Wednesday, October 10, 2012

changed hair color for fall/winter.....

Still can't get into see the Dr....all booked up...Everyone has this stupid cold/flu!!!

Colored my hair...Love it!!! longer a am a warm medium brunette with red/gold highlights throughout my hair....Great color..lots of compliments already.Needed a change for the fall/winter season..blonde was getting boring...and i get bored easily with all things in life so i have to change everything up from time to time..yes,i am a strange creature that way i

Today i did a little spraying to kill off massive sticker weed patches in the corral and in the gotta kill those sticker weeds before they get out of did that today...i used a mask/gloves..hate chemicals but sometimes you have to use them.

Worked around on moving fallen tree branches off the fences everywhere before that causes any damage...then went home for the day.

talked to friends over the phone.. we all laughed at my sick squeaky voice..*sad face*





off to go stand in the shower and cry, so i can maybe sleep tonight and breathe.

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