Wednesday, March 11, 2015

planting garden and flowers.....

Spring will officially be here next week.

I purchased  4 roses and a small amount of red seed potatoes for my garden....several packets of flower seeds and vegetable seeds.

I have to till my spot there for my garden or you can turn the dirt up with a shovel or a garden hoe to get rid of the unneeded plants and clear the dirt for planting.

then purchase your seedling plants or plant seeds according to the packet instructions.

I went ahead and purchased the roses because I got so mad about those redneck hillbillies poisoning off my roses I took good care of last year!!! I call these new roses the " I hate redneck hillbillies kiss my butt roses!!!".....Haha! Who's laughing now?!!...ME!!!

me =100   them= - 0

I laugh about all the times they tried to scratch on my window or break into my window and the climbing roses attacked them at night! I could hear them cry and whine about them" I hate her and her roses!"...yeah well, me and my roses hated you too idiot rednecks!!! Haha!!!

the reason why I like to plant roses is because women in my family have had breast cancer and survived it...the doctors at the cancer screening center gave them roses after tests they had performed in honor of women's health and women's health screenings...That's why I planted so many roses and I like the roses that I have planted they honor survivors of cancer for women....

I like all colors of roses...they are very pretty and I like helping them grow...I think in someways I look at planting new roses after they have poisoned all of mine that I had last year...I look at it as a way to show I survived them and all the stress they have caused me my whole life...haha!

I will plant them everywhere I can.

going to start work on my vegetable garden this year and plant some other flowers like sunflowers as well....

I also purchased a brightly spring colored wind sock to hang up outside by my's pretty it was $1..the wind makes it move around and it's very pretty....

you have to work at keeping a garden and keep it weeded and watered everyday...

my garden will have:
red potatoes
yellow squash
bell peppers
jalapeno peppers
pumpkins later on--for decorating with in fall.

I think gardens are very good things to have at your home outside and they are grown by you and save you money or can make you money at farmer's markets if you want to I suppose...

I like the fact you can supply yourself with your own  vegetables and flowers by growing them at's also like a hobby to me gardening and having a garden.

also gardens are cleaner and more so organic when you don't use a lot of unnecessary pesticides...I like to use a small amount of dish liquid mixed up in a bottle sprayer to spray on vines and plants to keep pests works most times and is safer.

nothing tastes better than vegetables out of a garden...and flowers/roses make your home beautiful outside.

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