Friday, March 13, 2015

garden seeds, planting potatoes...

Just planted potatoes.

2 rows which I hope are straight in line in the row!

if not, it doesn't matter..don't have to be perfect everytime.

purchased 4 boxes of random wildflower and flower mix seeds...$1 a box.

I'm going to wait for frost time to pass, and then I will wait for a nice rain and I will just throw handfuls of seeds in the ditches nearby my home just to add some color near the road....hopefully they will's fun to add color like that with flower seeds.....inexpensive and random.

also I found a few flower bulbs to purchase in the store for $2.50 a set....going to plant those tomorrow in flower beds outside... 

bright cheerful colorful flowers always help your lawn/garden to look beautiful.

found all my garden seeds at a seed store...inexpensive and neatly placed in packages that are sealed so they won't get lost on the way home from the store...

I just pulled the labeled drawers open to the seeds I wanted and the guy who worked at the seed store scooped them out and weighed them for me...I liked that.

they had an heirloom cantaloupe seed pack that was $28 for a handful!!!...haha..I thought: "I sure don't need that!" I purchased some cantaloupe seeds for $2...that's much better!

random thought---I'm going to plant enough beets this year so I will (jar and pickle) them this summer...I like homemade pickled beets. yum!

I really had a nice day today...I even got a fresh fruit slush today at Sonic called LemonBerry slush...yesterday I got an Orange Julius....I like real fruit slush icy drinks like that...

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