Sunday, September 30, 2012

hot tub nite.....

This was on the radio makes me smile...catchy...after all the rain this weekend!

This weekend we went out by Pampa Tx for a machinery sale to take Grandpa and visit with Great Auntie and Great Uncle out in Silverton Tx....Loooooong sale...boooooring! Uncle bought a small it back on a home late last night.

It rained ALL weekend..(not complaining)...spent today sleeping and being LAZY....driving makes me tired all those miles ya was nice to get home finally...i listened to the rain drops off the house about 30minutes then i fell right to sleep....

Harrell and Steven tried prank calling this morning at 2am....MAJOR FAIL...Bwahaha!!!!...i think they were's really easy to figure out who it is with 1.caller id and 2.when you hear a drunk Harrell yell out over the phone:"Steven you F****** A-hole shut-up man!"..Hee-Hee!..yeah that's a huge giveaway guys!....I couldn't stop giggling at

talked to Morgan today(one of my best friends)...she's just awesome..every girl should have an amazing friend like her...She wants to go to that Aerosmith concert in OKC in a few months--november for her Birthday!..wouldn't that be super fun?!...Of course it would...they're her favorite band she we'll see..we haven't seen each other in a friends since grade school!

hurt all over tonight, my whole body hurts kinda..stress from driving yesterday probably...going to go get in the hot tub til about 8:45 tonight...makes me sleepier...maybe i will stop hurting after this...

nite kisses.

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