Thursday, February 26, 2015

body image issues....eating disorders....

I saw some decorative crosses with cowboy designs on them the other day at a store somewhere I had went to...I like crosses because they remind me of Christianity which is my religion I follow...I also like the crosses with the turquoise on them...very pretty! 

I like cross necklaces and I also like to purchase the decorative crosses sometimes when I have extra money to tack up on the wall in one area of my bedroom....I like to collect angel figurines as well, that way I always keep God in my home and with me at all times...

anyways thinking about this today,

Something that upsets me quite a bit is the fact that the news media is always making fun of people's weight and how we all need to be extra skinny!....I just do not think that we all need to be a size -0!!!...haha!...People have all kinds of different body types we are never all going to be a super skinny size!...geez!

I believe in exercising and eating right with the occasional candy....Don't deprive yourself of some sugar!..if you are diabetic eat some diabetic candy that you can have!...gotta have fun sometimes!...haha...

I know some people are just naturally skinny and I understand that....but I think instead of the newsmedia always saying:"Hey you all need to be a size -0 you're fat!".....I think they should be saying:" Eat something healthy and exercise, And you look beautiful any size you are! "
I just think that having weight on your body is definitely wonderful!....I tend to think that when men are working out and eating right that they are so cute with extra weight and muscles on them!

being a woman we all have troubles in the media with watching our weight and being told to be a -0 size...and that is not right!...we should all be proud to look like women and be proud of our curves....I think women should look like women and not look like little boys!!!....haha!

I go in stores and I see clothes for women in some stores and I think.."Wow I think I wore a shirt that tiny when I was maybe 3 years old! " doesn't make sense!....I'm a woman now, not a small child and I don't care to starve myself down to fit into what media tells me to look like....I don't care!

men have body image issues as well I'm sure....but we women tend to get belittled for our weight moreso....nobody should have to starve themselves to make others like them...that's what has caused all these eating disorders and it hurts people mentally and's very disturbing!

nobody wants to go all through life worried about how they look because the media tells them to look a certain way...that's no way to live! starving yourself and not eating and being a size -0...icky!...

if your body is not perfect, who cares! healthy, exercise and go on!...thank goodness, we are not all the boring that would be!


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