Sunday, April 30, 2017

life lessons...

I think that we learn something from everyone we meet, in can be good or bad...but still we are learning lessons about how life is....

How to live, hurt, physically or emotionally, how to survive, how to be tough !....Many things we learn, good, and bad.

Sometimes I just know things happen to teach us about life, break our hearts, to make us wiser, stronger, the tests and trials of life ...we all go through them.

I think that our lives are all prepared by The Lord above, we are all given free will, whichever you choose, good or bad is your choice, and we know choosing evil / bad is always wrong ! choose wrong / evil / corrupt, The Lord will ruin / take your life, that's just how life is, The Lord is our creator... choose good choices !

All those bad days, nasty evil people, set backs, upsets, troubles, and the terrible pain, we have to encounter in life, those only cause us to be much wiser,  stronger + prepared for life ! This has caused me to be stronger !...we have to be strong / tough to survive life, always...never give up ! fight back to stop all the evil that has hurt you...everywhere, all over the world...

Broken hearts ?.....can't have a broken heart ever again once it has been broken already right ? I know that once you have had your heart broken, it doesn't hurt anymore when others try to break it again, and just laugh and go on...ready for that already.....very strong, can't break my heart anymore, because I don't care.....haha...

Can't be hit with a fist and fall down crying, give up, once you have already been hit before, you get right back up and keep going, always leave ! show them what you are made of...already strong !...they get what they deserve, The Lord will ruin them...

Whenever terrible things happen to us, we must not let these upsetting events, cause us to give up, change to evil...Never let what may have happened to you in life, ruin your mind ! We must strive to overcome all evil, upsets, abuse, ridicule, nastiness, fight back always with goodness, just laugh and take them down that are corrupt, abusive, evil...ridicule them !....haha...

Always try to be a good person despite all the pain, abuse, corrupt, evil that has hurt you, many people are still bringing goodness, even though they have been terribly hurt by nasty others, be courageous, strong willed, fight back to end all nastiness, nasty others who may have hurt you !!! Never turn for the evil !

Never worship any of these :

people of power, 
sexual ways

Anyone who worships these, The Lord will take you down, ruin your life, end happens all the time, I see it everyday almost, newspapers, on local tv news, or people I have known....those who don't worship right will be ended...

Prayer, repent of sins, be very serious, very important to know, attend church, be baptized, time for everyone to create good changes in their lives !


Saturday, April 29, 2017

new magnet....

I found a new magnet at a farm store, to place on the made me smile..

The magnet says :

" Cowgirls don't follow a trail, they blaze one of their own "

Very true !

It is saying just how I am, 

Don't follow what others are up to, be unique, create your own path, be yourself....don't try to be in the popular crowd, don't take part in something nasty, because others tell you to...

To thine own self be true,

Never let others, change you for bad, forget them !

I think the magnet is very 


Friday, April 28, 2017

plastic dinner ware, mosquitos !...

I have been enjoying the warmer weather, but I dread the nasty mosquitos, that will arrive soon !...icky !...they bite, and harass everything and everyone...

Mosquitos also lay eggs in outdoor pet water bowls, they are larvae, wiggle worms...gross !....they cause heart, intestinal, worms !!! we need to keep our pets water bowls changed daily !!!.....very serious, important ! Your pet could die from the infested water...

People need to prepare for them, they will also lay eggs in your swimming pools, so keep it sanitized, bleached, cleaned....

I always purchase those mosquito repellant aerosol cans, of the brand OFF ! ( spray on arms, hands, legs, never spray faces or pets, very important ! )....and / or the repellant bands you place on wrists if outdoors for some time, those are nice, I have also seen those repellant bands in Mickey mouse brand, for kids or adults if you wish !...  ;)

Wal-Mart is a store I have seen these items at...

Mosquitos are worthless bugs, and nasty, nasty, nasty !

I purchased a few candy bars yesterday with my grandma, we purchase and save them, for all week, because we live far from town, so we purchase a few, take the candy bars home with us....we purchased, Whatchamacallit, Almond Joy, Mound, 5th Avenue, these are good !

Plastic summer dinner ware and plastic utensils, silverware, are very colorful, clear, see thru some, very pretty, cute for outdoor cooking / grilling....and affordable + durable !

All plastic, very colorful, or nice designs, maybe even pictures, good to re - use !, keep using, wash, keep.....most probably $ 1 / item or maybe more, but affordable !

I have several sets of the plastic dinnerware items, I have been re - using, washing, keeping many years....very pretty !

Dollar stores, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, It is available for purchase everywhere I think, this time of year !!!...

Too pretty to throw away, so just keep re - using...

Many cute items for summer out there in stores...nice !


Thursday, April 27, 2017

popsicles !....cold, icy tradition....

Think that I am going to purchase some popsicles very soon...I have always liked to purchase a box or plastic bag of popsicles, during the summer, hotter weather...

I purchase some popsicles, keep in freezer, so they will not melt....they are very nice, old tradition...when the box or plastic bag of them is empty, simply purchase more...most affordable, I purchase from dollar stores, Wal-Mart...or local grocery....

Some popsicles are icy juice, or as the pudding popsicles, you can create at home with the freezable, plastic popsicle sets, I have talked about before on here....

I enjoy purchasing the brands from stores, easier to just purchase, freeze, enjoy, no preparation !....

These brands are nice, most found at Walmart ----

Friendly 's
Blue Bell -- all
Blue Bunny -- all
Popsicle Scribblers, look like crayons ! Neato.
All Popsicle brand, many others.
Flavor Ice
Fun Pops
Otter Pops
Jolly Rancher, popsicles
North star
Hawaiian Punch
Meadow Gold
Phillyswirl Icee
Whole fruit
Sno - balls, in container
Slush Puppy popsicles
Edy 's
Bombstik, old, still enjoy this one !

For Memorial Day + 4th of July, + Veteran's Day, to be patriotic, I like to purchase the red, white, blue popsicles !!!...

Bomb pops
popsicle brand Firecrackers
Budget saver brand, red, white, berry blast !...

I enjoy these patriotic icy old fashioned traditions.. !

Budget saver also has sugar free popsicles for those with diabetes, found at Wal-Mart, very affordable, plenty in one plastic bag....all can enjoy !

Keeps you cool, during hot weather days...


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

grilling time !....

It is time to start grilling outdoors....that time of year again...

Having outdoor pool parties, BBQ 's, inviting others over to grill outside, set under the umbrellas for shade, keep cool..

I like to grill during this time of year, I enjoy it.

Utensils needed ! Foil needed for grilling.

Gas, propane grills you can find many for purchase at Wal-Mart, Academy, Home Depot, Lowe's, Target, Kmart, Sam's...

Brands of grills --

Broil King
Members Mark
Smoke Hollow

Refill propane tanks for these at stores, take, replace.

Charcoal briquettes are always needed !

Charcoal brands :

Royal Oak
Backyard grill
Always Save
Best Choice

Tyson, Pilgrim's Pride Chicken + BBQ sauce, season salt, pepper

Beef + BBQ
Salmon steaks, with lemon pepper
Yellow squash, halved, salt pepper
Corn on the cob, butter, lime / chili salt, wrap in foil
Hot dog weenies - all brands Wal-Mart, local grocery
Hamburgers, Wal-Mart boxed / packaged patties, Wal-Mart hamburger, all, grocery store hamburger in packages

I use these for chicken and beef on the plate:

A 1 steak sauce
Heinz 57 steak sauce
Any BBQ sauce, talked of those before
Worcestershire sauce - Heinz, Great Value, French's
Ketchup - Heinz, Best Choice, Great Value, Del Monte, Valu - time, Always Save....
Mustard for burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwich - French's, Best Choice, Great Value, Valu - time, Always Save, dollar stores

Mayonnaise for burgers, chicken sandwich - talked of those brands already, Wal-Mart has most

Keep all refrigerated, at all times.

I enjoy creating potatoes, onions, squash, bake in oven, wrap in foil, add butter, pepper, salt...then ketchup if you wish ! I have how to on the blog here somewhere...years ago.good !

You need hamburger, hot dog buns also, Wal-Mart, local grocery, all brands nice..

Pickles homemade are so good, place on plate or slice for burgers.....or brands from Wal-Mart, dollar stores, local grocery...all good !

I enjoy French fries during summer, many packages of French fries to fry with the fry daddy, bake, or even grill on the grill, thaw first, before grilling, some may be already seasoned, all from Wal-Mart, local grocery, I enjoy French fries ! Good with burgers, hot dogs, BBQ....

Also potato salad is nice, very much mustard, pickle juice, I like..diced pickles...Keep refrigerated after preparing...

BBQ time !


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

attack of the fleas !!!....

The fleas have been terrible everywhere !!!...yikes.....just everywhere, outdoors, I found two on my feet...I have to bathe and bathe my dog and cats....I have tried all the flea / tick shampoos...they work well, but three days later they are itching, scratching, won't rest, and are being harassed...oh, it is awful !!!.....They must be getting into the house under the doors...

I know they have to be bathed at least once a week !!!.  Pumpkin cat hates to take have arguments about taking his flea / tick baths !....he likes to run and hide under the bed....oh well...

These flea / tick shampoos I use on the cats and Goofball dog:they also, some of these brands have the flea / tick collars....These at Wal-Mart, some dollar stores, pet stores have many brands, Petco, Petsense, PetsMart...I look there also...

Shampoos ---

Happy Jack

There are treatments for interior + exterior the home, many times fleas are interior in rooms, because of pets...I know I have found some interior of the floor....bad, bad, bad !!!

I take a gallon sprayer, and use handheld sprayer purchased from Wal-Mart or home and garden stores, mix the chemical with water, spray exterior of my home, very low near base of home, all over the exterior base / edges of my home...wear mask and gloves to spray....never spray pets with this !!!..only give pets flea / tick baths !!!...very important, serious !

I also have other nasty bugs I am finding and have found in the house for many years....icky gross !....bugs that are hazardous often, such as:

Brown recluse spider
Water spider
Black shell bugs....oooh gross !
Moths.. very tiny...puke !

Ticks i find outdoors...nasty !

These may require exterior sprayer with chemical....other chemical powders as Hi -- Yield, and Seven, granules, and the cans of Raid, can be sprayed exterior the home at the base / edges...oh, everybody needs help with these gross bugs !

Red wasps + yellow jackets, mud dobber, I am allergic to, and when stung, my skin swells into a welp/ knot...yikes !...I have to help spray their nests with Raid cans, to rid those meanies !...they fly down at me all the time !...I do not like them !

I know bed bugs are in many homes, caused from travel...I have never had those at home before, but they are icky gross also....there are treatments for those idiot bugs too !

Louse, I have never had anywhere, but they can be found in many areas, people and animals can be afflicted...RidX can rid those with shampoos for humans, animals need other treatments, cattle can also be afflicted with biting lice terrible...!!! They need help, when this happens...

People and animals of all kinds can be afflicted also with intestinal worms, and these stupid worms need to be treated..and gone for good !....nastiness..

All of these bugs are worthless, and need to vanish !!!...and leave me alone !...they need to defect the fleas, ticks, and all dangerous nasty bugs all over the world....end !!!

This causes me to be itchy all over and I keep thinking that fleas are biting me !


Monday, April 24, 2017

patio furniture, chairs, tables, etc....

Patio furniture, lawn furniture....all the same.

These are nice to have outdoors at home, rest, relax, enjoy the sunshine on your skin, oh, feels nice !....I enjoy lounging outdoors, resting, have a bbq, picnic, pool party, or other...

Outdoor furniture is built to stay outdoors, or on the porch / patio....very nice to in the shade of umbrellas with a table and chairs, enjoy refreshments, and / or meals...very nice...

These are several outdoor furniture items we can use...all for fun today !!! I adore these..

They are available for purchase at Wal-Mart, Sam's, Kmart, Target, Academy, Big Lots, Home depot, Lowe's, Pier One, or order online....all brands are nice...all prices

Items as ---

Umbrellas -- grand size for tables / chairs
Picnic tables
Lounge chairs, all
Seat chairs, all
Porch swings w / shades, all
Beach chairs, all
Table + chairs, set, all
Awnings to shade porches / doors exterior

These create comfort outdoors for summertime....


Sunday, April 23, 2017

daily devotionals...

Reading the bible everyday can be challenging to consume all knowledge we must know....I haven't ever read the entire bible, sometimes it can be overwhelming....

I know we should read the bible everyday, but we are all so very hurried, working, no time to read a whole chapter, but maybe a few inspiring bible passages or scriptures daily.. 

The Upper Room is a daily devotional, with inspiring real, true to life stories, with bible lessons for each day...everyday, a page is numbered / with the date to read this one or that one....they are nice to travel with, read a devotional every inspired !

These are nice, in grand or small size, most languages available....I like to read them, daily...generally we find The Upper Room at church, you may be able to order and send to your home, for a price....

Nice to read, I have seen others available similar to The Upper Room....I think all denominations of churchgoers could read and like these...

We all have bad days, troubles, depressed days, worries, sometimes we need to be inspired, and read something that gives us strength, hope, and makes us smile...

Bible scriptures by themselves are often inspiring to me on those kinda days...

People all have troubles, bad days, upsets, and reading something inspiring often helps some...

Read one everyday if possible, and if you wish to read one.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

fruit stands, open air markets....

Summer time traditions include visits to the local fruit stand, for fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, and others....I always stop by and purchase fruit, hoping that it is clean, and hopefully tested, knowing where they came from....

I think all fruit stands need codes / inspection....Clean, helpful, kind, friendly workers, that's how you keep those local stands running properly, being friendly, and kind helps...that's my ol' southern ways, my grandparents have all taught friendly, kind, respectful, behave.

Fruit stands need to be very sanitary / clean...I believe they all need to be air conditioned, cool, chilly, throw out old produce !....keeping the fruit stands chilled, air conditioned helps keep the produce from being ruined / rotten !!!....close up, secure at night, maybe even security lights, til next day...

In other areas, there may be open air markets, and in other countries, I have seen videos of the markets, and they are very unsanitary, gross !....

Open air markets need to have health codes, be inspected by health departments !!!...we need health departments, health codes all over world, every country, city, town, everywhere, to keep people safe, we need food items to be tested, monitored, and all places of business need to be inspected, monitored....

Open air markets need to be confined in air conditioned, sanitary, clean buildings, monitored, inspected always...

We do not need produce, meats hanging by hooks, just out there improperly butchered, in the sun, this is so nasty / disgusting, unsanitary !!!....causes bacteria, disease, these meats need to be inspected, tested, and in refrigeration cases, sealed in packages, inspected by a food inspection service, to test for many things....

Meats, milk, cheese, seafood, eggs, honey, --- all need to be chilled so they will not spoil / rotten in nasty conditions, heat, wind, dust, Sun....too unsanitary, sickens people, with bacteria / disease ! Very important, serious situation !!!

Throw away old rotten produce....nasty !

You could host the open air markets on a certain time of the week, in many portable buildings, with air conditioning, freezers, have everything inspected, tested, needed !

Refrigeration cases, freezers, air conditioning, --- all needed in the hot weather climates, run on solar, wind, ocean water power, we need to find those renewable power sources !...

I think goat cheese / milk is good to have refrigerated, and there for purchase, this is ok !.....but goat meat is something that upsets me, I think the little goats are cute, and the babies so very tiny, innocent --- great pets, but upsetting / nasty - gross to think of them as food to have for a meal....icky !....many have been abused I have been informed, and I cry over this !!!....


Friday, April 21, 2017

assemble pools, pool toys, outdoors recreation...

Summer always makes me think of swimming in a pool of cool water, to escape the hot temps !...I have an assemble above ground pool, it is very much to assemble, but well worth the money, I saved money for instructions and how to video for assembly ! Will need help from family / friends, believe me, I know this ! lot of work....

Brands of the assemble pools I have tried / used before are:

Sand n Sun

Wal-Mart, and most grand chain stores have them.

Do not dive into water with these assemble pools, you can become mangled, dangerous, just may wish to swim under the water to find the kiddie toy diving sticks...I always enjoyed these at the pool, searching for them under the water....a challenge ! Fun.

Fill pool with water from your water hose outdoors, takes many hours to fill pool, so run water slow, not to stir / drain water too slow, careful....seems forever when you are wishing for a nice swim, but keep running water slow from water hose, pool will fill in a day or may need to refill the pool with water later because the sun causes evaporation....

The above ground pools are very nice to have at your home behind your home is best to have privacy, for you and loved ones....everyone enjoys a swim, and intruders, may try to ruin your pool, or create disturbances...

monitor your pool, and keep the chlorine tablets interior of the pool in the holder that contains them, always keep the white chlorine discs interior of pool, very important to have the tablets of bleach, they are grand sized and very affordable !....replace every week and a half !

Keep your hair pulled back, secure while swimming, and bathe before you swim, be well kept, clean, keep pool sanitary....Clean bugs, litter out of pool with netting, place in very clean at all times !!!...very important.

These assemble pools are all sizes, prices, fun for the entire family, your friends, and you !...all ages can swim, just monitor children, and those who are not good at swimming, so they will not drown....

Pets do not need to swim in the pools !!! You may purchase a small plastic pool they call kiddie pools from most stores for dogs to rest in the cool water, these are $ 20 - $ 30 / kiddie may like to also purchase one just for very small babies, monitor them Always....

Pools toys are fun for the entire family / friends, and even you !

Find Sand n Sun brand at walmart, and other pool toys at Dollar stores, target, Kmart, dollar tree, many kinds of these ! All prices...

Pool toys are items as such :

--- inflatable pool lounge chair + tires
--- nerf water guns
--- diving sticks
--- kiddie scuba gear
--- water goggles
--- water chasers, wind up toys
--- foam noodles
--- inflatable beach balls
--- small life vests for those that cannot swim good.

Apply sunscreen, don't stay outdoors entire day, take breaks, and have dinner, rest, then enjoy the day.

I think swimming lessons are good for all, I took them, I like to favorite exercise...nice.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

brr ! cube houses....

Purchased two grand sized bags of ice cubes for freezing at home....sure is nice for the hotter weather days !...I have to have ice cubes in my refreshments, to chill them, and in frozen icy margaritas ! favorite....

I like the icy frozen beverages, very soothing on the hot weather days....purchasing grand sized ice cube bags is more affordable, to take home, less driving to town for more ice cubes, when purchasing two grand sized bags !

Ice cube houses are needed everywhere I think, those hotter climates definitely could benefit from them....drill water wells for water, deep underground, pulls water up, into the ice cube machine....I know many dessert areas may not have any deep ground well water, but maybe they could bring water from the seas / ocean, desalination, bleach, bring into the ice cube machines !.....oh it would be great for everyone to have, everywhere.....

They keep cool run from electricity, but if no electricity, maybe solar power would keep them running, then keep them cool with power from sunshine ??!...who knows ?!? Maybe someday all can have electricity, all over world with solar, wind, or ocean water power....renewable resources are needed to create electricity for all over the world....I think this would and can help our world be a better place....

Clean water that is purified / bleached is needed for the ice cube houses, and for drinking all over the world this is needed for people to be bathe we need clean waters also for baths + showers.....maybe bath house that one can bathe in at a time, would be helpful....also.

Ice cubes are nice for refreshments, and to assist in sprains, bone / joint pains....I have this problem in summer, I place a plastic bag of ice cubes onto my ribs / sternum area when they are painful during summer and swell something terrible...hurts.

I place ice cubes into soups, or hot teas when they are too hot also, cools them down...

The ice cube houses locally are nice and a grand sized bag they create interior of the ice cube is all machine, no people working there, so they have to be monitored, properly working, but these machines are nice to create the bagged ice cubes !....they are just $ 2 / a grand size bag of ice cubes...nice.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

nail polish, nail art, care of.....

Nails of hands, and feet always need to be tended to...

There are so many people with terrible looking toe nails + finger nails...feet / hands....I know my finger nails are awful because I chew on my nails....nerves, stress !....many others also have this issue....I have always chewed on my nails, even as a child, so I have no need to talk of looks of other's nails ! ....haha....

I keep my toe nails cut with a manicure set, nasty toe nails make me puke !....icky !....I have seen some of the nastiest toe nails at my hometown, those people didn't need to be showing off that nasty mess...puke ! things I have seen with people....gross !

Keep all nails shaped, trimmed, cut...take good care of your nails, diabetes people need special care of the feet, so see professional....all nail shops need to be very clean / sanitary...important, serious ! You can be afflicted with diseases easily ! Health department inspection / codes..needed to be strict !

Manicure and pedicure sets you can purchase at most stores affordable..brands as:

Oleg casini
Sally Hansen

Found at Wal-Mart, dollar stores, dollar tree, Target, Sally's beauty supply stores...

Nail polishes are fun, I like using the glitters, confetti, shapes, rhinestones, sequins, beads, all nice, sparkles, beautiful...

Some nail polish brands are too pricey, but most affordable.
Brands I have seen:

Essie, unaffordable
Opi, unaffordable
Salon Perfect
Sally Hansen
Wet n wild
Sinful colors
CND Vinylux

All found at Wal-Mart, dollar stores, Target, Sally's Beauty supply stores, Ulta, Sephora, Kohl's, SteinMart, Kmart, nail huts at malls, most stores -- all prices.

Remember clear polish to coat over the top of your nail polished nail, very glossy ! Nice, keeps color on there much easier when used....dry first, then use clear polish over the top of nails...

Nail art is a lot of work, very creative, time consuming, nice to wear, look at....I have seen many forms of nail art work being set, the two I find interesting right now are 3 - D, and the water holding sparkled fish bowl nails !....very creative and artsy ! Beautiful..

Kiss is a nice nail art brand, with glitters, stones, pictures,

You may wish to have a nail art party, invite your friends over girls, and work on nail art ! clean, use / bring your own nail tools !!! Very serious, you can contract disease easily, so best to be sanitary, use own tools,...

you can purchase the nail sets to glue onto your nails from stores...shape and form them...Wal-Mart, walgreens, Sally's beauty supply stores, Target, dollar stores, I have purchased the false nail kits with glue in the box from these stores....

--- I like using these false nails, sometimes, I prefer them just short square - cut...never too long, can harbor bacteria and be unclean if way too extended nails ! Yikes....nasty !

--- French manicure in the normal, natural colors is a fave of mine ! These are the false nails..I enjoy painting, all nails, on my feet and hands, looks much nicer, cleaner ! I like the glitters, seasonal pictures...most all nail art.

I think getting your nails worked on by professional is nice, but you can also create, work on them yourself with everything you need, maybe cheaper cost....people waste way too much money on nails by professional shops...can be pricey often....many bills to pay already !

Many people may suffer from unhealthy nails, nail fungus treatments are also available, to help end health issues with all nails....many treatments out there.

Fun with nails !


Monday, April 17, 2017

jewelry stones, cooler units !...

Watched tv last night, and found a jewelry store show, with newer jewelry stones, on it for purchase ....oh my goodness ! I had never seen or heard of these before !

Very, very beautiful and sparkly !

Bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings...available, not too over expensive....

The Peacock Quartz is very beautiful blue - green stone, as the birds feathers !....Attention ! Sparkly, iridescent stones, blue green hues....oh, it is wonderful !...I wish for these...gorgeous color...

The next jewelry stone is the Mystic Topaz...oh, it is just as beautiful !...more colorful iridescent, many to choose from..not too pricey....there are different styles of stones, shapes for both these.....all prices.

My ears are pierced to wear earrings, just at bottom of ears...I had them pierced many years ago...kind of scared at the start, but just a sting, quickly finished...People who pierce with the machine, need to be well trained first...

Hotter + humid weather last night, I have seen others purchasing those window cooling units....they plug into the electrical outlets interior of home, place into Windows....then affix other parts interior to cover the sides....make very sure pets are secure in other room, door closed, or in pet carriers, so they won't escape out window !!!....while you place cooling unit in window, they can quickly escape, fall from window exterior of home, and be hurt or lost !....

Affix other side parts correctly, secure...time consuming but well worth it, all prices for these...Wal-Mart, Atwoods, building supply stores, most have them...many brands.

Another good way to cool off, keep home other windows closed, close all doors, secure to keep home cooler with cooling unit.....always keep the box, oscillating, ceiling fans running also....helps !


Sunday, April 16, 2017

happy easter sunday !!!......

Reading in the bible Matthew 28: 1 -- 20 for easter today.

Happy Easter ! ! !

Saturday, April 15, 2017

taking good care....

We all need to be responsible.

Show respect !

Love and care for our everything.

Friends, family, pets, all who we love:

Show support, when needed
Show you care.
Call them, ask how they are, see if ok
In times of illness, upset, show strength for them
Check - in on them, make visitation to home.
If they need any help, help them.
Keep all whom you love safe from danger
Send cards, write letters, greet them
Remember birthdays, special events in their lives
Keep everyone, everything safe, always try !
If you appreciate something nice, tell them thank you!
When you love someone tell them ! I love you.
Give hugs to those you care for, comfort them.
Help keep everything / everyone clean and sanitary.
Never be vulgar, never talk nasty...gross..embarrassing.
Always be good, nice behavior...have manners
Wish for everyone to be proud of you, never cause evil.
Stay away from bad corrupt people, keep everyone safe.
If you cause mess, clean it up !
Work to keep goodness here, and evil / corruption away.

Remember what messes, nastiness, or corruption you take part in will help to cause harm to everything you love ! You cause danger to those you love when you take part in corruption, you can destroy everything wonderful in seconds...and you will lose everything, everyone you adore.....

so stay away from evil, bad, nastiness ! Strive to only bring goodness...this is caring, this is respect.


Friday, April 14, 2017

rhinestone jewelry, and others....

Looking in the stores I often encounter many affordable sparkles...they are just as beautiful, shiny, sparkly, as a diamond !

These are so beautiful, and very nice, affordable, for most...

This jewelry is rhinestones, pave, Swarvoski crystals....all more affordable than real diamonds....but just as sparkled !

I adore all precious gem stones, diamonds, but you know the real gems can be very unaffordable for most...and all of us girls enjoy the bling !....

Why set there and cry because you can't afford real diamonds ??! When these necklaces, rings, bracelets, earring sets are affordable and glamorous !....I have purchased a few sets for $ 15.00 - $ 30.00 / item in the past..

Eh, who cares if the rocks aren't real, when they are very enticing, and gorgeous !....I don't mind at all....this way everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy wearing something as beautiful, as a real diamond is....

They are very shiny in the light, they sparkle, iridescent stones some of them....people enjoy the sparkle...

I know everyone cannot afford the expense of real diamonds / gemstones...but with these darlings, most women can, there are smaller sets probably more affordable....there are also rhinestone crowns !....cute...

I have found some of these at local chain stores, Wal-Mart, local boutiques, and also online for purchase..

These are great to gift.

And I say, that way if you lose an item, they weren't a lot of money as the real...

Enjoy the sparkle and wear girls !


Thursday, April 13, 2017

summer fun....

I was able to rest well last night, the fans cooled, and my bedroom was very cool, nice to sleep peacefully...

With the hotter weather on the way soon, I know I always search for items to help with battling the very hot temperatures outdoors...

Those very thin tissue t - shirts, have always been helpful in those 117 degree days....I purchased 2 of them many years ago at the Old Navy store, very comfortable, affordable....I still have them....comfortable because I have pain, and these t - shirts are thin, so they don't cause any heat.....find at many stores...

Tissue thin t - shirts are for both men and women, ladies, just remember to be respectful, and you have to wear undergarments to cover up your front, so no showing off your chest, embarrassing and nasty !....uh - oh !

The beach towels at Wal-Mart are very nice, bright and colorful...Those are always fun to have, take with you !......remind me of the summer days at the local swimming pool as a child....Those and the scent of sunscreen, many brands available, at most stores...

I enjoy coconut water, and coconut milk..Vita Coco is a nice coconut water, I like it chilled during summer, nice !...whenever it is summer I like to prepare a 3 milk cake with coconut milk, chill in refrigerator....oh, that is nice chilled on very hot summer days !

Yesterday I went shopping, I enjoyed my day, I purchased some items, and saw a few neato items, as the Pinwheel writing pen at Dollar tree, and the cute animal stickers there, I purchased several sheets, they are three dimensional 3 - !

At Wal-Mart I saw the sequin pillows, oh they are beautiful ! can move the sequins, they turn one way, and are another color hue !...very sparkly, shiny, nice everywhere...I think they are beautiful !...very affordable....

Beach tote bags were so very darling ! All designs, glitters, colorful !.....nice for carrying clothing, towels, sunscreen, canned refreshments, snacks, to the beach, or lake, keep  items in for vacation....keep money, cell phone in zipped purse, or secure place....Beach totes need to be watched, so you won't lose any items....Wal-Mart, target, dollar stores have very beautiful beach totes....

Great Value dish soap is something I purchased yesterday, very affordable, grand size bottle, works great !

I stopped by dollar general, and I purchased some cat litter, it was called Ever Pet brand, it smelled fragrant as a grape soda ! well for my cats litter box....i think a 40 / lb box would be nice also, last more brands of cat litter available, but I just purchased this one...locally close by small town....I also purchased the dog treats Ever Pet brand has, Goofball enjoys them....

we need to have dollar generals, family dollars and dollar trees, in all areas where there are not many stores close by !.....these help small towns, when you need items but cannot drive so far to a large city to shop !....i know about this ! are nice when they are kept with many, many needed items...all countries, states, towns, cities need them, I think, and to be reasonable prices on items, so all can afford...don't have to drive / travel so far, shop locally, close by home....

And I was able to purchase a very nice single dip Turtle Sundae at Braums...oh, these are good !....Turtle is just the has caramel, hot fudge chocolate, pecans, whipped topping, 1 vanilla ice cream scoop....these are a favorite of mine....


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

easter parties....

Easter is Sunday, I know that there will probably be many people celebrating with easter parties this week, then attending church easter Sunday morning...

I have always enjoyed attending church on Easter Sunday with others, then celebrating with an easter dinner, with many invited, then gifts ! Gifts for easter can be for all ages, this is good...

This evening churches may have easter events, easter parties, bible studies, those are fun...

I know that the easter egg celebrates renewal of everything, and starting over, Jesus risen from the tomb, all renewal....and in spring season, everything is green again, starts over....

hiding easter eggs, you can hide them interior or exterior of home, just do not leave in heat / sunshine over ten minutes !....or they spoil, and you cannot eat them....they are fun to prepare, decorate, but after hiding, and they are still ok to eat with meal, you may wash them in sink, then remove decorated shell, wash again, we created deviled eggs from them, as a child....haha..

On Sunday after attending church, enjoy preparing easter dinner, with loved ones ! Nice to spend time together with family / friends....

Ham is usually the preferred choice to prepare for water interior bottom of pan, then place ham there....we cook the ham many hours in oven !....just don't burn it all....I like mine to be falling apart, that's good !

Brands of hams

Cure81, Hormel

Preparing vegetables, as side
Whipped mashed potatoes
Deviled eggs
Easter cake--any you choose to create, colorful is always nice for everyone to see and enjoy ! 
Drink nice refreshment, I like water, lemonade, or tea at easter dinner...

Funfetti cake mix is nice ! + matching icing...adorn cake top with candies, chocolate rabbits, colorful coconut....and / or chocolate crosses....just something else to be creative

Decorating the dinner table at easter in all kinds of bright colorful hues, decorations, fun, exciting for all to enjoy...

Deviled eggs, need to be boiled, cooled, then peeled...just remember if using fresh eggs check for baby chickens or blood spots first before boiling ! Yikes !.....hold up to light and check first.....always wash eggs before placing in icebox, and before boiling....sanitary, clean...

Enjoy the easter parties, celebrations, and read in your bibles about easter, attend Easter Sunday church service with loved ones.....

Celebrate, remember to talk + laugh and enjoy time together at easter !!!...this is fun.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

bubble, chewing gums, mints...

Thinking about bubble gum today....I have always enjoyed the fun bubble gums, and chewing gums with the nice minty flavor...

Bubble gum, you can create ginormous bubbles ! Always fun for me...enjoyed many years...purchase in packages, or sometimes in a container, found at most stores.Small or grand sized bubble gum machines are always fun ! Colorful.

Bubble gum brands I like :

Brach's Abracabubble
Gold Mine gum, ( in pouches )
Hubba Bubba, ( bubble tape )
Crybaby sour gum
Bazooka Joe
Rain - Blo
Dubble bubble
Big League Chew
Bubble Yum
Super Bubble
Juicy fruit
Zebra stripe
Pop Rocks bubble gum

Chewing gums are often for bad breath ! Shoo ! Gross + embarrassing to have stinky breath !!!...always brush your teeth, and if you cannot be near your toothbrush after meals, carry chewing gum and mints in your vehicle, purse, wallet...garlic causes bad breath, and most meals, cause this, always try to freshen your breath after dining....or before we say hello !

Talking to others, kissing your beloved / sweetie, being close, near to others, we all need to be chewing minty chewing gums, or have mints before being close to others !....these usually are in only mint flavors, as mints are....sugar free out there, target stores...

Brands of chewing gum I like:

Big Red
Five 5
Ice breakers

Mints are very wonderful to keep with you always, many different kinds of mints...great for freshening your breath after meals, always minty...I like mints of all kinds !...minty cookies, mint candies, nice, but I think they should all be mint green, not plain when created, as the mint candy Andes is...pretty.

These I enjoy:

Grasshopper Keebler cookie( no grasshoppers, fun name)
Dollar stores, mint cookies - all nice !
Great Value mint cookies
Oreos mint cookies
Mint baking chips for cookies, Guittard, Andes, Nestle

Candy mints:

Lifesaver mints - all
Red bird + Bob's mint puffs - all
Starlight mints, Brach's, others
Andes mints
Junior mints
Haviland thin mints
Chocolate minty nonpareils colorful
Chocolate mint candies, dollar tree
Religious mints, with bible verses on candy wrapper
Canada mints
White wedding mints, Wilton, Party Sweets, kiss your sweetie !

After dinner mints / Buttermints, colorful - Brach's, Party Sweets, Wilton, most stores, have these, Wal-Mart, dollar stores all....I like these..very nice !

Chocolate mint ice cream from Braums is nice, I haven't tried the Peppermint ice cream from there yet, hear it is good..

just remember to daily brush your teeth, Listerine, Act, dollar store mouthwash gargle helps !....but when working, not near toothbrush, always keep mints, minty chewing gum in vehicle, purse, wallet, pocket, so you can freshen up your breath, very respectful, hygienic, stops embarrassing stinky breath...gross ! 

Chewing minty gum all day is best., keeping mints with you, enjoy them !


Monday, April 10, 2017

cowboy hats, and other....

Kept cool last night with the ceiling fan on low....summer will be here soon !...yikes !

I have a few items I found in my clothing storage box for summer.

-- straw cowboy hats, I enjoy wearing cowboy hats during summer, they are nice decorated with sparkles, beads, flower bands...Very pretty, shield from Sun, keep me cooler....that's for us females all ages...wear to lake, beach, leisure activity...nice...

I think men look nice wearing straw cowboy hats....just not with all the sparkles and pretties !.....haha..

-- breathable mesh shoes are very nice for summer wearing along with the other different types of shoes I mentioned the other day....Sketchers has a nice pair for all to enjoy...others at Wal-Mart, other stores...

That's clothing.

This is just random, things I have purchased recently, or am looking for....some in local stores, or online.

-- candies
Cup o Gold
Goo Goo clusters -- all
Mallo Cup
Nut Roll bar
Peanut bar, by Lance, Planters

Beautiful pastel Solo cups, for easter found at Wal-Mart.

Easter Pez, all...found most everywhere.

Serta brand, cool slumber gel pillows, nice for summer, cooler when fans are on them....nice....Wal-Mart $ 11 . 00 / pillow

-- hair adornments

Goody brand --

hair bands, 
hair Bobby pins - I pin my hair up away often from face.
hair flowers,
headbands -- all kinds

I like to adorn my hair with items to decorate with...

Sparkles, glittery items, all fun, beautiful !!!

Sparkled, glittery flower hair pins I enjoy to wear in my means nothing ! it is never nasty to adorn your hair with flowers, I use false flowers, with sparkles, glitters, colorful, all hues, very nice ! Fun to wear in your hair...

Adorning your hair with a flower means nothing !!!...

All females, all ages can enjoy the hair adornments, very pretty and nice...I know that I like these !

All the trash talking about flowers in your hair meaning something nasty, is b.s., hooey -- phooey !!!

Wear them, have fun with adornments.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

palm sunday....

Matthew 21: 1 - 9 in bible

Today is palm people celebrate the day many, many years ago, when Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, to bring peace, the townspeople rejoiced, fanned palm leaves at his feet...they called him " savior "....

At church we celebrate by carrying palm leaves in our hands, and placing them in the aisle as the congregation walks in....this is a nice way to celebrate, honor, Jesus Christ....we were able to take the palm leaves home after church...

Very sad many do not know of Jesus, he is a wonderful man, the son of God + Mary....he was crucified so that we may be forgiven of our know of Jesus Christ is to adore him...

Every time we sin, The Lord forgives us only if we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts, as our savior....

Being baptized, is asking Jesus into our hearts / lives, sins are forgiven, washed away ! But in order to ascend to heaven, when we pass on, we must continue to follow Jesus Christ on the righteous path, follow The Lord, continue striving for goodness, peace, kindness, always help end evil...

This week is a holy week I know, easter is next Sunday...we celebrate for Jesus...

When Jesus was crucified, he was nailed onto the cross, nails driven into his hands, feet, elsewhere, and a crown of thorns placed on his head by evil others, read in your bible, very sad, not to love Jesus Christ....he died for us all here on earth to be forgiven....

Many years ago, I had a bracelet that was a replica of a grand sized nail, attached to the bracelet, every time you look at the nail you are reminded of Jesus being crucified for your sins to be forgiven....there also are key chains, necklaces...

I am going to read in my bible this week in Matthew, about this holy week...everyday a passage....

Just randomness --- I found religious stickers about bible passages, Jesus, a few days ago at the Dollar tree, I purchased four add to my sticker collection....nice, very pretty...


Saturday, April 8, 2017

canteens, coolers, cooling bags.......

With very hot weather on the way, it is always difficult to keep items cool, outdoors, when travelling, or during special events....

I know that I always take a grand size ice cooler, (or what I call an ice chest cooler)...I keep one in the vehicle to keep grocery purchases cool, so they won't spoil, before I go home...meats, bagged ices, fresh / frozen grocery items, place in cooler when leaving the store, after purchase....keeps cool awhile....

And you can also use the refrigeration bags, purchase at most stores, Wal-Mart, save a lot, others,...very affordable.

Icy cooler can be with ice interior poured from bag, for all beverages to take to lakes, ocean, sport events, store meats sealed in packages also onto the top of ices....while grilling, or at events, try to keep from the sunshine, extreme hot weather ! ...

Brands of the ice chest coolers, are all prices, some very expensive as the Yeti coolers !!!....yikes, need to lower that price !...

Other brands as these affordable, I have a few, all sizes, small, hand held, or the others...

Bison..I have heard of this one before, don't know what price.

Canteens are a life saver to have in hot weather days, prepare before leaving home ! Remove lid, pour ices interior the canteen, then water....travelling, events outdoors, camping, fishing,--- canteens, and ice chest coolers are good for these kind of days....

desert living, hot weather climate, these are very nice....all prices...metal now most of them...

Brands of canteens:


-- all normal colors

-- many different types

The zippered, sealed lunch totes are nice to carry lunches to work, or events, travelling...keep them cool or warm for sanitary safe meal interior of the totes, zip this, travel...if keeping cool, may place small bag of sealed ice cubes, interior, helps with chill...some foods need to be kept warm....depends on which temperature is needed...

Very helpful.

-- all styles, designs, patterns, sizes....Wal-Mart has these...Academy store may have all of these items...

Help keep cool,  heat can spoil many items, cause bacteria, illness...


Friday, April 7, 2017

easter candy !....

Easter is soon...I am very excited, this month for easter and all the fun it brings...looking through the candy aisles in most stores...I see all kinds of pretty candies....these are nice to gift, and enjoy...celebrate with.

I adore the cute of easter, the pastel colorful items, spring season...and the religious celebration for Jesus !

-- Chocolate candy rabbits are always fun...decorated neatly, tradition, I have always enjoyed how each has a character name ! Palmer, Russell Stover, meltser, Hershey, all have chocolate candy rabbits -- all sizes, most affordable.

Find at Wal-Mart, target, dollar stores...Most stores
These easter candies are nice !

Cadbury eggs -- all
Reese 's peanut butter eggs, palmer
Easter candy filled plastic canes with character tops.
Candy coated sunflower seeds- sunny seeds, sunbursts
Whopper robin eggs, mighty malts
Christian candy corn, prayer hands, chocolate crosses.
Snickers eggs, Twix eggs, Russell Stover eggs -all
Reese's pieces carrot shape wrapped candies
Jelly beans --all
Goo Goo clusters, 
Valo - milk, Mellow creme
Moon pies -- all
Twizzlers -- colorful
M n  M' s -- pastels
Candy coated pastel Jordan almonds -- Wal-Mart
Marshmallow rabbits and spring...Kraft
Hershey kisses -- pastel foils
Easter chew grasses
Cotton candy -- easter cotton tails.
Whitman's chocolates easter 
Peeps ! All colorful pastels
Rabbit teeth lollipops
Candy necklaces + candy bracelets
Galerie easter candy dispensers - all 
Haribo-- spring / easter gummy candy
Marshmallow rabbits -- all
Bedre chocolates -- all nice to gift, from Oklahoma !
Easter candy bird nests -- all..
Smarties -- all 
Necco wafers
sathers juju fish, -- all candies
Easter marshmallow lollipops characters 
Brach 's, western family, after dinner mints
Lifesavers -- all including gummies, pastels

For those with diabetic needs, there are sugar free candies available....all can enjoy, have fun !