Saturday, October 31, 2015

it's halloween....

Finished crafting the Halloween candy sacks to take to my Grandparents..I found orange and black sacks for .33cents/bag!!! they were plain and I decorated/painted/glittered/placed Halloween/Fall stickers on them...Cute! I like working on crafting projects like that...

I purchased a few bags of candy that were all different varieties and placed 2 or 3 handfuls in the sacks and placed a sticker on the top of the sack after folding it down to close it....My Grandparents loved that, thought they were cute and appreciated them...I like to make them smile!

It's the day for candy and sweets!--- so here are 2 other recipes of sweets that I always make on Halloween to have here at home and to gift to others...these are simple but good.

Pop Corn Balls

1/2 stick of butter or margarine
40 jet puffed marshmallows
1/2 tsp. vanilla
12 cups of popped popcorn

Melt butter in large sauce pan on low heat. Add marshmallows, vanilla. Cook until marshmallows are completely melted and mixture is well blended. stir constantly. Place popcorn in large bowl. Add marshmallow mixture, mixing lightly to coat. Shape into 10 popcorn balls with lightly greased onto wax paper to cool.( I place pop corn mixture into small plastic zip lock bags and then that way my hands won't burn and get too messy while I shape them into pop corn balls)...haha!..I can make them much easier....looks silly but it works for me so far!....

Rice Krispie Bars with colors

6 c. rice krispies cereal (or off brand will work)
1/4 c. margarine
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 to 1 tsp. of your choice food coloring color if you need more color add more.
1 package of jet puffed marshmallows
Melt margarine in a large pan over medium heat. Melt in marshmallows and stir continuously until smooth. Add vanilla. Add food coloring. if you want more food coloring add more. Without removing from heat, add cereal. Stir until cereal is completely covered with marshmallow mixture. Pour into a greased dish/pan. Let cool 2 minutes. Press flat with greased hands.


Friday, October 30, 2015

pet / halloween safety....caramel corn recipe....

Pumpkin cat wants to tell everyone to make sure that you keep your pets indoors or on a leash/collar during Halloween so nothing bad will happen to them! And we need to always keep our pets that stay outside contained in a fenced yard, with a house, water, food, shade...I have seen too many pets out in the middle of the busy roads and they can be hit by cars and be hurt or killed!...I like to purchase these humane tie-up cords that attach to collars..make sure you adjust the collar to fit your pets neck(not too tight!)...but always remember to keep pets safe not just during Halloween but everyday....

to be safe during Halloween and candy time I always did this:

Went to safe house or churches for candy, or people I knew that were safe and good people.
Cute costumes, nothing gross/nasty, something respectable and inexpensive you can even make one
Always have light sticks/glow-in the dark necklaces/bracelets with you and your children so they can be seen in the dark while out and about!

watch traffic on the streets and stay away from people making mischief on the streets you can get into bad trouble if you are with these types of people!

don't stay out on the streets too late into the night when all the homes with candy have went to sleep..I went home by 10:30pm.

I always had a nice candy holder/bucket...mine was a pumpkin basket...I still have it!

Say Thank you when someone gifts you candy on Halloween...I always did.

check candy when you get home and make very sure it is NOT contaminated...some people who you may accidentally go to their homes for candy may be terrible, awful, nasty people and could try to poison you!..always check your candy for needles, drugs, or anything careful.

all kinds of creepy nasty weirdos are usually out looking for children on the streets to hurt or kidnap so keep your children safe and always go with them to make sure they are ok and safe from these weirdos!..

if driving be careful driving in the dark watch out for small children and pets/animals on the slow with lights on low beam...Everyone always got bright lighted on the streets for Halloween in my hometown...rude/dangerous!

we always cooked/created this for Halloween and I will post more tomorrow.....

Caramel Corn
2 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. white corn syrup
2 sticks margarine
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. vanilla
6 qts. popped corn
3 cups of broken pecans (optional only if you wish)

In a sauce pan on the stove, Combine brown sugar, syrup, margarine and salt. Heat to a rolling boil. Remove from heat. Add soda and vanilla, then nuts. Pour over popped corn in a shallow baking pan. Bake at 250 degrees for 1 hour, stirring with spoon every 15 minutes.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

idiots running things....i hate satanic people !......

Halloween should be SAFE, cute, innocent, and whimsical...NOT nasty and satanic!!!..I just HATE satanic people!..They want to make Halloween and EVERYTHING satanic!!!..losers!

They are nasty, sick, evil individuals who harm/kill innocent things!....They have been in the area nearby here for years and they're all a bunch of whiny, sick, twisted, pieces of shit! they ruin and kill all cute innocent things in the world and they need to be eradicated! 

GOD wants to rid the world of satanic people and all evilness....they make everything ugly and ruin it...just like that satanic nasty big turd that was trying to peddle his disgusting satan book the other day in a local city....they need to be gone! they like satan so much I'm sure he has a hot something to jab them with for eternity down there in hell...creepy weirdos.

At the state capitol in Oklahoma City there was a religious monument there for Christianity...Then all of the sudden a group of satanic people started whining about it and they removed it quickly...How's that fair to Christians? Sounds like somebody at the capitol wanted it removed too because they let it happen! and the satanic morons had a monument they wanted placed at the state capitol...nasty!

They're all fake/superficial, snobby, racist, nosy, greedy, corrupt people running things up there in Oklahoma City and in the state...I've heard so many bad things about them forever.....they all run their mouths off about one another, behind each others back up there too, and sleep around together!!!..( a lot of them know my hillbilly kinfolks...haha!..they've told everyone all about how they know those powerful people running things up there and how they are friends and they have money, and slept with them and others with money/power everywhere, and have this or that power!......LOL!

They are an embarrassment for Oklahoma!....I'd NEVER waste my time going up there...idiot hillbillies with money!...Haha! so it's ok to take down a Christian monument up there because a bunch of whiny satanic people wanted it taken down?!!...hmm...sounds like something corrupt is going on up usual...*eyeroll* too many loser corrupt clowns obsessed with power, sex, drugs, and money who know my hillbilly kinfolks, and are running things in this state!...Bwahaha!!! they're a joke! the things I have heard them tell about them and others of power are funny as can be!..haha! Oklahoma will be good again someday...I wish for it to be..i like my home state...

they have told that they ruin businesses if they are cute and they don't like them and think they aren't rich/snobby/nasty enough, they won't let anything nice be here! oh, but if it's a lingerie store it can be here or anything nasty like that!..*eyeroll*.(because we're all supposed to like shit like that you know according to them!)....sick, disgusting, controlling freaks...

They're obsessed with money and themselves....material things, and power, trying to run and ruin people's lives....get their nose in everyone's business....nosiest bunch of damn people!..they all are fake nicey nice to one another and tell things about each other behind their backs and that is the funniest damn thing!!!....haha!

I see them on tv and I just laugh about the things I have heard about them from the hillbilly kinfolks running their mouths off about Oklahoma City and elsewhere!!!...LOL!...

The way they are---Hell is waiting on them...creepy!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

candy corn...

Candy corn is a neato looking candy...I like the smell of it and I think it is very unique.

Orange, yellow, white are the colors of it and I like to sometimes paint my nails like those colors in an ombre of them during the Fall/Halloween season..along with nail art!

Decorating with candy corn wreaths, stickers, Fall décor items, even some cookies/cakes you decorate with use candy corn..they resemble corn also which is nice...haha!

I can't eat much candy corn because it is way to sweet for me!...I might have a few pieces from the candy bowl at home..

They have something called a Fall mix and it has a combination of fall themed candies and candy corn in it...all mellowcreme....

Different kinds of candy corn are available...all flavors and colors now...But I just like plain.

Everyone knows that you can't eat too much of it, because it is sooooo sweet!

it always reminds me of the season that is upon us...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

gumby and friends....

One thing that I like is clay art...I like many thing that are clay mation.

Gumby and friends is an older clay mation show and I really enjoy watching it....It is very cute and I know it takes a lot of work and effort to create a clay mation show like Gumby and friends...

There are many things about Gumby that I like and one is that the clay art work is neato.I like working with clay often and I appreciate Gumby and friends. All the characters of Gumby shows are just very interesting and I watch the shows and look at all the work it takes to create so many scenes and characters....

His best friend is Pokey the horse and I think that is very cute!

I enjoy all the episodes BUT a few of my favorites are:

The Fantastic Farmer
The Little Lost Pony
Chicken Feed
Ricochet Pete

Many items are available that are Gumby and I'd enjoy purchasing them!

I saw a dvd set that included a Gumby toy and I like that.....

Gumby and friends/the shows are just so artful, cute, creative, and I adore that!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Kaleidoscope.......vintage toys..

Everytime I go to town I see something on the toy aisle that I like from my childhood...I like looking at the toy aisle and purchasing older toys to keep.

Kaleidoscopes are an artful toy that I have always loved...I always got a Kaleidoscope for my Birthday every year when I was a child...I think they are very pretty when you see the colorful shapes in the Kaleidoscope as you turn it....It's art I think!

Paddle ball---Always liked this one you can hit the ball with the paddle and it bounces back on the string! Lots of fun, a challenge to repeatedly hit the ball with the paddle.

Wooly Willy----This is a magnet game...Try and make a mustache/eyebrows on his face using a small tool that is a magnet...shreds of tiny metallic are under the see through glass!

etch a sketch----using the turning knobs on the plastic game you can create a picture and draw with is challenging is art as well

marbles---My grandma taught me to play marbles and they are very colorful glass balls you place on the flat surface and use the largest marble to roll and hit the others using your fingers...I like to look at them and how colorful they are...Marble runs are also fun to use with the marbles.

jacks---Grandma also taught me to play bounce the small ball and then you hurriedly try to scoop up jacks from the flat surface into your hand before the ball stop's a challenge! and fun!

Slinky---I like to set slinky on steps and watch it walk off the is a metal is unique and I always had a slinky! sometimes you can just pull it apart and it goes back together in your!

small foam/paper airplane models/kits---I like to form these as the instructions say to on the box and throw them so they glide through the air...unique and they also have paper..foam stays together well..

yo-yo---I liked playing with these and trying to make yo-yos have to figure out how to make them roll back up right..i like them!

spinning tops----place on the flat surface and twist with your hands they will spin out of control...I like to watch these on the floor, they stop eventually.

mouth harp----I had one when I was younger and I think I annoyed my Grandma with it...makes a weird noise...haha!..

kazoo---this also makes a noise that is different...usually they have these at Birthday parties..colorful..i always liked these.

Gumby and friends---I like all these clay mation toys they are an art form..I really enjoy the Gumby and friends...they're cute!

sea monkeys---you place these in water in a jar with a lid and they will grow into colorful shapes...unique and fun to watch.

pick up sticks---I like these colorful sticks you pick up as many as you can and see who got the right one to win...

pinwheels---These I have always purchased they are so pretty when you have air to make them turn/spin...I enjoy watching them in the breeze...

cup and ball toy---catch the ball in the cup and see if you can catch the ball after you throw it up into the air..always nice and challenging.

gel slappy hands---a gel hand with a gel string and you can slap things and it will attach to them and sometime bring them back...I like them.

grow a figure---place small item into water and it will grow and expand...all kinds of figures and colorful ones..i really enjoy these...

whoopee cushion---haha!...these make me laugh....when people set on them in a chair...makes a toot noise!..haha!

Lite-bright---I like lite bright! was so fun to place the lights onto the paper that was labeled where to place different colors, to make a picture, then turn off the lights and look at your picture...pretty!

Nintendo---I enjoy Nintendo and Mario Bros. games!...I have an old Super Nintendo that I still play often..these don't hurt my eyes or make me dizzy sick like the newer style of players do...I wish I could find more games for Super Nintendo.

pogo stick---I liked this when I was a child, you could jump/hop with it...I like these!

Shrinky Dinks---you color these and then bake them and they shrink and hold your coloring...I really like these..miss them they are like art to me..

Barbies---I like dolls and I think they are nice to purchase and play with as a child..You can purchase clothes for them and accessories for them...I had quite a few of them...

legos---you can build figures/items with legos..all colors..i have always liked legos to build with I had a few sets...

kites----I have always liked flying kites on windy days in the fields..Stay away from power lines! yikes! it will shock you and burn up your kite!..You have to unroll the string and then run with your kite and the wind catches it just right it will fly way into the air..all different colors/characters on them....People always say being mean: " Go fly a kite! " and I just laugh and say alright I will!

Hungry Hungry Hippos---a colorful game and  you press plastic buttons to make the hippos catch the ball in the mouth and ingest it...I like this one.

Easy bake oven---you can create things with this and sometimes make a small snack..learning to cook as a child it was neato.

Colorforms---these are themed boards that you just stick autocollants to and can remove/replace..i like these.

Ants in the Pants---try to get all the plastic ants in the pair of plastic pants before the others!..makes me giggle!

Simon---press the colors that flash on the toy before it stops flashing...I got one as a gift when I was younger...challenging and I like the colors.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

christian pictures, jewelry, and those bibles....

I like to keep sunday my holy day...Attending church and then sometimes Bible study on Wednesdays...

Bibles and Bible Study---Going to Bible study on Wednesdays at church when it is available is a good way to keep God and Jesus with you throughout the week...Taking your Bible with you is always a good thing...I like Bibles with good readable printing on the pages that I can see, and I like a study guide in the pages too....but I don't have one yet....I like all bible cover colors...

pictures/wall hangings----I have a few pictures of Jesus and the angels in my room...I like to look at them everyday and that way I always think of them daily...AND I have a few crosses that I can place on my wall..there are many that are in stores that you can purchase and paint....I have done that as well....

Christian Jewelry----I have seen many different necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants with Jesus, Mother Mary and the Angels images on them...colorful and decorated with adornments, drawn, printed, or painted....I think those are beautiful...I have an angel pendant that I have and sometimes I wear it on sundays or throughout the week....I also have a few cross necklaces that I wear a lot or place in my purse before I leave home...just to remember God and Jesus are with me everywhere I go...

Christian Inspirational Cards---Something that I also like are the small business-sized Inspirational cards to place in your wallets..They have Bible verses printed on them and sometimes pictures, they are good ways to be reminded that God and Jesus are always with you....

Christian Book and Music stores----Mardel's and then small local Christian Book/Music stores are very nice places to find all the Christian musicians and singers cds/tapes/records to listen to, and to find Christian books to read...good place for finding anything for church and Bible study....

Singing special songs at church----when you find a song you would like to sing for church on your own, you can go to any of these Christian stores and find music accompaniment tapes that are just the music to the songs you like and you sing the song yourself!...I really like these...OR you can just sing along with the guitar or piano when you have a guitar or piano player that can play just the song....I have done this before and I like to sing specials on sundays...I always practice all week before I sing a song on takes a lot of practice to sing good...

Even if you can't sing well, sing anyway to the Lord..make a joyful noise the Bible says!...God and Jesus are always listening and are pleased with you when you sing to them on sundays, pray to them, and attend church ....they don't care if you cannot sing well....

God, Jesus, and the Angels are always there to protect you when you follow them,keep them in your life, and obey God's rules...


Saturday, October 24, 2015


Yogurt is something that I like to try and have at least a few days a week with meals as a snack or dessert...

I like to purchase yogurt in the plastic containers...I like all kinds....Available in Fruits, Plain or Vanilla.....Yogurt helps my tummy when I have digestion problems or upset problems ....Usually the doctor recommends a probiotic yogurt to help with tummy issues...I just choose a favorite yogurt and I will find several containers of a yogurt and have one every few days to help with my digestion issues..

the yogurt brands I like are any brand!...haha!....Dannon, Yoplait, Oikos, Chobani are a few and the off brands are nice as well....

Frozen yogurt is also something I enjoy---mostly in the summer season, but occasionally I will want a frozen yogurt in a dish or waffle cone...

Cherry Berry is a nice frozen yogurt store and I have wanted to stop by and try the one that was closer nearby in a local town, BUT I went to that store one day a few years ago and it was brand new and run down/nasty looking! I couldn't believe that! When I went to the parking lot a man came out of the store and he yelled: "Get out of here! This is OUR Store!" scared me so I left...*eyeroll*

So then my Grandma told me that the nasty hillbilly relatives had been talking about that Cherry Berry store in that town....That told me a lot, and that nasty b*tch troublemaking hillbilly trafficking whore Sandy( that I am unfortunately related to that has helped antagonize me/tried to kill me, threaten me, and ruin my life) She kept talking to everyone about that store and said that was HER store!...And the rest of those disgusting trafficking cousin whores, high, dealing drugs were ALL going into that new nice store and RUINED IT! then yelled at me to---Stay out of OUR store Bitch! sometime later it was closed down...RUINED....they RUIN EVERYTHING! and they're just let go to run free and get away with anything they want!.....they ruin everything....!

But I like Cherry Berry stores and I found one in another local town and I really like it...just wish that one was closer nearby!....

I also like to purchase frozen yogurt from a store called Orange Leaf in another local town...It is very nice and I like that...many choices and varieties there also for frozen yogurt and toppings...

Braums stores have frozen yogurt available in a dish or waffle cone and for purchase to take home in the frozen containers...I like all those as well....I like to purchase their regular yogurts in containers too.


Friday, October 23, 2015

flu on a rainy day....

I was able to go and purchase a flu shot yesterday morning, so I can be protected from that awful nasty flu again this year!.......Everyone needs to get a flu shot I think...When I took mine last year I didn't get the flu as bad...I have lung infections/bronchitis quite often and it can turn to pneumonia on me I always get the flu shot...It doesn't hurt at all to get the shot...just stings a little...

it rained a lot yesterday and oh, I loved that!..finally rained! After I got my flu shot I decided that I would go to the grocery store and purchase items to create a casserole for lunch....and I also found some Milk Duds candy in a box for $1 at the Dollar Store...I like caramel and chocolate...that's dessert!...haha! ;)

this casserole takes a package of Doritos chips...I like them...I like all the Frito-Lay items they have on shelves..all of the items...I also purchased a package of Frito Corn chips to make Frito Pie with sometime next week...yum!

As sides, I like to have corn, salad, green beans with this casserole.

Doritos Southwest Casserole:
1 1/2 lbs. ground beef or ground turkey
1  small  onion, chopped
1 pkg. Doritos
1 can crème of mushroom soup
1 can crème of chicken soup
1/2 soup can of water
1 small can of chopped green chiles
1 can enchilada sauce
shredded cheese

Cook meat and onion. Drain. Place as many Doritos as you can in an 8x12" baking dish. Cover with meat mixture. Mix soups with water and pour over meat. Place green chiles over the top and cover with enchilada sauce. Top with shredded cheese. In preheated oven, Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

when you create casseroles you can have several meals each day of the week from a casserole that is covered/stored,'s already prepared that way and is less time consuming...I like to cook casseroles they are fun!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

halloween candy....

Every year I like to purchase a few bags of Halloween candy that I find in stores.

Halloween candy is unique and packaged with Halloween or Fall seasonal labels sometimes...or themed/shaped that way...I like all candies that I can find, but black licorice!..I don't like black licorice!..and NO sugared/soured/juice filled gummy candy!

I look forward to the Halloween candy every year...

You can also find bulk bags of candy has all kinds of candy....It is more expensive than the smaller bags of candy...I like all candy brands that they have for purchase!....

My Grandparents and other family members like to have candy all the time and I like to make them Halloween candy bags and decorate paper bags to gift to them with the candy poured into the bags....or sometimes I just purchase a Halloween themed gift bag and do the same thing with the candy...always tie the top or seal it somehow!

I can create Halloween candy gifts bags for diabetic people also..Just finding all the right diabetic candies that are available for diabetic people and pour them into a gift bag also......some diabetics have to have Splenda, some have to have the other sugar free candies....whichever it is I like to gift diabetics candy too! so they can have fun... ;)

I like all candies, My Grandparents like some of the older candies and here are the ones that they like that I have tried and like as well:

Goo-Goo Clusters
Necco Wafers
Bit O Honey
Rock Candy--all colors...but blue is my favorite
Boston Baked Beans
Black Cow
Charms Pops--sweet and sour
Vanilla chocolate drops
Charleston Chew
Heath bars
Baby Ruth
Pay Day
Big Hunk
Whatchamacallit candy bar
Rocky Road candy bar
Mallo cups
ValoMilk cups
Cherry Mash
Sugar Babies
Snow caps
Salt Water Taffy
Cotton Candy
Candy Necklaces and Bracelets---these are fun!
Gumby and Pokey Gummies---they're cute!(when I can find them) and any gummy shaped candy.

Andes Mints
Atkinson's Peanut Butter bars

you can find these in most stores..i find a lot of these at the dollar stores..

on Halloween I will create several sweet items and also pour candies in the Halloween candy gift's fun for me and something I enjoy taking the time to create..People really enjoy it and always are excited to get candy gift bags!..who wouldn't be!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

single, married, dating, love....

Watched "The Great Pumpkin" Peanuts cartoon last always reminds me of when I was a child...It is a tradition for me to watch all the seasonal cartoons on tv at the when Christmas gets here I will watch all those cartoons/clay-mation too!

I see many people make mistakes in life...I was thinking about that this morning..One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is marrying the wrong person or having the wrong boyfriend in life...Too many times women seek shelter with men that are abusive, yell at them, hit them, betray them, lie to them, steal from them, manipulate them....And I'm sure that many men go through the same thing by choosing the wrong woman to share life with as well....

when you know that you are going to wish for someone to share your life with, you need to choose someone you will stay with forever and when choosing that someone make very sure that they are good for you....You can go on dates with others to see if you like them and you get along.....BUT you don't need to sleep with someone to go on a date with them!....just go to an activity, go have lunch, and talk to the person you are with...Get to know one another before you decide to become serious about dating them and eventually marrying them....or just being boyfriend/girlfriend with them..

I just believe that it is best to not sleep with someone until you are married....That is how God intended for married life to be...It is the right way to behave...sleeping with someone you are not married to can lead to many bad things in life and ruin your life, upset you, and it can endanger your life with diseases....

Each person who wishes for a significant other needs just one person the rest of your life..People do not need to be bed hopping and sleeping with many people!...It is awful, nasty, and saddens me..There is no love in bed hopping and being promiscuous...and that is sad..

some people want a good person to be married to for love and spend their lives with a good spouse forever..And the other people just want a good time and they ruin their lives....and in the end are sad and lonely...

AND some people choose to be single and there is nothing wrong with that! don't have to be can just date or not date anyone, it's your life and your choice....BUT I believe that if you want to sleep with someone, get to know them/date them, then marry them to sleep with them forever!

people need to be married before they have children I believe..(If they want children..but not too many!...expensive and too much stress!)..If you have children your spouse needs to be helpful with the bills and with the children's well being...and be trustful, reliable, loving, and caring...

sometimes you may fall in love with someone and wish to marry them, they could already have children and you need to make sure that you know how to properly make a family life work by getting to know their children and making sure that you could make a family life work...being a step-parent is just fine when you can love/respect/look out for the children's well being as well!

a spouse, or boyfriend/girlfriend needs to be attentive, loving, caring, helpful...NEVER abusive...So many times we can ruin good relationships by making bad mistakes...

I like the idea of being protecting of your significant other..protecting them from harm, and keeping them safe from others who may try to harm them...just like you should protect your family at all is good to be protecting of all your family...keep them safe always.

someone who truly loves you will NEVER hit you, yell at you, or cause you pain by hurting you by being abusive...IF they do that to you..Leave them! kick them to the curb! you will find someone else who will be better to you!...NEVER stay with someone who is bad to you!

you need to be able to laugh and not have stress in your life when you are married or dating...Life should be beautiful and you should both work toward a healthy, happy relationship..and keep God in your lives by attending church and going to couples counseling....

remember that looks do not matter when finding a love!...Looks don't matter to me and when you find a love, those who have no looks are just as good as the beautiful ones, and could possibly treat you better because they won't be obsessed with how they look all the time! with mirrors....*eyeroll*....haha!

IF your significant other ever betrays you by sleeping with another...LEAVE them! they do not love will be painful but you have to just go on with life and find another who will be better to you.

sometimes you may have a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend who is addicted to many things in life...drugs, gambling, shopping, money....If they do have these problems you need to make sure they see a doctor to be properly treated to get rid of their addictions...When someone truly loves someone, love should help kill any addiction no matter how strong it may be...If they truly love you, they will give up all their addictions and see a doctor for them...Love can conquer all.

finding your true love can happen in many different ways...whichever way it happens, you need to always make sure that: 
this person is good for you
compatible(like you in some ways)
is not abusive
you know a little about the person's life
they are not forceful
they are kind to you
enjoy similar things in life
look for the same things in a relationship
never encourage bad behavior
they are kind and caring
they love only you as their spouse
they will not be sleeping with others

many times people have arguments and they cannot stand one another...if this happens, you may need to be divorced and that is just is sad...BUT not all people can stay together....that is why before you marry someone you need to know that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life toward staying together the rest of your life, forever....

when you marry, live together, both of you need to help pay expenses and have occupations of some kind to make money for your couple that are good occupations and not causing anything bad...NO drug dealing, NO drug use, NO prostituting!!!...that is sadness and needs to STOP for everyone all over the world!... 

be single, be married, be boyfriend/girlfriend..whatever you may choose for yourself, but do not be sleeping around or promiscuous...if you wish to sleep with someone just be married first....and before you get married, take some time dating and get to know the person....

relationships and love should not be complicated....they should be beautiful!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

hillbilly usual......

Had to take my Grandma to town for business she needed to tend to with farming.

First thing she told me when I got there was that her and my Grandpa both had nightmares about scarey snakes chasing them!..I thought that was weird because I had the same dream 2 years ago over and over!...weird....It scared them! and then she said my Grandpa woke up and was saying that a man was asking him about his banking business outside at night!.....This is worries me!

she also told me that on sunday my (hillbilly wealthy cousin's prostitute wife) stopped by the house with him and my sorry piece of crap uncle and wanted to use the brush hog to use on their land back west of there...She said that cousin's wife was very rude and hateful and she was very hateful behaving to  my Grandma...She said all of the sudden she says to my Grandma very hateful: " Does Julie have a job?!!"....and my Grandma said...she helps me all the time! made my Grandma mad how hateful and rude she was and she couldn't figure out why she asked her something like that and was so damn rude...

It seems as though this wife of my stupid cousin has been a trafficking prostitute and she's pregnant again for the 2nd time....with another big headed baby she doesn't care about!...haha!..Good people have told me all about her, to stay away from her/them, and she's not a good person at all..just like uncle and cousin..she's bad, they're bad....weirdos!..she has always been tacky and hateful to me and shopped/dressed in only the BEST expensive of everything expensive so I don't know why I upset her?...I haven't even seen or talked to that bitch in years!....

I do not know why I had to be born into this stupid bunch of idiots on all sides of my family..the same type of people!.....everyday I ask myself why? has never been good for me...they have all always hated me no matter how much I try to be kind and nice to them...and I have had my feelings hurt everytime I have to see them or be near them for years...that's why I stopped caring about a lot of things a very looong time ago....

you get treated like shit enough in life and you stop caring about being nice and kind to the people who treat you this way....who cares what that trafficking whore thinks about me?...I don't...I just laugh....I've been through this tacky rude mean hateful shit my whole damn life so I just keep laughing..i don't have the problem they all have the problem!...LOL! they're so damn idiotic and weird.

anyway, when we got to the farm business office all these nasty looking women were running through the office and talking about my Grandma walking in for help tending with her farm insurance and I could hear them all talking about my piece of shit uncle.They were saying" WE need to call him! He needs to know about this! He always is the one who does this! Is it ok? Do you think he will think this is ok?" Oh it was annoying..i could tell how nasty and nosey those women were...they were all about talking to my crappy uncle...It made my Grandma VERY ANGRY...she heard them whispering and being he's up to something with her business again.....never fails with angers him when we help her with anything! he's a moron..loser.

some people followed us all over town staring at us yesterday(you could tell something was going on) Grandma had to go to several places for other things she needed to tend recent years all kinds of weird looking people have been following us to restaurants and sitting there at nearby tables running their mouths off at us and it's always something about money, or something about my hillbilly family's BS..their names are always mentioned loudly and then they stare at their mouths is so stressful and annoying.....hillbilly family's people..*eyeroll*...all these idiot people have done for years is follow us and run their mouths off at us.....

I'm figuring all that out more and more...I find out lots of information from dumb asses sitting around high and running their mouths off about everything and my piece of shit uncle is one of them....and the other nasty hillbilly kinfolks..

they're all high dumbasses....LOL!...they run their mouths off and tell everything!..HAHA!!!...I just listen to them and laugh to myself...they get mad and high and tell everything! you want to figure something out just listen to them....

but anyway that's just another shitty day in my everyday life....


Monday, October 19, 2015

silly doughs.....

I like silly doughs...I call them silly doughs because they make me laugh and I have enjoyed them since I was a child...they are affordable, fun to have, colorful, and they have different textures...You can mold them into different things, and they are just fine to close your hand over them...You can find them on the toy aisle in most stores.

Silly Putty---vintage older style of a silly dough...I had this one when I was a child..It is fun to press onto newspapers and it will take the ink from the paper and make a small copy of the area of the newspaper you press it onto...

Green Slime---this slime is another fun silly dough, me and my brother always had this one..It is a mess! If you do not take proper care of it, do not place it onto anything but your hands!...It is funny to hold in your hands, it wiggles, it jiggles, and it will fall into the floor or onto your clothing if you are not careful! it needs to be kept free of dirt and other contaminants, always store in the container you purchased it in....

Flarp----Haha..this one makes me laugh because it has a different texture and when you press it in the container it will sometimes make a funny noise! can form it into things, and it is fun.

Play dough----when I was a child I always was able to purchase a small Play dough pack...I liked all colors and I still sometimes purchase a pack of it with many colors, and make shapes or just place it in my a stress relief have many different off brands for the Play doughs...containers in different sizes...

Sculpey Clay---I also like the clay that you can bake and create figures from...all different colors...I like Sculpey brand I'm guessing that this would also be considered a silly it is a lot of fun too!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

facial / body deformities, prosthetics, paraplegics.....

Completed planting wheat on Friday...It was very windy and chilly...kind of rainy as well..Sand blew everywhere anyway...I had trouble keeping all the empty wheat seed sacks gathered together..the wind kept tumbling them on the ground....The chilly wind blew dust on me, I had sand in my eyes, nose, ears, and mouth....awful....happy to get that completed!

I was able to go to town and get fuel in the truck...I saw a man with facial disfigurement and he had a prosthetic arm, and in a wheelchair...I think about how sad I feel for people with these issues.I also know how mean and tacky people can be to those with these awful problems...They make fun of them, say mean things about how they look or won't help them in stores...Just awful! *sadness* it makes me cry....

Many people have disfigurements and their faces are partially destroyed or gone from accidents, going into battle, or maybe they were just born that way....many people need prosthetics when they have body disfigurements also, and people who are paraplegic need the ability to have access to machinery to maybe drive themselves to town, go to the stores, and just be able to live their lives instead of staying home in bed all day....

prosthetic companies are always innovative and they usually dream up something unique and wonderful that brings comfort or at least helps people with these problems...I think that prosthetics and equipment should be made affordable for people even in the poorest places in life...everyone should be able to have prosthetics, equipment and at least be given the chance to have help with surgeries when they have facial/body's just the best thing to work they can live better.

companies that build machinery for people who are wheelchair bound always are inventing new items as well...I really look forward to what they can bring to the world in the future..

surgeries for people with deformities of the face/body are constantly improving lives of people they can maybe feel a little better, and move better should be accessible for all people....not just the wealthy...makes me sad for them.

Always inventing and thinking of new ways to solve the world's problems is awesome! it helps many people's lives improve when they have problems....

I have seen people suffer in stores with getting access to the whole store or have problems with people talking horribly loud about how they look..just very cold hearted and mean people can be!...just nasty and awful to treat people who have disfigurements, paraplegic, or prosthetics that way...Those nasty people are so disrespectful and evil.....

when I meet people and talk with them, I don't care how they look, I know that looks don't matter at all....I am always kind, respectful, and I don't care about looks....what counts is how beautiful you are in your heart and the goodness you wish to bring to the world....I look at that always....because that is what is important...I always want all people to know that looks don't kind/respectful you are, is important to me.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

pumpkin roll (great-auntie's recipe)

Since it is pumpkin time, I like to create this recipe my Great-Auntie gave me..I enjoy making it.It takes a lot of skill to figure out how to roll the cake in the towel just unroll it without the towel!...Haha....It is fun to work on, it took me a few times to get the cake rolling perfect....

Pumpkin Roll

3 eggs
1 c. sugar
2/3 c. pumpkin
1 tsp. lemon juice
3/4 c. flour
2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1 c. finely chopped walnuts or pecans

Beat eggs on high speed for 5 min.Gradually beat in sugar.Stir in pumpkin and lemon juice.Sift together dry ingredients.Fold into pumpkin.Spread in greased and floured 15x10" baking pan.Top with chopped nuts.Bake in pre-heated oven at 375 degrees for 15 minutes.Turn onto a towel(thin cotton kitchen towel) sprinkled with powdered sugar.Starting at narrow end, roll towel and cake up together.Cool.Unroll and spread with filling.Roll, chill, and serve.

1 c. powdered sugar
2-3oz. pkgs. cream cheese, softened
4 Tbsp. margarine
1/2 tsp. vanilla

Friday, October 16, 2015

welders and welding.....

My ears are ringing this morning..must be sinus pressure! or weather...

Still working in the wheat fields-----I need ice cubes in all my drinks in the heat outdoors...Ice cubes are always nice and so are coolers to store/carry your drinks in when working outdoors...I am very happy I have a good Igloo cooler...It is a small one and I fill it to almost the top of the cooler with ice cubes and bury my bottles of Gatorade, PowerAde, water, in the ice cubes....nice.

It is so very nice to have the icy cool bottles of those to drink on while working in the fields!...It was very hot again yesterday...and carrying the Igloo cooler filled with those bottles of drinks and all the icy cubes to keep it cool are nice!...

Purchased more sacks of wheat seed and had to go to town to get them...Completed a field.Tired.More to work on today.Maybe we will get done with all wheat planting today?..I like listening to the radios in the feed truck or the tractor while working and i listen to many different types of music...I enjoy helps me with working...AM/FM radio I listen to both...

I got more grease on my hands yesterday and my Grandpa had a bar of soap I think it was called Lava, it really got rid of the grease/oil on my hands.

I was thinking how much we need welders and the ability to weld---restore metals/irons..I have welded before....i liked it...I was able to help work on metal gates to the pasture.There are so many things you can restore/rebuild, and keep equipment running when it breaks down..things that are iron/metal can be broken or damaged badly so we always need many more welders and they need equipment to weld...It is a nice trade to learn and to have those welders nearby is always something good! When metals/irons need to be melted to create something---a good welder/equipment is always needed!

the equipment that welders need, has to be up to date and work properly, and clean....You can have many dangerous accidents without properly functioning equipment and we need that and some more welders!....

in welding you need:

Arc Welders, Mig & Flux Welders, Tig & Arc Welders, Oxygen Acetylene Welders
Plasma Cutters
Spot Welders
Plastic Welders
Welding Helmets
Welding Wire and Electrodes
Portable Torch Kit
Oxygen Acetylene cutting torch
safety gear/gloves/goggles

I notice that we need to get a new Dew-eze system on the feed truck...I wish that Dew-eze dealerships were more plentiful nearby! *sad face*...It is a good quality easier way to feed your cattle in the harsh winters! That takes welders/welding!....many more things need to be available nearby..CLOSER! less stress and time consuming if things are readily available to you, ya know?

yesterday a man drove up to the driveway and it was before I left to go to the field to work...He was yelling: " F*** You M****F******!" and then he turned his vehicle to leave my driveway...Then 30 minutes later that nasty hillbilly woman that wore a bikini at hot pink tree corner...walked by my house carrying a backpack...she was messed up and she kept on walking...spooky!..weirdos

anyway, I think it might be windy today...the dust will be everywhere! Back to the wheat fields!