Thursday, July 27, 2017

Apples + Apple sauce !

I often enjoy vegetables and fruits as snacks, very healthy for everyone to have these not only as snacks but daily on our plates with all meals...

Fruits can be hazardous to your health if you are diabetic, sugar, so be careful and remember that !

I found bagged Apples at the store the other day, I enjoy them as snacks, Red Delicious, Sour Green and the yellow varieties are my faves !....very pretty, shiny fruit, tastes wonderful...healthy...all sizes are good with me ! I wash them before enjoying.

Picking apples from the apple trees my grandparents had was fun many years ago...

Cooking with apples, I prepare Apple Crumble Top pie, and the plain apple pie.....very nice year round.

Apple sauce in containers is very good, just pureed apples blended up, into blender...many times I purchase Apple sauce, quick and simple to enjoy....

Apple sauce in containers can be flavoured, sometimes colorful...cinnamon flavoured is good !

Preparing Apple sauce cake with cream cheese frosting or plain vanilla frosting is very nice...

Brands of Apple sauce I have purchased before are many, all prices :

Tipton Grove
Mott' s
Always Save
Valu time
Dollar stores brands
Go Go squeeze
Great value

Apple sauce is also good as a snack + cottage cheese together...good to me anyway !

Keep refrigerated.


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