Friday, February 17, 2017

pay your own way.....

I enjoyed my birthday yesterday with family....I had gifts, and a nice dinner at Mazzio's was good.

Often I think about how whenever I go to town or go shopping, I always pay for my own items and all....

It is terribly rude/impolite to let others pay for everything, and asking someone to purchase or give you anything is very wrong and hurtful to the person you are asking this of!!! 

Too many times in life people have been very disrespectful to people I have heard and I have seen this go on, not just with people asking me for items/money, but I have seen this go on with many others in stores or elsewhere....

It angers me that people are so rude to use others for money, power, or just be friends with someone because of money and what they can use others for, so they can/will purchase them something all the time!....annoying and stupid.

It hurts feelings, and then you realize they are just about using someone for what they can attain from the friendship/relationship.....they don't care about being is very hurtful...

Always pay for, purchase your own items/way.....and you can all offer to pay for another's meal/drink once in a while.....but never allow "so--called friends" to use you for anything, if they request something be given to them all the time, that is pretty damn is not friendship!

People can create so many false tales/stories about how they need money for this or that, and then go spend the money on drugs/waste !!! not always believe their crap, and when they ask for money all the time they are up to no good....

It is very impolite to ask for someone to pay for and purchase everything for for your own at all times! People will ask someone for money and never re--pay them!...pathetic.

Expenses, bills, medical, grocery, rent, all payments, pay your own way, I know people have difficulty with bills and all that, but never be so low as to ask someone to pay for expenses when you can probably get rid of half those.

people seem to waste time/money on unneeded waste, and then have outrageous bills from it....awful....just be on budget, go without and shop more affordably....we all don't need everything you see, never worship materialistic items! 

if in a living situation with someone---half all expenses....fair to everyone.

Asking for/just expecting for something to be given/purchased for you all the time is ignorant, annoying, and embarrassing....terrible behavior.

When you travel with, go with another somewhere always carry your own money bills with for all your own expenses, keep your money interior of a purse, or wallet in your jeans pocket....

If invited somewhere and you have no money, decline, don't just accept an invite to somewhere and expect others to pay for it....rude.

Never be a leach.


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