Monday, November 30, 2015

christmas items to think about.....

The storm that went through the area is over...Everything was covered in icicles....I felt like I was watching that cartoon called Frozen that I enjoy!

Power went off to the house for most the night and half day on Friday--Saturday....I am so happy that it's over and I can get online again.

Christmas Tree, outside lights and decorating in home------I was able to go ahead and put up my Christmas Tree and decorate in the house for Christmas, while I have been in the house during this weather!....I have my Christmas Tree up and it is decorated...I like both the real and artificial trees...I like the smell of a real Christmas Tree, but often times it gives me asthma and allergies, so I purchased an artificial tree for many years can purchase both if you wish, whatever you enjoy!

Outside lights/decorations----I like to nail up Christmas outdoor lights outside my home and I have a power cord that runs on the power from the house outside on the porch out of the rain/snow/icy weather....I like all colors of the lights and I use a ladder and someone holds the ladder while I nail up the lights with a hammer..i am ALWAYS careful not to drive a nail through the light strand it will ruin it! be careful on the ladders and careful with nailing up the lights with the power always plug in your lights when you are completed nailing them up...I like to test the light strands before I nail them up on the eves of the house or wrap them in the smaller trees outside to make sure they work!...have someone help you so you won't fall or make a mistake...don't hit your hands/fingers with the hammer!....ouchie!

Outside decorations----that light up at night I like to purchase a few affordable ones and they are anything you like to place in your outside many cute ones to choose many people like the lights and decorations I put up on the lawn and house, makes them smile they tell me!..i like that.

Stringing Pop Corn---you can string pop corn for your tree with a needle and thread just be careful and don't hurt yourself with the sewing needle!....tie it off at the ends before you start and when you finish is traditional and affordable to decorate your own Christmas Tree by stringing pop corn!...I like is an old way of decorating and I enjoy it...

Santa Dolls, Snowmen, Angels----I like to decorate with Santa Dolls for Christmas, they have many types of Santas to choose from and I have 2 different ones.....Snowmen are cute and I have many different figurines of snowmen I like to decorate with some are cloth, some are the figurines--all colorful and cheerful...Angels---I think angel statues, figurines, and Angels as Christmas Tree toppers are very cute and precious!...I have many of them and they are cheerful and comforting!...I decorate my Christmas Tree Top with an Angel sometimes or a glittery, lighted Star....they all plug together and are lighted with the power cords...simple and beautiful!

Christmas Tree skirt----I have 2 Christmas Tree skirts that I place underneath the Christmas Tree and that way I can place my wrapped gifts to others on that.....I have a white one that is looks like snow.

Gingerbread House Kits----I like the GingerBread House kits that you can create this time of year...they are complete with all the candies and the icings to make the houses...they are colorful and fun to's traditional!

Christmas Stockings----These are very cute, and you just place many small items in the stockings for boy/girl, man/woman all kinds of things they may like, most stores have aisles that have stocking gifts on them that are small, many to choose from and these have always been fun for me to gift and for me to find in my stocking!....I also have a stocking for my cats and dogs...I like to place treats, chewies, toys in their stockings..they always know they have a Christmas Stocking and try to open it before Christmas!...haha!

Candy Spoons----These spoons are so neato!...They are spoons made out of candy and they are in peppermint, sugar---for hot chocolates/warmed milks, or sometimes honey for your hot teas! you just stir your hot chocolate, milk, hot teas with them.

Cinnamon Bears----I like these!...I have always enjoyed Cinnamon Bears at the holidays and I eat a few of them once every few days.

Red Hots---these are also cinnamon candy and I like these at holidays and to create with these as well.

Candy Canes---I already have purchased my candy canes! I just got red and white for Christmas and to remember the story about the creation of the red and white candy cane for Jesus...Red represents the blood he shed for our sins and white represents purity in Christ....I know many people have many different beliefs in whoever, and I respect that! but I believe in Jesus and I celebrate Christmas every year for his Birthday! they have many colorful candy canes to choose from..they are all nice!

Poinsettias-----These are traditional to hand out as gifts to friends/family, BUT just remember DO NOT let these be near your pets or small children because they are toxic and harmful IF ingested...DO NOT let your children or your pets near these because they can die from them if they ingest them!...they are beautiful red flowers and I like to place them on the counter tops/tables somewhere out of the reach of children or pets! BE CAREFUL with poinsettias and let everyone you gift the poinsettia to know that they are harmful to children and pets if they ingest them...You know how children and pets are always getting into something!....

Christmas Story books and coloring books---I like any kind of Christmas Story book with illustrations that I had when I was a child...Mine were all stolen so I always like to look at these in stores...I like the Christmas coloring books also there are so many of them to choose from and I like them all!....with Crayons/Markers/paint and stickers!

Old World Christmas----I like any Old World Christmas brand of lights, decorations, ornaments, BUT these items in this brand are sometimes unaffordable!...My Auntie has a few of them, she has been collecting for years...They are made from glass, and are very glittery/sparkly/ and colorful and lighted some of them..IF hit or dropped they shatter! so be careful with them if you are able to afford them!...I really like all of them..but geeze they are expensive!...whenever I see them I instantly think about Christmas!...So beautiful!


Friday, November 27, 2015

christmas parades, plays, choirs, and fill the boot !......

Icy Storm moving in and I know it is cold... Brr!..

Thinking about the traditional upcoming Christmas events in local towns and cities.exciting!

Christmas Parades---Each year most small towns and local cities have people who gather together to create a Christmas Parade.They always need all the help they can get from volunteers who are willing to help create parade floats and participate in the parades by dressing in something Christmas related, or by driving in antique cars, and here we like to ride horses and decorate their manes with ribbons or decorate the saddles as well...The local police and fire rescue teams participate in the parades and decorate their vehicles and play their sirens..We also decorate old antique wagons and the horses in a team can pull those through town..local people wave to the crowd when in the parade..wave back! be friendly!..The creation of the floats takes many days to work on with local churches or businesses, and can be tedious go on out there and help out when you can if needed...

You can also when in the parade toss candy to the parade watchers near the streets...Parades mostly take place on Main Streets and they are traditional...The town shop windows are painted for Christmas and they have Christmas decorations up in town everywhere.I have taken part in local parades for years and I enjoy everything I have participated in..I like helping decorate the parade floats and wear costumes....Someone always dresses up as Santa Claus...and waves to the children in the streets as he tosses candy(children always need to be careful in the streets!)....There sometimes are musicians who play instruments and Christmas music and songs are played..I really enjoy everything about parades!....They have raffles often times and offer the chance to win prizes of all kinds..sometimes they have hot chocolate and wassail to purchase during the parade, and once in my local town we had a nice cowboy stew dinner, cornbread, refreshment, and beans for purchase in the local town hall....a lot of work and a nice way to meet new people in town and say hello!

Fill the Boot Campaign---Sometimes during the parades or the week of the Christmas parades the local law enforcement, police departments and emergency rescue and fire teams have a campaign called Fill the Boot Campaign and they stand near the streets and stores with empty boots for many local fundraisers, they accept monetary donations to help support fundraisers for many different charitable organizations, so you know, if you have a few extra dollars you can donate that as well..the boot is the money holder!'s neat...They will always be wearing something that will let you know they are really real and actually working for those agencies....

I know many things are terribly expensive, but it is always another charitable way if you can, to donate this time of year, be friendly and kind, say hello to your local police departments, sheriffs, and local fire fighters EMS crews and say Thank You for keeping us all safe!...I like to take part in this and throw in a few dollars when I can...I appreciate our local police and fire fighters, emergency rescue teams I know they keep me safe all the time and without them we would all have a bad time in our lives without those agencies and constant tough's traditional as well for this campaign...

Christmas Plays----I know that many people are already in preparation for the Christmas plays that the local churches, schools, and theaters perform during this holiday season...I always have liked taking part in the Christmas plays..I have been an angel, and a narrator for the plays, and I have helped with costume/stage prep and design...It is a lot of work and takes many weeks of preparation and practice...I have always enjoyed helping to create these for Christmas...In church we have helped create the Nativity and had the stage set for the manger scene and the characters from the is tradition for people to take part in the Nativity plays and it is a lot of work as well....You have to speak into the microphones and they may hang from the ceiling or they may be standing on the always remember to speak up clearly and loudly enough so others can hear you...It is exciting to take part in these plays and I rather enjoy them quite well..

I have also taken part in the Nutcracker Traditional stage play at school and I was a flower, I had a few lines, and we had to learn a dance was very tough work and sometimes it was stressful with the dancing.....But anyway everyone needs to go out there and show support for all the tough work and many hours these people have taken part in to get the Christmas Traditions going...or you could maybe join in to help with these might be a little late right now, but go enjoy their performances!

Christmas Choirs, Community Singing----I like singing and I enjoy the choir and it is always nice to join in the choir and learn the music with them...I have for many years taken part in something we call a Community Christmas Cantata..You show up at the local town stage theater or church and they have ordered boxes of Christmas music books that are several songs in each book..The songs are usually about Winter or they are about Christmas and the songs are all kinds of newly written material in the Cantata..

Each holiday can have a music Cantata.We had a group of musicians who played instruments as we sang and it was really nice and pretty!...It takes a good choir leader who knows music and has had vocal training to make this work....Many people can perform solos or ballads and you have to learn the music from your choir leader and the book you are given...I enjoy attending these and participating in these every year....You have to practice, practice, practice!!! afterward they have the local choir and the people who were in the audience invited for refreshments and to say hello.

these are all traditions this time of year and I wish for these to continue go out there and help out and support all these great traditions...keep them going!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

happy thanksgiving....

Purchased some cinnamon pine cones yesterday at the craft store.They smell very nice.I placed them throughout the house near heat sources and when they warm up it smells like cinnamon.I have always liked these!
Going to be working on creating Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving.
Right now, I am going to thaw the turkey by placing it frozen into the refrigerator in a shallow pan..still in package all day thru the night.. I will clean it and bake it a few hours according to the instructions on the package tomorrow morning early after it is thawed totally...

You have to make VERY SURE that you cook all your meats thoroughly....You need to use a meat thermometer and it should read the temperature that the instructions say it should be on the don't throw away your packaging! Rinse it and place it in the sink and read on it for awhile..then throw in trash..

Follow Instructions.If meats are not cooked properly you can become ill with salmonella poisoning!

ALWAYS bleach/water clean your countertops, sinks and then wash utensils/bowls with strong dish soapy hot water after preparing your raw uncooked meats and after preparing everything for cleanliness and safety from salmonella...very important!

tonight starting about 6pm I will make cranberry salad, pecan and pumpkin pies for tomorrow that way they will already be cooked.
Making dressing the old fashioned cornbread recipe---
make a cornbread from the mix packages
take from oven....crumble all of cornbread in large mixing bowl.
Add 4 cans of chicken broth.
(Saute onion and celery in a pad of butter/margarine in pan to soften before adding)
Add as follows:
chop small onion
2 stalks of celery--chopped
1/4 tsp poultry seasoning
1/2 to whole tsp of sage
1/2 stick of melted butter/margarine
Add 3 chopped boiled eggs if you want..some people don't like eggs, some people do like them added.
Add salt and pepper as you like it.
Mix all of these ingredients well and place in large baking dish in oven.Bake for 35 350 degrees.
My Grandpa likes Giblet Gravy and he can create that's ok but I don't really like anything but plain brown gravy for Thanksgiving....I like the McCormick Turkey Gravy packs you can mix up.
Whipped Mashed Potatoes----I like to create whipped mashed potatoes.I boil about 7 potatoes.Drain/peel them.Mash them with masher.Add milk as needed in small amounts to help make them whipped, as I use hand mixer and whip them.i also add in 3/4 of softened butter/margarine or as much as you like...add salt as you like..some people like lots of salt, some like minimal amount...I like my potatoes to be whipped better than anything else.

I refrigerate all the meal creations in Tupperware bowls/storage containers 15 minutes after everyone has finished the meal...then you all will have safe leftovers to warm and enjoy later.

I listen to Christmas music while I prepare Thanksgiving dinner...haha!...You should always try to keep your dishes/utensil washed as you go through the hours cooking..Keeps clutter out of your way.

Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parades on tv----Is something that I enjoy..I like looking at all the floats, the marching bands, and the colorful character parade balloons.Lots of work and creative people!...I've always liked watching those.

I know that my cats and dogs like to enjoy some turkey at Thanksgiving.So I always let them have some turkey that I remove from the turkey bone.Never let them have any of the turkey meat without first checking for small bones.They can become lodged in their throats and other parts of their body and they can choke or puncture their intestine..So I always make sure that there are absolutely no bones in any tukey I feed them..

Shopping after Thanksgiving---I know that many people will go to the stores and begin shopping after Thanksgiving for items on sale to gift to others at Christmas....they call it Black Friday shopping but I just call it After Thanksgiving Day Wrestling Show....haha!....I won't go ever again.

One time with my Auntie I went out into the chaos of the many crowds of people, and the terrible driving with all the crowded highways and parking couldn't find anywhere to park your vehicle!!! We quickly regretted going!...LOL!...We saw 2 grown men fighting over a game playing console...One man got to the very last game console sooner than the other and they were fighting rolling in the floor aisle!...Haha!...I thought: " Wow, they have wrestling matches at Walmart!" can be idiotic...

You know how stupid people look wrestling in the floor of a store over a game console??! like to watch all that chaos take place, you know they have to...they will stand there and watch people roll in the aisle fighting over an item on sale and laugh....People shouldn't be wrestling in the store aisles! kind and nice, polite in stores at all times...don't behave like wrestlers in a store!...haha!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

winter accessories and preparedness....Sorry ! lots of rambling

Since Winter is here. I know of many items I like to have with me throughout the season.For safety, for health, for warmth, or to just have there in case of emergencies.I also want to make sure that I check on others safety and take care of my pets....not just this time of year but always..

Elderly and ill----One thing that I always like to make sure of is that I check on my Grandparents whenever I know that a snow or an icy storm may take place soon..I like to have their medicines there for them, make sure their heating is working in their home, and make sure they have a way to call me if they need help...elderly need to be checked on at all times.If anyone is ill with something I would stay with them til the bad weather is over, and I would make very sure they have all medications and shelter, ability to call for help if needed..

Pets---I make very sure that my pets are warm, with warm houses if they stay outside.I always have plenty of warm hay in their houses, and I like to feed them warmed food in their bowls in the late evening..I just remove the labeling from their cans, place the cans in a pan of very hot water and set that in the sink to warm...then open the cans with can opener, place in their bowls near their houses..I feed them canned food more often or I like to pour very warm water in their bowls of dry food.....Goofball likes this canned warmed food like that..Just not too hot of water!....Purchasing a few extra cans of food is good during the bad weather....if they are sick take them to the veterinarian ahead of time before bad road conditions appear, same goes for livestock...Plenty of cat litter, cat foods are also needed for bad weather days

Vehicles---I always fuel up the vehicles with plenty of fuel and make sure they are working good...during snows or icy storms...Brr!

Livestock---Purchasing a few extra sacks of feed and making sure you have a few round bales of hay out for them during snows and icy weather and remembering that pond water freezes and you need to break the water with something near the edge so they can drink during the sometimes have to break the pond everyday in freezing temperatures.

Space heaters, Electric blankets----Sometimes the heating at my house is just not warm enough when the cold north wind is terrible and I have purchased in the last couple of years space heaters at stores and I place them in the bathrooms, kitchen or any room that has tile, wood, or a surface that has NO carpet or items near the space heater!!!If you place anything near the space heaters it will catch fire! I just place them in those rooms......Electric blankets and electric heated throws are 2 items that I enjoy in winter..I have an electric blanket I was given as a gift several years ago from my Grandma..i really like it! was $45...Electric throws are nice to just place on your feet or cover up with while you are lounging in a chair...$20 for those..IF you are diabetic remember to NEVER turn up the heat too much on your can cause many dangerous problems...Plain blankets are also a favorite of mine to place on my bed at night to sleep....keeps me warm!

Winter weather clothing----Gloves, socks, caps, mittens, coats, good boots, scarves, thermal underwears---All needed during the cold harsh winter weather..I like all of these! Also---hand and feet warmer packs that you squeeze and place in your gloves and shoes for warmth work good too...(genius invention!)

Water and Snacks, Food---always necessary to have plenty of snacks, bottled water, food incase you are snowed in at home.

Hand Lotion, Lip Balm----I always have to have a hand lotion unscented(allergies!) because the cold weather and heaters in my home makes my skin very dry and itchy..i also like to have a lip balm with me..I like Carmex.

Paper Hygiene items---those are always case you are snowed in at home and roads are terrible you need these already at home....paper towels, tissues for colds/sneezing, toiletry items, female hygiene paper items....

Allergy medicines---I have terrible allergies/asthma and I can have allergic reactions to things I am near...So it is best to have allergy medicines, inhalers and EpiPens on hand if you have severe allergies/asthma..I have never went into anaphylactic shock or anything but I know people need those on hand at all times...I am allergic to some smokes, scented perfumes, scented candles, some clothing detergents, and some bar soaps, latex gloves/some latex bandages, wasps, shellfish, some fabric dyes, cedar trees, hair care items/sprays, nail shops(the strong smell takes my breath and I sneeze! I just create my false nails myself if I want to wear them)......pollen, mold, dusts...I am NOT however allergic to pet dander..i have been tested for that one in an allergy test...I like hypo allergenic items!
Itchy Topical Lotions---for rashes and itchy allergic skin reactions are also good to have at all times...check first to be sure they don't react dangerously with other medications..

Citrus Juice---I like to especially drink citrus juices along with my regular cranberry juice during the winter cold/flu season...I drink more citrus juices...

Juice Mixes---with extra of the vitamin C that helps fight colds and the flu:
Tang, Sunny D

Frozen juices in a can you mix with water:
5 Alive is one of my favorites, and just any plain orange juice...

Pure orange juices i like----Florida's Natural, Tropicana, Simply Orange

Cough drops and Vitamin C drops--I like Hall's cough drops and Hall's Vitamin C Defense Drops to help battle colds/flus---I only have a few Hall's Vitamin C Defense drops once or twice throughout the week or any Vitamin C drops I can find in the stores...during winter.

Soups---Canned soups are something I really like..( I also like to prepare soup from recipes at home)

Campbell's Soups are a favorite of mine..i like them all---condensed or chunky(like stew)..I have always liked Chicken and Stars soup when I have been sick with the flu or have a cold!....Haha...all through my life I have had to have Chicken and Stars when I am ill....

Emergency kits---Those are needed in your vehicles in case you have problems on the road driving, and drive sloooooow on the icy/snowy roads!!!...carry blankets, non-perishable snacks, bottled water in your back seat when driving during bad weather....

Weather radios----that power off batteries are also helpful to have at home incase electricity goes off..i have one..keeps you informed.You can listen in to those and some times they give road condition numbers you can call to see how hazardous the road conditions are for driving that is from the local Highway Patrol...also watch local tv stations for information too.

Always keep your cell phones powered.

remember if the weather is too hazardous just stay home if you don't have to be driving to or from anywhere!...It causes so many dangerous vehicle accidents and is very dangerous to drive on icy/snowy roads...just stay home if you driving!

I always like to prepare for bad weather I have had to drive on icy snowy roads at night after night classes alone, I was scared...I drove slow but my car still slid some....And I have been snowed in at my home without any power for 2 weeks!...

Coffee, hot chocolate, and plenty of donuts are needed during these difficult times as well...haha!....also cooking good, nice warm meals in this cold nasty weather are needed too...Bwahaha!!!


Monday, November 23, 2015

corn casserole, cranberry salad, pumpkin bread recipe.....

Made some Pumpkin Bread last is really good, and very pretty! I am going to place these recipes on here for fun today...I will be enjoying these for my Thanksgiving meal...I have been reading a lot of recipes! These are family recipes.

Pumpkin Bread

2 and 2/3 c. sugar
4 eggs
1 c. oil
2 c. canned plain pumpkin
3 and 1/3 c. flour---sifted
1/2 tsp. baking powder
pinch of salt
1 tsp. of pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon/cloves mix
2 tsp. of baking soda
2/3 c. water
1 c. chopped pecans or walnuts

Cream the sugar, eggs, and oil together. Add Pumpkin. Add dry ingredients alternately with water. Add nuts. Divide evenly in 2 greased and floured loaf pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Test with toothpick by placing toothpick in center of bread fresh from oven. If toothpick is clean when removed it is done. Cool 15 minutes on a cooling wire rack.

Corn Casserole

2 eggs
3/4 c. cornmeal
2 cans cream-style corn
1 small can green chilies
small onion, chopped
6 Tablespoons oil
2 c. grated cheese

Mix all together except 1/2 the cheese. Sprinkle it on top of the corn. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until done.

Cranberry Salad

2 packages Cherry Jello
1 c. boiling water
1 can Whole Cranberry Sauce
1 bottle Applesauce (approximately 1 and 3/4 c.)

Dissolve Jello in water. Add cranberry sauce and stir until mixed together thoroughly. Add Applesauce. Let set 15 minutes. Then chill before serving.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

united way, red cross, goodwill, salvation army, aspca....

Many charities need help all the time..But at this time year it is always nice to donate your time and any extra money or items you can to good is just another way to be charitable and kind...

these organizations/charities always need help and I know they appreciate all the extra donations and people who go out there and donate their time to help them with events and help to support the great things they do for everyone in a tough situation or crisis...

I always say that you should think of the terrible situations that others go through and feel compassion for them, NEVER make fun of someone who has less than you do, or someone who goes through awful many snobby people make fun of others and laugh at others misfortunes...I have seen those snobs and heard those snobs make fun of others with disabilities, no money, no work, and just anything terrible that can happen to people, those arrogant snobs will set back and laugh at them!...I always think: "How can you be so mean!..You people are filthy, nasty, disgusting people!" makes me sad.

I fight back with kindness, for all those people they make fun of! ;)

NEVER make fun of anyone who goes through a terrible awful time, or someone who is disabled or very poor....ALWAYS respect others, try to help others, and be kind to them...not just this time of year but never know when you could be the person going through the same awful situations!

some very good organizations to be charitable to are:

Salvation Army
United Way
Red Cross

Salvation Army Red Kettles and Bell Ringers----When you see the Salvation Army red kettles at the store fronts if you can afford it, place any extra money you have in the red kettle...I always place a few extra dollars and change I have leftover from shopping...That is always a nice thing to give when you can....Be friendly and say Hello! or Merry Christmas! to the bell many people do not even say Hello! when they are saying Hello!...I always greet them kindly...I think it is a very old fashioned thing they do when they have the red kettles and bell ringers..the money goes to help those in need...I like that, it's sweet!

Goodwill----Many people like to thrift shop and I have known people who like a good bargain on many items, including may be used but that's ok....Goodwill is the store for that....often times you can find very good bargains on all kinds of things...all your purchases help people in many different situations.You can always donate your extra clothing or items that are clean and not torn/destroyed to the Goodwill stores....You may also like to help out at the store by donating your extra time, sorting and categorizing items!....

Red Cross----this organization always needs help with donations and people to help out in times of crisis...they are always there to help when people go through a terrible time in their life that destroys their life and they lose everything from can always help them all year with anything they donating time or money to them..they have always been here to help when Oklahoma has tornado season and people lose everything they have in the tornados....

United Way---Works toward helping charities and by showing support to them and the surrounding community...They always need support themselves and any kind of donation you could afford to give them would be a nice thing to do, they may even locally need people to donate their extra time to help out with something....great organization.

ASPCA---The American Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals--Is another wonderful organization that helps all of our animal friends!..They always need help and any donation of money or donating your extra time to them would be appreciated....They help to keep animals safe and work to make the public aware of animal cruelty...I like how they help animals when they have no voice to speak up for themselves...this organization is one of my favorites too...I always want to help them as well...not just this time of year, ALWAYS.

Local Humane Societies---you can always be charitable to them and go help them out with the animals by donating money. food, any pet supplies....or show up in person and ask them if they need help with something, just like any animal shelters---they always need any help they can get...

just be kind and donate any extra money or donate any time you can ! Show up in person to help out with a charitable organization it makes the world a better place....

I always feel like I have accomplished something wonderful when I can help someone who needs help or help any animal in need of help.....There are sooooo many good organizations out there to donate your extra time or any extra money you can afford to them so they can help others in need..

When you help out like this, it will make you feel accomplished and you can know you have helped bring goodness to where you are locally and to the world..every small good thing counts everywhere to help make the world better!

The whole world needs to have these great organizations and change others lives, and animals lives for the better.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Coat drives, Food banks / pantrys, donate, shelters / missions.....

Oh my goodness it is COLD this morning!!!..Brr! and very windy...

I have the sneezes and I know that wind is causing bad allergies. ah-choo! pass the tissues and allergy medicine!!!...I get so tired of allergies/asthma!

Made sure that the cows had plenty of hay and we gave them cubes yesterday..I placed the round bales (2 of them) near the trees for some coverage out of the chilly wind....and one in a low ravine..

Thinking about all the homeless people, and the people going through tough times...I always think about them, but on very icy COLD days I know that there are people who live on the streets and are homeless, and I think about all the good work that can be done by donating to the missions/homeless shelters/havens....

They always need help, but on these icy cold days I know they need a lot more....

Anytime that you can donate to the shelters/missions---canned foods, any packaged food, refreshments, or donate blankets for warmth, donate old coats, old clothing that is warm---it is a good thing!

Coat drives----I have helped with the coat drive at my church for years and it makes me feel good to know that I am helping someone out by donating an older coat and helping to deliver them to the missions/shelters.....these are good to have so you can be charitable to those who need help..make sure it is clean, not torn, and it can be a new one if you wish! I'm sure they need all sizes, and winter hats, gloves, and shoes are also needed.

soup kitchens---preparing meals for the homeless is something that you can be doing to be charitable at all times as well...At holiday times it is nice to donate your extra time feeding the homeless and needy a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal...this is a good thing!

Food Banks, Food Pantrys----donating your extra time when you aren't working on something to go and help box food, separate foods in categories, and helping to deliver foods is always a good thing to want to work on to help others..It makes me so sad that many people have no money, to even afford a meal....and that should not go on anywhere in the one should be starving!

Donate when you can----donating any canned food item or packaged food that is unopened and is not a dented can is something that you can give to the food banks or to the local stores that are having food drives..You just take whatever you can afford and place it into the bin where the food drive is...

At the homeless shelters/missions/havens---they always need donations of food or clothing..something we have worked on at church for years, and gifting hygiene items to the shelters/missions/havens and to the retirement/rest homes to the elderly...we always have included a nice assortment of hygiene items, packaged candies , and a nice holiday card with a kind greeting...that is always a nice thing to work toward...being charitable at all times when you should be at all times, not just at the holidays...

blankets---are one of my favorite things at this time of year and I know that the missions/shelters/havens always need blankets of any kind for warmth and we have taken clean blankets and have purchased blankets and donated those also...

you can make money donations if you are able to and have any extra money, I know that money is tough to keep when things are so expensive!...but anyway, donate money if you can to those good charitable organizations to help those in need...

Pumpkin Cat and me always also think of the animals at the pet shelters and how they always need help also! donating your extra time to help the homeless pets, you can also donate all kinds of items/pet supplies/foods/treats/cat litters/pet taxis, beddings to the animal shelters and any kind of blankets will help out there as well...

You can even adopt a shelter pet while you are there!..Everyone needs a best friend that is a cat or dog or guinea pig, or ferret, or lizard, or bird, or snake, or turtle, or fish, or rabbit, or whatever animal you may like to have as a new best friend!....get out there and help them or adopt them!

so always be kind and donate your time, and go be CHARITABLE.

Think of others, and always be thankful that you have what you have..Too many people have life much worse and we all need to always remember that....

You may think your life is bad, BUT it isn't anything like many other people's lives sometimes....People are in need, suffering, starving, abused and have no money/occupations....and so are the homeless pets in the pet shelters in need of help/donations...

I just get sad about all these things all the time in the world and locally...and I think about these people and pets....So what I work toward is helping end sadness and get out there and donate my time to help out, and anything I am able to donate, to make good changes in the world....

AND when everyone works together at all times for the good, you can end sadness and evilness and make the world better! the world changes everyday this happens.


Friday, November 20, 2015

cold weather prep, recipe books, christmas collectibles, hot chocolate time......

Checked the antifreeze in all the vehicles yesterday because of the freezing temperatures that are on the way....

I also purchased a home window winterizing kit for my bedroom window..It leaks cold air and I freeze in the winter and get hot in the summer!...That stupid window also allows dust from the outside to get into my room..No wonder I am so sick all the time..I don't think it is sealed off around the edges at all, so I have purchased some caulking and went around the edges, and then I purchase the window winterizing kit, you have to measure your window inside, cut the plastic and adhese it all around the window with tape that holds shrinks with the hot hair blow dryer..that's what you use to shrink it to seal it.I call it cello wrapping my window!...haha...but it helps keep my window from leaking air so much....

Been looking at recipe books in the late evenings when I have time.We will be preparing Thanksgiving next week, and I like looking at all the different recipes there are in the recipe books I have..some are just handed down to me from my Grandma....other books I have just purchased at the stores, if it looks like it may be something I'd like to try cooking I will purchase it!...

Cooking is just fun for me, and I enjoy cooking meals for people that I love and care about....There are so many different types of recipe books---all kinds of foods and titles...they are categorized and I like that!...You can purchase them anywhere....I find a recipe I like and I go to the stores and find those food items I need to prepare the meal with and just follow instructions! Too many people just don't cook meals at home anymore...It's a tradition to prepare meals at home...but I know not everyone has the money and or time for that...

Considering that Christmas is soon after Thanksgiving I have been shopping some in the stores with money I have saved....The stores are stocked with all kinds of neato items that are Christmas...So many things! Here are some that I have purchased and I like, many are also collectibles....

on the food aisle I have got--

Rhodes Rolls---I forgot to blog about them the other day!..I like baking bread, but these are easier when in a hurry and they are good.frozen. bake in oven.

Sparkling Welch's Grape Juice---I always purchase a few bottles of this at holiday time..I always have....I like the bottle design, and the fizzy to the juice..nice with holiday dinners..i like all kinds.

PopCorn Tins---many different kinds of flavored popcorns(I like them all) in these cute Christmas tins..i like popcorn and they are good gifts for people who like snacks and popcorn.

Gift Basket sets/samplers---Meat and Cheese gift basket sampler sets---I like these every holiday, they also have gift basket sets of all kinds of different items..i like all of them as well...

Mixed Nuts in packages--I like all the different kinds of nuts..these are seasonal and we always purchase a package of the mix and we also purchase shelled pecans from the local stores...I have a small metal nutcracker that I shell the nuts with for snacks, or for making pecan pie with....

Gifting Fruit--My Grandma told me that when she was younger they gifted fruit baskets and boxes of fruit in place of toys..and I like that!..Many kinds of fruits are great gifts to others at the holidays..

Frosty the Snow Man---I purchased a few weeks ago, a pair of fleece Frosty the Snowman pajamas!...I have always liked the holiday cartoon and I finally have a pair of the pajamas...they are blue and I like them....

Yams--Sugary Sam, Princella, Bruce's Canned yams--my Grandma likes all these brands of canned yams for sweet potato casserole...purchased 2 cans.

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows--I like the boxes of Hot Chocolate you can purchase and just mix up a packet in hot milk or hot water then add marshmallows...I have to have Hot chocolate this time of year in the cold weather!..I like all of these kinds of Hot chocolate---Abuelita, Swiss Miss, Nestle

Holiday Crafts---on the crafting aisles they have many different Christmas crafting projects you can work on, fairly inexpensive some of them, I got 1 of them, to make ornaments.

Coloring/Activity Packs---I like all the Christmas coloring books, activity work books that you can color and I know they are for kids..Haha!...But I like to work on those this time of year too!

The ones I have purchased are smaller/travel size---called Play Pack Grab & Go Christmas Activity packs--includes:Crayons, Stickers, coloring sheets, activity!

and I also found one called Carry Along Christmas Activity Pad---it has the same things included as well..But they are fun to work on found those at many stores..i think the company is Bendon...they are nice!

Holiday Word search---smaller book, all the word searches in the book are about Christmas---also by Bendon..

Ornaments---I enjoy looking at the ornament aisle in all stores and you can purchase many ornaments for your Christmas trees/projects at all the stores..i saw a lot of them for just $1 at the Dollar Stores...very cute and nice!..i found one and it will look nice on my Christmas mirror decorating that I work on.

Toys---in all stores you gotta look at the holiday toys they have for purchase on the toy aisles!..I always have to look at the toy aisle!!!...haha....

I like the Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Friends plush toys and items they cute!..I like to collect those every year I can find them reasonably priced...I like all the characters...I purchased a small Rudolph plush toy yesterday...I also like his pal Bumble from the Claymation cartoons..oh, how I like those every year!

I like anything toy/plush with the Peanuts characters(Charlie Brown/Snoopy and friends) they're favorites! and I see that there are many toys/items that are Star Wars out there on the shelves in stores now....I like Star Wars and the items they have...I like Sci-Fi and all the Star Wars collectibles..there are so many out there....

Shopkins has many different items out also....I haven't got all the sets, but I like looking at them...


Thursday, November 19, 2015

barn construction, water wells, fence building, rural animal care....

Sick usual...I woke up and I had bronchitis terrible! I couldn't breathe and my head was hurting...I kept coughing and my ear hurts..So I went to the Doctor and he gave me medicines...Then I had to go take my Grandma to the doctor in another town and get more sacks of feed for the cows...

the weather is supposed to get much more chilly and windy and Brr! cold!...So we will be placing round bales(1-2) out in the field near some trees so the cows will be out of the cold wind to enjoy hay and we will cube them....we need to wean some older taller calves, because pretty soon there will be new calves and you have got to keep a watch on them the next few months because of dropping temperatures in the weather....

3 things that I think are important to having a farm and they are necessities to keeping your farm running more easily and they make good occupations for rural areas are:

Barn Construction---using good durable make it through all weather and sun..that will last..building to last and withstand strong winds, snow, rain storms(no leaks), termites please! local people who know what they are doing! and are clean about not leaving scraps on the ground when finished working....(no nails/metal everywhere) a nice one to store supplies in, park machinery/vehicles in, and store hay in or underneath, or animals in at times...

Fence Building----having a good fence building company that is local, that is run by local workers and trained welders as well to help with metal posts/gates and the proper tools/machinery to make good fences that work right! and clean who pick up all their scraps when they leave..(don't have to worry about flat tires!).and let you choose when and where you want to place fence lines and gates!...and will be back the next day to complete the work...keeps your animals and property lines safe....

People have got to understand you NEED to ALWAYS pen up, fence in, feed, shelter, take care of your animals, leash, collar, tie-up cord your dogs so they will not be hit and killed by vehicles on these roads, not just in the countryside but in towns/cities as well!!!...People are so stupid about this!..i'm sick of seeing dead pets and dead animals (that should have been penned up in the first damn place) dead on the highways/country roads/city/town streets!....people are so damn stupid about this! make sure your gates are latched shut and properly fix your fences also!

If your pets do not stay in the house make sure they are safe outside at all times, don't just let them wander out into the damn road!!!..I see it all the time! house them, keep them penned or tied with humane tie-up cords, plenty of food, shelter, water.....purchase them a doghouse outside as your money!

Water Well Drilling---Living in the rural areas there needs to always be access to water and clean water at that! many areas you have got to drill way down to find water and then water pumps are needed to pull water for your home/farm/ takes electricity, but if you don't use water all the time and let it run hours and hours, it doesn't cost as trucks are always needed and supplies should be available at all times...just something local...when your pump stops working they are local to repair it with supplies already there....

Rural, Stray Animal Care---too many times farmers have problems with pets being dumped out in the rural areas and they will chase livestock or kill makes me so sad and super angry that people are so mean, evil, and stupid to just turn out their animals from their cars and dessert them in the countryside with no food, home, or shelter..and it is a ginormous problem here my whole life!...I have rescued so many cats/kittens/puppies/dogs that are starving, abused, is a terrible thing that goes on! and people drive from the larger cities or local small towns to just dump unwanted animals out in the country and sometimes the dogs will run in packs and chase, kill, eat the livestock...(baby calves especially) is so sad/upsetting, and local farmers get angry and have to shoot and kill the dogs.....People also drive to the country and turn out their is sad and sick how evil people are...!!!

Human beings are the most worthless/evil/nasty forms of life on the earth.....

animal abandonment and abuse in rural areas needs to be tended to and I think something like a local rural animals rescue shelter, with quick access to law enforcement for abuse cases, or something placed near roads to get closer to town with the stray animals would be helpful in all rural is a terrible, sad, awful problem how idiots abandon/abuse animals..people are so nasty and sick!!!.....but something like a building to house/feed these animals or something locally until they can be taken to a good shelter and adopted to good homes....I don't needs tended to.....such a sick, disgusting world we have to live in!

these would all be good businesses for all rural areas...and they would be very helpful when based close by for all farmers, ranchers, and just rural landowners.....


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

never alone for the holidays......

Holidays can be very depressing for some people when you haven't got any family at all, you are away from home, you are sick, there is no one to cook a holiday meal for you(cook one yourself!), or you are just without money or work to even be happy at the holidays...whichever way it is with a person, holidays can always be depressing/stressful...

When you don't have any family members or friends near you it can be depressing at holiday time...I think the best thing to work on would be creating a huge meal for many people and inviting several to enjoy the tradition with you....that way you are not so alone and they aren't either...

just add a few more tables and chairs or have someone bring those with them and that way there will be more room...

you can watch football games on tv, or you can purchase/bring many different board games to laugh over and play!...just laugh and have fun.

If you know of someone who is alone on the holidays just invite them over!...grab an extra paper plate, cup, and plastic silverware and plan on them being there when you ask them...Holidays should be meant for everyone to enjoy, and to experience(because some people have never had a holiday before) that way everyone can enjoy the day with friends...

no one should be quiet and depressed, just laugh and talk about everything! if someone is setting at the tables quiet and alone, stop by and say hello..

During the holidays, I also like making small gift sacks with silly gifts in them to give to people who are there...something encouraging and well thought out too added as well!....just add a few puzzles, games, pencils, pens, small plush toys, silly/funny gifts, small activity books..haha!..something to make everyone smile...and when you might be nervous, creating these gift sacks might help make you laugh as well.
Communities sometimes have free holiday meals for everyone in the town people can go to, and you can volunteer to help out with those sometimes, or you can volunteer to help those in need at the missions, homeless shelters....that can also help give you something good to work on for the world during the holidays or several times throughout the year....maybe help with holiday depression too...

just don't let having no one there to spend holidays with get you down and depress you more and more, get out there and invite others over for the holidays that you know have nowhere to go and/or have nobody to spend the day with....

just have fun and laugh during the holidays! invite others over, create a meal, and laugh, make fun of idiots!....just something funny to not be depressed this time of year! haha!


Monday, November 16, 2015

purchasing for thanksgiving....

The weather has gotten cooler and rainy..supposed to thunderstorm today..No snow yet!..I want to create a snowman at least for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I have already been listening to holiday music..i purchased a fairly inexpensive Christmas cd for about$9 it is the older standards of Christmas music....I also have an Instrumental Christmas music cd I have had for years....I know it is depressing for some people at the holidays..but I go ahead and listen to it, to keep traditions going..I like singing along with all those old songs/music...

Since Thanksgiving is next week, we have already began to save money back for the meal with family...I will just have a few family members over for dinner...I went ahead and purchased food items and tabletop items at different stores....I can make a fresh pumpkin pie or pecan pie..OR I sometimes purchase a Ms.Field's pie and warm can find these in the freezer section..

these are a few brands/food items I like at the can always use off brand too.

Libby's Pumpkin pie mix---if creating pumpkin pie
OceanSpray cranberry sauce
Karo syrup---to make pecan pie if you are creating one.
Turkey--all brands
StoveTop stuffing mix or homemade..i use Shawnee Mills cornbread mix if homemade stuffing
Green Giant Broccoli--for casserole
Sweet potato/yams/or Bruce's canned yams---cooked for casserole
Ms.Field's Pumpkin or Pecan pies
any 2 cans of corn
any 2 cans of green beans--Green Giant or Del Monte
mashed potatoes--any brand of potato to mash
Diamond Pecans or locally shelled pecans

I like to use decorated paper plates, paper cups, plastic silverware and paper/plastic serving plates I saw many to choose from at several stores..i just purchased a few at the Dollar Stores and a plastic serving dish at the Dollar was pretty! not so many dishes to wash for the holidays when using these paper/plastic items...just be very sure that your food is not scorching hot when placing on paper/plastic serving dishes!

I also purchased a paper tablecloth that is decorated to place over my table..It was just $2 and is very pretty as well...with Thanksgiving scenery on it...

I like to drink Cranberry juice or tea for the Thanksgiving meal....