Thursday, January 10, 2013

slow paced.....

Slept really great last nite....nothing better than falling asleep to raindrops hitting the windows...and after all of this no rainfall it's GREATLY appreciated!...i hope it rains a lot more.

Finally got around to doing some shopping this week for things needed for my upcoming vacation.....Believe me, i'm not all about shopping in this materialistic world....i don't get to shop much being so far from town..BUT i did manage to find,try on, and purchase a few things on my "To Buy List Before March Vacation"

I bought-----
off white snow boots with faux fur*be kind to animals NO fur* ;)
4 shirts/tops--2 in pink, 1 in white, and 1 in turquoise--sparkles.
a pale mint green sweatshirt/pant combo.Warm & soooo soft!Love it!

That's all i have gotten so far on my list...i'm missing skinny jeans,white rimmed sunglasses,and a new purse..I want a western one in cowprint with rhinestones and a cross...ya know a blingy one..not too expensive just cute....i'm all about cowprint these days...that's easily explainable being a cowgirl/farm girl....haha...

today has been a rather sloooooow good day.....i've realized that i have to have a slow pace to my life or my nerves tend to get bad...which is why i am exactly where i should be living my life in peace....sometimes people just get annoying with all their whining and complaining...i've recently remembered just why i chose to be a cowgirl after listening to a bunch of girls bitching and complaining at a store in town....i thought:"God..i'm sooooo lucky to be able to avoid that crap."

people just get too hurried and worked up about stupid things in the city or whatever town they're smothering themselves in....i don't get all that bitching,competitive and hurry-hurry stuff..i gotta be laid-back,go stare at clouds or something and chill..haha..I like the slow pace to all things in my life...some may say it's boring...but not for me!....i say, hey,at least i still have my


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