Sunday, January 6, 2013

chase a million dreams....

I was listening to a friend tell me all his troubles today, and how he felt like a total failure in life....he's really down and being tough on himself because he didn't succeed at a new venture he was taking on...He shall remain nameless to protect him!...I'm a GREAT friend aren't i?..

Anyway...he got me to thinking about how many times in life you have these HUGE fairytale dreams that you get sooooo excited about and you really believe set aside everything else in life and nothing exists but this dream you have for your life...sure you know it's probably unattainable,it's immature,it's fairytale-ish...but you start to work toward your goal for a few years...and you spend several years of your life working toward that dream.....for nothing.

something goes wrong,the money runs out,the path you have taken for yourself starts to look bleak....and you then realize your dream is unattainable...not meant to be....and you sit back and think about the fact of all the years you have devoted to your goals/dreams and the money/thoughts/time you have start thinking how stupid was i? what was i thinking?!...but at least you tried your best to chase it!

It's really easy to get down in the dumps and be very critical of yourself when things don't go as you wished for your life....But i think that your learn from each experience in your have to go through all the mistakes,let downs.....for a're NOT a failure.

i think all those things shape you as a person....everything happens for a reason is my motto.....just because you don't succeed at things you dream about,doesn't mean you have to give up!.....We all have different gifts/talents/personalities we are blessed with....they may not be attention getting or that big of a deal...but while chasing dreams that never will be you sometimes discover other things you are great at that can be a blessing to the world and maybe change someone's life for the better.

Oh! Who cares!!!? if one dream doesn't work out? another and another!....there's a million you could chase.


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