Monday, August 20, 2012

my favorite older tv show.....

Been watching one of my favorite tv shows from when i was a little girl...."Designing Women" I haven't seen it in forever!.....I grew up watching w/my Grandma and Aunts when i was a little girl..they own interior design stores too!..I always thought it was cool one had the same name as me! Julia.

It's so funny...i just caught this episode last night happy i did.....I laughed so hard at this episode i was crying.....i could totally see myself getting into a situation like this and being stuck there!....Haha!...i've been in similar messes...having to hide from

Part 1

Part 2
not any shows on tv i look forward to watching now days...they'll never be anything good like this i don't think...that i would like as much....trying to re-watch most these episodes on tv when i can catch the re-runs like this one...

calling it a day...I'm soooooo TIRED..hours are all crazy with having to go to Texas Panhandle this week to take Great Uncle a few of those horses he bought from Grandpa....Good ol Texas

looks like we beat the line of storms home today...maybe the rain will fall again all night....I sleep so peaceful when it rains....


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