have more fun celebrating events in your towns, cities, churches, businesses, restaurants, pet adoption/humane society/ASPCA fundraisers, all fundraising events, celebrations, awareness walks/relays, poker runs, groups, baseball, track, football teams, high schools--they could use these stores for embroider/printing onto their uniforms, and many other places that use uniforms can use the stores close by to create their logo/brand t-shirts...

Everyone needs to take part in the fun of purchasing, specializing, creating their own unique logo/branded t-shirts, many people purchase/create them for Special Occasions too, to have fun and have the specialized t-shirt there to remember the fun you had!

ALL colors, and sizes of t-shirts are needed to create that unique specialty t-shirt for all different people to enjoy and admire.

Often when a special event is going to be held to raise awareness for good causes or celebrations they will have their own unique t-shirt printed up and there available for the attendees/supporters to purchase for a fee before it occurs, usually $12 a t-shirt....but you can purchase those if you wish to, you don't have to....

People need to ask weeks in advance before the event/occasion occurs they are wishing to create t-shirts for and the print shops can order the colorful t-shirts in the color they choose, and they need to have sizing charts there so you can know exactly what size fits who and will be comfortable....they need to run larger fit so they are comfortable for everyone, so many times I have heard others complain about the t-shirts style/fit not being what they like so they need to know beforehand the collar style, V-neck, shoulder length, and etc....just need to be comfortable, NEVER too tight for someone to's just a t-shirt! no need for a fashion show!...Haha!....just make the graphics, the fonts, designs, all available so there will be many styles of graphics, fonts, designs, colorful inks there for many different people.....

It takes many days, hours, weeks to create t-shirts for many individuals/groups to get their t-shirt selection/creations to them early before their events/cause/celebration occurs so I know they need enough good workers hired to get the work done on schedule at these printing/embroider stores.....

When you go into many businesses they all may have the same logo/brand on their clothing, and they may be the same colorful clothing inks/fonts so you will know their place of business and maybe even have the workers names on them so you will know who has helped you with this or that at the business...I like when the t-shirts/clothing is monogrammed/embroidered, and the same style/color, look very clean and nice and updated yearly with something new..i know workers get very tired of the same old routine every day and looking at the same uniform everyday can get boring!...they need to have different styles/fonts/colorful t-shirts/clothing updated yearly at least....

When traveling gift shops locally have many t-shirts to purchase and take home with you, they could be created there in those towns by local print shops, available for purchase as a souvenir, I know this occurs all the time and it helps the local economy.....Often times local restaurants, museums, high schools/colleges have their t-shirts out there for purchase to help raise money for their businesses...I like support for your favorite local ball teams, and state college ball teams....tradition!


Friday, April 29, 2016

cookies.....cookie jars...

I like to enjoy cookies as a snack every once in a while..

There are many different shapes, colorful icings, sprinkles, and ingredients used in creating different cookies...Cookies to me are very fun to bake/create/decorate/choose from to enjoy because there are so many...I have always liked the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street, because that blue creature knew all about cookies! He should have had his own blue cookies! haha! he likes cookies, he's an alright guy!

I have always enjoyed admiring many different colorful, themed cookie jars and I know that every one who likes baking, creating cookies, and purchasing cookies at the stores they need to purchase a cookie jar to place their cookies in to keep them on display on the kitchen counter where they will keep well....The cookie jars are so unique, decorative, and cute...

I like creating my own cookie dough with many different ingredients, OR sometimes the frozen/Pre-mix cookie doughs you place in the oven are good Pillsbury, Nestle Toll House, Great Value, Otis SpunkMeyer, Betty Crocker  are a few that I have purchased before...any brand is fine....

When I create different cookies I use many different ingredients, I like sprinkles, nuts, icings, chocolate chips, colorful M&Ms, oatmeal, coconut...the list goes on and on...


Lady Fingers
Wafer Cookies
Voortman's--also available for Diabetics
Murray--also for Diabetics/sugar free
Caramel-Coconut--Coconut Dreams Keebler...enjoying a few this week!
Lance NeKot Cookies
Pepperidge Farm
Grandma's brand
Butter Cookies
Chocolate Chip M&M colorful cookies
Iced Oatmeal Cookies
Mother's--Iced Circus Animal Cookies with sprinkles
PinWheels Fudge and marshmallow cookies
Sugar Cookies
Keebler Grasshopper Cookies--(no real grasshoppers...icky!) just fudge/mint--at one time it was green when you enjoyed it...I wish it was green again!..more fun!...haha!

Nutter Butter
Peanut Butter cookies
Chips Ahoy
Great Value
Ginger Bread
French Macaroons--colorful
Cookie sandwiches
Otis SpunkMeyer
Fig Newtons
Fudge Cookies with walnuts
Russian Tea Cake Cookies
Famous Amos
Keebler Fudge Sticks

I enjoy the cookies from Great American Cookies at the malls, they are good, colorful, and fun every once in a while, sometimes they are too pricey, but I like the colorful cookie sandwiches, and neatly decorated cookie cakes they have for purchase....always fun!

I also enjoy some Mexican Brand cookies:

Gamesa--Emperador Vanilla/Chocolate is a favorite of mine!
Surtido Rico

Once as a child I was a Girl Scout, we had cookie sales, I enjoy all of the cookies they have there to purchase, so whenever I see their Cookie displays out there, I stop by and purchase a box and help those girls! say hello, be friendly!

Cookies are good gifts to give, they are fun, colorful and unique..I enjoy baking/creating them at home also...


Thursday, April 28, 2016

car washes, keeping car clean....

I know that I have got to keep my vehicle washed at all times, living on an unpaved stays dirty/dusty/muddy..

I like to use any car wash that works properly!

the self serve/wash and vacuum, spot-free, wax, car perfume spray---save coins!

the drive thru wash--let someone wash it for you! for cost.

OR just the car wash at home with a water hose and soap, vacuum, cleaning supplies, air freshener..

Whenever I wash the vehicle and vacuum at home I like to use a shop vac to vacuum the vehicle and Detail the interior by using sprays, foams that clean well...

I cannot stand stepping into a vehicle and seeing nasty trash everywhere, stains, stinky interior smell!!!.....icky! I just want to puke! We have all got to keep our vehicles clean!...One time someone had an old moldy hamburger in their car(one of my friends)...Haha!....I just laugh about that!...I think it was fossilized it was so old!....that's just gross!....People have got to keep their vehicles CLEAN interior/exterior!

I think it's best to always try to keep your vehicle cleaned, they look nicer, smell nicer, and won't be so messy that you cannot find your car ownership papers...or you cannot even find yourself in your own car!...haha!

when you are moving something or placing something into the interior or back seat of your vehicle---always make sure you remove it and place it where it needs to go, don't leave junk/clutter in your vehicle!

Remove all food wrappers, bottles, junk papers--Throw in the Trash after using them!...I have seen a lot of laziness, and stupidity in other's vehicles before!..*eyeroll*

these are a few car cleaning, air freshener brands I use:
Little Trees
Yankee Candle car scents
Citrus Magic

I like the cute plastic air fresheners that hang from the rear view mirror, shaped like fruits...they smell very nice...I enjoy all fruit air freshener smells.....

off brands work just as well, you can find a lot of the car cleaning items at the Dollar Stores, very doesn't cost that much to self-clean your car and keep it looking and smelling nice...I just cannot stand to see nasty trash and neglect of things....laziness!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

local summer vacations....

It stormed/rained last night, it was very peaceful....

I drove past a bright yellow canola field yesterday and it made me think about summer it was so bright, like the sunshine....

Summer season is almost here and I know that it will be time for many traditional summer fun activities, vacations, road trips......I was always so excited to finish school and be free for the summer! would be given my class diploma/awards for the year, and I was running for the door! I'm free from school for a few months!!!...haha! (I still wish I could feel that way now about some things)...oh well....I  think everyone feels that way about summer season!

Traditional Activities can be out of your home state you can travel to, OR just vacation in your own local home state, help local economy, save money...but still sort of get away for awhile....

Invite Family/Friends to go on vacation with you, more fun! Stay in cabins, motels/hotels, or rental properties local to the area you are vacationing at... REMEMBER to always have fun and laugh, relax, forget your worries if you can...Create memories with your group and take plenty of pictures on your vacation.

Sometimes you may wish to take your pets on vacation but often times you cannot, so you need to find someone reliable, trustworthy and caring who can keep them for you or feed/water them at your home..Keep them safe indoors of your home from anything electrical, or can monitor them with equipment on your cell phone with a camera to watch them while you are know they are safe...

IF your pets can go on vacation with you, make very sure they are on a leash,collar at all times and with you always, watch/monitor them so you will know where they are!..It would be so upsetting/terrifying to lose a pet on vacation..sadness! we must ALWAYS keep them on leashes, with collars while travelling, you may place them in their pet taxi/kennel too! sometimes it is just best to leave them at home, with extra care from a family/friend to help out with them...

Vacationing can be expensive, so when you know you wish to take a vacation check out the prices of the area you are going to go vacation at..look online first..this helps you get the idea of how much it may cost you, save money as quickly as you can and you and your traveling companions can throw money in together to afford places to stay, dine, relax, sightsee, enjoy a few days...

Just for fun here are a few summer seasonal activities:

 SWIMMING----the public swimming pools will be opening soon....I have always enjoyed swimming, it is one of my favorite activities!...It helps me not hurt so bad, I relax all over when I swim....Whenever I was younger I took part in swimming lessons at the local public swimming pool for many summers...I liked attending the lessons and learning to dive....I like the water..always have!...

Public swimming pools need to be sanitized, chlorinated, clean ALWAYS!..bathe before you go to the pool----i always do this! may have a put-up pool at home, keep it very clean as well, free of debris and nastiness!...VERY important.

CAMPING/FISHING/MOUNTAIN CLIMBING/STATE PARKS----Oklahoma has many beautiful state parks and I have been to a few of them...It can be nice to camp out under the stars in a tent or rent a cute cabin!, have cookouts at the lakes, explore, and just relax, have safe campfires...use skewers---roast hot dogs, roast marshmallows/create S'mores!... ;)  OR go out on the lake wave running, swimming, water skiing, or fishing from a boat....go mountain climbing (with safety gear)..have fun..

ALWAYS watch your children and keep them close nearby you, make sure they are safe at all times and do not become lost! is terrible if something bad would happen on vacation!

often vacationing/sightseeing locally is more don't have all the travel expenses....

A few state parks here in Oklahoma for summer season fun are:
Lake Murray
Beavers Bend Resort Park
Kaw Lake
Tenkiller Ferry Lake
Robbers Cave State Park
Lake Eufaula State Park
Chickasaw National Recreation Area
Quartz Mountain Nature Park
Wichita Mountains Wild Life Refuge, Mountains Area
Keystone Lake
Oologah Lake
Canton Lake
Black Kettle National Grassland
Lake of the Arbuckles
Skiatook Lake
Foss State Park
Lake Lawtonka
Lake Ellsworth
Medicine Park
Hugo Lake
ArrowHead State Park
Little Sahara State Park--go all terrain driving on the sand dunes!!
Webbers Falls
Arcadia Lake
Lake Texhoma
Quartz Mountain Resort--enjoy the art!..needs some work, but it is beautiful.

Make sure you always have plenty of fuel in your vehicle's tank..long driving trips can use a lot of fuel....check out your vehicle before you drive long distances...a garage/mechanic can check your vehicle out and make sure it is working properly for a fee...

As a child I have always enjoyed going to water parks and on the thrill rides, locally in Texas, many people like Six Flags for the summer to attend, Sea World, Schlitterbahn Water Park, Hurricane Harbor for the water parks, or go down to the beach in Padre Island, Texas.... AND here in Oklahoma we have Frontier City and you can enjoy the rides there, and White Water Bay has always been a fun water park to attend...I attended these as a child/teen...always fun to go to! I wish we had more of these thrill rides and water parks here in Oklahoma! also listen to live music at the Zoo times...

Science Museum
Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Oklahoma History Center
Museum of Osteology
National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
Gilcrease Museum
Museum of the Great Plains
Fort Sill National Historic Landmark and Museum
Philbrook Museum of Art
Stafford Air and Space Museum
Chickasaw Cultural Center
Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center
Chisholm Trail Heritage Center
 just a few !

I always like to purchase souvenirs from the museums or from matter where you go, always purchase a souvenir! Keepsake them..

Take plenty of pictures on your vacation and create a scrapbook to keep your memories in of your vacation!..make it cute and colorful, use themed stickers and card stock....Scrapbooking is fun. 


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

air - evac, health clinics, urgent care....

Everyone needs help sometime in life, unfortunately sometimes it is serious medical attention/help..And when you live in these far away isolated areas of rural farmland, small towns, you do not always have that accessibility and it is very upsetting and dangerous to have no access to fully equipped medical staff/team!

And the sad part is, that most of the areas near here do not have a state of the art hospital equipped with EVERYTHING a hospital would need to cover any medical attention you might have to have help with! should cover ALL medical issues! A-Z in the medical book.

It has happened before to a few family members that have needed immediate medical help for serious life-threatening conditions, and the stupid part is that they have to be air-evac/medi-flighted  all the way to OKC to get immediate medical care for these serious life threatening issues!!!....

It is so STUPID that many areas of Oklahoma have to rely on hospitals in Oklahoma City to save their lives!!!..they have to be air evac/medi-flighted by helicopter and medical teams all the way to OKC just to get immediate help to save their lives that is special medical care for medical conditions that these local hospital are not equipped to help with!...STUPID that this goes on in this state...ALL areas of the state should have state of the art hospitals there, so we don't have to lose precious time with our loved ones lives!!!The time it takes to be air-evac/medi-flighted you are losing time saving someone's life!...It should not have to go on that we in these areas of the state have to rely solely on OKC's hospitals to get medical care for serious medical ailments/issues/problems!!!

The Air-Evac program is brilliant and I think it is wonderful! It saves so many lives and the medical attention gets to the patients sooner than having to drive all the way to OKC by car to seek serious crucial medical attention/care!...All areas need to have this program to save lives in times of serious medical problems....AND all areas need to have up to date, clean, professional, state of the art hospitals equipped, with great trained medical staff to solve/help with ANY serious medical can/will save lives! We shouldn't have to rely on OKC hospitals, I know they are full to capacity all the time!
I also think that the Air-Evac program should be more affordable, because it is way too expensive! we always think about our health and it can cause anxiety/stress/worry when you have a loved one who will often seek serious medical attention and you know you may need Air-Evac........again...NEEDS to be more affordable to is just outrageously expensive on families..Wonderful program and it is needed everywhere,but just way too would be so much better to have the state of the art hospitals locally in all areas of the state so we all can stop worrying so much about precious time with people's lives! and finding a medi-flight right at that moment!...sometimes the Air-Evac is backed up and gone with a patient...happens all the time...upsetting! I know the pilots/medical emergency teams work all the time, they must be so exhausted...I appreciate all the good work they do for everyone when they can!...we all need them available...

Pilots are needed for these Air-Evacs and I know how stressful that must be! you are saving lives working in these occupations and that is always something good and needed for everyone! they save lives and change the world for the better just like the Doctors, nurses, medical staff....appreciate them!

I have had to rely on local small town medical clinics my whole life, often because the travel is too expensive or the care is unaffordable...So when you live in rural areas your health often has to depend on the care of a small town medical clinic and your Doctor is sometimes a PA with a very small medical staff, barely no waiting room, no privacy, and very tiny exam rooms and you can hear the next room with a patient in it talking to the Doctor(no privacy)...They often are very unclean with bugs crawling on the floor or trash not properly disposed of lying next to trash cans, and they stink sometimes!....oh well.....

Often they have nasty trashy people working at these local medical clinics who I know have been involved in nastiness with my family members and they run and go tell my hillbilly family members how much my bill was, run their mouth off at me hatefully, snirl their nose at me, be unkind/unhelpful/unfriendly, THEN go tell everyone what was wrong with me, and how I paid for my bill with cash/check.....

Oh, those people that work at those medical clinics have made me so damn mad telling ALL of my medical visits! I haven't had anything embarrassing go on with myself, but I don't like all of my medical history/business out there about bills and all that out there for people to talk about/look at!!! STUPID TRASHY PEOPLE!!! STUPID Hillbilly kinfolks have yelled at me:"They said you paid your whole medical bill off with cash! Where'd you get money for that at!!! Probably MY MONEY B*TCH!"..... I NEVER have understood them and their crap!*eyeroll* sick and tired for many years of this!, and they're the ones causing me all the stress making me sick all the time!!!....oh well...

They just need monitored, clean, good trustworthy, trained people working these medical clinics, they need to be sanitary, advanced and up to date....professional!

These local small town medical clinics are very good to have in all local areas and available to the rural areas in case of quick care needs! Someone is always needing Urgent Care right then!, farming communities need this with all the serious medical attention that is needed for awful accidents, and maybe sometimes no time to drive all the way to city, as I mentioned before....

Quick Care is wonderful to have available in all small towns, "walk-ins are welcome" is a good plan for these, with a few Doctors./PA's/nurses stations they need to be advanced with all the new equipment, be sanitary, larger rooms, and you should not have to wait in a stinky waiting room for 5 hours just to see a Doctor!..How many times have we all had to set in the waiting room that long??!

Having the up to date technology for emergencies there locally for the rural farming communities/small towns is something needed! It is always a good thing to have for people and being able to resuscitate someone is always good, saves lives! The up to date equipment/trained medical staff should be there in all areas everywhere to create work occupations, help the local economy, and to help relieve the stress of having to travel 100 miles just to seek medical help for these rural/smalltown people!...Being able to pay cash/check if you do not have health insurance is good too! and needed....

Doctors, PA's, are both wonderful to have, and when they are trained and quickly know almost exactly what is wrong with your body, that is always a RELIEF!...I appreciate and admire those Doctors, PA's Nurses--all medical staff who are kind, calming, brilliant, trained, and who actually care about what is ailing you and want to help others with medical attention! That is how they should all be...they are true medical care teams!


Monday, April 25, 2016

adopt a ferret today!.....

Sometimes in life you have the cutest little creatures to be family and friends with....and you can adopt them! Take good care of them and love them! They are your family when you take that step to adopt one! Name them something cute! ;)

When I go to a pet store I always see the cute little Ferrets.

I have to stop and admire those sweet little creatures through the glass enclosure! They make me giggle and laugh..they are always playful, silly, rowdy, mischievous and sleeping....Haha...I think they are so cute!....I wish to adopt a few Ferrets sometime in the future, I just can't right now...sometime soon would be so nice to adopt a few new best pals/Family members!

Whenever they are sleeping they are all snuggled up together to keep warm, they play with their little toys, they need to be fed and watered properly, cages cleaned daily, they need bathed, veterinarian visits for all vaccinations, they need to be kept safe from other pets in your home, who may be mean to them or hurt them! My problem right now is having enough space for a Ferret and then there's the fact that Pumpkin Cat is very hateful/jealous over other pets...he can get very grouchy!..He might be very mean to a Ferret pal, so I need to wait until I can find the space to have a Ferret in my home...

IF you have no pets, and you are able to have a pet, I think a rambunctious little Ferret pal would be a good one to adopt today!

I know how smart the Ferrets are, and how mischievous they are, and how very playful those little fellows are! I know they require a lot of attention from you, and they wish for you to play with them and their little toys they chew and roll over with...aww! so cute!

they make me laugh and I can't stop giggling sometimes at them in the pet stores when they are playing with their toys and I just start giggling at sweet and cute! anytime you can laugh and giggle with your pet pals, you know you have a best pal and new family member forever!...

ALWAYS take very good proper care of any pet and any Ferret needs plenty of love/care...NEVER let them outside, because they can be lost easily!...oh, that would be so sad!!! :(

ADOPT a Ferret today!


Sunday, April 24, 2016

youth group at church.....

This will be a very long blog post!

It is always good to be active and involved in your church.

Helping out and planning activities for the Youth Group at your church is always good....Teens and Children are the youth, and these youth groups are good for them when they constantly are learning goodness!

Young people always need to be involved in the church! start as young as they can attending church....Many times they have no one there to mentor them, teach them about Christianity, and often they are left alone all the time and this can lead to becoming involved with bad people, mischief and being on the streets, and we DO NOT need that! Everybody needs something to ground them, and something to keep them walking the right path in life....ALWAYS try to be a good, caring, kind, fun, respectful mentor to the youngsters! they get bored easily!

Youth Groups at the churches are good ways to get children/teens off the streets and involved in something good, teach them about God/Jesus, give them good activities to be involved in and to teach them to be good individuals who care and can change the world early on in life by being a good person....

EVALUATE ADULTS WANTING TO PARTICIPATE/IN CHARGE OF YOUTH----People who are going to be "in charge of'" the Youth Group need to first be monitored and known that they are very good people...we DO NOT need sick, nasty pedophiles near the children/youth groups, this happens too many times....and people do not know these sick nasty idiots are what they are and they abuse children, so people who are going to be involved in the children/youth groups NEED to be first evaluated and checked out....

We want to trust other adults with children but we need to know they are safe for them first! There should be at least three adults help with the youth groups....I think anyway, it is a lot of work! have helped with the youth group before and it is a lot of work, and will make you tired!

PLANNING ACTIVITIES/FUN DAYS---Youth Groups need to be constantly active and involved in bringing goodness to the world, taking part in these activities helps them to learn values that will help them be a better person all through life.....

HUMANITARIAN WORK---They need to have humanitarian field trips where they will be driven by the adults who are (in charge of the youth group) to help work on community projects, plant trees/flowers, work on building homes, helping with those in need of assistance, visiting nursing homes to see residents, hand out cheerful greeting cards from the church and/or flowers, mowing lawns for the elderly and they donate their time on the weekends once a month....Sometimes they have humanitarian field trips and they help work on building churches/homes...They can start coat drives, canned food drives, shoe/clothing drives, help out at homeless shelters, donate time to help the local Animal Shelters...things like that are good humanitarian ideas.

YOUTH GROUP MEETINGS----The youth groups should have meetings with the Adults in charge of the group to discuss, chat, and think of ideas, think of fun activities they would like to be involved in, and any kind of good work they could be involved in..Youth Group Meetings should take place in the evenings on Sunday, or on Wednesday evenings after the children are out of school....There should be refreshments provided and there should be Adults there monitoring them at all times as always to keep them safe and out of mischief..make very sure they get home safely and not too late at night...Everyone should take part in the meetings and let their ideas be known....

VOTE ON IDEAS!----Parents could also attend the Youth Group meetings and be very involved in the youth group if they are good people and wish to help out....Everyone needs to understand one another, respect one another, NEVER try to take over and rule everything at church!!! Let everyone's ideas and opinions be known and then VOTE on which idea is the best ideas everyone chooses on those nights when they meet to discuss ideas for events, field trips, humanitarian work and fun activities! let everyone participate...everyone counts!

YOUTH CHOIR---I enjoy choir and I know that I participated in youth choir at my church when I was younger and I liked it very much!...Choir practice is usually sunday evenings or Wednesday nights like all the meetings at church, so youth choir should be before Adult Choir...
It takes a very well taught musician to make any choir work, someone who is trustworthy near the children, knows music, can sing, very animated, vocal training, likes music!....Can read music, knows the songs or can easily learn the songs....You also need a good musician or two that can help play the music in the Youth choir books or songbooks...that always helps out!...and someone who has patience with children, friendly cooperative when they need help learning the songs.....

The Youth Choir may have fundraisers to take field trips to music related events as well....should always be fun and they will keep attending!...Music is good for all children to learn and sing..Church is a good place to start! There should be songbooks given out to the children when they get to the Choir Practice and they should remain at the church, you can sometimes create songbooks from three ring colorful plastic binders with music sheets in them in order, placed in plastic sheet holders...these work well and keep the music in order/clean from smudges/dirt..etc....they can personalize/decorate these if they wish to....

BIBLE STUDY---The Youth Group will have Bible lessons and study on sunday evenings or Wednesday evenings at the church..sometimes a youth pastor and the youth group overseers will give the Bible Study and read the lessons....Christian themed reward stickers given out at Bible study for the youth are always fun when they complete their Christian Study workbook lesson page for that night.....Refreshments should be provided also, and then have a fun activity, like games, and pizza afterward....

FUN ACTIVITIES/EVENTS----Youth groups have gotta have fun! SO we always need to have plenty of fun events/activities planned for them..Ideas should be safe/affordable/and monitored by Adults who are good people....these are a few fun ideas I have enjoyed at my church as a youth:

SPORTS---They could have baseball teams at the church, and compete against other churches and maybe play the games on sunday nights at the local baseball field....We have went Bowling before and that was a lot of fun, VolleyBall games were always fun at youth group and they place the net up behind the church...Rockwall climbing with harnesses at a place for this at a business is often good....Taking part in walks for awareness of diseases, fundraising walks for good people afflicted with illness in the community, Taking walks of awareness for Animal Abuse Awareness and Fundraising for the local Animal Shelters, Taking walks to bring awareness to many good causes and good things at the church as well...

MAKING T-SHIRTS----Making T-Shirts for the Youth Group is always fun, you can have them printed at a local t-shirt print shop, and then you can tie-dye them with the youth and that is messy but fun as can be with colorful dyes and glitter paint/gels and the Adults/Parents to help out!...Wear them all the time when you attend the youth group days if you wish!....Make new different ones yearly, tie-dye is sometimes...have fun!

PIZZA PARTIES/MEXICAN FOOD---Youth Groups always like pizza parties and they enjoy refreshments all the time! they will more likely attend with food there!....haha!..Pizza parties and Mexican food that is catered for the Youth Group is always good for them...they like food to be there after a youth group day of fun activities/events....Having Mexican food dinners catered is always fun and you can have that there for them also, along with Pizza Parties, just switch them around to different days...having a good pizza or Mexican food meal is good every so often with the youth groups at church.....

ICE CREAM YOUTH SOCIALS-----Purchasing tubs of ice cream, taking them to the church, and having all the colorful/seasonal paper bowls/plastic spoons/cups there for the children is good and fun for them...make sure that you have diabetic desserts there for the children IF there is a diabetic child, and always know who has diabetes! we do not need anything terrible happening! Water, soda, or punch can be served also....Children/Teens can invite friends there or other youth there to attend and become interested in church....AS with all food prep this needs to be very sanitary as always!

it's always fun to purchase decorations at the Dollar Tree, Dollar Stores for these church events and decorate them seasonally, and according to the events colorful themes...that's good to work on...leave the decorations in plastic tub containers they belong to the them properly...keep them clean....the church should have money saved for purchasing paper/plastic decorations for events..

THANKSGIVING---Talk about what you are thankful for, lessons in Bible about being thankful, crafts, make turkey shaped cookies and decorate them...

FUN HOLIDAY PARTIES----The youth groups like to attend the seasonal/holiday parties.

HALLOWEEN/FALL CELEBRATION--They can dress up in costumes and enjoy candy, refreshments, an old Halloween movie, Halloween Safe House at the Church where they are safe and have safe food there, punch bowl with cups to drink colorful punches, games, be gifted the cute whimsical goody bags full of candies and nostalgia! keep it fun! traditional...Fall craft projects are good also...

CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION---A party to celebrate Jesus and they can have refreshments, games, gifted cute goody bags and maybe be given toys or office supplies that are themed Christmas--the week before Christmas....The first week of December they can help plan to work on the church Christmas Float and decorate it, and attend it...Plan for Christmas plays and make sets/costumes--teens are good at this work! Plan The Christmas Choir songs and work on this in November ahead of time....Have a fun Christmas Cookie party and decorate sugar cookies with kits....Ugly sweater contests for the teens/ always silly and fun! have a good time! celebrate Christmas.Work on Christmas craft projects...

VALENTINES DAY--Decorate sugar cookies, hand out cute homemade Valentine Cards at Nursing Homes and/or to their parents/friends at church...enjoy Valentine Candies...Have Pizza and enjoy a pink/purple/white/or red heart themed decorated party..wear those colors and make red heart shaped could even sing a few old Valentines Day themed songs from years ago...

EASTER---Have Easter eggs hunt, Easter crafts, lessons from Bible, gift the cute goody bags with small toys and crosses...I have already talked about

4TH OF JULY---we always celebrate this day at church and we pay respect to the veterans with cards/flowers at the nursing homes, send greeting cards to the soldiers overseas, pay respect to all active and non-active military...Tell them thank you and show respect by donating extra time to make the cards and visit those in nursing home--say thank you! have fireworks available there for the youth group to participate in that are not dangerous---the colorful snakes, confetti poppers, smoke balls, but these too need to be monitored..Children should be taught about Independence Day and what they can work toward in life and the community to be thankful for freedom...the church should hold special banquets for the 4th of July and invite military families/veterans to attend the church and the banquets....say thank you!

CRAFTS---always needed at youth group!, fun and interactive way for children to learn about the bible, the Lord, and Jesus...They can take them home and keep them as keepsakes..i still have some of mine from years ago!...

Items needed for Crafts & Art projects for youth group are---beads for necklaces, paints--all kinds, sculpting bake clay, play dough, paper mache, glues, glitters, plastic stones, colorful pom-poms, pipe cleaners/chenille twisty, stems colorful sand arts, scissors, colorful construction paper, coloring pages, crayons, colorful pens, office supplies, reward stickers, staplers, markers, activity books for youth are projects can be ordered from Oriental Trading! have been fun!

FUNDRAISERS---the youth may take special field days by vehicle to an event or social gathering and they may want to go on a church fun travel trip, visit museums, attend music concerts, state church youth meetings, or any special cause they may wish to raise money to be able to attend/go to these places/events..Things like garage sales, car washes, catered breakfast or meals that charge $4/plate, t-shirt sales, craft & art sales are good ways to have fundraisers.....

SUNDAY SCHOOL---Every sunday morning before church children should be in sunday school where they will learn the Bible and have bible lessons, crafts, art, and work in Christian activity books....this is always fun to attend for them and they can have instructional Sunday School teachers there to teach them the projects and the Bible lessons..then they go to attend Church with their parents if they wish to, the small children can stay in the church nursery, or go with parents to be seated in the church pews...crying children should go to the soundproof nursery until church is over...

BIBLE SCHOOL----During the summer,  the youth groups can attend Bible School it is usually taking place in July before school season starts here...It will last a week and parents can help with all the Bible School is fun!..I attended Bible school almost every summer and now that I am an adult I like to help out with Bible School and teach the children lessons/crafts...I helped with the puppets and made the voice for a few of them behind cardboard stand up sets...Goody Bags are needed at Bible School! they are so fun to create and give to the children all kinds of candies, toys, office supplies themed to the Bible School week...

These are themed, and you can purchase the Bible School lessons/sets from a Christian supply store or maybe even online somewhere--it tells you everything you need to work on and create to get the week started right!....You can hand out t-shirts/all sizes are needed for the youth and the Bible School overseers need these as may create them or order them lasts only a week and takes weeks to prepare ahead of time..all kinds of activities they can work on, learn is good for children and ALL adults involved in this too need to be evaluated/monitored...Parents should be involved and understand one another, respect one another, be active in their children's lives/involvement at church....


Saturday, April 23, 2016

sandwiches, chips, and snacks.....

I know that now Summer season is on the way, it will be time to just fix a sandwich and go on through the hot weather...I saw a person at town yesterday carrying a brown paper sack lunch in their hand going to a ballgame...The brown paper sack lunch reminds me of attending school years back, and how I thought it was neato to prepare a lunch and place it there into the small brown paper sack...just a plain brown paper sack....isn't that silly how I like that??!

I like to still create sandwiches...Sandwiches are simple in the Summer...I have created many throughout the years...

This is just for fun today, I'm blogging about this stuff!..I just laugh at myself!....Haha!...

any bread works...rye, white, wheat, potato bread, multi-grain, sour dough....

I  ALWAYS add lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, cheese...mustard or mayo---but not together! like Swiss Cheese, Cheddar, American

French's Mustard and Miracle Whip, Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil, or Hellman's Real Mayo...any off brand works great too!

SANDWICHES I have created:

Roast Beef with cheese and Mayo or Mustard.
Pimento Cheese with just mayo
Scrambled Egg with just Mayo..Pepper/Salt
Turkey, Cheese, Pepperoni, with Mayo or Mustard, vegetables.......
Ham with Cheese, Mustard or Mayo, vegetables
Bacon Sandwich, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato---they call it a
BBQ sandwich with Mustard on Hamburger Bun
Tuna Fish that is packed in Sunflower Oil ONLY-Mix in Mayo,Onions, Pickles, then add lettuce.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich made from Chicken in Can---mayo, red grapes, onion, small apple pieces,vanilla yogurt, cracked pepper...some salt..
Bologna and cheese with Mayo or Mustard and vegetables.
Turkey Cotto Salami with Mayo or Mustard vegetables
Pickle & Pimento Loaf with mayo cheese
Corned Beef with Mayo or Mustard, vegetables
Spam with Mayo, or Mustard, Lettuce, Cheese

Brands I enjoy--Oscar Mayer,Market Side, Great Value, Kraft, Vlasic, Best Maid, Hormel, Butter Ball, Honeysuckle, Buddig, Hillshire Farm, Black Label, Wright Bacon, Tyson, Owens, Mt. Olive.

CHIPS/SNACKS---I like to also enjoy a refreshment to drink, something sweet, and I like these chips/snacks:
Pickled Peppers
Pickles--the whole pickles
Pickled Eggs
Pickled Cauliflower/Okra
Black Olives
Gardetto's--we enjoyed these in high school during rec hall time...garlic!
Lay's Potato Chips--all flavors/kinds
Pita Chips
Veggie Straws
Cheese Straws
PopCorn Indiana Buffalo Cheddar KettleCorn
Hot Fries
LambWeston Potato Wedges---(Good! But needs to be cheaper!)--fried/baked in oven---OR any other seasoned fries/potato wedges that are more affordable.
Curly Fries from Arby's--purchased at Arby's or found in freezer section at grocery.
onion rings
tater tots
I also enjoy the boxed Suddenly Pasta Salads that you mix up and refrigerate..i like them all! good with a sandwich or Italian food.

that was fun...haha!


Friday, April 22, 2016

nasty ticks, fleas, worms and others......

I wormed and dusted my dogs yesterday outdoors.

I just used a dust called Hi-Yield dust I purchased at the feed store...I wore gloves and I poured a handful of the dust in my hand and placed it onto Goofball's fur and made very sure it got all over his fur and down against his skin...Those ticks and fleas started falling off by the evening.....It made his fur look dusty-whitish.....then he shook it everywhere!....haha!

PESTS DUST---I like the Hi-Yield dust and it seems to work very good...I got underneath their arms/legs and on their bellies and a little on their paws, behind ears--all over them, except on face!......It is safe for them and a veterinarian recommended it for my dog because they live on the farm.....(you can also use this on calves too out in the pasture for flys/cow lice)....I also sprinkled some in their dog houses, and onto the ground in the areas they rest...

GO AWAY STUPID THINGS!!!---Those fleas and ticks are terrible! I hate fleas, mites, flys, ticks, worms, mosquitos, wasps, cow lice....Why do we need those nasty things??! there should be some way to get rid of them for good!

WORM TABLETS---I purchased some worm tablets for GoofBall at the feed store also...I just purchased a brand called D-Worm..$4 for 2 tablets...They were fairly grand sized tablets---for a big ol' dog like him! when I got home I wrapped one in raw bacon and he just took that right away, and it worked, he ingested it!...Haha....GoofBall didn't know what to think about it at first and then he just smelled the bacon and down the worm tablet went!...Easier way to worm a silly dog! on the farm!

LIQUID WORMER---is good for their canned food in their bowls just mix liquid wormer in with it and FOLLOW all the instructions on the packaging to make VERY sure that you don't give them too much wormer....that's another way to worm them if you wish...Just one worm treatment once in while!

you have to repeat this worming, dusting process often...Follow instructions on all pet medicines, and the dusting will have to be repeated after rains/storms....

POUR ON LIQUID PESTS TREATMENTS/FLEA~TICK COLLARS/SHAMPOOS----you can use the flea/tick pour on liquid treatments down their backs, flea/tick collars that are properly sized and not too tight or too small...and they have these flea/tick/worm tablets also...many different brands...AND they have flea/tick bath shampoos...sometimes I give GoofBall a bath with the shampoos and water hose during warm days...I keep him on a leash and with his plain collar so he won't get away while I bathe him...JUST make VERY SURE that you NEVER get any of these treatments in their faces,eyes, mouth and that they NEVER ingest them...DANGEROUS!!!

I like a cute brand called Happy Jack I found at the feed store also....It works well! they have many other items I would like to try for Goofball....

I have purchased before the pet care brands:
K9 Advantix
 some of these can be pricey so save money!

Pet Shampoo Brands:
Happy Jack

any off brand works just as well too ya know!

Cats, Kittens, Puppies---also need to be bathed/treated for fleas/ticks, wormed, and treated for ear mites sometimes if they have those mites there is medicine for that....any of these brands I like for those problems....the have just got to be given treatments for these nasty pesky bugs!...

Veterinarians can worm your pets for you for a is much easier for kittens and puppies! ;)

I just always make very sure I care for my pets properly..this all has to be repeated so FOLLOW all instructions on the pet care items, collars have to be replaced also every so often...don't overtreat your pets for these nasty bugs....