Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Always needed, cat litter.....

Cats drink a lot of water daily, my boys drink tons of water, in their water dish....I change it every three days, clean, sanitize their water bowls, make sure I rinse the suds thoroughly...they can get kidney infections !

Water is necessary for all animals, keep them hydrated, and their kidneys working properly, just as humans need hydrated...

I have been purchasing cat litter many years for these silly cats...I adore my boys, they create laughter, silliness, and are my fur baby family !...often you lose sleep when you are a parent to any pet, because cats are nocturnal...they sleep all day, roam at night through the house, mine live only in the house...I love them !

Cat litters I have used / purchase seems as almost every week I purchase a sack, or box of litter for them...

I wish for all cat litters to be less dust, or maybe possibly dust free, I have allergies + asthma, so do my cats, so all cat litters need to be worked on, more natural, healthy, I think..

These I have tried, most every brand you find :

Tidy cats
Special kitty
Fresh step
Soft paws
Jonny cat
Dollar General + family dollar brands
Arm n hammer
Any Wal-Mart brand available !

Cat litter I purchase weekly, they drink + pee everyday !, so this is always needed.



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