Sunday, June 11, 2017

confetti !!!...

Confetti is a creative way to celebrate events...I think it is very beautiful !

Yesterday I saw a few confetti items, to celebrate events with...

Confetti can be sparkle, foils, paper, glittery....all very pretty.

Items I saw were these, found at Wal-Mart, party stores, mostly :

Confetti  blasts / cannons, or in plain packaging it is available...most sizes....but all fun !  :)

Party Poppers
Confetti blaster
Giant confetti cannon
Showtime 12, and  24 confetti popper

Mini party poppers, I had one many years ago, looked like a champagne bottle, you remove top, confetti flies careful.

The cannons, blasts, aim upward away from faces, air pressure may be crazy !!! careful with these.

Silly string is also an old time fave of mine, all colorful hues, spray cans, spray, but never into pets faces, or people's faces, mean, could possibly injure eyes....

Silly string is very fun ! Another way to celebrate.

Find at same stores, brands I have seen :

Party fun
Just for kicks

Celebrate with at events, or for


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