Thursday, June 29, 2017

fireworks so far...

Looking forward to seeing the fireworks in the sky !

Yesterday I purchased just a few fireworks, inexpensive, fun ones....I will be going back to purchase an artillery shell this weekend...those are the great, grand, colorful KABOOMS !....
All prices for artillery shells...

I purchased these so far, just laugh !

Colorful smokes
Glitter firecracker
Blue stars

Those are just for fun, added in with the artillery shell I find...

I see in local newspapers / tv that there may already be firework displays taking place in a few days....I always look forward to those at night, and during the day, I enjoy the 4th of July parades!.....very fun. :)

Most of the shorts + t - shirts are all sold out locally for summer, you know just something to keep cool, I was upset they are mostly sold out at the chain stores, so I was just browsing in the local Family Dollar store, for fun finds, and I found a lot of the tissue thin t - shirts, shirts with pictures on them, flip flops shoes, and shorts !!! all sizes, small or I purchased a few, nice sizes for all, and they have men's shorts, t - shirts also, and flip flop shoes, very reasonable prices !!! All colors...nice !

Dollar stores are wonderful for these small towns, very far from cities, the dollar stores always have things you need without having to drive so far, saves on fuel.....that's small-town living !


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