Friday, February 10, 2017

strawberries and more !........

I found a very cute angel/cherub solar dancer at Dollar dances in the sunshine!

I love the fruit strawberry...purchased a plastic container of them yesterday for myself, I prepared fruit is not only a pretty fruit, but very nice to smell.....I enjoy many strawberry is a nice fruit for Valentine's day....a few strawberry things I enjoy----

Strawberry cake mix----all brands
Angel Food cake with strawberries and strawberry glaze onto the top of cake---brands Marie's, Marzetti...add whipped cream.

Fruit dips for strawberries---Marzetti---all, Philadelphia cheesecake my recipe---one jar marshmallow cream + one 8oz cream cheese...blend well.

Strawberry foiled candies
Edy's fruit bars.
Plastic box containers of fresh strawberries--all brands
Strawberry Shortcake!....Wal-Mart bakery shortcake cups.
Strawberry fruit dial-up
Strawberry pie filling--all brands...good for crepes
Strawberry soda--brands, Nehi, Crush, Fanta, Welch's, Best Choice, Great Value.

Strawberry preserves---all brands
Frozen strawberries--brands Great Value, Dole, Goya...all!
Strawberry Jello-- create parfaits, add whipped topping
Strawberry yogurt--yoplait, LaLa
Strawberry ice cream--all
Strawberry chicken salads from Braum' fave!
Strawberries rolled in sugar and I enjoy plain fresh.
Healthy breakfast cereals with dried strawberries..all brands.
Strawberry Pop Tarts
Strawberry Toaster Streudels
Strawberry bath gels/washes
Strawberry shampoos--brands Alberto Vo5, white rain, suave
Strawberry milk--hiland brand and all
Strawberry syrups/mixes to add to milk--Nesquick, Hersheys
Strawberry licorice, Twizzlers

Many things can be created with the of my favorite fruits.....nice for Valentine's day...

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