Friday, June 23, 2017

horse paint...

Rodeo events are on the way, some already having team ropings, locally....I always enjoy all of the rodeo events...!

When riding in the grand entry, or parades, it can be fun to decorate your horse, with non - toxic paint ( safer for them )...I would apply to mane / tail just an hour or two before taking part in the events....colorful paint can be placed on horse or pony, then onto the rodeo / parade....

If you wish ladies often love to decorate their mane and tail with colorful bows...cute ! And fun !

The paints used for this are some called Pony Paint, or I have heard of people using the safe, non - toxic crayola paint, washes off easily with shampoo + water....not harmful, keep out of horses face, away from mouth or eyes....never paint behind or under belly of horse or pony !!!

Apply only just before taking part in the events, only in Sun frequently...

Red, white, and blue for 4th of July !


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