Monday, October 22, 2012

several steps ahead....

This is my favorite bad day just tells exactly how i feel on a bad day...always good for days like this..

Everything is so crazy right, it seems like everything has been going crazy and crazier with all the hillbilly relatives..fighting/mouthing/screaming at each other and everyone else in between caught in the middle of it,which would be Me, and the other sane poor souls left in the entire family...

I don't know how much longer we will have our sanity after all this gets old and wears on your nerves's just boring...somedays i wonder how much longer i can deal with all this stupid nonsense...they love to play mind games..the scarier the better for them...they love to scare people..i've had a lifetime of i'm already quite a few steps ahead of them on anything they may try to pull....ooh i'm soooooo scared!..Boo-hoo!...Bwahaha!!!

but i'm a pretty tough girl i'd like to think,so i will stand my ground throughout this..i'll take the mouthing,the lies,the threats..anything they wanna throw out at me into the world or my face...yeah..i'm ready so bring it on..because i just really don't care what they say or do or whatever they wanna stir up...i'm so bored with them/this...Yawn!!! 

i try to ignore them..sure i'd love to knock them all out!...LOL!..but that wouldn't do anything but give them what they want...they want any kind of attention they can get over their stupid fighting...they try to provoke i pretend they don't exist....I TRY very hard to pretend they aren't's a tough thing to attempt...i'm just like:"Yawn!..nobody gives a crap..shut-up and go away hillbillies...FAIL!"

they're all spinning out of control and i swear there are days i could just pick up everything and go away..FAR away until this is all over with them....i wish they would all disappear....because honestly i've had enough of them and their's just constant.

whatever their cracked minds are furious about who knows?...they probably don't even know...haha!'s just very unfair to be thrown into the middle of this insanity just because i am related to all of them...i hate them all..everyone for miles and miles hates them....when nobody likes's a pretty sure bet that you've got problems...LOL....and THEY do have problems....they're cracked in the head,insane...and they're hillbillies..haha!!!

it's gotten so bad i don't answer calls and i let the machine get never really know what they're going to scream at least i can record them using

i'm just so sick & tired of all this stress with them...and i think that's just pretty sad & pathetic that i have to put up with them....

i wish they would just shut-up and go away!!!...ALL of them..just disappear....i hate them all..


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