Saturday, March 28, 2015

roses and fruit trees.....

The rose plants and fruit trees I purchased arrived in the mail from a catalog I ordered them from.

I had 6 rose plants in all colors.

2 Peach trees, 2 Apple trees, and 2 Apricot trees...they were fairly inexpensive they were probably $4/a piece.

I like fruit trees and all flowering trees I think they smell wonderful and are very beautiful!

(added bonus)...fruit on the trees in a few years hopefully it will grow..

I like to travel to Texas sometimes with my Grandparents and pick ripe peaches in the orchards..i like to do's rather fun to me to be able to actually go to the orchard and pick fruit from the trees...

those peaches were very sweet and I'd like to go every summer and pick them, but the sometimes frost, and travel expenses, along with the peach prices have made it very costly to go every summer to Texas.

I purchased a few bags of potting soil yesterday to plant the trees/roses with and I also watered them after planting....

I'm working on patching up the backyard for the summer so I want to try and patch up holes that Goofball has dug into the ground in the backyard...I moved his house away from my house because of pests and he keeps digging holes and ruining the lawn....he's pooped and peed all over the yard and I have to scoop poop all the time and spray for ticks/fleas...haha!

he's further away back behind the house..still close....but not right up by the house....he's alright!

Sooooooo......I'm going to work on fixing up the backyard with more flowers and I planted 3 roses that I have moved him....

anyways, have to go feed cows/animals now.

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