Friday, February 3, 2017

the month of love....


This is the month we celebrate LOVE and ROMANCE......Valentine's Day on the 14th day.

Many people have someone they adore and is something that most search their whole lives for, and NEVER find.....

I think it is best to NOT be bed hopping with many others....icky and sad!!!.....I believe that there should only be one true love, that you sleep with, and stay with forever.....I hear of way too many people bed hopping and being promiscuous, it is very would be wonderful for those people who are bed hopping with many others to just be married and stay with their one true love.......but that is just my opinion.

I know that often people marry and divorce because of bad things that go on with couples.....very sad....people can fall out of love IF they don't make the effort to stay together....and work on their problems......

Marriage counseling is there IF you need it...IF you are fortunate to ever find the love of your life, you don't want to lose something that wonderful, so work on staying together!

I think couples are very cute!....and when they stay together many years til they are very old.....even cuter!...

Marriage, love, relationships all take a lot of work.....trying to be there for your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend.....being loyal, loving, caring, NEVER cheating!.....being deeply in amor!.....very affectionate, and always comforting, trying to create laughter when they are sad or going through bad days...just make very sure you feel that the person is who you love and can stay married to....before you propose marriage....

Being compatible is best way to stay together, same likes/dislikes.....better to understand one another.

Looks of a person should NEVER matter...choose a mate based only on how kind, caring they are....being silly is best! Laughter is always wonderful.

People should go out on dates before you will know who you like.....dates may be stressful, nervous, and you should go on dates with friends who are couples.....before you truly know the person.....for safety concerns.

I think on dates that each person should pay their own way....I have had a date before when I had to pay for everything!!!.....he was stupid....lesson learned.

Dates can be anything fun to go see, something respectful. Talk on dates, laugh, and NO sleeping around!....that's trashy.

Searching for amor can be upsetting and emotional, being in love is nice....if you find it....just never marry someone and think it will solve your problems, make very sure you choose someone who is well, kind, good, comforting.

Being single is good also...whatever you choose.

Love can be complicated....never forget.

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