Tuesday, March 17, 2015

green = Spring !!!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!...I always think about today and the color green...It celebrates Irish heritage( I don't think I have any Irish heritage?) 

anyways,  I also think of it as a spring celebration because things are green....Shamrocks and all green things...very cute!

I'm wearing a green shirt today just for fun because it is St. Patrick's Day...

Happy Irish Day to everyone Irish!

Time to start mowing the yard out there with the lawnmower...It's a good thing to keep your yard all mowed and to invest some saved money you have earned into purchasing a lawnmower...push mowers are good along with the lawn mowers you drive or the lawn tractors work well also.

I like to mow the yard with the push mower and the lawn tractor at my Grandparents house...I always listen to music on my headphones when I mow...AND since I have asthma and allergies I always have to wear a dust mask on my face so I won't get sick from the dust and grass that is blowing in the air...

I wear sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and if I am not wearing a hat I want to keep my hair tied back and covered in a bandana or a scarf..i always choose a colorful teal or blue green one....haha....

I will spend several hours out there working on it...I like to try and mow earlier in the morning when summer gets here and it is very hot...because you can get very ill from the heat outside in summer....I drink plenty of water at all times (as usual) that's all I drink!

it's good to keep all the yards clean and mowed so they won't have pests or look cluttered..i think some towns and cities will fine you for that....but I don't live in town, but it is always a good thing to keep your yard mowed from tall vegetation and looks nice! less problems that way.

planted some bulbs sunday in the flower bed/garden...Gladiolus and Blazing Stars..very pretty just $3/a set....I have some Sunflower seeds I am going to plant in April when the danger of frost has passed....cheery.

the Blazing Stars flowers are supposed to be Purple that is my Birth Stone color...Amethyst stone is my Birthstone...hope the bulbs work!

love ya!!!

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