Saturday, June 3, 2017

paint with water books....roofing

It was nice to go to town today.

I always enjoy a leisure activity on paper.

activity books are a fave of mine....

books as :

Word searches
Sticker books
Coloring books, crayon or coloring pencils

Paint with water books are relaxing, fun, even as a child I enjoyed them.....I found three of the paint with water books today at stores, these are paint with water books I purchased very affordable :

Hello Kitty
Lisa Frank

Dollar tree had a few of their own, I purchased one.

Paint with water books are very nice, I use a small paint brush, or clean q - tip,  placed in water, blot onto paper, too much water, coloring ink will run, and ruin careful, stay in lines to create ! I have worked on one book today...

Also ---

Today I created a pizza, with hamburger fried, then crumbled onto top, with pepperoni, olive slices, onion, cheese, pizza sauce...I enjoy spices, seasonings....

The construction / building crew completed roofing my home today, they worked tediously, quickly, professionally, they were very clean, polite !

They are appreciated, and needed everywhere !.....I know their work is needed, for many work locations....Thanks to them ! Looks nice !

Storm damage caused need for new shingles onto the roof of my takes a lot of work for shingle overlay, I can't believe how quickly they completed the roofing...wonderful !

Shingles are nice for roof of many homes, they work well even underneath the very hot sun...and temps..

That was my day.

Very tired.


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