Monday, July 31, 2017


Bread is something we can afford and enjoy.

Whether it is for a sandwich, toast + butter / margarine + jelly, or to just enjoy a slice or two with sausage gravy for breakfast.....I like to enjoy bread all ways....

Wheat bread, ya know they say is healthiest, I have been enjoying that many years, but I also like the white, potato, sour dough varieties.....there is also gluten free for those with those issues.....

Purchasing a loaf of bread just off the shelf is easy + simple, just remove and create whatever you wish, sandwich or other....

Bagged bread can + will spoil, have mold, so you have to check the expiration dates on the packaging or the plastic tie, sometimes stamped with the expire dates....keep cool and dry...often it prevents spoil.....

You can sometimes find the day old bread stores locally that offer bread almost past expiration dates, from bread factories, shipped, that are more affordable, I enjoy these stores, they sometimes have other sweet bread desserts, cinnamon rolls, muffins, bear claws, strudels...etc...yum !  ;)

Specialty breads can be many different types, Wal-Mart Bakery has many or local bread stores will have the variety....

Just purchasing a loaf of bread from a store is good....many brands to choose from, I have tried most throughout the years...

Brands as :

Mrs. Baird ' s
King 's Hawaiian
The Bakery at Wal-Mart
Marketside at Walmart
Udi ' s gluten free
Sara Lee
Dave's Killer Bread
Great Value
Pepperidge Farm
Nature's Own
Home Pride
Tender Crust
Save a lot brands


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