Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Stamps and ink pads.....sour candies !

Looking through an old drawer of mine, I found a very old stamp + ink pad set, from high school, the ink is dried and gone now, but the stamp is still workable....

I adore the colorful ink pads and the cool character / designs on the end of the stamps, often you can purchase many of these together affordable, small sets, very colorful....fun !

Stamps that ink are often used at mail offices to time /date mail, and in many business offices...other purposes...

I enjoy stamping letters, envelopes at the sides, near bottom, and you can often find creative picture stamps to adorn cards, craft with, stamp gift wrap.....yes, I am a nerd ! :p

Just random !

I know that sour candies are something I enjoy, I purchased a few sour candies a few months ago, and I saw a package yesterday of sours...I think both sour + sweet are good....

These are for fun, sour candies I enjoy :

Sour Punch straws
Sour spaghetti candy Haribo
Sweetarts chewy sour
Jolly Rancher sours
Sour Patch kids
Starburst sour gummies
Trolli sour brite crawlers gummy worms
Skittles sours
Haribo sour gummy bears
Allan sour gummy slices
Twizzlers sours
Airheads sour chews

Lemons are also very sour and I very much like lemonade as refreshment !

You can enjoy sour items, but you as a person don't ever behave sour / hateful / snobby to others !......lol..


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