Tuesday, January 31, 2017

garden seeds, early looking....

Have been looking through the recent garden seed ordering booklet....I know that it is still a bit early to be looking, but you can always purchase garden seeds and save in the packages til planting days....

Different areas have different zones for when to plant seeds, I always look at the back of the seed packs and there is an illustration for best times to plant them in all zones....weather has a lot to do with planting time.....lol

I need to already purchase any kind of solution to remove the old plant vegetation trying to grow over the old garden area!!! Oh, this will be a mess, roots underneath the ground trying to re--grow!....

I enjoy looking through those colorful pictures in the seed order booklets....just wish it was that simple to grow a garden that beautiful....soil can be a problem often....garden fertilizer mixed into the soil for your garden can help...just not too much, it will ruin your garden area......fertilizer is helpful though.

Many stores have garden seeds and garden plants available closer to spring season....all prices.

I am going to try and create pickles this year, from my garden....haha! Those were good.

During these winter season days before spring, looking through colorful garden seed order booklets helps to cheer a person up sometimes....

Gardening is something I enjoy, and it takes work, time, care, to see how well you can grow seeds or nurture those gardening plants you can plant....


Sunday, January 29, 2017

teamwork for goodness.....

Life can be overwhelming with too much nastiness, weirdo people ruining everything, turmoil everywhere...

When too many people constantly stir up nasty messes, and destroy all goodness, that is always a let down....

It takes many good people working together to STOP all terrible ways and bad ideas of corrupt others!.....we must continually work side by side with good people to keep the evil away and stop their destruction and trying to take over the world with evil.....I know that The Lord wishes for us all to try and work together to stop the corrupt....

There must always be goodness to continually battle the evil....the corrupt NEVER care for anyone, they just use/abuse the poor, and down trodden!!! The corrupt wish only to cause disarray, make money off of the poor, and the innocent, the weak, or those with mental health problems......we have to always work together to stop all of the evil from harming, destroying, ruining, and taking over the world with their nastiness.

We all have a job here on earth, and that is to constantly work on stopping all the terrible nastiness everywhere....we must unify and work diligently to STOP these bad people before it is too late! Our world could stop instantly because of too much corruption.....

It takes people who are sick and tired of being abused, tired of the way they have constantly ruined everything for us, belittled us all, they have kept us all down.....too many people have been terribly hurt by those corrupt nasty weirdos! We can't let the dangerous, evil, nasty losers keep us from living our lives, and we can't let them ruin our world ya know?

Battling through evil, it takes many people who are sick of the way those people have taken over.

Just working together side by side with those who wish for a better life, and look for better days, changes the world, and brings hope, peace, stops evil.

I know life has not been simple, happy or good for almost everyone because of the corrupt in the world constantly causing problems for everyone with their annoying harassment, ruin, and nasty messes, they are all bratty snobby, dangerous, bad people....sick of them!

Teamwork is needed, all people who are ready to create goodness for their lives, and the world, can always knock those losers down to the ground....the world is a pathetic, nasty mess with that garbage taking over.....no one will ever have a better life with those idiots here!


Friday, January 27, 2017

don't believe every story you hear....

Too many people believe stories they are told or hear...I think that whenever you are told so many tales, you need to think about it first, it could be just gossip/lies.

I know many times, for many years I have been told outrageous stories about this, or that, or something very outlandish.....too many weirdos and people who have problems, out there telling me stories.....so many stories in fact, with two sides......well, I often don't know which to believe, so I just don't believe either, til I have proof or hear something officially!......

Bad stories, upsets, awfulness, are generally easier to believe, because that's how my family's lives have always been.....it is terrible, but it is easier to believe the bad because I have seen n heard so much of the bad stories to be true in my life, so much sadness out there!

Being apart of a messed up, terrible family group can cause you to be upset, never have much hope for good, and to easily accept the worst, and constantly expect it daily....it is upsetting..

Often throughout my life people have enjoyed gossiping, and telling awful stories, lies to me about people I know are good people, and when I know not much about others, I don't know the truth about what is or isn't ya know?...because I don't even know them....

Too many stories/lies out there, too many to worry about.

I tend to have always just listened and been constantly confused about what is true or just gossip, so I forget it and go on.......who cares anymore right?......too much other junk to worry with in life !.....so when I hear something officially I will believe it.....

Jealousy is often the cause for people confusing me about others and spinning stories to tell me.....seems as though people always tell two different stories to me and then I hear several others......lol.....I am confused constantly, I suppose they wish for me to be.....

Mostly I hear bad stories, and that this or that is dangerous to me, or they are bad people.....I stay on alarm a lot, and I am forever guarding my heart or myself from pain/hurt/danger because of the constant hate/danger near me at all times.....it is difficult to believe any good tales/stories......so I say who knows? about any story I am told...I have been told so much....some end up being true about others, some are out right terrible lies! about others....

I have been very tired, stressed, upset, and ill for many years now and I often don't feel well enough to try and figure out some puzzling stories about others I am told....I just feel so lousy most days I forget those stories/tales and just try not to believe anything I am told.....confusing! And I am a very tired person.

Let's not forget all the gossip I have been told people say about me all the time!......haha.....I will be asked about some outrageous story going on about me taking part in this or that, and I become upset/angry about how nasty a lying story about me is!......and then I just laugh, because I know that is nasty jealous others spinning tales again!....Oh, I didn't know I was that interesting!......haha.....I stay alone and near home mostly on the farm, I don't take part in anything nasty or trashy.....lol....my hillbilly family has done all that!.....haha....I think I am a very boring/nerdy person.

But anyway, don't listen to gossip, or tales that people spin, believe it when you see it yourself, or it is official....too much garbage talk and I just don't care to worry over it, especially when I am told many different tales with about a zillion different sides to each one....too confusing to even think about especially when I have been so very tired and ill for many years....who cares about gossip mess!

I just think it is best to NEVER believe gossip, NEVER spin tales and gossip them....it will come back to you worse about you in some form....

People wanna tell some nasty made up lies because they are jealous trash???......well, we will just tell some true shit we have heard on them.....haha! They all know they are trash and I am NOT !!! Haha! Anything I tell about them is TRUE!....they all know they are sorry as hell....lol

I hate it when people believe stories/lies about people they have NEVER met, and don't even know!.....I have heard many nasty lying stories about myself and others.....good grief people are jealous!.....whew! they need some mental health help.....Know someone before you stand there and run your damn mouth off with lying gossip about them!

Jealous Trash??? = lying nasty gossip!


Thursday, January 26, 2017

good changes.....

I know that everything changes, with time passing by....so many things change in our lives daily as the clock ticks away!....

Many people are fearful of change, don't wish for changes to occur in their lives.....I happen to enjoy change, when it creates laughter, goodness, stops evil, relieves stress, sadness, anger!!!.....lol...

Changes that occur in life are many, everything changes and we have to accept that and go on, most times we cannot disrupt it....even though we may not ever like this.

Bad things can happen that cause problems in our lives and instantly this causes upset, stress, annoyance, and that is when we are in turmoil and have to accept the unwanted changes that happen because of this....I always hate this part! 😒

We always must know when we have too much negativity within ourselves, bad outlooks on all things, and we only wish to cause disarray, stay too wiped out, not wish to be better people......well, that only causes our lives to be much worse! Those bad ways keep causing more grief..... You just can't progress....it only stops you.

I know that too often nothing good ever happens for any of us, I have had my share of strife, upsets, depressing dark days where I have wished to easily give up.....and I still hope for better changes, better days....

I'm just like everyone else, you have days and days of no hope, just misery, and you can easily not wish to go on.....everybody goes through these feelings.....seems as though only bad changes occur....I'm thinking:"Damn! Life, I need a break with this constant mess!".......so I guess I am just crazy enough to keep going on, and NEVER give up!....haha

Good changes can happen, and you can help make them happen, when every time, you find, create, or bring goodness to your life and the world-----have better outlooks on life......you have to constantly work to make good changes within yourself, your surroundings, and the world.....just try.

Finding a way to create change for yourself would be getting rid of all nastiness, evil, or vices that cause you to be evil, or cause you to bring only negativity to the world, yourself, surroundings.....so constantly working on all of our mental health issues, and ridding our lives of all BS helps to create those good changes to occur!......I think it helps.

Even though things look hopeless often for us all, NEVER give up on life, and NEVER STOP trying to create good changes.....hopefully, things will be better soon.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Everyone needs a local mechanic they can rely on, that is trustworthy, well trained, professional, with all the tools, plenty of room, a nice work building to work in.....

It is very serious work, to be re--building, installing, or improving vehicles of all types---styles/make/models...

Having all of the equipment needed in a mechanic garage, that will help to repair a vast list of problems that could occur with any vehicle would always be welcome!...lol

Hiring many other mechanics to work at a mechanic/repair shop would be more beneficial locally, save time and driving distance.....

Most times when I have to take my vehicle into the mechanic shop for repairs they may have to keep it a week or so because they need to purchase parts from a company, or because they have not much work force, and are swamped with cars they have to work on first......that's always an issue, when you need your vehicle for work/travel....

Being well trained, professional when you are a mechanic is best, or whatever work occupation you have, we need to be well--trained, courteous/kind, clean as we can be, and work well.....

Diesel mechanics are always needed in rural areas for farmers to call on for repairs, or for county barn workers/or Bull--Dozer business, to have readily available to work on dozers/graders.......something we need locally!......A good diesel mechanic that will travel to your field or home when you have farm equipment that breaks down would be nice, greatly appreciated......having everything needed readily available.......

Plenty of spray cans of WD40 and a grand size box of those grease rags are always needed!...haha!


Monday, January 23, 2017

pets, time out !!!......

One way that I know of to calm, and stop pets from being out of control, and behaving improperly, is to take part in something called a time out!

My pets are always causing troubles, wrestling, breaking items, creating messes, or fighting, aggravating me at night and waking me every 5minutes!

Sometimes lately they pee/poop in the floor and I awake to that sound in the other room, I have to clean that with cleaner on carpet, while I am half-awake at 2am......so I tell them how nasty/disrespectful they are.....those cats have litter box to use and they know that!....lazy, bad cats....I tell them.....or they meow all night!

The cats are always fighting, sleeping, being messy with their food bowls.....I don't know how they can have food all over the floor near their bowls....it looks like a pig feeder!...lol...I clean that mess everyday.

they scratch in the litter box and kick out litter everywhere....or pee out of the litter box...onto the newspaper I have placed underneath the litter box for that purpose.....

Pumpkin cat, is always wrestling with my Rocky cat(the gray cat)....he pins him to the floor and they wrestle, everyday! and run down the hall, hopping onto the top of the refrigerator, Rocky cat leaps off the top of the refrigerator and almost sails in the air to a food prep table in the kitchen...and we have to clean it!.....so....a time out!

we always have to place them into their pet taxis or place them in the room where their litter box, water, feed bowls are and close the door....that's what I call a proper time out! For their awful behavior!...EVERY time that we prepare meals/cook we ALWAYS place pets in their pet taxis til after we are through cooking/enjoying meals----we clean always before/after.....

My cats dig in drawers and remove items, run down the hall carrying items with their teeth they find, lose them, Pumpkin cat will jump up onto door tops and set, one time he tried to jump into the ceiling fan!!!...yikes!...I had to get him down.

IF I had a dog dwelling in my home it would have bathroom pads and be trained to go bathroom outdoors on leash/collar......OR trained with those puppy dog bathroom pads....Hartz is a good brand of those.

Goofball has his house outdoors, he is well taken care of outdoors and is safe/monitored.....BUT.....Goofball can be unruly, too excited, he likes to jump very, very high, and often too scratchy on my side or arms when I feed him, I have to be careful, and make very sure he does not scratch my face/ eyes!!!...yikes....he needs to calm down, and just give hugs, stop jumping/scratching!!!......Often he will take hold of my clothing and try to chew on sleeves or shirt ends, as a chewie!!!he has torn some of my coat sleeves....I tell him:"No, bad Goofball!"......Sometimes, he's something else....

Time out! is something that I know is required when you have unruly pets that are not behaving sometimes, so kennel/pet taxi them 30minutes or place in their room where water, feed, litter box is, close door.....ALWAYS, have time out while cooking, preparing meals for cleanliness!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

the cross.....

One item that I admire would be the cross.

Today is Sunday, and I always think of church, and how church services may be on Sundays and Wednesdays, and that often it is very easy to forget about what you have learned on those days....

For me, I always like to keep religion with me daily, or remember how to choose something wisely, and to think of the best way to be a good person, so I always strive for goodness!......

The cross is a reminder of why we are all here on earth, to STOP all evil, and create goodness!.....when I see a cross, I think of how a man died on the cross, named Jesus, so that we can all be forgiven of our sins, and how Holy that is....to me, I think religion should be taken serious.

Many times people choose to wear jewelry with the cross emblem on it, and I have a few to wear often...others enjoy placing crosses on their walls in their homes...I think that is very nice....

I know many times people fight about religion, this or that, wrong beliefs, right beliefs, and I am very peaceful about beliefs...I just know what I believe/know!!!.....lol....

I think most of us are just all trying to go to the same good place up there in heaven right??!....so I am respectful.

Heaven is somewhere we need to think about, and how we all should remember we are only here on earth as many days as The Lord allows our souls to be....so only create, goodness and peace while here.

Always remember church, what you learn there, and how to continually try to be a better person, read bible passages most days to keep God and all goodness in your minds...

The cross is something to see, to feel, and to keep us all reminded daily of how much The Lord loves/cares for us...we need to all try to be better people for him always.


Saturday, January 21, 2017

peanuts, peanut butter......

Peanuts have many uses.....they are often a food allergy for some.....I am NOT allergic to peanuts, I have allergic reactions to many items, but not nuts or/peanuts....

I grew up helping to work in peanut fields....it was a lot of work helping, and almost everything was peanuts, or was covered in peanut sand from the fields!.....haha

Peanut butter is something I enjoy....

Brands I have enjoyed:

Peter Pan
Peanut Butter n Co.----all flavors
Smart Balance
Smuckers---plain or the one with jam also
Reese's---like the candy in jar
Great Value
Best Choice
Shur Saving
Always Save
Market Pantry

Peanut butter candies/bars I enjoy most of them.
These are nice:

Reese's cups, n mini cups
Chick o sticks
Reese's pieces
Nutter butter
Nutroll bar
Chocolate peanut clusters
Peanut butter M n M's
Boston baked beans
Cracker Jacks
Fiddle Faddle
Goo-Goo clusters
Big Chunk bar
Clark bar

Dry peanuts are good, salted or glazed/seasoned....they are nice with a soda----Coke/Dr. Pepper!....

Brands of these----

Great Value
Market Pantry
Best Choice
Family dollar, dollar general--clover valley

In shell peanuts:
Frito Lay

Some may enjoy them boiled...Peanut Patch is a brand

Ya know, I really enjoy often a simple peanut butter n jam sandwich with a glass of milk.....very good!...they call it a PB and J sandwich....

Peanut butter "Kiss" cookies, and the plain peanut butter cookies are nice to prepare, and I enjoy those with a glass of milk also!..

Peanut patties--- these are a fave of mine...homemade! We prepared these with fresh peanuts from the field after harvest----a good candy IF you can find fresh peanuts, and affordable ones!....

Many times, I know restaurants may use peanut cooking oil, to fry with, but it can be too harsh for cooking with.....that's just me though, others need to try that oil for cooking themselves....


Friday, January 20, 2017

stop, profanity, vulgar, ideas, ways.....

I think sometimes this whole world is disgusting, and vulgar...I find it very offensive that for many years everything has been profane, vulgar, disgusting....

I have for years wished for that to all be gone, and as a lady I have been very upset about the nasty vulgar ideas, and words people have said and tried to touch me improperly in stores, high school, anywhere they could be near me they would say disgusting profane things about me so I could hear them!!!....it has occurred often for years and has scared me, upset me, offended me.

Whenever I was in high school, some of those "jock" ball players, slapped/grabbed my behind, touched my front improperly, said vulgar/profane things to me...it upset me, scared me, I have NEVER been vulgar/profane and NEVER a bed-hopper! NEVER dressed improper!..they were all angry that I was not involved in that nasty/danger they were...it has been very dangerous for me...

when they tried improperly touching me in the halls or bus at school, I would hit at them, and they stopped for sometime....those vulgar nasty girls at school also tried doing this to me....I told them off and avoided them...

It has made me very cautious of others since then and I am very withdrawn about others and myself/body....profane people, vulgar ideas, drugs, in their minds...very awful to be harassed, belittled, people trying to improperly touch me, so I know how it is to be bullied because of all that! Their people following me to stores and running their vulgar mouths off, saying nastiness to me at stores!!!....those people were weirdo creepy!

That's why I have issues with nastiness, perverts, trashy talking....this has all added up to this many years...too much profanity, vulgarity.....danger!

I also hate how simple words, suddenly mean something else about nastiness....you say a simple word and they pick the word apart, and laugh-----messed up ideas with those people....they need to grow up, and stop that....annoying....I know nothing about their trashy vocabulary, but it is pathetic and needs to stop.....just more garbage talk, vulgar ideas....

For me, Being a lady, it has been very upsetting, scarey, depressing to have to live in a world of profanity.....annoying also.....I just wish for all that disgusting ideas/behaviors to all go away!.....those people.....stupid.

Clean it up. Our world needs to be a better place without all that trash.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

those hurt feelings, made up lies....

People can be sooo cruel, unappreciative, hateful, mean....the list goes on and on....being kind to people to only have them be mean to you is something that often happens to everyone.

Whenever this goes on, it can cause upset feelings, or cause you to be hurt, after you have NO kindness returned to you! I can think of a zillion times I have been very thoughtful, kind, nice to many people, and they would be nice to my face, then as soon as I left they would, talk mean about me, make fun of me, or belittle whatever gift I may have been nice, thoughtful enough to gift them for whatever event/day it was in their life....Oh, that's all??? Eye roll....

ANYTIME, that someone is kind, thoughtful, sweet enough to gift you a gift ALWAYS show appreciation, no matter what it is, gift, or kindness, so many people have hurt feelings, depression because of snobby behaviors from spoiled nasty bratty people!

That is very disgusting, rude behavior from unappreciative others!!! Everyone has had hurt feelings after being kind to someone, then being treated cruelly afterward, sometime in their life......it is awful!

Often people create lies/false tales about others and gossip the lying, creepy stories everywhere, to cause disarray in someone's life, very false disgusting, weirdos will make up lies and talk them to others, because you are a good, kind, person, not involved in their nastiness!!!....they are jealous!...oh, I have heard them all for years about me!!!....sick weirdo perverts lying nastiness!!!...I sure didn't know I had taken part in all that!!!....Lord help us all!...

so just laugh about that AND make up some lies and tell about them!!!.....lol...well, you don't have to create false stories about those types of idiots, they are trash anyway!.....they already have true nastiness they have really taken part in......just giggle about them...they ruin themselves and wanna blame somebody else for it!...just laugh at them...they start spinning those tales....oh.here we go!....you know they will start in with the lies and it's not fair crap....haha!

Just tell those weirdos----Well, so and so, you made that up about me, and I think you are the one that is really already taking part in that!!!.....tell them that and watch them squirm....they get mad! Tell them what nasty lying jealous trashy people they are! They sure don't like that....haha! Because they know that is true!

When you have your feelings hurt like this, pay no attention, NEVER talk to them again, and go on, I have had my feelings hurt many times, but I just laugh and go on, they are the ones who lose, someone kind from their life.....lol...I just walk away, I never look back....it doesn't bother me anymore....I am strong.I do not care what trash thinks about me.....haha

NEVER hurt someone's feelings, it is disgusting behavior to intentionally hurt a kind, thoughtful person.

You are mean to kind people?....that mean will go right back to you over and over....it will ruin your life.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Often in life, we are challenged by obstacles that are in the way of achieving our goals, and that can complicate things...

I have battled through many obstacles in life, these cause setbacks....I am just like most people, sometimes wishes, goals, hopes, dreams, are always stopped, difficult to achieve....take a very long time to get to!....oh, it can be so stressing/annoying, and patience always has to be my friend!....lol

Going from here to there, and figuring out how to go through an obstacle in the way, choosing the right decision, is often upsetting when you so many goals, ideas to work on.....you always wish to have everything there right then!

BUT.......there's always a stupid obstacle in the way!!! Grr....

So annoying.....whatever the obstacle may be, it takes a lot of constant working, patience, time, and NEVER giving up!

You think of where you are in life at the moment, and how when you stay focused, are constantly working on getting rid of the obstacle, all that time will pass by you, and everyday you are that much closer to achieving your goals, dreams, wishes.....don't give up.

I think often, that obstacles/challenges cause you to be very angry, and that will fuel you to keep battling through the challenges, setting you back....

Just laugh at obstacles, don't let them cause you to be upset/sad or even cry, NEVER give up!, be strong and constantly work on battling through/ending those stupid obstacles/challenges...

Got a challenge or obstacle in your way??? Do something about it! Get out there and tear it up!....it will go away and end with constant working on it, and time passing by.

Obstacles are just challenges/problems standing in our way, so you have to, NEVER let them rule you, show those obstacles you are boss! End them...battle on!

Always be courageous, strong-willed, NEVER giving up!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

pancakes for breakfast.....

Pancakes for breakfast!

I enjoy pancakes every so often for breakfast, with bacon, and a glass of milk....syrup is good, with a small pad of margarine onto the top of the pancakes....

It is easier when rushed to just purchase the pancake mixes, and mix those...some just add water or milk and then drop by spoonful into a good cooking pan....non-stop, cast iron skillet, or my fave to cook them on----a griddle.

Buttermilk pancakes are my fave, or you can go to the local IHOP/Wafflehouse pancake restaurants with friends, and have some early morning laughs at 2am with the local messed up clowns!!!.....haha and enjoy the menu there.....

I cook my pancakes in margarine...

Pancake mix brands I enjoy are:

Shawnee Mills---oklahoma!...lol
Hungry Jack
Betty Crocker
Great Value
Birch Benders
Kodiak Cakes/Frontier

Maple pancake syrup is good on pancakes.
There are many brands I enjoy....some I can think of right now are:

Great Value
Hungry Jack
Log Cabin
Market Pantry

For those with health troubles often they may need Buckwheat pancakes with sugar free syrups....those are also available....


Monday, January 16, 2017

trade schools, learn a trade....

Work is often very difficult to find...not many jobs most areas....I know we need many more work occupations and a larger-sized work force.....many more businesses need to be created!

I can think of so many trades that we all need to be available in most areas, so that we can rely on them.

Trade schools are moreso affordable than most learning centers, teach know-how, so you can learn a trade....this type of work will forever be needed...


Wood work/detail/cabinets
Tile workers
Wood flooring/carpet floor/tile
Sheet rock/dry wall
Window installation
Auto repair/auto body
Diesel mechanics--work on at farm
Heating/air conditioning
Window tinting for vehicles
Cement work
Metal siding/roofing
Sound system installation car/homes
Lawnmower repair
Appliance repair--washer/dryer/etc....
Custom farm work---bale hay, field work, cattle hauling
Pet groomer
Veterinary assistant
Tire n wheel
Hair styling, nails, make up, barbers, shaves

People can often get started with their trade jobs, save money and maybe create their own business, hire others to work with them, all trained professionals....

Always make your work beautiful, be very professional and very clean, respectful.....these are all needed occupations...


Sunday, January 15, 2017

have some class....

As human beings on this earth, we all have responsibilities....and that requires that we all need to know how to behave properly, and to know the ways to be caring, wise, responsible people, so that we can always bring goodness, and keep the world in proper working order....

I have seen n heard about so much repulsive nastiness with people, and it is upsetting.....many people have no manners and need to be cleaner, tidier, have better hygiene! Better know how, I know many people have had no one there in their lives to train them to be classy, but we all need to step it up and try being better....

I know many people don't have much money, but we need to try always to be kind, cleaner, dress without showing off our bodies, no more vulgarity, calm down, don't be bed hopping, settle, show respect, not just to ourselves, but to others!

If you have been a bad person, you can start over! Try to bring goodness always.... I respect all.

I always think others look sooo nice, cleaned up, sober, and being gentlemen and ladies.....something wonderful!

Ways that are classy:

Being sober through rehab
Hygiene--bathe, brush teeth, smell wonderful.
Bathing/Clean up!
Dress---show off no body areas
Take care/love/respect loved ones
Be Holy...take religion serious
No more vulgar talking/ways---offensive!
Hold open doors everywhere for others
Say hello, thank you, please, yes ma'am, yes sir
Smile, laugh, be friendly--always
Proper ways at meals to behave
End jealousy!
Dress properly for serious events, I wear black-show respect
No more abuse to anything/anyone!!!
Be responsible
Don't be annoying...lol
Be helpful...for goodness
Don't behave as trash....haha
Save money
Be charitable when u can.
Don't be biased toward anyone
Know we are all equal, and all count!
No theft/stealing---needs to END.
Care/love and adore----your everything!
Be a lady, be a gentleman....Know you can start over! Try!

We ALL need to step it up, start over, have class!

Represent yourself to the world as classy...we need to try for better always.

Clean it up.


Friday, January 13, 2017

smalltown, items available locally......

I have been thinking about how in times when we are hurried or rushed, and you have not many items you need quickly, it is an inconvenience often for people when those items are not close by!

Having local businesses with items you need closer to you, would be very helpful and less of a hassle....

Fuel prices, driving long distance to find those items can be a problem....just when you need an item or two right now and you live in rural areas....

Something as simple as groceries, fuel, medical, or items for living in general....these all need to be readily available close by the small towns or rural areas you dwell near....would be better, create more work for local people....all would benefit in these areas!

Small towns are wonderful places to live....they all have history, simplicity, charm, and quieter than cities, better than looking at boring ol' buildings all day and stressful driving!

Small towns are often isolated/very far from many businesses/supplies that are needed....many small towns are run down/abandoned and need attention, beautified, added to, to create small-town charm, uniqueness, and have all things locally available many people living close by need there.....it can save lives, save time, create work in these beautiful rural areas!

Small towns also need good businesses for wholesome entertainment, where not much mischief goes on! We need more innocence, cuteness, goodness, all over the world!....NO more nastiness or creepiness!....icky!....sick of that in the world!

If you wish for a simpler, quieter life, there are always zillions of small towns everywhere to move to, start over your life in...bring with you goodness, or your own unique ideas for a small-town....create charm...build them back up..restore n renovate!....have fun.

Creating businesses that help others, and help with local economy are always good, when so many locals need things readily there so you don't feel rushed or have to travel far...and need work...

Small towns should be unique and wonderful.

I adore the rural, small-town life...quiet/peaceful.


staying home......freezing weather.....

Went to town yesterday and purchased winter storm survival supplies.....haha....

ya know important items such as Jolly Ranchers candies....The Reds Jolly Ranchers pack and original bag......lol.....don't forget paper items, and cat litter....

I have my phone charged and I am staying home today...Feedstore loaded the feed sacks for the cattle yesterday....then we went home---placed a few round bales and feed out for the cows, because of freezing weather....


My ear is still sore and stopped up with infection...it pops when I drink a refreshment or have something to eat, it sounds like water in there....oh, it is annoying!.....medicine didn't work....maybe it will go away soon!

Hoping no power outages!

Pets are warm, watered/fed n safe....so everything is ok right now.

Going to rest today....tired.


Thursday, January 12, 2017


Going to have some bacon for breakfast this morning.....I always have to have something for breakfast before I start the day.....

I enjoy having breakfast with others, waking up early, and meeting others somewhere for coffee for the morning, or just staying home and preparing it there....

Bacon fried in the pan, then placed on folded paper towels, setting on a plate, then place more paper towels over the bacon and pressing it to remove grease is something I always make sure of!....

Bacon is good for many other preparations...it can cause cholesterol problems for your blood n heart, so I only have bacon every so often.....

BLT----bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich...mustard with mine!
Bacon crumbles---for baked potato, or on hamburgers
Bacon n eggs, with toast, or as side with waffles/pancakes good with maple syrup!

I enjoy the smoky flavor, wood smoked

Bacon brands I like:

John Morrell
King Cotton
Hormel Black Label
Sam's Choice 
Chuck wagon box bacon
Corn King

All good bacon brands...most affordable

Salt pork is also available, good for placing a piece in a cooker of pinto beans for seasoning.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

locking doors....

Keeping your doors and all entryways to your house locked is something we should always remember.

Other areas we need to inspect for safety concerns would be keeping all vehicles, mail boxes at post offices locked/secure....I have heard way too many stories from people about home invasion, mail tampering, and auto theft.....all terrible and upsetting.

I know that we all need to secure everything for safety everywhere all the time.....just because of stupid idiots behavior/ways......theft, home invasions are all terribly upsetting, dangerous, sickening!

Only have keys made to open doors, cars, mailboxes at post office given to your trustworthy family/others who dwell there at the home with you....You can have keys made a few for those inhabitants of your home...

Businesses all need to be locked/secured as well....only the work teams should know all the securities to access the business for work....

Security is needed often for many places and we need to keep these places locked when we leave every time...I know many hillbillies like to pilfer through any home or any place they can steal something!!!..... :(

Home invasion is terrible and that has went on for many years locally....I have been terrified of it always...I have been checking doors, locking everything before I leave my whole life....these hillbillies near here cannot leave anyone or anything alone.....upsetting/stressful!

I have always had issues with myself and checking, then re-checking locks on the home, locking my vehicles and going back about 25-bazillion times checking them, because of worries, stress, nerves....afraid of those losers coming back all the time to steal, pilfering, cause chaos.....sick of it!

We need to just keep things tidy and secure at all times, just remember to keep an extra set of keys with you at all times and do not lose them....

I saw a post office box once that was open with a key interior it, unattended and I thought about that yesterday while there.....I purchased a book of stamps they had winter birds or snowflakes for purchase.....lol....it is fun to see all of the colorful stamp pictures...yes, I am a nerd!!! Haha

Randomness-----I just giggle about my latest fascination with Pringles potato chips!...lol....


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

something good to tend to.......

I know that many people are always busy working on something or working on jobs....and that everyone will be tired often....and everyone will be bored and need a break!    So many times we have issues that complicate life and we may be upset, stressed, want to give up, throw in the towel and quit!                                                                                           

 It is best often to just keep on with work or find something else good to work on in the extra time you have during those days of boredom or whatever bad days you have.....

I know that I prefer to keep myself working on something to bring goodness everyday, even if it is just cleaning up an old mess or tending to something that needs attention....small messes or ideas work best on these days you have extra time! 

I also know that rest is needed and very important and we all need to sleep and be well......I just think that on the days you feel down/upset or even bored, it is always good to take a good idea and work on it, and progress to greatness!                

This can help to pass the time, and it often makes me even feel better to stand back and say, That looks much better and I achieved something good with the day, it also helps to keep people from mischief!.....haha!                            

Constantly searching for something good to achieve everyday is best!     


Monday, January 9, 2017

computer problems......

My laptop computer is messed up...yesterday I tried to get online and it had a screen that was black and white squiggles...now I cannot access the internet! the internet e won't even allow me online....oh well...online with this handheld device.....something is always screwed up/messed up......sick of it....

Saturday, January 7, 2017

monkeys & bananas.....

I saw something today that had that little character monkey on it, his name is Curious George!.....Oh, he is cute as can be....I know that in the comics he is always into mischief or causing troubles....lol...he makes me giggle!

At one time I know I have read a few books with Curious George in them and I enjoyed all the illustrations......He is always cute!

Everytime I think about Monkeys, I think about Bananas!...I know they like to enjoy those for meals in the jungles......You usually see monkeys with bananas in their hands for snacks as they climb in the trees, I have only seen those in books or on tv, we don't have those locally!

Baby monkeys are very sweet to watch and they are very cute!..i know they probably need a lot of rest.I know that monkeys are very intelligent and moreso able to understand....

Curious George must have been very intelligent to cause all of that mischief!....lol....

I know that everytime I see bananas in the grocery store I think about monkeys!....it's silly!....haha.....

Myself, I like a lot of banana dishes and candies, the fragrance is very sweet also...banana scented items are a fave of mine....

The Laffy Taffy Banana chews, the Runts Banana candies, Banana candy powders, Fresh peeled bananas, Homemade Banana-nut muffins, Bananas Foster, Banana Pudding, Pies, Homemade Banana ice cream-----all those are my faves for Bananas.....isn't that silly??! I must be a monkey too!


Friday, January 6, 2017

do not be obsessed with beauty !....

I think that often way too many people are obsessed with beauty and they tend to bully others about their looks or maybe even bully themselves about their own looks....this all needs to end!

It is no way to live your life when we have so many people fussing, obsessing, and almost killing themselves with starvation to look like some idiot guy or gal in a fake magazine!....That's all airbrush and way too much surgery....

I don't know why so many people are obsessed with being beautiful and looking so so??! I think it is a lot of times the stupid news media and stupid magazines that tell us all we are not beautiful or good enough...

AND let's not forget all those snobby high society clowns who look their noses down on EVERYONE and harass, bully, make fun of everyone that they "think" isn't good enough looking or rich enough!....*eyeroll* those snobs are so annoying and nobody likes them, maybe they have figured that out yet?, maybe not yet?....they are the crowds that start a lot of this Beauty obsession everywhere....who gives a damn?!!...I don't.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, I find beauty in all good people, who are kind hearted, sweet, and true individuals...I NEVER care about what someone looks like on the exterior...I look at how kind and good of a person they are---that is Beautiful!

Looks do not matter in a person or whatever can have looks, I never value the looks of someone...I value their kindness and goodness!.....

You know I have heard people for way too many years say: "Oh, this girl here or that boy here, oh, they are ugly and they need surgery, this isn't perfect enough here on them, and they need this done to their face!" and that is just how sad that is with people, everything seems to be for a long time ALL about staying the perfect weight size -0 and starving yourself, obsessing over everything someone else "thinks" is not perfect enough about you!...

I don't know why anyone would care what someone else thinks about their looks or being beautiful....Women & girls can be the WORST at belittling and talking trash about someone's looks...THIS needs to end women & girls!!! it's all about jealousy..ignore them!..stupidity with them!

Beauty is something that we need to NOT obsess over!...This needs to end! We are all individuals, created uniquely, differently, all kinds of nationalities, none exact, none perfect!....no  EXACT same skin color, no EXACT same hair type, weight...NOT one is better than another, and NOT one needs to be made fun of or criticized!

You are beautiful the way you are when you are a good/kind person!

Make-up is something that you don't need to be beautiful, I like to look at make-up as ART!.....lol...it is fun to paint your face with make-ups and wear the false nails, color your hair, and even sometimes I enjoy wearing the false eyelashes when attending important events or meeting good people.....that is all an Art to me, and it is nice to work on make-up for my face..BUT only for me...I'm not applying make-up for someone else...just for me, no matter where I go, just for me!....it is fun often, but I don't wear it all the time, it can be a hassle when in a hurry and very consumed with life!!!

Women need to know that you don't have to wear make-up to be beautiful! and you don't have to be a perfect size or wear designer clothing to be beautiful...we need to end this obsession!

Many times people are born with body deformities, health issues, and other things they cannot help, maybe born without limbs, eyes, or other body issues, maybe have accidents...We should always know they are beautiful and NEVER think otherwise, never stare at them or talk about their looks, looks do not matter!...IF you have those problems just know you are BEAUTIFUL anyway! πŸ’‹

And when choosing a mate, boyfriend or girlfriend...NEVER choose someone based simply on their looks!!! Ginormous mistake! Choose someone by how they make you feel about yourself, how kind hearted they are, and how much of a good person they are! Looks of a person should NEVER count when it is about love!

Fat, thin, short, tall, medium, this or that, ONLY choose a mate or date by how kind of a person they are and to remember by the way they make you feel about yourself...that is always a must! Exterior looks do not matter for this in life!....People who make you feel comfortable, feel safe with, make you laugh, feel good about yourself in general these people are always better for you when choosing a mate...

Looks of things like for the home, you can always have fun with that one, and decorate, and appreciate the beauty of items or nature....that's ok to appreciate....

Weight seems to be one topic that men & women, or children--everyone! ALL are made fun of, or ridiculed harassed over weight and that NEEDS to STOP...Just more cruel snobby obsession and I hate to see anyone starve and be mentally upset over their weight and have eating disorders because of a snobby loser running their mouth off at them...how sad that is! who cares what those snobs think!...annoying. enough of them! Go have a meal! and shut your mouth! I say!....nobody gives a damn...

I think when people enjoy meals and they preparing meals and actually ingesting food that is wonderful! and I think that when everyone has weight on them that is Beautiful! I know that many people are naturally thin and small and that is just fine!...I just wish to see the obsession with weight end also!....I like it when men have some weight on them!...they look nice!....I don't like to see the Man-o-Rexic look going on!....oh it is upsetting to see men do this to themselves just like the women have!!!

Just remember you are BEAUTIFUL when you have a good, kind heart...that is beauty!


Thursday, January 5, 2017

i πŸ’š mexican food !......

It is supposed to be snowing for a few hours and I am going to be safe, comfortable in my home, and tonight I am preparing a Mexican food dish....I πŸ’š Mexican food!!!

These are some of my favorite brands:

El Monterrey--bean-cheese, beef-bean burritos, chimichangas, Breakfast burritos, taquitos.
Ol El Paso
Topo Chico
Casa Fiesta--everything!
Tio Santi--everything!
Bimbo Bakery--all....the bear is cute on the packaging!
San Marcos
La Victoria
La Preferida
Gamesa--all, my fave cookie Emperador choco
Pinguinos choco
La Costena
Maseca Corn flour--all
Fresca--flour tortilla
Los Pericos
El Mexicano
La Morena
Abuelita, Don Gustavo, Klass Atole choco!
La Lechera
Dona Maria Mole
El Pato
Las Palmas
Molina Vanilla!
Maria's cookies
Yowie choco
Corn husks--all
Don Pancho
La Banderita
Tia Rosa
Masa Harina--all
Menudo---some like, some don't...I enjoy it.

I enjoy many Mexican foods and ingredients.Things such as:
Taco Salads
Tres Leches cake
Verde sauce
Mole sauce
Refried beans
Picante sauce

oh, I enjoy it all...and I like to prepare Mexican food very often or enjoy at the restaurants....the spices are nice and I enjoy spicy food....it's never boring!..... :)


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

agriculture can change the world......

I often think as I look across a field that has just been worked with machinery by farmers and all workers, just how much work goes into farming, and how many people are able to have food to survive on the earth...This is only possible because of those tough working farmers!....

Farmers save lives everyday and they often are shown no appreciation for all the goodness their work brings to the people of the world!...

There is absolutely NO reason why anyone in the world should be starving in ANY country/continent, state, city, town---grand or small sized....When there is soil to work up and grow many different vegetables, grains, fruit orchards, land to grow hay, and to have cattle/livestock....

It is very stupid that people are starving when the whole world and all it's continents have land, soil to grow foods to sustain life for all people.....I know many continents cannot grow all things due to the climates/weather, but I know that Agriculture/Farming is something that all continents, countries and people who wish to be farmers can make a go of and be taught, learn, be sufficient at being a good farmer, and growing many crops and having livestock to work and tend to!....

I think that farming is very exciting, wonderful and brings goodness to our earth...we have land, soil, and water, sunshine/rains and the tools, machinery, and can be taught all these ways to a good successful farming life.....

IF you have no access to water, you may have ground water you can bring out of the ground with water wells, and you may be able to irrigate from ponds, lakes, ocean areas...with wheel move piping....

I just adore farmers and all the goodness that farming can bring to the world and all it's inhabitants!....it is good!

I can remember that for many years whenever we would, as a family, till the soil with tractor and plows, I have always enjoyed walking through the freshly tilled ground with NO shoes on as the soil squished between my toes, it always has felt cool and comforting on my feet and FUN!...haha.....AND the peanut fields were just sand soil, just like on the beaches! and those felt so nice, squishy on my feet also, on a very hot day whenever the irrigation water was in the sand...very muddy!...lol....

I have always lived and known the ways of farming and it is a simpler way of life, a good life...more peaceful and you are bringing goodness to the world....you can have a good life with farming, it takes much know how, practice, and a way to get started out farming the right way....so many things to learn....there can be set-backs and those pesky upsets/challenges as with anything in life it takes time, practice and patience!!!

Learning and being taught the new ways of farming and being able to know of the new tools, treatments, machinery is always good to be up-to-date on the newest forms of agriculture...Farming seminars, farming teachers would be good in all areas of the earth so all can be taught good know how.....

there are so many crops people can grow and help people sustain life.Crops such as: Corn, oats/grains, vegetables, fruit orchards, cattle/livestock, peanuts, rye, wheat, cotton, and canola for the oils, I have heard of cotton seed oil, vegetable oils, and peanuts being used for oil like the canola...wow..so many ways to use these plants for goodness.

Fruit orchards may take years to grow, but I say, start planting them and in a few years you can have fruit for purchase, and I think ALL vegetables are always good for anyone to be able to grow and have for purchase..we all need to have vegetables on our plates for a meal.....

Cotton---is a wonderful plant/crop because we can create clothing and many other bedding type materials, anything comforting, cotton is so very pretty and when cleaned you know it is going to work well for creating goodness.....

Corn---how many edible food items can we create with good ol corn??! About a zillion cabillion food items...I enjoy corn in cooking, packaged food items, pop corn, oh way too many to list!

Wheat---for cattle to graze, and we can create breads, flours, and many other items...

AND don't forget Sunflowers...ahh...they are beautiful fields brightly colorful, and you can also create oil with these and good packages of sunflower seeds for those baseball games! ;)

Choosing to grow and harvest any good crop that brings goodness and helps with feeding the hungry all over the world is just wonderful...there may be challenges with farming in certain climates/weather areas..but I know most everywhere in the world you can find something to tend to that brings goodness....