Tuesday, February 26, 2013

snowstorm 2013 no electricity.....

Finally! thank god we have electricity!!!

The electric company just finished getting the power up and running for those of us here in rural Oklahoma who were covered up in all the snow...how they did that i have no clue because these back country roads are nothing but a muddy yucky mess....lots of muddy water puddles...but hey, good for crops.take days for it to all dry up.

once again..Farmers' Almanac prediction was RIGHT....don't be hatin'! haha...

It went off yesterday at 3pm and i made various calls to other relatives who live nearby and they all had no power so i knew it wasn't just a problem here at home...

I got out candles and read by candle light and listened to my ipod that i had luckily charged up along with my cell phone....i fell asleep sometime around 9pm...then an hour later at 10pm the lights all came on!...yay! right?....but NO they went off....again...came back on at 2am...then went off....AGAIN!!!....Grr!..

i sleepily dialed the electric company on my cell phone that couldn't hardly get a signal out here(never can) and i told the nice lady that it went off...again...she said she would send a crew out.....AND.....she did---sometime an hour or 2 later i saw their power trucks up and down the roads in the dark all lit up in orange lights working on the power lines...

i fell asleep in the dark....and woke up a few hours ago...with electricity...*so happy*

I could live without power if i just had to get accustomed to it..because i like being a minimalist(sometimes).but i like my lights&utilities..


Friday, February 22, 2013

bought a Farmers' Almanac 2013....

Today i bought a Farmers' Almanac 2013.

First time i have ever actually purchased one..but not the first time i have ever seen a copy.

I was just too little and silly to care about something like that when i saw a copy.....I remember seeing a copy at my Grandparent's house and just casually glancing through a copy,tossing it aside and being completely BORED with it...Haha...because no little girl cares about reading a dumb ol' Farmers' Almanac when there's butterflies to chase....come on now!

I bought it at noon today in the feed store and met friends for lunch and couldn't stop reading it....Bwahaha!!!...my how the times have changed!...Everyone was saying:"Ok, Jules enough with the freaking Almanac!..put it down...hello?....are you paying attention?!"

i barely listened to them..It's actually pretty darn interesting,it's all nature/weather/moon phases/planting...tells you what to look for and to expect...and besides before you laugh about me being so interested in it,my Grandparents and Great-Grandparents farmed/planted crops and everything by the almanac...and it was almost always right on the money,according to them they swear by it...i trust them totally.

pretty spooky how it predicts nature/weather-wise i'd say..so far the past few weeks the weather has done how it predicted for Oklahoma...i like what it holds for our upcoming weather,looks better.

after i informed those nerds of that fact,they became interested and wanted to read through it..so i let them,and they all ran to the feed store to buy one of their own!----who's a dork now?..lol

pretty interesting reading material...well it is to me..this is my kinda thing...i got lost reading it...haha. ;)

it even tells you how/when to plant for your garden in your area of the country...almost garden time...yay!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

just another day....

soooooo sleeeepy.
Drinking hot chocolate tonight...been a long day.

Had to take one of my kitty cats to the vet...he's been laying around,won't eat or drink water,and then he started puking yesterday....took him into the vet and found out he has a kidney infection..

aww...I feel sorry for him...he's got some amoxicillin now and he's been sleeping..hope he gets better,he's a great friend to me.

If anybody knows about kidney infections it would be me....unfortunately....i wish i could drink sodas...*sad face*..i miss you Dr.Pepper... ;(    lol.

Saw a fire today and everyone was panicking that it was a huge grass fire....it was just a guy burning down an old house to build a new one...lol..big fire...kinda sad to see old ancient houses be burned....really old ones...

laughed so hard today at a friend being a nerd,that i swear everyone was about to snort their sweet teas up their noses from laughing and choke right there at the cafe...LOL!....it was hilarious and one of those crawl under the table look around and say:"Who is that person?..honestly i swear i DO NOT know that crazy person!"...Bwahaha!!!..good times...god i love to laugh...

missing so many people today...i wish you could have everyone you miss and love with you at all times in a box and when you wish they were there with you,well..you'd just open up that box and there they would be instantly...but life don't work that way....

i miss you all terribly..i know who you are. ;)

looking forward to the cold rain tonight...i know i will sleep good.


Friday, February 15, 2013

My birthday 2013.....

Birthday was yesterday,but i just now have time to blog about a few things i have gotten so far in Birthday gifts....The gifts have been nothing less than beautiful & amazing...they are wonderful, but my family and friends are most important of all....

gifts from the fam & friends----

My Birthday "cake" wasn't a cake at all really..but a chocolate chip cookie cake!...YUM!...so good.

i got 2 new huge pillows that i have been needing...I like to have plenty of pillows on my bed or i just can't sleep..weird i know,but i gotta have at least 4 to be comfy!

Moo!...Cow print purse that i just adore!...faux hide....come on,a cowgirl can't have anything less than a cow print purse!. ;)

This beautiful cross turquoise/red/white necklace..like this one...to wear out to New Mexico..LOVE IT..i plan on finding more to add to my collection when i'm there...love turquoise!

Cinnamon Bears..because hello!..my birthday is Valentines Day and it's tradition.
Taco Bell was my choice of birthday fast food,because it's my fave fast food as well as all my friends fave,and everyone's fave!..so it was pretty obvious which place to go..lol
various gift cards and some money..i'll be saving.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

hiding things from me....

It Snowed!!!...It was fun driving in the snowflakes.....it kinda makes you dizzy if you look up at the sky and try to watch them all falling down on you....lol...not enough to make a snowman though*sad face*.....

sitting here by the fire place and boy is it getting too hot in this house..guess it warmed up outside?

today i started thinking about how much i hate how people in my life try to hide things from me...things they do that are probably not good things to be doing or things from their past...they will go to extreme measures to hide things from me...and...why do that?....

I mean...i'm not judgemental at all...i don't get all preachy about things...i never say anything to anyone about their lives,nor do i try to tell them how to live their life...so why do they hide things from me?....

sure, i am very soft-hearted and i do worry excessively to no end about people and things in my life that i care/love..but i never show worry to them...i keep it to myself...

i've tried to figure it all out...why do they hide things they do like that from me?.....sometimes i wonder if it's because they try to shield me from the truth of what they are doing because they know that i wouldn't be too happy with the stupid things they do?....

or maybe it's simply because i would be let down by their real behavior.....which would mean that i don't truly know who they really are....and they put up a fake front to hide behind...just for me...to hide their real selves from me...all because i would be let down....

really bothers me...sorta makes me feel as if these certain people in my life don't want me to know who they really are..if so that makes me terribly sad...it's not like i would hate them or be mad at them for crap they have said/done....

a few friends and then, oh yeah family---like i don't know how a certain family member will go to the ends of this earth to try to find a way to hide his dark past from me....

that kinda answers my question as to why people in my life wanna hide things from me doesn't it?....because family member in above paragraph trys very much to protect me from everything bad/negative....because i am loved so much and it would be painful for (said person) if (said person) was to let me down....or be less in my eyes....(i will always be the baby).

so "i don't know anything" to keep everything ok..one way to look at it i suppose,is that it's nice to have people love me that much...keeps the universe turning i guess...lol..

nite nite

Friday, February 8, 2013

never good enough.....

Nothings ever gonna be good enough for some people.

never has and never will.

And who gives a rat's ____???...I sure don't. ;)

No matter what you do,i don't care what in the world it is,to some people it will never be up to par for them....that follow the leader mentality that keeps people up at night,causes stress,anxiety,overdrawn bank accounts....lol.."You'll NEVER be as good as i am."....*eyeroll*...oh please don't even...aren't they special!...*sarcastic face*

It's really all a huge competition is what it all boils down to..life that is, in general some people out there wanna compete and set standards to compete with others by......in EVERYTHING.

booooooring people. (yawn)

You see it everyday you go to town or turn on the news....Why is it all of the sudden everything a person does in life is criticized on the news or by people?...under the microscope...how to dress,sleep,eat,drive,shop,think,live..

"NO you're all wrong unless you do it this way or that way,like i think you should!"..I mean seriously!...they can't really be thinking they are gonna turn everyone into identical zombies do they?.....let people live..god. as if life isn't already hard enough....

some people--they want you to change yourself, your feelings,emotions,ideas into what they want you to do..so you can compete with them....because they are very insecure,they have to have followers just like them and they can lead.....and because they are super booooring!.....Haha!

it's pretty pathetic how our society thinks and is... i pretty much have waved bye-bye to so called society....i just really don't care...too annoying and stressful, ridiculous for me they can all have it..whoever those "they" snobs are....i don't care how they do this or that or whatever..who cares..Buh-Bye!

count me out of the following zombie crowd..no thanks and good luck with that crap...i'll keep my individuality and my own everything....i could care less about competing with a bunch of snobby, booooring a-holes......LOL!

i live my life for me, not anybody else.

i wish i lived in the 1930's-1950's some era like that...i would have fit in better.life was simpler.

at least i don't live in a town. thank god.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

you control your life.....

One of the things that kinda annoys me lately is how people blatantly ruin their lives by choosing to make choices that anyone could know don't have good outcomes and aren't gonna end well at all for them..

No,i'm not judging people for their actions,it's just that sometimes i see people who i know, going through a lot of pain and turmoil in their lives that they brought on themselves....really stupid choices that ruin them and take them down to the abyss that most likely they will never get out of..

I look at these people sometimes and i see them making these stupid dangerous choices and being blinded by the influence of others, instead of being an individual and being true to themselves--becoming one of the crowd--ruined...who goes right down with them.

it's really sad, i sometimes look at them or hear what has happened to them and i think:"Where's the common sense?"...it's just a sad waste of their life,when they had sooooo much potential and chances to become a great person...ruined by not caring or being a complete idiot....or plain stupid maybe?

i believe that you can control who/or what comes into your life sometimes......sometimes you don't have a choice, you just have to kinda deal with them/it as long as they/it lasts and be strong...then you can choose to distance yourself from the negativity after you go through it...and always make an effort to avoid/stay away from the negative person or thing/situation that is troubling you.

life is all about choices and it's tough to make right choices...you just have to listen to your heart and know that you know,"Hey this person is a negative aspect to my life or that a choice is a positive aspect with good outcomes."...sometimes i just think people don't think through things enough and how they will end....it's easy to ruin your life unfortunately....lol...

you invite very negative things/people into your life without thinking....that you know deep down aren't gonna have good outcomes...well you're just askin' for trouble....

it's easy to get down in the gutter and depressed by thinking negative or hanging around people who aren't good for your soul...they will take you right down with them, because they don't care about themselves, or you, or anyone.

after realizing what is/has been going on with some people i know all i can say is....how sad...why are people so stupid?!


Monday, February 4, 2013

hi February.....

Sick yesterday all day...chills,hurt all over,felt like puking....must have been the flu...luckily i was smart enough to not eat anything all day so i couldn't puke..*gross*..i just drink Gatorade when i feel sick...the lemon-lime or the orange...the best....helps with electrolytes i've been told.
friends still fighting...so over it....i don't choose sides...it's annoying.
seems as though everyone you talk to lately feels tired and just bleh....i don't know what it is...but i have been feeling the same way...just everything is so boring and you're too tired after working all day to do anything but sleep.....sleep is so good. ;)
got my luggage out of storage saturday and went through it...looking for any money accidentally left in zippers...haha.....didn't find any large bills..but i found a $20....lol....oh well, least it's something...
thinking about how/what i will pack for my vacation next month...yes i'm excited...but it will be here before you know it...leaving march 15th i think....i need to get away from here soooooo bad.
going to try and get some work done today....i have to go to the feed store and buy a lot of feed and put some round bales out in the pasture...the rain did green up the pastures some and gave us all something to hope for.....

holy cow it's February...my Birthday is in 10 days.