Saturday, February 4, 2017

valentine candies.....

Each year I enjoy looking at the seasonal candies on the aisles at stores....nostalgia to see the new/old candies and wrappers...yes, I am a nerd....just for fun here are candies I have enjoyed for many are wonderful valentine gifts!

Hershey's giant foil wrapped kiss, regular foils
Reese's grand size peanut butter heart, and regular
M n M's valentine heart canes, all candies
Tootsie Roll valentine pops
Valentine Fun Dip candy
Sour Punch straws
Dove valentine candy
Charms Pops---reds
Brach's conversation hearts
Valentine's Ring Pops
Jolly Ranchers---the reds pack, and regular
Lindt choco truffles
Valentine nerds candy
Laffy Taffy valentine
Airheads valentine
Reeses heart canes
Lindor valentine truffles
Kit-kat valentines
Palmer chocos---all
Twix valentine
Zachary valentine candy corn
Trolli sour brite hearts
Ferrero rocher valentine
Snickers valentine
Welchs valentine fruit snacks
Black Forest valentine fruit snack
Ghirardelli valentine squares
Madelaine chocolate foil wrapped roses--cute!
Rose pops
Almond Roca
Rolo valentine
Russell Stover marshmallow/caramel hearts
Tiger pops
Heart pops
Cellias chocolate covered cherries
Strawberry candies with gooey candy center foil wrapped
Good n Plenty

Now for cinnamon candies, some of these can be found sugar free....also sugar free red vines.

Atomic fireballs--- ferrara/sathers
Red hots---brach's, Ferrara pan
Cinnamon bears! Zachary, Sathers, Western Family, Sweet's
Cinnamon candies---Sathers, Brach's
Jolly Rancher Fire!
Hot Tamales!
Zachary cinnamon/or cherry jelly hearts
Red Vines, Twizzlers reds

And cinnamon oils from Wal-Mart for baking and candies.



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