Tuesday, January 22, 2013

you will be criticized....

You gotta love critics right?...lol..

The finger-pointers and accusers,name callers and knowers of all things of the universe....haha!...people who are just too lazy,self-centered,stuck-up, and cowardly to go out on a limb to reach out and try to make a good difference in the world or the life of someone/something different/wild by being kind....they hate uniqueness and creativity too by the way...lol

My situation is that of me being kind and supportive to a relative in my family who has a criminal record and dark past---an addict and has been to jail....which if you read my blog a lot you'll know that i have a lot of lost souls in my family....i'm the shining light and i have to make an effort to show them that i do care...because that's all they're searching for really.

The relative has ALWAYS been there for me and has looked after me all my life even when this relative was dealing with demons...made the effort to care about me...i've always appreciated that in my confusing dysfunctional childhood...i knew this relative cared about me...and i love them the same dearly!...despite the dark past/mistakes...this one has always treated me like a princess.

I catch A LOT of hell all the time by choosing to be supportive at this time to this relative by the people in town and from the snobby side of my family...because they're all about themselves and money...they look down on people who are down on their luck and think of the wild side of the family as trash....once someone goes to jail or becomes an addict they immediately turn their backs on them and never, not once, extend a hand to show they do care or offer support..instead they walk away forever....i don't think that's right at all to be that way....when people are trying to get their life together..at least they wanna try....making an effort..how could you turn your back on someone in that situation?

i truly believe some people can and will change if they want to bad enough...they just need support and someone to believe in them...show they do care...everyone makes mistakes and just because i've never made those wrong choices like someone else has, doesn't mean i can't be supportive and believe in them getting better...right?

i know that by caring like i do i am bringing a lot of negative attention to myself from the snobby people around town and snobs in the family....but i really don't care...haha!....i'm doing the right thing by being there and showing support...by not being a judgemental witch....they only criticize me because i have the courage to stand up and show support....to help them better themselves to change.

anytime you go out on a limb to show support/stand up/be kind/voice your opinion for someone or something that is "out of the norm" you are gonna be criticized..you can count on that..as sure as the sky is blue.....they're just too afraid of how it would look to all of their high society friends if they were actually nice and cared...i know how they are.

people say:---"Why in the world is she being so nice to them!?..they're just criminal trash!..she must be just as sorry as them!!!...i knew it!"

i know lately i have been thrown into the same category/gossiped about/lied about/hated/belittled/made fun of and name-called...by the snobs..because i'm being nice to this relative..Haha...i really could care less what they say/think about me.....nobody likes a judgemental snob..it doesn't get them anywhere in life..but hated.

when the truth is i'm the COMPLETE opposite of that kinda life....and they full well know that!!!....everybody's jealous because i make them all look BAD like the stuck-up garbage they are by treating people that way and not caring about their own relative.....LOL!

and they will all be sitting in the church pews on sunday-front row of course!..a few pews ahead of me...haha.....last time i checked God wants you to be kind and caring to all....non-judgemental...people can change..nobody's perfect.

so i'll just keep on, keepin' on, being nice despite all the negative crap they throw at me...i really don't care..*yawn*.criticise away---boooring i've heard it all before...

somebody's gonna make a difference around here and it's gotta be me...i'll take the job...lol


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