Wednesday, February 1, 2017

it's February, purple.....

I cannot believe it's February starting today.

Amethyst stone is the purple jewel that is my birthday jewel.

I have always been interested in precious stones, every month has a certain jewel that people use for birthday gifts, all different colors.....all different prices, the not real jewels are just as beautiful....add in some sparkly rhinestones, that is nice!

February is always the purple jewel----Amethyst.

Purple is a nice color hue....I admire all purple hues, it is fun to pair it, match it with other color hues.

Electric purple is one of my fave purple hues....bright and I think cheerful.

The lavender flower is nice and purple....wonderful smell....many other nice purple flowers out there also.

Purple is a fun color hue!


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