Monday, July 24, 2017

Affordable purchases....randomness.

I have been feeling not so good, under the weather, summer flu ? It's over for now hopefully.

Went to town finally, and I always feel weird as everyone does days after having the flu...the heat has been terrible since I have been sick, it causes me to feel weird + bad, guess because I have been ill..?

I purchased a few items at Dollar stores the other day....

Cupcake shaped pencil sharpener, colorful, ------ fifty cents ! Cute...less than a dollar, sharpen coloring pencils, remove top to throw away pencil shavings..

Fruit shaped coin purse colorful ----- zips closed that was $ 3...very cute, different fruit.....I placed coins into there, then place coin purse back into purse....

I enjoy work books that are for all ages, I even work through the work / activity books for younger ages....leisure activity, fun I promise !....

Explorer sticker book, -----  I enjoy placing stickers on pictures the book tells you to find...that was just  $ 3.....and a book called Scratch Fantastic -----  you scratch the pictures through black cover paint, you scratch with wood pen included, and it reveals a picture ! Fun I think........$ 3......passes time....available I could see were Paw Patrol + Ninja these items for $ 10 total...nice in my opinion !...

I have always enjoyed Oatmeal Creme pies -----  from the stores and I purchased a box of those, oh, they are good ! with a glass of milk...!...the brands Little Debbie, Freshley 's are nice....

Shampoo ----  I found my fave strawberry shampoo ! is really good Suave Strawberry shampoo + conditioner....gotta wash that hair !

I found 2 good cleaning supplies I have used to clean with for years, work great !

Clorox Clean up and Comet Spray Lilac Bliss, ----  oh that scent is nice !....use these two to clean counters, sinks, bath tubs, in kitchen or bathrooms...scents well...the lilac scent is one of my fave scents !...pretty flower too..

That was what I purchased blog, hopefully i will regain all my strength from this nasty summer flu.....very tired.


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