Saturday, February 11, 2017

love and care for friends....

When you are fortunate enough to find nice, and very kind pals, you know you need to always love/care for them...because good friends are difficult to find in life!

Spending time with friends is always necessary to keep a nice friendship....think of friends as family, love/care about them just as you love your family....platonic love!

Be there for them, talk with them on the phone, send kind gifts during holidays and cards to your friends to be thoughtful, this is very sweet!

You definitely need to take care of one another, be there for one another, because life can be so very depressing, lonely, and cold....I think everyone needs to have friends....keep searching and you will find wonderful pals!

I think during Valentine's Day just even inviting them over to drink Atole, Cup of hot chocolate--that would be nice!  

Gifting friends a Valentine gift is nice.....plush animals, cards, key chains, or candy would be very kind...

When married you may have friends that are male and you are a woman, I think that is ok, it may cause jealousy from your significant other, but they can be friends with your friend also.....they can go places with you altogether, you may invite them over often with their spouse, it doesn't need to stop friendships if you are wed......that's silly.

Think of nice friends as your family, always be thoughtful, respect them, care about them, and love them!

Happy Valentine's Day to all the friends!


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