Tuesday, January 15, 2013

cold and other things....

Finally sitting by the fire after a long cold day..nice warm baths/showers feel great after working all day in the cold....It was only 32 degrees all day and after breaking 3 frozen ponds for the cows/horses to drink this morning at 5am, i have been nothing but freezing all day.
Wanna wake yourself up easily in the morning?...go outside at 5am and just stand there in the cold wind...wow...wakes you up fast..see..you don't even need coffee!..lol...still on my cappuccino kick...every other morning i make one on the machine...it's Winter so it's hot chocolate or cappuccino every other morning...reminder:i need to order more discs for that coffee machine.

i can't tolerate too much caffeine....i get way too jittery...my body is sensitive to a lot of things...allergic probably...i recently discovered and realized that i'm possibly allergic to something in pancake syrup..i always get headaches after using it..so i found a recipe and we all made some this weekend for Saturday family breakfast at my Auntie's house.....homemade pancake syrup----gave me NO headaches...so yeah,i must be allergic to the store brand..homemade pancake syrup from now on!!!....how crazy i just blogged about that!...lol.

too cold anyway---i was invited to go see a friend's band play tonite at a club, but we're still on "lockdown by family til further notice"..LOL...i feel like a child..*eyeroll*..Here's that same ol' lecture that is set in stone for eternity by my father and the rest of my family etc..it goes like this.:"With all the dangerous stuff going on lately...no young woman needs to be out on these roads at night..by yourself or with friends, lots of bad things go on, on these dark desolate country roads..it's dangerous everywhere."......

yeah i know..(yawn)...nice to know they love us and care...and want to keep us safe from all the hillbillies and weirdos...but sometimes it gets annoying....i'm listening to be safe and smart....besides i've got too many cracked hillbilly relatives out there who would love to harm me...sad but true...so i stay home.

nite nite.

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