Wednesday, June 7, 2017

hot temps, heat illness.....

Whew ! It has been hotter lately outdoors..yikes, it has been often uncomfortable...we need to remember, how easy it is to be taken over with hot temps !

I have many years ago, almost passed out working outdoors, building fences, it was noon time, summer, walking up a hill, and it was about 114 degrees, we were just about to stop for the day, and I almost passed out I think...scared me.

I know all about very hot weather, and even had to suffer through 119 degrees, a week without air conditioning, I went to sleep outdoors in my pool on a plastic raft....haha...late evening.

Quickly ! You can become ill with heat illness, as can your pets...always supply shade, cool water, and ice cubes for pets.....and yourself, we all need these....also livestock need shade....

Heat illness, happens to most everyone, it sort of causes me to be grouchy, snappy, bitchy....we all fuss and quickly argue during the heat, more often, I always try to stop myself before grouching at others in the heat...i have to apologize,...everyone goes through this !...the angrier you are, more dangerous for your heart, mind, body....not cool + calm yourself...I try to ! :)

This heat causes :

Heart palpitations
Swelled arthritic body areas
Heart attacks
Heat stroke
Too much sweating
Mind issues

Very serious, danger !

To help with stopping heat illness :

Dress cooler
Drink plenty water, Gatorade, Powerade
Sit under shades, cool off !

If working outdoors, take breaks in shade, refresh with drink, set down, rest from sun...

People fuss working together often, so we are all too hot outdoors, remember to calm while working with co - workers...if fighting starts, tell yourself, or others, to calm, be respectful, we are all too hot, we can have heart calm....stop anger before it happens...danger !

Enjoy errands outdoors, driving, going shopping early morning, or late evening, when cooler....vehicles can overheat, cause can overheat while in crowds at town also...

Setting or working in the sun, it takes only seconds to suffer heat illness, so please be careful, cooler, keep calm...

Elderly, suffer easily also in heat, so keep them indoors, resting, they can become ill quickly...

Drinking lemonade, setting under the cooling fans, coloring, drawing, reading, word searches, resting, or painting is something nice to work on....keep cool.


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