Thursday, June 30, 2016

painting pasture gates....

Just had breakfast this morning...I had Eggos and Blackburn's waffle syrup, with a glass of milk...I enjoy those, have for many years....Eggos are good for a quick in a hurry breakfast I think...

Some hillbilly woman had a wreck up the road the other day, and rolled her car!..she was high as hell...I get so damn tired of these nasty women messed up driving all over everywhere and wanting someone to feel sorry for them!...sick of it!..Get off drugs nasty bitch!.. stay away from me!..I just hate stupid people....annoying!

Painted the iron/metal pasture gates a few weeks ago...I have a smaller gate area I need to paint...I like to use Rust-Oleum paint for painting anything metal-iron outdoors...It is good in many colors....I just purchase a few buckets and paint away the early mornings....

The gates are all iron and iron will rust! it is best to paint them with a good paint like the Rust-Oleum...I just painted them white...all those hillbillies were all yelling: "She painted her gates white! She's corrupt!"...*eyeroll*....I thought how stupid is that BS?!..they're so ignorant!...they can come up with some of the stupidest BS to think of to lie/yell about!!!.I CANNOT stand those losers!....IT does not matter if a farmer/rancher paints their gates white!!!..It  means nothing! White Pasture gates/entryways are just the brightest!....Oh, these idiots!!!......*eyeroll*

There may be other more affordable iron/metal primers/paints out there and I know they are just as good...all we ever use is this one...

Welding is something that we definitely need locally for farming/ranching/farm vehicles/barn/fences/ many times we need Welders and Welding....I know they all use ARCO welding supplies and I know how important it is they have that available....they just don't seem to have enough welding supplies locally can get pricey when they have to search to find supplies...ARCO is good....we had to have these pasture gates welded years ago....

I know that the 4th of July parades are probably going to be in a few days...Always take a bottle of water, because it will be very hot outdoors...They have so many different ways to participate in the parade, floats, driving antique cars, riding bicycles, driving ATV's, walking, marching bands...have fun and be cautious at the parades, don't block anyone's view of the parade, be courteous....


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

fire houses, dalmatians....

There have been several local fires lately...I have seen the smoke in the air from them...I know how very important it is that we have local Firemen, Fire Departments, and Fire Houses for the Fire men to live at while they work on call...

EVERY area, everywhere needs to have a group of tough, hard working, reliable, quick responding, and well trained Fire Men to battle never know when you will need assistance to put out a fire and/or save your home or your life!

These Fire Departments need to be established and have everything they need at the Fire House to quickly respond as needed.....I know how very important the Fire Departments, Fire Men, Equipment, trucks, gear, and the Fire Houses are!..Too often the local small town volunteer fire departments have little or no money, no access to water...and that needs some attention/help...

Training to be a Fire Man, you can be a woman or a man!...They save lives and this is a good occupation to wish to help with...Volunteering for local small town Fire & Rescue is always good BUT you need to be properly trained always...

In larger cities they have well equipped Fire Houses they live at while on call and it is like home for them....they rest, have meals, play games and listen for emergency calls so they will know it is time to go put out a fire/save lives....on call 24/7.

I believe that EVERY Fire house needs to have at least 2 or 3 pals living at the Fire Houses at all times to be friends/family with the Fire Men!.....It is an old tradition to have a few Dalmatians and they dwell there at the Fire House, they stay there at all times and take good care of the workers!...cute!..

The Dalmatian dog is a very sweet, docile dog, it is sometimes very hyper, rambunctious, playful, active and sporty.....Traditionally Dalmatians are always living at the Fire Houses/Fire Departments and are properly cared for, kept safe, and always have someone to talk to, and play with, they need water/food, and to walk outside of the Fire Houses so they can go to the bathroom, enjoy some sunshine!.They always live there at the Fire Department/Fire House

Too many times these sweet Dalmatians have been abused by nasty sicko humans and they become terribly hurt! *makes me cry and VERY angry* We should always take good proper care of them and IF you wish to have a Dalmatian as a pet make VERY sure you have the time, money, and energy to be a good family/friend for them! I love them! they are white with black spots on their fur and so beautiful!.....

There should be plenty of fundraisers to raise money for the local Fire & rescue teams, departments...These can often occur in the evenings and during days when everyone is able to attend/weekends.....They have so many different events to help raise awareness for Fire Safety, and to raise money for the local Fire Departments, the small town Volunteer Fire & Rescue teams need a lot of help also in the local isolated areas of vast land, country side...

Fire can rage out of control too often and we need to always keep the local Emergency/Medical Teams/First responders/Fire Department telephone numbers close by the phone tacked on the wall so it will not be case of sudden emergencies!

Let them know you appreciate all their tough work and hours they keep you safe!

I remember in school that the local Fire Departments stopped by the school and had informational lectures for us to learn about Fire Safety..they handed out literature about Fire Safety and these neato little Pom-Pom craft critters that had stick on feet, antennas, and wiggle eyes, along with the local fire department's telephone number/address attached on their feet, they were something else, very unique crafts and sometimes they had a small Fire Man Hat on their tops....They were usually any color..But I remember them, a lot of fun....and a telephone emergency number attached..good idea for everyone!

always be cautious of fire and know the telephone numbers to your local Fire Departments in case of fire emergency...


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

the nation and state government....

Every nation and every state need to have structure.

We should all wish for where we live to be excellent and productive, and you can only achieve this by having a well structured government with individuals who love their nation and/or their state they dwell in!

Government officials need to be elected by the public who choose them by voting....These individuals who are elected need to NEVER be corrupt and NEVER betray their nation/state where they live! We all need to wish for the best for where we live, and wish for the best for those people of our nation, and state!

We DO NOT need any clowns running any office or holding any position in government!

Governing bodies need to all be elected, evaluated, monitored and NEVER be corrupt! They should know what they are working toward and it should always be well chosen and good....I have seen so many things go on with government that I just want to ask....Why did you do that?!!....I know what they always say Politics, Politics and so on....But we should be serious about who we have running our Nation and our States!!!

I love my country, and I know that we should always love our country and we should be able to have the opportunity to have a nice, clean, well structured, well monitored government that is NEVER corrupt, too many times those Big wheels like to run things when they have too much money from corruption and their money allows them to run for political offices, and governmental work occupations and control things...very upsetting and scarey!

I don't like to talk about politics!...boring!...BUT I know it is something many people are very serious about, I just know we need clean government that is well structured and not corrupt...

We need so many things cleaned up in all governing bodies---

Good, trustworthy, dependable, evaluated/monitored individuals need to be in offices that know what is good and right for our nation and states!

Supreme Courts and all officials in office
Supreme Court Judges

just all of them! need cleaned up!

In our state there are so many individuals that need to be cleaned up and/or gone from offices!...I have heard so many stories about all these individuals running things everywhere, all their wild nasty women like to talk!....Haha!...oh the things you will hear about these people!...I have laughed for years, my family has told so many stories about nasty wild women and drugs, corruption with people of power that they knew or slept with! I will see these high ranking officials on the local tv news being so political and proper, and I just giggle at them!....I don't know how they're not embarrassed because you know they have to wonder if people know about all their bad behavior!....haha!

state officials need cleaned up...too many nasty stories, not enough professionalism!

town/city councils/boards/officials
lieutenant governors
district attorneys

just all of them too....need cleaned up and to be monitored for corruption!

everywhere all over the world we need to rid our nations and states of corruption in these governmental areas....


Monday, June 27, 2016


I have seen the Americana Balloon Bouquet they are creating at Dollar Tree....It is very neat...They have several balloons in red, white/silver stars/blue , and balloons in the Stars & Stripes!....they are helium filled foil balloons, and they attach them to a weight that is foil wrapped in those colors....VERY affordable....

I will probably be purchasing one for the 4th next week...I enjoy celebrating events with balloons that are helium filled, also Mylar balloons they have in many other stores....

Balloons at the Dollar Stores are just as good too!

They are good for many different events...They are a nice gift also....and very affordable at the Dollar Tree.....just as beautiful and fun! 

I saw the picture of the Americana Balloon Bouquet and I thought Oh, how beautiful! I think I will gift one to my Grandparents, and then have one at home for next week...

anyway, I purchased a Glow in the dark Hand Glove at the Dollar Tree that is patriotic, I will wear it while I watch the fireworks go off at night....It was something unique that glows in the have to press on the hand glove in certain areas to activate the glow in the dark well gotta have fun sometimes!


Sunday, June 26, 2016

the dove....

I enjoy setting on the porch listening to the birds sing often....It is very nice to hear their cheerful songs....I was able to see a dove was a dove talking to it's friends, there were three others in the trees.....They are graceful...there are white and brown doves i think they are both beautiful.....

The dove to me symbolizes peace and is a reminder that we need to always wish for peace on earth...

Since it is sunday I think about the dove and the Bible lesson about: Noah sends a Dove from the Ark: Genesis 8:6-12....He sent the dove from the ark to see if the flooding was over and the dove came back to him on the ark with a fresh olive branch in its beak....the dove brought back a sign of divine prosperity to Noah....that is why the dove symbolizes peace and hope...

I think it is a very special bird and whenever I see one I think about that Bible lesson, i think about peace on earth and how we need this in our lives.....

We should all wish to be more peaceful, and to bring peace and goodness to our world...


Saturday, June 25, 2016

lemonade, adult coloring book, and coloring

I was able to purchase fireworks yesterday and enjoy a cool, old-fashioned lemonade from Sonic...It was very nice and it tasted homemade!....They have many different kinds of lemonades there this summer!

Lemonade is always a favorite refreshment of Grandma has always created a nice, cool, homemade pitcher of it during summer...always nice after working in the fields....

I enjoy both the yellow and the pink lemonades....You can create your own like this:


2 cups of Lemon juice (about eight lemons)
6 cups of water
1 cup of sugar

Combine all ingredients in 2 quart pitcher and mix until sugar dissolves. Serve over ice. yields eight servings....There is a recipe that uses honey in place of sugar...but this is just a recipe I found.


You can also purchase those lemonade mixes that you just add water to...I purchase Country Time and Great Value....I also enjoy the strawberry/lemonade....

Thelma's Lemonade in the convenience stores is always good when you can find it there...I like it icy cold in the summer when I can find a machine....

I was able to purchase another Adult Coloring Book and I found one that is created by the brand is titled Timeless Creations, found at Walmart...I like the pictures....

Purchasing an Adult coloring book is always fun, I like to browse through the different ones and every time I go to a store I look at all of the coloring pencils...They have many brands to choose from. I use any good pack of them that is very affordable with many of the pencils/different color hues....Cra-Z-Art, Timeless Creations, Rose Art, Crayola, I use these coloring pencils...I have also saved money and purchased the brand Sargent Art...

I wish that I could find a good, durable, affordable coloring pencil sharpener that works nicely!....

The craft stores I enjoy, Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann's, also have the coloring pencils and Adult coloring books for purchase..all prices....some may be too expensive....but I like to browse the coloring books/coloring pencils in those stores anyway....

It is stress relief to just set down at the table and color in the coloring books, and during the hot weather under the air conditioner/and the oscillating fans!....drink some Lemonade and color!

many people like to color in these Adult coloring books with markers, gel pens, regular ink pens, and I enjoy those too sometimes....but I always go back to the coloring pencils....

my toes have been itching ever since we mowed the lawn last week and I have itched them terribly!...I wash and wash them, sometimes in a bleachy water in the bath tub..still itching!...So I purchased a  spray for Athlete's Foot to spray on my toes...I placed my foot over the bath tub after drying them and sprayed then let it dry...I purchased Tinactin...they also say that Lotrimin is good...they have sprays or creams, powders to place on your feet/toes...washing my feet is something I do daily after being outdoors in my flip-flops....these itchy toes are awful!...I think it is allergies....


Friday, June 24, 2016

firework stands now open !.......

I know that the Firework stands/superstores are now open locally!

Today I am going to purchase the Fireworks I wish to have for 4th of celebrate with!...I have always enjoyed purchasing Fireworks to celebrate is tradition!

I am patriotic and I know why I need to get out there and celebrate the 4th of July, because my Grandpa was in the army and my whole life he has always talked to me about why we all should remember that we are free here in the USA....Because so many people have fought for us to be free and many sadly lost their lives in these battles.....

He always says that we need to appreciate our freedom and NEVER take it for granted, always remember the whole reason why you are free is because of those brave people....

I DO NOT like traitors to my country...too many times I have heard people I have known run their mouths off about it, and talk about how they hate being American...they support another blah blah country and so on!....It makes me very angry when those people running their smart ass mouths off are corrupt and into very bad things that are ruining the country and people's lives!!!....they don't appreciate a damn thing and shouldn't even be here when they run their mouths off and whine/ruin/complain all the time!!!


there are many fireworks that celebrate for the veterans/soldiers that are very traditional, the tanks, parachutes, cannons, artillery shells these are to celebrate the military....

I enjoy the colorful bright fireworks that are way high into the night beautiful!

I will purchase as many fireworks as I can afford today, I have saved some money back....I will choose a variety of different colorful ones and some small traditional ones like tanks and parachutes...this is always fun to me! I enjoy going to a local superstore and choosing them, traditional small town firework stands are good also..stop by and choose a few if you wish...all different prices, the smaller traditional ones are sometimes more affordable.....

I have seen in many chain stores they have Fireworks in packages with different types of fireworks in them--all prices,----those may be more affordable and accessible for many people....

I just have to hope that the weather is not too dry and I will be able to use the fireworks, maybe it will rain a few days before then...that would be good!...I am just going to purchase the fireworks earlier this year...4th of July is still a week or so away....

I already have my 4th of July ribbons/decorations up....

I use extended lighters..Scripto, Bic, are a few brands..there are probably more affordable brands available out there.....I found a few one time for $2/an extended lighter....but use whatever you can!

Purchasing punks and burning the ends of them to light your fireworks with are good to have...Just ALWAYS choose an adult or two to be the chosen fireworks lighter...It can be very dangerous lighting fireworks...never stand over them, light and run away, then watch them....NEVER be too close to fireworks...keep them away from rooftops on homes and from hay bales, anything that will burn!

when you hold the Sparklers always keep them away from your face and hold them with your arms extended AWAY from your body!..they are beautiful but they will burn you or harm your eyes, face, everywhere.....

Many times you cannot have fireworks in town and you will have to attend a fireworks display in your town/ just go out there and enjoy the fireworks showings at night locally with your friends/family! Just as fun! IF you wish to.

going to purchase those today and probably have to go shop some for household will be another hot day today....


Thursday, June 23, 2016

cartoons i have seen.....

It has been very, very hot outdoors...I have found that taking a nice cool bath or shower in the evenings before I go to sleep helps.....I have been enjoying a small bowl of peaches together with a tablespoon of cottage cheese as a snack some evenings also....a more summery type snack...

Thinking about cartoons I have watched throughout the years...I enjoy animation, all the creativity it takes to make these cartoons come to life...very interesting process....

I'll name the cartoons I have enjoyed---
Sleeping Beauty
The Little Mermaid
Lady and the Tramp
Snow White
All Dogs go to Heaven
The Land Before Time
101 Dalmations
Ice Age
Happy Feet
Pink Panther
The Jetsons
Looney Tunes
Bugs Bunny
Speedy Gonzales
Daffy Duck
Porky Pig
FogHorn Leghorn & Chicken hawk
Tom & Jerry
Charlotte's Web
Tiny Toons
Duck Tales
Tale Spin
Scooby Doo!
The Jungle Book
The Fox and the Hound
Bernstein Bears
Muppet Babies
Legend of the Guardians
Winnie the Pooh and Friends
Inspector Gadget
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
Rainbow Brite
Mickey Mouse and Friends
The Princess and the Frog
The Lion King
Roger Rabbit
My Little Pony
The Gummi Bears
Ninja Turtles
Space ghost
Shirt Tales
The Simpsons
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Strawberry Shortcake
Rocky and Bullwinkle
GI Joe
Curious George
Toy Story

That's just a few I have seen throughout the years!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

what is most important in life....

Too many times I have seen people become jealous of everything/everyone.....Whether it is jealousy over, materialistic items, power, prestige, riches, purchases, I have seen people be jealous over very stupid things like purchasing groceries or shopping in a their mouths off about everything all the damn time.....*eyeroll*

They think that purchases, power, control, riches, people of influence, materialistic items are most important and need to be placed on a pedestal, worshipped, and they are VERY wrong!

These people will try anything to attain these things....It ALWAYS ruins their lives/relationships, friendships/family, they will become corrupt and stop at nothing to attain/covet these things...they will kill, lie, steal, ruin everything in their path when they have got a case of the severe mental illness and jealousy...they become too dangerous and obsessed with these things...

Worshipping earthly beings, $5000 purses, makeup for $700, high heels for $900, worshipping drugs and sex, wanting attention, trying to gain control of others lives and control of everything will send your life spiraling out of control quickly!...and it is all evil taking over these people....God punishes people for this!...he ALWAYS does punish them, I have seen it happen to many others over and over...they start trying to run with the big wheels and max out their credit cards they don't need, spiral out of control taking drugs to try and belong with a nasty corrupt group for power, down they go!...They NEVER get anywhere but laughed at by the corrupt people they are trying to belong with, they just laugh at them and use them.....ruined lives.

You worship material items, riches, power, prestige, drugs, sex, people of influence, you place those things on a pedestal instead of worshipping God/religion your life will NEVER be good!....Jealousy will ruin your life, Greed will ruin your life, no amount of money, no amount of power will ever be good enough when you place those things on a pedestal....they thirst for these things and can't get takes control and people become evil...

These people take for granted the true, good things in life when they have them, and they don't appreciate them until they are gone, then wish they hadn't messed up worshipping false idols, they ruin their lives and all good things in life trying to attain all that false for nothing---because it doesn't matter!....Don't ever lose the good things/good people in life because of addictions, jealousy and greed...

being happy living within your means, and laughing with friends while purchasing an item in a store for a dollar are the best having true, good, trustworthy, loving/caring friends/family are most important.....

you can have a small bank account, no money, no power/prestige and still own the world when you are a good person.......having good people who will always be there for you, care for you, love you, enjoy life with, those are most important, and worshipping God/Religion life will be good...

Friends/Family...even if you have no family, you have friends you can be family with, they are most important! a family can be so many people you love/care about! you are blessed from above to have good people in your life, they are precious! NEVER forget that.NEVER lose them over that stupid crap!

pets are a blessing, they are important in our lives and they are family! they are important.

Having a home, even if it is not the most fancy, or most expensive....home is home! so many people do not have homes and live on the streets, so always appreciate what you have in life....being the most fancy is NOT important...

when you look around you, always know that so many people out there don't have what you have, and are going through far worse times than you, and you should appreciate, love/care about what you have in think your life is bad?, there is ALWAYS someone out there with life ten times worse....far worse conditions than what you have...

rid your life of---
nasty people
worship of false idols
 AND life will become much better, you have to always strive for a good clean life!

just do not worship false idols...Life will NEVER progress when you worship those! living within your means and knowing that the most important things in life are those good people/good relationships in your life, good religion to follow in life....

if you don't have anyone good in your life, keep searching, you will eventually find them.....when you seek for goodness you will find it....don't ever seek out evil to follow...worshipping false idols are nothing but a trap.

simplicity is always don't need all that false crap in your life!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

salmon patties for summer.....

One of the quickest summertime dinners can be created with a canned food item.

The doctors always say: "A person needs to have more fish with meals, good for your heart, Omega-3's, fatty acids" and I have always enjoyed some fish with meals, living in Oklahoma we are mostly chicken, salad, meat & potatoes, or mostly Mexican cuisine....We are too far from the coast to have a lot of fish/seafood with meals...I know fish is much healthier...I enjoy cooking most everything....If I have time.

You can purchase Salmon already pressure cooked in the can, this is sometimes good, not everyone likes it, but I enjoy creating Salmon patties from these cans..You can sometimes find Salmon with no bones in the can(Chicken of the Sea)...but that's cheating! that's too simple! cook Salmon patties the old-fashioned way.....

The brands
Honey Boy
Pink Beauty
Best Choice
Chicken of the Sea all good....

Salmon Patties

I always have the can opened, turn it upside down in a small bowl, the Salmon chunk will be upside is already cooked.

I take my hands and gently break the Salmon chunk in half length-wise...You will find so many pressure cooked bones in the center of the chunk. Remove the bones with your hands, or sometimes you just leave them for extra calcium if you wish...I remove them...

Throw the bones in the trash can, Break one egg into another bowl, then place the egg into the salmon chunks, mash all this with a fork. Crumble/Crush a handful of Saltine Crackers, place this into the salmon chunk mixture, mix with spoon thoroughly....Add salt/pepper, lemon juice if you wish. (You can use Panko bread crumbs in the place of Saltines...2 handfuls of Panko bread crumbs)

Form into patties just like you would Hamburger patties. Mash with your hands.

In a skillet pour a small amount of Canola oil for lightly frying your Salmon patty. Lightly brown.

You can also place these on the outdoor grill.Place foil wrap ontop of grilling area, lightly coat the salmon patties with Canola oil...Cook until light brown.

Use tartar sauce on the Salmon patties.You can make tartar sauce or purchase it.

I usually enjoy making Macaroni & Cheese, and then some sweet green peas with this dish.

AND you've completed cooking them!

Easier for cooking in summer, fairly simple...i like these often for a meal.

Red Lobster and Long John Silvers are the two restaurants that we have locally for seafood, also there's one in Medicine Park that was good, I don't know if it is still up and running anymore...

BUT anyways, at Long John Silvers I enjoy the fried fish with Malt vinegar/tartar sauce(I enjoy most everything they have on the menu there).....then at Red Lobster I just order a small platter, a salad, cheese garlic biscuits(those are good)....

when the doctors wish for everyone to have fish, I know it is healthier sometimes...good for your heart health....good during the summer season.


Monday, June 20, 2016

humane training, rescue dogs....

Watched the Incredible Dog Challenge yesterday....Those dogs enjoy sports!...I know Goofball could probably compete in some of those! would need proper training....I think that is very neato that you can have your pets taught/trained to perform many different ways...

Dog trainers are needed everywhere, and I know that we can save many pets from shelters, train them to perform many helpful tasks for those who need help, give them good homes with those who will take good care of them!

pet trainers can help with pet discipline issues and humanely train them to become much better.....

Dogs and cats are both very intelligent/smart and can be trained to help everyone...

so many animals can be saved from being put down, and be trained to help everyone, I DO NOT think any pets should have to be put down because they cannot find homes for them....they CAN find many homes/people who will take them and give them a good happy, safe home...

Dogs can be trained to be very helpful to many people, that way they can ALL find good homes!--- 

seeing eye dogs
rescue dogs
emotional support and therapy dogs

I believe that any pet is good to have for emotional support and therapy for a person, they are your family/friends! they are helpful when you need a good friend to talk to and give hugs to!....My pets have been so very good for me to be family/friends with, take care of, and I know when I am having a bad day they make me laugh! and I feel better then....They are probably part of the reason 99% of the time I laugh or have better days......when I was very sick with kidney problems they helped me through those days....I love/care for my pets! and all animals.....always.

I think EVERYONE who is able to have a pet needs one in their life!!! They are definitely a blessing from above...Everyone should make VERY sure before you accept or purchase a pet that you will be able to ALWAYS care for your pet!...very upsetting if you cannot! :(   IF you cannot take care of your pet, take it to the local animal shelter/Humane Society they will try to find a good home for it......NEVER abandon, turn your pet out into the street!..awful and nasty to abandon your pets!...take them to the shelter/Humane Society....

I love the Humane Societies everywhere who are established to help animals, and keep them safe! These are needed all over the world to keep our animals friends safe! and help find good homes for them...

Everywhere we need to schedule fun events with the Humane Society/shelters/animal sanctuaries and that can create fun and people will start to become involved in saving animals and finding them good homes, creating awareness that we NEED to take care of our pets and find good homes for all animals needing help/care/and to be loved/placed with a good home!

These events that could be scheduled would be so very fun and give everyone something good to work toward, meet like-minded others, and give communities something wonderful to take part in!

Fundraisers can be created and money donated to help with shelters that DO NOT euthanize(I wish for them all to be NO euthanizing!)

Fundraising ideas----
we always enjoy the pet costume contests
pet walks for awareness
puppy/kitten football games
pet shows--everyone gets a ribbon!
donations of pet supplies/food to shelters/Humane society
local shelter/Humane society t-shirt sales to raise money
Art shows to benefit the shelters/Humane Society
Pet Fairs---Balloons, t-shirts, informational learning lectures, carnival type atmosphere all about pets!
Wine tasting events to raise money for animals
Pet parades--take your pet walking in the parades in costume
Animal Neuter/Spay events
Affordable Veterinarian visits
Pet Adoption Programs

local tv/radio can be very helpful to be involved in broadcasting many of these type events.

We always wish to bring goodness to the world, socialize with good like-minded others, help bring awareness to good causes!....Good organizations that help the world become a better place ALWAYS need help, so we should help those prosper and become plentiful to clean up the world!...These events are good for all countries, towns, cities that are striving for excellence and to become much better!

I enjoy the pet stores locally, they can be chain pet stores or individually owned...many items are all different prices, some too expensive/some more affordable.i enjoy the stores--

I had to give Goofball another flea/tick bath's been a week....I purchased a bottle of Happy Jack pet works for cats, dogs, ferrets it says! I enjoy the cute label of the dog and the flower...I purchased this at the feed store..often they have pet supplies...

my cats are all three, going to have another bath also, I think during summer they need bathed every week or so, Pumpkin cat is NOT going to like this! he will be very grouchy and angry! but he has to have a bath

anyway, I wish that we could have an affordable pet food for all pets that was more all natural! we just do not need for instance, a cat food with too many food dyes, my cats only puke whenever I have fed them a cat food with harsh coloring dyes, why have pet foods that make your pets sick?!!...they need to be dye/color free......

many times the food dyes in pet foods make them cats always are sick after ingesting a cat food with too many coloring/additives....affordable all natural would be good! Purina Naturals in the green sack is a good pet food....but we need many more...affordable!


Sunday, June 19, 2016

precious moments collectibles.....

I enjoy many things that have Bible verses on them, they are very special to have, to keep God with you, in times of worry, stress, doubt, sadness....I can look at the item with the Bible verse and have hope to make it through the day....

One item that is a favorite of mine would be any items for purchase by the brand Precious Moments..I have always gifted Precious Moments Collectibles for special occasions, or just to gift during upsetting times....

They are beautiful and when you see a Bible verse added to them, they are that much more interesting and comforting....some of them have Bible verses, others don't..but they are all beautiful!..They are available themed for many different times in life....My Grandparents have one that is for their wedding anniversary....Precious moments are also themed for Holidays/Seasons...

Angels, people, animals, flowers, events...just whatever you could think of they probably have a small tabletop statue for Grandma keeps them on the shelf to admire in the living room....

I have one of the plush pretty!

They are Christian themed and i appreciate that they are available to purchase and have been for many years....a unique item to purchase for yourself, or to gift to others...I wish to collect all of one time they were available locally in many stores, but i have to search in other areas to find them or purchase online......upsetting!

I have one that is a small statue of an Angel and i admire it all the time!

Available for purchase they have many different items--
water globes
plush animals
small statues--these can break! so be very careful while handling them!
books, music, videos

they are all different prices.....and for all ages to enjoy.

when you need to choose a gift for a Christian friend/family member i enjoy gifting these to others during many times in life....just choose whatever one you think is best for that time/event they are going through, upsetting or good...just to let them know you care.... 

Precious Moments items are wonderful to have in your home....

I like to collect many things for some reason, and i wish to collect all of these, i just need some shelves...and you have to keep them dusted....


Saturday, June 18, 2016

boxed fruit snacks ....

It has been very hot outdoors!...I have the air conditioning on daily, but I also have a bedroom window that leaks air terrible!..It can become so very hot on these summer days in a matter of seconds once the sun hits the window!....I had to place a blanket over the blinds/curtains/entire window to keep out the hot temperatures, I also have that window sealed off with plastic window doesn't work...but oh well.....I get sick often in the summer because of this + allergies...dust still gets through the window also!!!

Keeping blankets over windows indoors that face the heat all day is helpful to keep the home cooler, blinds and curtains are needed all the time, and sometimes you will find those thermal blackout curtains that help keep the heat/light out....It also helps to keep all lights off in your home during the day and all oscillating/ceiling fans on at all times to help keep cool.....It was 109 degrees yesterday, heat index..

My pets are all well taken care of and they are ok from the hot weather, they have shade, water, food, cool air, ice cubes to crunch on!

Going to have to find a good place to repair the lawnmower....It broke down yesterday evening...It seems as though finding a good lawnmower repair person is difficult!!!...I don't know why we don't have a local business/good repair team during the summer, there is one in a local town but he's always got about 200 lawnmowers ahead of me when I need my lawnmower to be repaired!...EVERY summer season it is like this!!! That is one business that is needed during summer season.....they could make a lot of money locally nearby here!

I was able to take my Grandma shopping yesterday and I purchased a box of fruit snacks...I have always enjoyed fruit snacks, they are slightly different than a gummy candy....They are supposed to be made with real fruit juice and I enjoy those!

I purchased a box of Looney Tunes, the snacks are shaped like the cartoon characters and other boxes are shaped also in all different colorful characters/designs....I really enjoy those as a snack during summer also....some called Gushers those have fruit juice in them that is contained in the fruit snack...I don't really like those, but many others probably do....I have tried many of the different boxed fruit snacks before...

a few brands I enjoy in fruit snacks are--

Hello Kitty
Scooby Doo
Farley's--can't find this brand anymore :(
Organic fruit snacks
Great Value

Fruit Roll-ups are also enjoyable during summer...they have the off-brands for those also, sometimes these can be pricey $5 a box for a few fruit often I purchase the off-brands in many different food items....

I like the fruit juice that these are created with...Fruit snacks are fun.


Friday, June 17, 2016

stressful, annoying people in your life....

Often there is no way to escape annoying people in your life....They may be relatives, neighbors, acquaintances you see everyday in town, people you work with...

Whoever these idiots are, they may be--
 controlling, mean, spiteful, jealous over everything, hate you for no reason, resent you, ruin things in life for you, make up false stories about you, talk about you behind your back, pretend to be kind to you, run their mouth off about everything you do, be very critical and judge you, abuse you mentally and physically....make fun of you.

I know all about being treated this way by many idiots in my life for many years..All I have ever been is very kind to these people and I have always been very cautious, I have always known something wasn't right with many people in nearby towns, and then there's the fact that all my hillbilly relatives all hated me also, AND it has all been because I am a good person, not involved in their nastiness and I never will be...they're sick/nasty!

I don't care what anybody thinks about me, makes fun of me about, how they criticize me....*yawn*...I have always laughed at all of them and AVOIDED them...nobody could ever leave me alone when they were ALL involved in nastiness, and all they have ever done is go all over everywhere harassing me, ruining things for me, trying to endanger my life, running their stupid mouth off at me, and be right out mean to my face.....

I just have laughed, sure, early on in life I occasionally got my feelings hurt, but I learned that I don't care what a bunch of trashy nasty people think about me!....haha! I DO NOT have feelings about what nasty trash thinks about me, I just can't have feelings about what someone trashy thinks about me! just can't....I don't care who the hell they are, if they are people of power or just people without much, they don't like me?...I don't care...

hillbilly trash are in many forms they can be very wealthy, or no money! still trash when they are involved in nastiness/corruption/evil..i don't give a damn what they think about me!*eyeroll*

They try to ruin everybody else's lives and THEN they ruin their own lives!!! and I just laugh...haha!

Whenever you have as many hillbilly idiots in your life as I have had to, it is often difficult to avoid them because of being related to them, working near them, attending schools where they are---they're just everywhere!.....SO I have had to learn how to AVOID them, hide from them so I wouldn't have to talk to them, stay away from family gatherings, AVOID phone calls, avoid stores, avoid towns, and just laugh as they all ruined their lives, I played them all!....

A person who is faced with so many idiots who go everywhere harassing them, ruining things for them, making fun of them, making up false stories about them, endangering a person's life needs to rid their life of these stressful annoying people!...

Stay away from these annoying idiots, end friendships/end family togetherness, don't call them, don't answer the phone to them, drop all connections with these not listen to any of their BS!...It is possible to live your life without these losers! They only try to take you down with them when they are involved in nastiness, they try to ruin your life because they have ruined their own....I don't care IF i grew up with them, am related to them, knew them previously or whatever! I don't like these people!

When they are that disgusting to be involved in awful corruption or terrible nastiness they are expelled from my life! I am done with those idiots in 5 seconds! Hit the road and get out of my life!..I totally turn my back on them I don't care who the hell they are!....

I cannot stand any of those people!....they're annoying, stressful, and embarrassing to be seen with or related to!....this bunch I unfortunately am related to is one of the most nasty, disgusting, horrible hillbilly families in the world!...embarrassing trash! them and all of their cronies!

I have avoided them my whole life, they're difficult to keep away from you...Too many of these local people are their cronies and it has been so damn annoying, dangerous, and stressful---they're all nasty idiots! I hate all of them and I laugh at their misfortunes!....When you are awful to someone, it will happen right back to you in life....ten times always laugh at those who are mean, ruin things for you, take things from you, lie about you, make fun of all get what they deserve eventually!

Just laugh at them and go on with your life, DO NOT care what any snobby b*tch or bastard thinks about you....laugh at them and walk away...

Try to always rid your life of nasty, jealous, spiteful people, I have known too many, END your relationships, it may be upsetting to you but walk away, they'll try to convince you to come back to them/be friends with them just so they can tell you more BS lies to make you let them back into your life, JUST so they can corrupt your life, control you, ruin things, make fun of you, make up lies about you, keep their nose in your business..nosey!'s all about jealousy, severe mental illness, drug addictions, corruption....

Too much stress, and annoying BS with those people, so I always stay away from them! You cannot have a good life with those idiots in your life....always be cautious of others..if they annoy you or are up to something terrible watch for it, and immediately play them, leave and never be near them again....

Expelling these nasty people from your life will give you a much better life and it feels like freedom!

oh, I just laugh at all of them...