Sunday, July 31, 2016


I have always enjoyed reading my Bible, especially the verses about the Angels....

Revelation 10:1 "And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud, and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire"

Angels work for our Lord, and they always obey him.

I enjoy many things with Angels on them, designs printed on clothing, fabrics, statues, stickers, jewelry, decorations, anything collectible with Angels on it, I like it....It sort of helps you to keep God with you everyday when you have crosses, or Angel items with you....

Many people know how cute they are, I know that!

When you go to heaven you may become and Angel, and have wings I suppose...

Angels always watch over the earth from heaven and they inform the Lord of things going on here on earth, they work for him always and want to bring goodness and END evil!!!....

Satan was an Angel and he betrayed God, that is why he was cast down into hell, in the center of the earth!.....he is always causing trouble, evil, ruining things, taking over people with his evil, I believe he is the one who takes over people's bodies when they use and abuse drugs, and hurt innocent people....he is always trying to hurt innocent people.....That is why we always want to rid the earth of evil, drugs, abuse, pain, harm, nastiness!!!....Cause and Effect--You keep using drugs, Satan takes you over, he destroys everything good in your life, and it continues on and constant ruin, evil, nastiness,  it is easy to see happen everyday.....sadness!

I know that the Angels in Heaven like music, it says in the Bible they play instruments and sing for the Lord....this Bible verse is good: " And he will send out his Angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other"

Revelation:8:10 "And the third Angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountain of waters."

Revelation is a good chapter to read in the Bible that talks about Angels working for God....It is very nice to read.....


Saturday, July 30, 2016

more pet names.....

I wrote down some more pet names just for fun, just could be for all kinds of pets, just like my other list...
  • Shadow         Friendly         Rushmore        Duke
  • Comfort         Stella          Harriet         Paints    
  • Guthrie         Arty        Blondy         Garfield       
  • Oslow          Odie        Oats         Beautiful      
  • Floppy         Thankful         Courage         Halo
  • Daytona        Concho         Fievel         Rilee
  • Carrots         Pretty         Hiss         Scratchy
  • Jingles         Bandanna         Bunny        Respect
  • Terry         Joy         SunFlower         Clues
  • Cha-Cha        Eeyore        KitKat        Itty-Bitty
  • Cornmeal        Comics        Nik-Nik        Howls
  • Lookeba        Peppermint        Gustav        Mouse
  • Yo-Yo        AppleJack        Pepper        Fortune
  • Goldy        Buddy        Moses        OnRee
  • Liberty        Roper        Medal        Snapper
  • Jack-Jack        Mazelle        Puff        Ninja
  • Bach        Mozart        Beethoven        Comet
  • Azalea        Sunset        Sport        Austin
  • Sailor        Nelson        Gospel        Howlee
  • Chimes        FayDora        FeDora        Prints
  • Aster        Perfect        Brighty        Mia
  • Beachy        Junior        CheeseCake        Panda
  • Penny        CiCi        Domino        JuJu
  • Razzle        Sparkling        Callie        Stetson
  • Hidalgo        Tiggy        Brimmy        Cleo
  • Walter        SuZee        Dimes        Porter
  • Hollis        Hal        Pal        Daffodil
  • Reckless        Olive        Marbles        Clifton
  • Lindy        Soda        PopCorn        RinTinTin
  • Jersey        Marshmellow        Teddy        Howdy
  • Wings       Dovey        Tinsel        Polly
  • Mortimer        Purple        Lilac        Lavender
  • Checkers        CrackerJack        Squiggles        Hyacinth
  • Loops        Cubes        Zion       Sahara     

Friday, July 29, 2016

local rodeos......

It has been storming this is so very nice to wake up to rain and rumbling thunder....Pumpkin cat turned the weather radio on yesterday at noon all by himself! suppose he was wanting to listen to the weather reports....I walked in to the kitchen and it was on and he was setting there near it, he has been slapping at the radio before all meowed at me when I asked him: "Pumpkin, did you turn that weather radio on? "...his meow must have meant that he did turn on the was cute!....haha...

I see advertised in local store windows, in the local newspapers that everywhere in the area they are preparing for the rodeos...Rodeo is a sport type, competition event that I have always attended since I was a child!...It is very traditional locally, almost every local town or small town has a rodeo type event....

Cowboy and Cowgirls, rodeo attendees, all love to attend the rodeos and often compete after paying entry fees, and I just love all the old fashioned events and the tradition of celebrating the cowboy, farming, ranching life......My family has always loved to support the rodeo and attend, sometimes compete...

Some of the events that are at the rodeo are old fashioned ways of living when the cowboys way back many many years lived and worked on the farms/ranches to doctor, separate, and pen their cows, many people still work their ranches/farms this was sport for many of them back then as entertainment on the old ranches, and they worked cattle as well....Wild Horse riding was for taming horses and they still tame horses that way..for a fee..

Team roping is an event at the rodeo that I enjoy is very competitive and exciting....they are timed and whoever misses the catch ruins it all!...haha..So if you team rope NEVER miss a catch, header at the horns or heeler at the back....I know that all of the steers need to have protective horn gear that goes over their horns to prevent harm...that is humane and I always like to see the protective horn gear on the steers when I see a team rope.....It is one of my favorites to watch, many times people like to gather friends/family go to the corral/pen at home and practice team roping together for sport....

Riding in the Grand Entry is a fun way to participate in the rodeo, I was in the Grand entry when I was younger it is just a harmless way to attend and you can adorn your horses mane/tail with colorful bows.....decorate your saddles, bridles/ is fun! You just ride your horse all over the arena until the announcer starts talking and you go back out the gate....sometimes they play music softly over the microphones...

Barrel Racing is fun!..This is an event for women and young girls who are trained to participate..You can easily fall, become mangled, knock over the barrels or fall into the barrels, so ALWAYS be careful when barrel racing! are timed and you can win some money if you are quick....

Those are my favorites, I enjoy bull riding, but just to watch occasionally...I enjoy funny silly rodeo clowns that are clean, the rodeo dogs who perform, some have these, some don't--they're funny and cute!

Card games with steers, setting at a table....entertaining...but DANGEROUS.

I know often during the rodeo the cowboys like to all stand out back by the gates, pens and get a close up view of the rodeo, you should ask before you go over there to watch..there's not much room there....

if you arrive early to the rodeo they may still be dragging the arena with a tractor, and it may take a while....I always arrive sometime early to find a good seat, bring lawn chairs just incase they are filled up in the many trailers, horses running nearby there, roads are always backed up with vehicles....

wear your cowboy boots and hats if you have them!!!..I always like to wear my rodeo clothes when I's just fun to wear your cowboy clothes...go have fun!

Refreshments at the concession are a variety of items, save your money for those and if you need to find a bathroom, they have those Port-O-Pottys there, these are often full or nasty...but just beware...and NEVER leave your children unattended at the rodeo, it can be dangerous with so many different people, some good, some harmful so always watch out for that!....

there is always a fee for attending the rodeo, you may be able to find them at the gates entrances or at local stores in the nearby towns/cities....I think the local one here is about $8 a rodeo ticket...

It is always hot as fire at the rodeos the sun is glaring down and as the sun sets it will heat up and be in your face, wear sunglasses everyone needs to!....It is good to find shade under the bleachers and enjoy a refreshment....

just a good way to end the summer I think, old traditions I think we should keep alive, just be kinder and more humane with no animal cruelty, these should be monitored....

Invite your friends/family/loved ones to go to the rodeo with you, just be safe driving and pay attention to your children.....ALWAYS monitor your friends/family you know they are safe....remember where you are parked at, because when the rodeo is over there will be many people leaving like you are, it will be dark so try and remember where to find your vehicle...

Go out and support those local cowboys and cowgirls!

have fun!


Thursday, July 28, 2016

pico de gallo, chow-chow preparation....

I went to the fruit stand yesterday and I purchased a watermelon, I always like to go and purchase them at the fruit stand during was about $ was a good choice! I also saw on the shelves many jars of is good on hot dogs, beans, and whatever else you may like....

I have a few tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and I went and purchased the cilantro....I really enjoy the scent of the fresh cilantro....

Pico De Gallo is very good with nice tortilla chips, I enjoy them all!....

I created some Pico De Gallo last night placed in a glass jar.

you need:
4 tomatoes
4 onions
2 jalapenos
1 lime
handful of cilantro

Pico De Gallo

Make sure you dice up a few tomatoes and a few onions--equal amounts of both. Chop the cilantro.

Slice a few jalapenos in half, remove those seeds! yikes! Use a spoon to scrape them out of there. WASH your hands!!! That jalapeno liquid will burn like fire if you get it in your eyes!....Chop the jalapeno slices...

Place all of this in a bowl.

Now you slice a lime in half and you take the juice from that lime half and pour it over the bowl of tomatoes, onions, jalapenos..Sprinkle with salt if you wish and stir together until combined.

Good with tortilla chips....or whatever you wish.



3 cups chopped cabbage
3/4 cups chopped onion
3/4 cups chopped green tomatoes
1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper
1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper
1 Tablespoon of pickling salt
3/4 cup of sugar
1/2 cup white vinegar
3/4 teaspoon mustard seeds
1/4 teaspoon celery seeds
1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric

Stir together cabbage, green tomatoes, onion, chopped green and red bell peppers, and pickling salt. Cover and chill 2 to 8 hours. Place mixture in a pan after it has chilled these hours. Stir in sugar, vinegar, 1/4 cup water, mustard seeds, celery seeds, turmeric. Bring to a boil over medium high heat, then reduce heat to medium, simmer 3 minutes. Cool to room temperature about 30 minutes. Cover and chill 1 to 8 hours before serving.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

stomach, digestion medicines......

Everyone has stomach or digestion troubles at some time in life...Whether it be from ulcers, acid reflux, the flu, gallbladder problems, overeating, or just too many spicy, greasy, acidy foods.....You can have stomach pain and have gas that causes pain....

I know it is terribly painful to have any stomach or digestion problems...

There are many medicines that you can purchase (OTC) over the counter to help relieve your problems....

Some medicines that I have tried are:
Pepto Bismol
Phillips Milk of Magnesia
Beano----too keep the toots away!...oops too many beans!....haha!

Plain or vanilla Yogurt, vanilla ice cream, a glass or cup of milk are good to have when you have stomach troubles..this will coat your stomach and help you....they have told me so anyway, and it does help me....when you don't have any of these medicines with you....I know that we all need to enjoy more yogurt often every week...good for your stomach and digestion...I like yogurt!

I often have peptic ulcer problems, and acid reflux....they say it is from stress and worry, but I know I enjoy spicy food items also...pickled peppers, jalapenos, many hot spices...


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

good health departments.....

It rained and stormed last night, the lightning put on a pretty light show..It rained some, today we have to purchase wheat seed to begin planting.....we have completed plowing.Often we don't start planting wheat until September...but we're going to try and start sooner this year....

I know we all need to be clean and work toward being cleaner in EVERYTHING in life, we need to wash, bathe, food prep workers need to be clean, hair pulled back, wash hands, don't sneeze on people or food items, gross!....disease free, equipment needs to be clean in restaurants, clean public restrooms, and in health clinics/hospitals, just everywhere needs to be clean, disinfected, water needs to be purified/chlorinated and local pools need that always!

A cap of Bleach in dish water is always good.

BLEACH = GOOD!  Needed everywhere to disinfect.

Often in local businesses or in local restaurants things can start to look dirty, unclean, nasty with bugs crawling on the floors or in window sills.....icky! nastiness that does not need to be allowed to continue on!......

Dusting with damp cloths, and keeping windows clean with Windex, so many cleaning supplies that are available and affordable many of them. NO need for nastiness to be laziness! to the Dollar Tree and purchase cleaning supplies, it's that affordable and easy to find....

We need to have places the public enjoys to be monitored, VERY clean and tested for cleanliness, food trucks, pools, clinics, restaurants, fast food, grocery stores, water wells, water towers...this all needs to be evaluated and strictly monitored! That is why health inspection teams, health departments that follow strict testing and evaluations are needed everywhere!...People can be afflicted with diseases from nastiness in public places, they can become sickened with food borne illness, they can become sick from no immediate medical attention....

The Health Departments often will give medical treatment and attention  for those in need...shots for Flu, they give the proper needed inoculations we need all over the world to STOP harmful diseases...I had all of my inoculations when I was younger....the Health Departments often have these available for the public affordably...everyone should have them all over the world....that would be good.

Having safety and cleanliness while enjoying an outing in the public is something we all wish for I know!...A person does not want to find nastiness in restaurants, pools, health clinics, dentist offices, and we do not want to find diseases or food borne illness in any of these public areas...

we need to have good, strict, hard working, dependable, trustworthy people working in the health departments at all times, people who want to make a good difference in the world....that way, we can all relax about cleanliness when we go out somewhere....I often worry about this from many things I have heard about locally....yikes.

Health Department workers need to be monitored themselves and work on things at all times to keep things safe and cleaner for the public.


Monday, July 25, 2016


I was looking at the Daisy flowers all over the lawn yesterday...Millions of white daisies!...I enjoy having flowers at home planted in plantars, and I enjoy creating flower beds full of colorful flowers.....Flowers painted on items, I also enjoy them printed on fabrics, clothing, I have many hair clips, sun hats that have artificial flowers glued on them...they are also easy to create...I like the vintage flower prints with cute animals, characters on them like the picture above...just something different about them....

I once had a pair of bed sheets/set with the vintage flower/animals prints on them, very cute and older...I think my Grandma gave them to me many years ago!....But they were very soft and thin, I like that, they NEVER got itchy or wore...miss them!

I like to gift people items with flowers on them, or just gift them bouquets of flowers sometimes for special events, birthdays, celebrations, or to cheer them up!....I enjoy all of the adornments that you can place onto the bouquets, corsages are an old fashioned way to decorate your clothing for special events, I always have thought that was nice to wear and gift to loved ones, wrist corsages I enjoy those as well for events and they are good for high school proms.....these all have adornments, I like that...very artistic and creative!

I think colorful Daisies are cute and I enjoy the smaller Daisy and the Gerbera Daisy that is larger than the regular one...very colorful and I like to plant those also.....

Sunflowers I always enjoy planting those, they grow well in our local climate, they take the hot weather good, one year I planted the Giant Sunflower variety and they grew very tall!....I made a handful of toasted sunflower seeds out of one of them once, the birds just loved enjoying a sunflower seed snack!!!...they picked them from the sunflowers with their beaks and they were nearby all summer!....haha..they didn't use any salt! grow naturally here and I just love to see them for bright and pretty! they are country....

I enjoy EVERY flower that I can find...They are beautiful and make things more cheerful, sometimes in life things can be gloomy and look depressing!..I say get out there and plant some flowers or purchase some flowers to cheer everyone up!...I think often it is nice during special family dinners to adorn the tables with flower bouquets...very nice.

You can arrange flowers, place all different colorful kinds of flowers together in bouquets, plant them in plantars, or in flower beds nearby your home, just keep them watered, Spring season is the best time to plant them you know, but I know the sunflower is mostly the Summer season go to for gifting during the hotter weather.....

I think flower shops are needed when we need to just order flowers to be sent to people at all times of good or flowers to say hello, sorry, condolences, celebrations, birthdays, or just to cheer up a loved one...I enjoy flower shops and the gifts available there to send with your! they always need to be cheerful and very clean....


Sunday, July 24, 2016

church missionary work.....

In life a person should always want to try and help out others for the good.....

There are always people out there in the world who have life worse than you have it..You may just think you have problems!..But there is always someone in the world somewhere near or far who has things much worse....Always be thankful and appreciate the good things in your life, and if you say "I don't have anything good!", just remember that you have it better than most....

There are so many poor, sick, starving, addicted, homeless, abused, kicked around people all over the world who have very sad lives....And we should always be looking for ways to bring goodness to our world that has been destroyed by terrible, evil, nasty makes me sad to think about all of the devastation and suffering on the earth...

Many people do not have God in their lives and do not know of the goodness there is to find with religion, If a person is not taught about God, they do not know of him and the goodness that comes with knowing HIM....I am a Christian and I know of the many good things that are brought into your life by knowing God and his son Jesus Christ..i respect others ideas on religion....I just talk of what I believe....

Once you bring goodness to the world, it will double and begin to show everywhere!

At church throughout the years, many times I have enjoyed helping out with gathering items for the church missionary expeditions and I have wanted to travel with them to bring goodness I haven't been allowed to because it is sometimes dangerous to leave the country, so I have just helped to gather items, help plan fundraisers, and load up and pack up the items securely....

It makes me feel very accomplished to help others out that way, once you start to help out, you will never want to stop caring about the world...Every little thing that you do like that even in your own small town you make a good difference in the world..

Doctors that are charitable and travel the world to help others..i very much respect them and adore the good work they do!.....Laborers, Builders---they bring much goodness with building and construction while traveling with the church missionary groups....adore them!

Ways that church missionary groups help out in the local areas or in other countries----

Helping to build housing
Build churches
Drill water wells
Build septic tanks, plumbing
bring electricity, maybe air conditioning?
Sanitize/Purify water
Build rehabs, build hospitals, mental health clinics
Dispense and bring medicines
Bring food
Bring sanitary items
Used clothing
Preachers--teaching of goodness
Build businesses for work occupations
Teach about diseases and abstinence, unwanted pregnancies, overpopulation---(people cannot afford too many children that is why so many suffer! no money and too many mouths to feed/care for)
Teach about addictions how nasty they are.
Teach self-esteem, self worth, respect
Teach Manners how to be a lady, how to be a gentleman.
Teach good behaviors

People need to be civilized and that way we can STOP so much abuse, destruction, pain, overpopulation, suffering, addiction, drug dealing, prostitution and being poor.....just all terrible sadness! locally and all over the world, to help our world....

we all need to work for our Lord.
strive to bring goodness & peace!

I wish for all nastiness to end all over the world, maybe someday! I am hopeful....All suffering, abuse, sadness to end everywhere......Bring in the goodness and happiness!

I think people all over the world should be able to live happily and have good work/jobs, stores to shop at, good businesses to bring in money, and items to purchase for themselves, clothing or medicines, food....go to church, have fun events to plan, good social gatherings...just live and breathe Happy!..Laugh more!!! instead of crying or screaming all the time...and stop being sad or angry.

So many people are depressed because of the nastiness in the world or because of evilness that they have witnessed or that has happened to them makes me very upset to see so much ruin and sadness in our world everywhere.....

You can gather used clothing, shoes and donate that to the church missionary groups.

Have fundraisers and donations welcome to purchase hygiene items at the Dollar Tree/Dollar stores.

Medicines that you can purchase like Tylenol, foot creams, bathing washes, toothpastes/brushes, deodorants, bar soaps, shampoos..etc....sanitary napkins, toilet paper..on and on...
Package these items in grand-sized freezer plastic bags every bag has several hygiene items.

ANYTHING used from Goodwill can be donated, even maybe furniture, find old paint to paint homes/walls. used tiles.
RECYCLING building supplies like broken up concrete, rocks, bricks, metal sheeting, metal roofing, lumber that is still good...any building material you can re-use recycle, can be donated to the church missionary building crews and taken over seas/to other countries, or re-used locally here!

I know of so many used items that can be re-used and given to those in poorer areas, whenever you have nothing you are happy with whatever you can have.....One man's trash is another man's treasure, you may not like an item anymore and it can be re-used for goodness, so many people have no clothing, no shoes!!! Dollar Tree items, Garage sale type items, and Goodwill items are good for donating to these poorer areas....old used furniture that is still ok and clean will work also to donate....

Maybe donating old washing machines and dryers to those areas who may be able to have electricity?..Wind Power might be helpful with that! from the ocean or just windy weather...

donating Bibles is one way to help out with church missionary work...Pre-packaging all of the used hygiene items, health items, is good and include a note in their language about Christ and God, and who the items are donated from....

We need to teach them to purify water, and sanitize everything properly, maybe they need to know a cleaning item called Bleach!...and Soap! those too can be donated maybe?

this brings much goodness to the world.

you are a good person when you take part in the church missionary work and constantly try to bring goodness and peace to our earth all over everywhere!



Saturday, July 23, 2016

clear the pet shelters....

Last night I saw on the tv that today most animal shelters are having an adoption program called Clear the Shelters and you can go and adopt many dogs and cats!...This is a wonderful way to spend the day looking for a new family member to adopt that is a cat or dog...So many very cute and beautiful pets out there to adopt at the shelters that need forever homes with you!....

Many names to choose from to name your new pet/family member!

A few pet names for dogs and cats I am thinking about just for fun:

  • Bandit        Julina     Rollie     Malcolm     Sadie
  • Tigger        Heaven     Norah     Olivia     Cheery
  • Pooh          Scotty     Noah     Rose     Pearl
  • Rockie        Kisses     Ruth     Barklee     Zella    
  • Goofball      Bandy     Birmingham     Rascal   Chilly
  • Goofy         Gage     Skittles     Hugs     Twila
  • Scooby        Wally     Saint     Wisdom     Saber      
  • Marmaduke   Whispers     Hugh    Pid    Tamale        
  • Louie Blue   Weather     Ranch     Buttons     Clover
  • Blue         FerryTail     Farry     Gus     Sam     Sierra
  • Red          Lahoma     Tex     Grover     Tally     Rowdy
  • White       Boxxy     Roxy     Slushy     Cowboy     Cowgirl
  • Purple       Copper     Topper     Opal     Honey     Sage
  • Brown       Norma     Hattie     Mattie     Lacy     Nettie
  • Black         Cooper     Autry     Minnie     Cinnamon
  • Gold         Dandy     Dakota     Mollie     Magnolia
  • Greenie    Amarillo     Silly     Laffee     Growlee
  • Pinky        Rocks     Boscoe     Freckles     Benny
  • Milo      Happy     Cutie     Sweety     Candy     Queenie
  • Otis        Gabriella     Gaby     Smiles     Clover     Fannie
  • Maxwell     Meowie     Snoopy     Sneaky     Cupid 
  • Maxie       Valentine     Boots     Bear     Panther   
  • Maxx        Dixee     Cotton     Cool     Wheat     Peachy
  • Angel       Apples     Prairie     Prayers     Tippy 
  • Christian       Midnight     Stars     Cloud     Wind
  • Baby       Giggles     Farmer     Rodeo     Thunder
  • Peetie       Lightning     Rain     Twinkle     Sparkles
  • Daisy        Dazzle     Rainbow     Winter     Autumn   
  • Lassie        Snowy     Snow     Snowball     Raindrop
  • Coffee        Storm     Stormy     Sunshine     Spirit
  • PepperJack     Frosty     Icy     Flower     Moon     Lobo
  • MoonBeam       StarDust     Fuzzy     Fozzy     Beauty
  • Music       Love     Hope     Peace     Skippy     Dreams
  • Wishes       Sugar     Buttermilk     Brittle     Caramel
  • Chewy        Toffee     Cheese     Feathers     Tulip
  • Lion        Tiger     Tiggress     Purr     Tough     Sleepy
  • Snaps        SweetPea     Mabel     TopCat     Cuddles
  • Snuggles        Puzzles     Butterscotch     Whiskers
  • Snickers        Mischief     Quilts     Wiggles     Beans
  • Peanut        Nacho     Petunia     Ring     Taco
  • Patches        Rusty     CupCake     Taffy     Daffy
  • Diamonds       Jade     Onyx     Sapphire     Ruby 
  • Emerald        Ruth     Smarty     Jumpy     Diggy
  • Ruff        Pumpkin     Violet     Clawee     Bumble    
I may have repeated some by accident, but that's ok..

Friday, July 22, 2016

always be true to yourself.....

I enjoy flip-flops and I have a pair of those Floatie Sugar Shoes and I have had them for many years thrown in my summer foot wear storage box...I found them yesterday, they are magenta in color...These shoes are so good for my feet and my lower back..they are so very soft like walking on a marshmellow!....haha!....I have hip deformity sort of and these shoes make my hips feel of my favorite brands of summer shoe wear!...I wish I had them in all color hues!

A person always thinks about what they like and don't like....I have seen way too many people change their favorite things, ideas, views on all things in life, because they have tried to fit in with snobby others, or fit in with the "popular crowd" whoever that may be they think is more important than others...I think that is so stupid to change who you are to fit in with some snob idiot who you think is influential or more special than others....

Always be true to yourself!...NEVER change who you are to fit in with others who you think are better than you....AND when you think you need to change yourself to be someone you are not, just so others will think your are good enough to be friends with their snobby cliques so you can fit in with them and their ways, these people are NEVER good for you to be can easily ruin your life, lose yourself in nastiness, and lose those good people who are truly sacred to you....

People who love you, care for you, and always will be there for you at all times, love you for you! they don't care about your face, your weight, your hair, your looks, your bank account, they just love and care for you no matter what!....They have a slang term called "Putting on Heirs" and it means that people are trying to be someone they are not to look perfect to or fit in with snobby others...I have always laughed at that because I have seen way too many people change themselves to fit in with the snobby crowd and lose everything good and wholesome in their lives...sad but it happens everyday in the world..they ruin so many good friendships, family members who love/care for them, and lose themselves totally............they hurt you so bad the way they behave to you, that you just don't care anymore..they want that kind of life, the attention, power, materialistic items, they forget you, so just go on with your life and forget them always....this happens a lot in life.

Whenever a person changes their whole life to fit in with people who they think are more important, more successful, or more influential, they totally lose everything good in their life and regret trying to be someone they are not!...Crowds or cliques of snobs who you may think you can change to fit in with will NEVER let you be apart of their lives, they may seem like they will let you in the group, BUT it'll never happen..they only use you, and make fun of you.....those people don't like anyone but themselves and what they can gain for themselves, they only use others as stepping stools to gain attention, money, or success....I just laugh at all those crappy losers....*eyeroll*......I don't think anyone should ever change who they are to try and fit in with idiots like that..i don't care who it is I would never waste my time trying to fit in with sh*tty people like that!...geeze....boring and annoying...*yawn*

IF someone doesn't like me, or like how I am as a person, I don't care!...NEVER care what someone snobby, nasty, or idiotic thinks about you!...I will NEVER change myself to be someone I am never gonna be!.....I believe in being a good person, I am NEVER going to be promiscuous or nasty, I am NEVER going to want to fit in with snobby nasty people who think they are better than everyone else...I don't care to be friends with nasty disgusting people!.....

I don't care who thinks they are important in the world or thinks they are better than others, I will NEVER EVER want to talk to, or be friends with trash like that who place riches, materialistic items, and place themselves on pedestals I don't give a damn who they are,. I will NEVER talk to trash like that, or change myself to be friends with some nasty snobby disgusting b*tches....I don't like people like that!...I don't have time to talk to trashy nasty people like that!...

I am always true to myself, I am very down to earth, I don't place people and materialistic items on pedestals...I don't care for false! there are so many issues in the world that need attention more than worshiping some human being, worshipping drugs, sex, materialistic items, money, power, greed...those things are a waste of time!...

People are poor, suffering, have no hope, in pain, lost, the world has much sadness that needs attention and tended to...we're here for goodness, to help others, help people find God/Jesus, religion, and to make the world a better place, THAT is what matters in life!....People need to know this before it is too late for them...

All that crap that these people all worship is sickening, disgusting, and it is very sad how nasty humans are, they are the lowest form of life on earth is a human being, they ruin everything, destroy everything good and beautiful, bring abuse, drugs addiction, jealousy, harm, pain, hurt animals, hurt others, bring sadness, sickness, and it is really disgusting and pathetic how nasty humans are!!!.....

THEN they want to hurt/harm/kill, make fun of, ruin lives of, traffic, belittle, make up vicious lies about nice innocent girls like me....disgusting!....and I am sick of it!!!..It is so pathetic how these nasty people are, they all need to be gone from the earth!!!

I don't give a damn for those nasty pathetic snobby people, I don't care how much money they have, what they wear, the drugs they all worship, how nasty they are, how much surgery they have...they're sick as hell..i don't care about them!..sick of hearing about this nasty behavior my whole entire life from all of them! then they all set there and make fun of me all the damn time, yeah well guess I'm laughing now b*tches!!!.....Bwahaha!

Always be true to yourself, be tough, stand your matter what.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

grey hounds, great danes, and collie dogs....

They say that a dog is man's best friend, and I know that this is very TRUE!...They are there for you to offer comfort and friendship whenever you are feeling sad, depressed, or upset, they are always there when no other human will be...I love dogs! They are so very important in our world, they are best friends, and your family!...Without dogs life would be very sad...I think everyone who is able to have a dog for a pet should think about adopting one! Make very sure that you can afford one, properly take care of one, and know how to love/care about your new family!
I know of all of the different types of dogs there are for adopting....the local animal shelters, humane societies, ASPCA all have many dogs that need forever homes and someone to adopt them....they are your family after adopting and they will always love and care about care/love them too!
I have always had a pet dog throughout my life and they have always been caring, attentive, made me giggle, and helped to make me calm in upsetting times, they lick your face or your arm and I have always taken good care of them.....I love my pets!

ALL types of animals have been rescued from sick nasty abusers..Dogs have been severely hurt and abused...I wish for this to STOP and the sick nasty animal abusers need their heads blown off!...sick of it all with those nasty abusers!...Neglect and Abuse of animals has went on for too long! saddens and upsets me all the time when I hear of it!....Animals should NEVER be abused or neglected! ALWAYS take good care of your pets...look for abuse everywhere and make sure it stops! ALERT authorities.


When I was a small child I had two Grey Hounds named Peetie and Daisy...They looked out for me, and took care of me whenever I was outdoors playing, they were very gentle and sweet!...Grey Hounds enjoy being playful and they like to run like the wind!...I DO NOT think that these dogs should EVER be forced to be in races.Too often I have heard about the abuse and neglect they suffer being forced to be in dog races and they are severely hurt and abandoned..I think Grey Hounds should be allowed to be given to good families and be properly taken care of..Many are available at local shelters and Rescues...I wish to have a few myself in the future when I have extra room/houses for them maybe...they are all different colors, they are tall...very cute, gentle and mild mannered....ADOPT one today! they are good family for you!


I wish to adopt a Great Dane eventually!..I have always wished for one, I know that Marmaduke and Scooby are both this type of dog..I like how gentle, kind, caring they are...They make good family pets when placed with loving/caring families!..Too many times people do not take good care of them and they can be hurt easily because they are so very tall and ginormous!..They are playful, they like to sleep and be lazy, they make messes..i just laugh!...VERY Cute! they make me giggle when I see them..They need lots of food.I want to have a Great Dane also whenever I have the extra space..hopefully.Make one apart of your family today by adopting one! Make very sure you have room at your home for a ginormous dog like this!


Lassie is an old tv show about a Collie dog like this picture.I enjoyed watching the show whenever they have placed the old episodes on tv, I have always liked to watch it...The collie dogs are very gentle, playful, and need plenty of attention, they have long fur and need to be kept clean and brush their fur!...They need proper care and to be with people who will always love them as their family!..They are so funny when they play with other dogs, just make sure they get along and you don't let a grouchy dog near them....Grouchy dogs don't like to play with other dogs and sometimes they can be hateful, so keep the very playful rambunctious dogs away from grouchy dogs!...

There are many types of collies there are also collie dogs like this one in this picture:

This type of collie dog is very playful, friendly, sweet, fuzzy fur, and you need to keep them brushed and well taken care of, these dogs need plenty of attention also, because they become depressed easily I have heard people say...I think they are so cute also!...I think all animals are cute and need to be respected and well taken care of by their families and when they are adopted or rescued they become your family forever! they make me giggle when they are running and playing...

NEVER let anyone hurt your pets, they are apart of your life and your family, they need to be well taken care of, looked out for, think of them everyday and how you need to always treat them kindly, love/care for them always..

Just ALWAYS make sure that you have the time, space, care/love, and are able to afford a pet!

We need to always be sure that we have our pets microchipped, bathed, wormed, vaccinated, and we continue to monitor their health at all times. we need collars that have their names and their owners name with a telephone number printed on the collar, or on a metal type tag placed on the collar...this will help them to find their way home IF they become lost, look out for them properly and they won't become lost!

I believe that having a pet will change your life for the BETTER! I know that having pets makes my life much happier they are a blessing to MY life!