Thursday, February 23, 2017

flowers of spring....

Very excited that spring season will be here soon !

I see that some stores have the flower seeds and plants for purchase...

Tulips are nice to grow in many colorful hues.

Daffodils are a neato looking flower, and very cute also.

Tiger lily flowers are very different looking, and seem to actually kinda look like tiger print, but a flower !

Sunflowers are brightly colorful, and cheerful flowers, in all sizes, many varieties....cheer up your surroundings !

Irises, are many colorful flowers, they are beautiful to look at...grow easy and re--start every year...

Just a few I can think of right now....more later.

Thinking about gardening

I adore flowers everywhere, all colorful flowers, all varieties, they are cheerful to have planted everywhere near the house and property...


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