Thursday, July 26, 2012

extravagant stress......

Told ya i would be filled with anger/rage/stress/hate this week! ;)
Let me just say this....Saturday IF i go to this party and i see the hillbilly cousins there...i may just  knock them all out..or scream at them or tell them all that i HATE them and wish nothing but the worst for them...i HATE them that much..Bwahaha!!! do i survive this party? i survive? suppose all will happen as it's meant why worry?....go w/the flow....just hope "you know who" doesn't show up to this..yikes!

I really think i could become a complete snobby witch and totally give them the cold shoulder just so they could yell/mouth at me(they will can't be civil with them they are insane)....i want them to know how much i hate them and do not wanna see/talk to them, or be in the same room with them.......i don't wanna listen to all their BS(i've had a lifetime of it) Morgan would say:"Same sh*t, different day!"...Hahaha!....Thanks for that one Morgan!.. ;)

I don't like the fact that this party is gonna be in that town that i went to school in...simply because i don't wanna see every teacher/gossipy old witch know it all from the "old days"...just so they can rattle off everything they think i should know or tell me what to do about everything in life....because to those people i'm still a stupid high school girl...their minds are all in the know what i mean?...they probably would think i'm dumb...i don't care what they think about anything i say or do.....i just don't wanna listen to them or see them either.....annoying/boring totally!

already saw a few a-holes from that town after decorating the building"party room"...smiled and fake smiled them...while gritting my teeth...thinking how annoying they all are....haha..of course i rolled  my eyes after they walked away...Bwahaha!..i can be a total b*tch like that to people who treat me like crap.....

it's F U N !!! ;)

i'm sure the WHOLE TOWN is still gossiping about the family hillbilly feud from hell i'll probably be stared at and gossiped about the entire time...i bet there will be lots of people eyeing that door!...haha...oh who cares!..laugh and go on....

we finally got things rolling for this planned/decor/colors(turquoise/brown) and cake making tomorrow..cowboy themed all of it...can i just say that the party store is a lifesaver!...why did they have to have such an extravagant party?...

wish me luck the next 2 days...they all drive me nuts.


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