Wednesday, September 12, 2012

crazy bull.....

Seriously thinking about coloring my hair something different...bored with blonde right now..I usually try to change things up like that when the seasons turn...I drag out all the orange/reds/brown/rust colors for my clothing and change my lipstick shades/nail polish colors to those color shade families as well....
I'm thinking maybe a light caramel brown hair color?.....Saw a box of that at Walgreens and i may just go ahead and buy that this week later's fun coloring your own me it is anyway! get bored easily in all things,so i have to constantly sorta re-invent things in my life..update i guess you could say...I add new pieces/colors to things like's fun!
Almost got killed by a mean bull yesterday....we bought him from a guy in the next county and went and loaded him in the trailer....went great..just fine no problems...THEN when we got him home and into the corral to turn him out in the pasture he went CRAZY...i just opened the trailer door and let him out and he started pawing the ground at me,snorting...then he ran at Grandpa and my new dog Bandit got between the bull and Grandpa.
Bandit kept barking/snapped at the bull...He stopped the bull from running at Grandpa...he saved his life!!!Bandit is a hero!..extra dog treats this week!... ;)
The bull tried to knock Bandit over and then he ran for me and i climbed over the fence and basically just fell off onto the other side trying to get over and away from him...fell hard,it knocked the air out of my lungs and i couldn't breathe...i was lying there on the ground unable to catch my breathe..
Ouch!....still hurts my hip this morning and will hurt for awhile...all bruised..purple/green.
We named him Satan...LOL...and rightfully so,he earned that name..he is sooooo freaking mean..So we called the guy we bought him from after all that mess and he said:"Bring him back over here and i'll take him right over to the sale barn friday..I'm not havin' any bulls that crazy.".....
We finally got him loaded back up onto the trailer and drove him back to the guy's place..His spanish ranch hand said excitedly:"El Torro...Diablo!...Loco!"....Haha..I laughed and said:"Si Mucho!"....
We got our $ back for the bull and i guess we will buy another one
off to work.


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