Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello 2013.....

Goodbye 2012.

You weren't a bad year..but you weren't that hot

I'm hopeful for 2013 as i am for each new year..i don't know making new year resolutions because i can never keep i'm not making any...

Staying home tonight...bad weather...bad roads and FOG...soooo not good for driving in at 2am with light snow possibly,getting stranded on the highway, and dodging drunken drivers....WITH NOBODY TO FIND/HELP ME AT 2am.....not worth it...all that mess...getting stranded/ thanks!...

love being with my friends and celebrating,but just not into all the New Years Eve's overrated and bleh...besides i'd be miserable and sleepy.

In a bad mood because i feel like crap....yep....i've got that flu like everyone else around here..coughing/chills/hurt all over.....guess things worked out like they were supposed to..

going to take theraflu,go to sleep,and see you in 2013.

Yay for being sick on New Years Eve! ;(


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