Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Need more rain please!??......

It rained a tiny bit yesterday evening.....hearing thunder was such a relief!...with this drought i'm sure everyone will take any rain they can get.....if it would just rain more....pray!

Finally finished cleaning out all the stalls and tidying things up in the barn this morning...eradicated a ton of Black Widow spiders...eek!....they are have to be careful each way you never know where they are dangling....Oh man....i hate those things.....deadly poisonous....i sprayed a lot of bug spray on their webs and watched them fall off...then i smashed their eggs w/my boots on...just to be sure they are gone......they are lethal for animals as well as they needed to leave the barn.....seems as though, according to local tales,that the drought has caused all the huge numbers of insects growing.....If grasshoppers had any monetary value, i'd be a gazillionaire`x10 by now i promise you that!....Haha....they are everywhere as well.....gross!

Because summer isn't summer without snowcones!

went and bought snowcones last night w/Amy,Sarah, and Lacey....we had fun!..cruisin' around town at 8pm after the small rain clouds passing by...felt good....but not Fall yet...i got strawberry cheesecake as

Oh! and i finished my Dad's Birthday present...i made him a cd holder decorated it in blue/stars fabric and glitter blue ribbons....made him 9cds of new music from itunes---he may/may not know of,an angel wing necklace i made,AND bought him a bottle of Cool Water Cologne--love the smell of that!...hopefully i get to get the gifts all to him..i don't know how i will find my Aunt to take it to him or have it sent to him?...hope she can get that to him!..kinda worried if she can/can't?..wish me luck on this!!!.....his Bday is in 2 weeks,but next week i'll work on getting it in the right hands early enough.....I want it to surprise him while he is working..make him laugh/smile/ he will know i love him and i care about all he's doing for us......i really hope it's a good gift..i think it's very pretty if i must say so myself!...and i put a sweet message in the card..i bet he cries when he reads it..i miss him lots..

anyhow,off to get that welder-guy to work on the trailer today sometime....

wish for lots more rain!!!


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