Thursday, December 27, 2012

winter has arrived.....

I got my wish.....It SNOWED!!!...

Haha..i guess if you wish hard enough sometimes you get your way...too bad that's not all the time.

Christmas was just was ok...but of course i didn't get to see my Dad or any of the other family members that are gone working..miss them terribly!!!..hated that...a hug from Dad would be worth a bazillion presents!....but oh well...hopefully my gifts warmed their hearts and made them smile...

AND considering the gifts were things that could actually keep them warm...i'm hoping they came in handy in this snowy icy cold weather....i'm so gifts i ever thought of, actually ended up being useful this time of year..socks,gloves,blankets,shirts....and candy.

the other half of Christmas got cancelled due to a blizzard...soooooo saturday we are having another small Christmas lunch...sandwichy type lunch...

The gifts i got from family and friends were mainly necklaces and gift cards......i've got a lot of online shopping i'm praying i get to do soon....i want new jeans,snow boots,tops, rhinestone headbands and a new purse/wallet....ya know clothing related items.

i've got to start planning ahead in time for my spring trip to new mexico...sure it's not til march..but i'm going to go ahead and be buying things for it the next couple of months...super excited about that!'s been FOREVER since i have had a vacation and i am in dire need of a getaway...NOW!

we spent most of Christmas dinner talking about the upcoming vacation and looking at family pictures from other vacations which got me totally excited and looking forward to the trip....I think i will look at it as a meditational/spiritual getaway for me...mountains have that spiritual effect on people i think...just silence and beautiful views from high above.....peaceful.

anyway gotta go....have to get a few things from town in case we have that snow/freezing rain in a few days they are expecting for our local weather.


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