Sunday, July 30, 2017

No rest, continual messes...

Not complaining, not being whiney brat..


I cannot rest, constant talking at night over surveilance, cats are peeing everywhere, all day + night...meowing at ceiling !!! I need help with tigger cat is behaving crazy, starving, I feed him + water him daily, he is skinny, I wormed him, well taken care of, I know he is old, but this is bad....don't know what it is going on with him, I worry he is hacked by someone evil...! I am exhausted and scared, very tired of all the talking + chatter I hear...messed up or crossed up tangled with someone...???

they all screamed at me almost 5 years back, they were hacking my pets and killing them, and I guess they planned on killing me + my pets...

Cats pee everywhere every day, it is awful, and I know something or someone is causing it, to harass me I think ! I clean properly, use right pet cleaner for whatever they are peeing on, then they roam all night, won't leave me alone, they are nocturnal I know, but this is crazy, I can't rest for what I hear also !!!

S., still harassing my mother nasty tingling her down there !!! Even at town the other day she said it started that, and she was upset, embarrassed, and I know that is not proper for doc work right ?! She said he harasses her at night, and she is tingled, she said it is making her sick, exhausted....this is stupid, he doesn't stop and is allowed to have equipment to harass, he is mentally ill, drug head, with access to seriously dangerous equipment, so why is he allowed to have control of our brain waves ! I live in fear everyday of what he might do to us both or what he might do to my pets, or grandma's !!

I don't want to be killed or hacked again and almost die, it is bad to be me, everyday every second. Constantly talking or yelling on my brain waves....I can't rest, or sleep, nobody can with him up the road, I hear him close by on the fans still rattling or playing screams...

Still have those short people he talks about following me everywhere, glaring at me in stores, one was in the bathroom wiping black shit off the floor in th Wal-Mart bathroom, that was nasty as hell , had been following me around....

s. talks about all those fugs chinzee, mickzee, Adam, Phillip everyday says they are following me, I see them follow me in those damn masks for years now, that he keeps talking about them....I don't need a damn parade every time I go to town following me, staring + glaring at me, that all have aids, this is stupid as shit ! All short stinky Chinese or something men + women....stalkers + s., stalker ! Scared they will spit aids on me, they were screaming up the road I am chinzee ! The night my mind was hearing that sort of hacked, I panicked....all stupid idiots...trash !

I think I have had enough b.s., been through enough trailer trash harassment....I have been nice to s...., but he is not getting any help mental or drug wise, still screams about rogers house + bshaw house, Sullivan house, wallerpants, Janet, Leroy and seth, all those weirdo losers, and Myers, all those sickos....amanda fug bshaw, Travis, Corey Annette bshaw sickos, Amanda rat face bitch taylor, that whole mccracked bunch,  rachel fug nasty snob whore Holt, that over east ! Whatever that is....? And money, he needs help and these nasty short people need to get out of here along with the other trailer trash that harasses me everywhere, I hate hillbillies !

Once again I know u are very busy, and I'm just a tiny ant in a sea of messes for you all, I appreciate all the help and you keeping me safe, but my mind is tired and I cannot rest because of constant danger + harassment from the local trash....

Wish that I could leave most days, for a long time, this harassment is killing me and my mother I am afraid !

Screaming up the road and by the house has been awful and it all deflects back into the house and we hear that almost nightly, so my cats are also, my poor dog is tired makes me upset and I need help with this mess, but I know it takes time....

Any help to ending the crooked chaos would be appreciated !

Thank you,

Love, julie

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