Friday, March 20, 2015

snobby people who make fun of others......(yawn)

Something that I always want to try at everyday in life is reaching out to people who are made fun of, belittled, and considered less than.

I have always been there for the down trodden, and the people who are unique in their own way...Nobody is better than someone else...I believe everyone is equal...nobody is perfect and everybody matters in this world...

No matter what you may look like, how much money you have, or how you believe in something...or any disabilities you may have, you matter and you are unique in your own way..

We don't need to live in a world where everyone is the same! Nobody needs to be just alike in all things..How boring this world would be if everyone was the same...Unique qualities exist in everybody.....

I like unique and different...nobody has to be just alike to fit in with certain types!,,If you have to be something that you clearly are not, why would you want to worry with fitting in with those "snobby types" !....haha!.....They're all just boring replicas anyway!

I don't like people who belittle, make fun of, and who are horribly snobby to and ruin things for others all the time....That's awful to treat people that way...I have seen people who have in the past made fun of people with disabilities, laughed at people who are less fortunate, and made fun of people who aren't what they "think" is beautiful...and made fun of people who have mental illness...

clearly the type of people who make fun of others have something wrong with them and need a reality check!....Haha!...sad cases all them!...They seriously have severe issues and I think that's why nobody likes them! what kind of person makes fun of others all the time?.....a sad idiot!...haha

I feel that when they all look alike, and talk alike they are soooooo Boring and NOT unique at all...those types of people...*eyeroll*......yawn....

the people who are unique, different, and interesting, they are wonderful and I think they should never be ridiculed or made fun of because they aren't who those snobby types want them to be....

i always want to be there cheering on the people who are belittled, ridiculed, made fun of, and called mean names because of "snobby witchy poo people" and their worthless opinions!....because nobody cares what they think....haha! They may think someone cares about their worthless opinions...but nobody cares! that's what is funny! haha! i laugh about it.


had to get a round bale of hay and get that out to the pasture yesterday and then need to go buy feed in a few days....the pasture is getting greener..Spring is that's always a good thing.

been walking Goofball everyday...climbing the hill is great exercise.

I'm thinking about cooking spaghetti this weekend and making sauce if i don't have a bottle of spaghetti sauce..I like cooking spaghetti...i thought i lost a can of mushrooms for the spaghetti and i found it underneath the seat in the car today!....haha!...

I thought how funny that was finding that can of mushrooms after a few days underneath the seat in the car...Just me driving around with a can of mushrooms rolling around in the floor!...Haha!!!

love, julie

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